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By Karice Bolton | Comments: ( 718 ) | Date: ( Feb 29, 2020 )

Brandy Rhodes is about to enter law school and everything is going according to plan Until she meets him the one man in the universe who s off limits her best friend s brother, Aaron.Brandy knows enough to stay away from him, but as the pull becomes impossible to ignore, secrets and lies become part of Brandy s way of life And she kind of likes it.Aaron Sullivan has neveBrandy Rhodes is about to enter law school and everything is going according to plan Until she meets him the one man in the universe who s off limits her best friend s brother, Aaron.Brandy knows enough to stay away from him, but as the pull becomes impossible to ignore, secrets and lies become part of Brandy s way of life And she kind of likes it.Aaron Sullivan has never been one to believe in love His motto is quantity over quality and that has suited him quite well After all, love is an illusion and romance is another way to manipulate females into bed.Until he met her the one woman in the universe who calls his bluff and shows what love can be.But as their love grows, Aaron s past begins to haunt his future, and right when she needs him the most, he makes a decision that will shatter her world And she just may not survive.

  • Title: Beyond Doubt
  • Author: Karice Bolton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Karice Bolton

Karice received an MFA in Creative Writing from the U of W She has written close to thirty novels, and she has several exciting projects in the works or at least she thinks they re exciting Karice lives in the Pacific Northwest with her awesome husband and two cute English Bulldogs She loves anything to do with snow, and she seeks out the stuff whenever she can, especially if there s a toasty fire to read by.Sign up for Karice s newsletter and new release info at karicebolton contact mAnd you can text KariceBooks to 313131 to receive a text from Karice on release days.Titles include V Mafia SeriesBlakeDevinJaxson Coming SoonLuke Fletcher SeriesHidden Sins Book 1 Buried Sins Book 2 Redemption Book 3 Mia Book 4 Beyond Love SeriesBeyond Control Book 1 Beyond Doubt Book 2 Beyond Reason Book 3 Beyond Intent Book 4 Beyond Chance Book 5 Beyond Promise Book 6 Beyond the Mistletoe Book 7 Island County SeriesFinding Love in Forgotten Cove Book 1 Love Redone in Hidden Harbor Book 2 Tangled Love on Pelican Point Book 3 Forever Love on Fireweed Island Book 4 Tempting Love on Holly Lane Book 5 Chance at Love at Mystic Bay Book 6 Irresistible Love at Silver Falls Book 7 Book 8 TBAAfterworld SeriesRecruitZ AlibiZUprisingZ The Camp The Watchers TrilogyTaken Novella A Watchers prequel Awakening Book 1 Legions Book 2 Cataclysm Book 3 The Witch Avenue SeriesLonely Souls Book 1 Altered Souls Book 2 Released Souls Book 3 Shattered Souls Book 4 The Watchers Trilogy Awakening was a Barnes Noble January 2012 Staff Pick Nook Books Under 5

Comments Beyond Doubt

  • Patricia

    Not only did the author leave us with a cliff hanger at the end of the first book but now she found a way to tease us and draw out the suspense with the beginning of this second book.I have to say that I for one found that intriguing. I love learning the backstory of Brandy and Aaron's romance and what lead up to the accident. All the layers made for a more detailed complete story. Brandy is the best friend of Aaron's sister and so she thought this romance was a no no. You would never want to hu [...]

  • Melissa Levine

    I wasn’t really a fan of this story. It just didn’t have any ‘oomph’ for me. There was nothing new or original. It seemed way too big of a coincidence, to me, that Gabby ended up with her long-lost brother’s best friend. So she goes from giving a tour of the house to Aaron. They’re in the bedroom and making out. She wakes up inside the tent outside. Huh? Did I miss a part of the story? What would have made her over-drink? Considering she was paranoid that Gabby would know about her a [...]

  • Jennifer Dale

    When I started chapter one, my first thought was. OH NO! it doesn't start off where book one left? WHAT? I couldn't believe this. I was so irritated. I couldn't believe that Ms. Bolton would even do this to her readers. Therefore, my irritation set the mood to the first couple of chapters. I felt like I was in slow progress But with that said.I have no doubt that this book was better than the first. I felt like it was more on edge than easy. Love the sneakyness and the bantering. There was alway [...]

  • Lindsay Chinnappen

    awesome story line. keeps u interested and intrigued. I love how Brandy ends up with Aaron.

  • Maria

    This was a tough read for me, because at the end of Beyond Control (Jason and Gabby's story) you already know where this story is going to end. While I could appreciate understanding how Aaron and Brandy came together and their story, part of the suspense was already ruined with the ending of Beyond Control. I think I would've enjoyed this novel much more if I had read this one without the first in the series. Good novel overall, but I'm just disappointed that so much of it was destroyed with th [...]

  • Eileen Dandashi

    Audiobook Review:Brandy was a gal with two wonderful friends, Gabby and Lillian and a very supportive family. Gabby happened to be her boss in a large corporation, a corporation owned by Gabby’s family. The three of them had been in university together, but now were struggling in the real world. Brandy wanted to be a lawyer, but for the moment she had to work. She was quick on her feet, intelligent, with really great looks. The camaraderie between the girls was very warming – the perfect kin [...]

  • Terisa

    As they say in this book, Meh 2 starsI wanted to like this book so much because let's face it, the cliff hanger at the end of book 1 was a major one with Brandy being in a devastating motor cycle accident. For the most part, I did like it but there were just too many things that didn't add up which leads to the 2 star rating.Brady started crushing on Aaron almost as soon as she met him but with him being her best friends brother, he was off limits. She can't have a relationship with someone that [...]

  • Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson

    As with any of my reviews on books of a series, do not read if you haven’t completed the books before this one. It could contain spoilers for the previous books.First off let me say how happy I was that Bolton started this book back when Brandy and Aaron first met. On one hand we get to go back to the start and see it from Brandy's POV this time around. On the other hand we know what is coming and we are not sure what to do or what to think or how to feel because of the ending BEYOND CONTROL l [...]

  • EndlessReading

    Ohh My Word! I CAN NOT tell you how MUCH I love Karice's work, she is phenomenal.!I have followed Karice ever since reading The Watcher's Trilogy. The work she produces is so gripping and enthralling, it makes you want to constantly read, which is good news for us, but bad for her, as she NEEDS to work faster in releasing her books!It seems like I've been waiting a lifetime to read this book. I fell in love with Gabby and Jason in Beyond Control, and I loved Brandy whilst reading their storyline [...]

  • Tracy Decresie

    I really love the writing style of Karice Bolton. Definitely a new fan! Her writing is full of complexities, that feel so real that you're easily caught up in the stories. The characters are so well developed that you really do feel a connection. Something I think every writer should really strive for. In this story, the love between Aaron and Brandy is unmistakable. But with her loyalties to her best friend,(who happens to be Aarons sister), she fights it. Aaron has his own baggage from finding [...]

  • Lilacs

    Started reading this at 6this morning and haven't been able to put it down.Karice Bolton does it again. Putting you right in the characters seat.What a roller coaster ride!Your see things through Brandy's eyes and emotions.You feel her joys & pains & regrets.You feel her love for the family and friends & her desire to live. Then you have Aaron the brother of her bf Gabby. Who is a knock out and sure of himself. He has achieved slot of issue's from his past and wants to move one. Bran [...]

  • Melodie Chasteen

    I started reading this book immediately after reading the 1st one. I LOVED how the writing went, from the main characters perspective. Very interesting! In hind sight however, it would have been better if a little more detail went into the explanation of the accident instead of the inner dialogue, and what all that meant. Also, it was distracting for me to read certain parts, wondering how they fit into the timeline of the 1st book (the cabin party). Anyway, I just couldn't wait to get through t [...]

  • Margaret

    Brandy Rhodes is about to enter law school and everything is going according to plan. Until she meets him--the one man in the universe who's off limits--her best friend's brother, Aaron. Brandy knows enough to stay away from him, but as the pull becomes impossible to ignore, secrets and lies become part of Brandy's way of life. And she kind of likes it. Aaron Sullivan has never been one to believe in love. His motto is quantity over quality and that has suited him quite well. After all, love is [...]

  • Dawn-Ann

    Dare I say I liked this book better than the first! I think so. I was prepared for the not starting where the first book left off. I wasn't crazy about that idea, but as I read I realized it was a good idea and I liked having the back story of these two. I ended up crying and that didn't even happen in the first book for me. I loved getting to know both Aaron and Brandy better and we get a little stalker mystery in this book so that just pushed it over for me on the likeness scale.looking forwar [...]

  • Heather andrews

    Got to say liked this installment of the series better than the first one, Aaron that man is sex on two legs, "do you think that's how I operate to get a woman in bed?" he asked, his lips tugging into a smile. "I tend to like my women agreeable and excited, not frightened and on the run." Brandy the girl knows how to bust a guys nuts and I really loved that about her, "and I'm asking whether that one date will just put me in the lineup?" I stared directly into his hardening gaze. "Because that's [...]

  • Lynn

    Brandy is Gabby's best friend and shouldn't be having feeling for Aaron, Gabby's brother. He has been gone for 10 years and Gabby is still trying to find out why. So Brandy shouldn't be complicating things. Along with everything, weird things are happening. Things are missing in the apartment and she can't understand why. But she feels an attraction to him. What will happen if she gives into her feelings? Will she get hurt? Is he the one?

  • Tami Urbanek

    4.5 actuallyI LOVED this one! watching both of them working thru their separate "issues" was so refreshing! although I will say I was surprised he didn't lose his temper with her "gabby can't know" stuff long before he didI was a little let down with the stalker "reveal" being someone that we had no investment in at allI thought they spent so much time building that up, and blew over it way to easily that's the only reason it isn't 5 stars! but over all it was a great read!!!!!!

  • Marie

    'I wanted to deck him and jump him simultaneously'ed I say more!Another cracking book to continue the series, the cast of characters in this series are fantastic, you have an immediate reaction to each, although some surprise you and as you get to know them better they manage to change your opinions and win you over.Aaron is a prime example of this and Brandy certainly keeps him on his toes with her should I, shouldn't I?Loved it!

  • Robin

    Heart grippingHeart grippingthis one grabs your heart and keeps it in its grip all the way through. sometimes you are not who you are pulling for the most. just read it and you will see my point. very gripping.

  • Megan

    Another home run from Miss Karice!! I loved Brandy and Aaron! Brandy was completely relatable for me and I loved how strong willed she was. The chemistry between these two was intense and broken but heartwarming as well. I am so excited for Lily' s book next!

  • Tammie Paull

    Loved it!! a great read

  • Wendy Hodges

    all great

  • Indy

    Missing a ton of details, like author is unfolding story from in her head faster than she can write, so many wtf moments, very hard to follow storyline. Read til 60% then skimmed to the end.

  • Pennie

    Enjoyed this follow on in brandys story

  • Danni

    Nook book. Now onto the third

  • Pauline Norris

    3.5 stars

  • Alyssa

    2.75 got bored with the story. i didn't feel connected to the characters. yes, they're nice but they do not have a great impact on me.

  • Karessa

    This is such a delightful heartfelt series. If your in the mood for a light, funny, romance readI definitely recommend this series

  • "J"


  • Victoria

    It is a great book to read

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