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By Dan Abnett Eglė Šimkutė | Comments: ( 728 ) | Date: ( Mar 31, 2020 )

Po daugelio t kstan i met monija kolonizavo visat ir k r galing imperij Ta iau senosios kosmoso galyb s, inomos bendru Chaoso vardu, po truput pradeda atsikariauti prarast teritorij Bet baisiausia, Chaoso i peros ima skverbtis mogaus s mon Kovoti su ia klaikia nelaime pa aukta Imperatori koji Inkvizicija, o Gregoras Eizenhornas yra vienas protingiausi Po daugelio t kstan i met monija kolonizavo visat ir k r galing imperij Ta iau senosios kosmoso galyb s, inomos bendru Chaoso vardu, po truput pradeda atsikariauti prarast teritorij Bet baisiausia, Chaoso i peros ima skverbtis mogaus s mon Kovoti su ia klaikia nelaime pa aukta Imperatori koji Inkvizicija, o Gregoras Eizenhornas yra vienas protingiausi ir nuo miausi Inkvizicijos pareig n

  • Title: Inkvizitorius: Ateivių kryžius
  • Author: Dan Abnett Eglė Šimkutė
  • ISBN: 9789986971917
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Dan Abnett Eglė Šimkutė

Dan Abnett Eglė Šimkutė Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Inkvizitorius: Ateivių kryžius book, this is one of the most wanted Dan Abnett Eglė Šimkutė author readers around the world.

Comments Inkvizitorius: Ateivių kryžius

  • Markus

    “What the hell are you doing, trooper?” he managed to bark, his pronounced Adam's apple bobbing furiously.“Performing the ministry of the sacred Inquisition,” I told him, and shot him through the head.There comes a time every now and then when quite mindless action and the utter glorification of violence are exactly what you need to enjoy a story. Then along comes moments like this, when you can't help but cheer out loud.Gregor Eisenhorn is an Inquisitor; an agent of the God-Emperor seek [...]

  • David Sven

    In the 41st Millenium, The God Emperor of Mankind rules from Terra, charging his Inquisitors with hunting down the Alien, the Daemon and the Heretic wherever they threaten Human Kind across the universe. From the series that coined the term "grim dark" comes a tale that spans multiple planets and will take us across the void and through the immaterium to battle the restless forces of evil in its various guises defined by the God Emperor of coursed subject to the specific interpretation of the In [...]

  • Nate

    I'm bummed I wrote the 40k books off as licensed garbage for so many yearsbut I mean, who would really blame me? They look fucking horrible! Look at the cover to this book. Despite my prejudices, Abnett is a genuinely good writer of action-heavy science fiction, with arguably a good dose of horror as well. This particular series is a bit of a change from the usual focus on military action, though. Its main character is Gregor Eisenhorn, an Inquisitor in the Ordo Xenos (aliens) branch of the Impe [...]

  • Emily (BellaGrace)

    My first Warmhammer 40k book - I knew nothing about the game or the universe, but I didn't really feel lost starting here. I did look a few things up on the WH40k Wikki page, but the book manages to explain things pretty well. This was a fun action packed book. I liked Eisenhorn and his crew and will finish the series.

  • Myke Cole

    Fans of Warhammer 40,000 can get quickly sick of the "THERE IS ONLY WAR" mantra that exposes us relentlessly to serried ranks of Space Marines, never getting at the world they're so hellbent on destroying while they claim to protect it.And that's boring, honestly. War is contextual, and in order for fighting to be interesting, you have to know what people are fighting FOR.Xenos is the first book in the long litany of Black Library books I've read that actually makes an effort to address this, sh [...]

  • Pinkerton

    English (but not so good) / ItalianoThe inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn is really badass (he executed a Chaos SM!), like the members of his squad, each with his peculiar ability. The book may be lacking in the too summary physical description of the characters and in the long sequences of archaic terms during unclear ‘naval battles’, but for the rest An exceptional launch starts from a setting that immediately succeeds in catapulting us into the incredible atmosphere of wh40k universe. You alrea [...]

  • Xabi1990

    Lo dejo, no me dice nada leerlo y me doy cuenta de que hasta me cuesta empezar a leer. No es que tenga nada horrible pero tampoco nada que me haga seguir. Mala entrada con el mundo Warhammer

  • Adam O'Grady

    Having read interpretations of the Warhammer 40K Inquisition from a few different authors, I found this book quite flat and uninteresting. The writing and dialogue is solid enough and the set pieces are what you'd come to expect from the Warhammer 40k universe but the drab main character is about as exciting as paint drying.In short, the entire book surrounds a stiff, unsmiling guy with no apparent vices or emotional range who is a hardline conservative within his organisation but not puritanica [...]

  • Cheryl Matthynssens

    A friend of mine practically nagged me into reading this book due to interest in the table top game of 40k, my own writing, and roleplaying style. I put it off for some time as I do not personally like books written in first person. But, I did not want to let my friend down, I finally persevered and as I got into the novel I found myself not so thwarted by the point of view.Dan Abnett has mastered painting a scene with words. I could clearly visualize every step of the book. My friend was right, [...]

  • Daniel

    A short take:Now this is space opera! The WH40K setting provides an intriguing backdrop, while Abnett exercises what must be an impressive sense of imagination to go nuts in this sandbox. I had a lot of fun reading this book and experienced a fair amount of "woah" moments. Frakking fantastic!More thoughts:Once in awhile I'm down for some wicked space adventure; who knew that a WH40K title could provide that fix and leave new cravings in its wake? Abnett gets galaxy-spanning props for the awesome [...]

  • Nelson

    Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn is a total badass!This is my first book in the Warhammer Universe, many people have told it works as the perfect introduction to the universe and I agree. There are many details about things I don't know about but they never get in the way of the story. Action packed, kinda funny and fast paced. Dan Abnett writing is very detailed but at no point was like "OMG! just get into the action." 100% recommended if you like action packed stories and sci-fi/fantasy.

  • Alex Murphy

    This is the second Warhammer 40k book I’ve read, and this one was structured differently and was on a whole different part of that universe. The world of Warhammer 40k is large enough for a ton of separate stories on a load of different characters, events and locations.Here, in this book, we follow Eisenhorn, an Inquisitor. An agent who searches and hunts down ‘heretics’; those who work with alien races and are corrupted by ‘Chaos’ (for non-Warhammer geeks it’s like demon possession/ [...]

  • Josh

    3.5 stars and a haiku reviewKill shit, loot shit. Lovecraft might enjoy the back thirdof Abnett’s dark yarn

  • Midas68

    2.5 stars, But I was quite ill and irratated with a pinched nerve/rotater cuff injuries and It was hard to get into. It might be a solid 3 if not for all the distraction. I possibly might give the 2nd book in the trilogy a go sometime in the future. So yeah a half ass plug(whaaa)

  • Edoardo Albert

    There are so many wonderful books out there, I seldom go back and reread a book I've read before. Why bother, when new worlds and new ideas are waiting to be explored? But, with Xenos, I've done just that: gone back and reread a book I first read six or seven years ago.And it was great.Xenos was the very first novel I read set in the Warhammer 40k universe. If you don't know it, it's a universe set up explicitly so that wargamers moving little plastic figures, often exquisitely painted, can play [...]

  • Mel

    This book did make me laugh a little as in the begining the author said how excited he was to write for the Inquisition series as it'd be a chance to delve into the culture and worlds of 40k and see what life was like on all the different planets and not just focus on the battles of the space marines. The book was nearly all battles and adventures with one chase leading into another and another conflict. There was very little time for characterisation or world building, which is a shame as I do [...]

  • Michael Dodd

    Widely held as a Black Library classic, Dan Abnett’s Xenos is the first installment in his Eisenhorn trilogy and the first novel to take a close look at the workings of the Inquisition. First published in 2001 following the release of the Inquisitor game by Games Workshop (in which the character of Eisenhorn was briefly introduced), it sees the young Gregor Eisenhorn closing in on a target only to realise he’s just beginning to scratch the surface of a much, much wider conspiracy involving t [...]

  • Cloak88

    Gregor Eisenhorn is an Inquisitor in the grim future of the 41 millennium. Tasked with the fight against The Heretic, The Demon and The Xenos races, he and his retinue purge evil and corruption wherever they find it. Set in the violent 40K universe this is one of the best novels of its kind. Abnett writes a compelling tale with cool characters, plenty of action and a side of the imperium not often seen. A novel I can recommend to any 40K fans who like to read something other than the usual Space [...]

  • Tbloxham

    The best book series set in the 40K universe, and one of the few which stand alone as a real quality read even for people who know nothing about 40K. Eisenhorn is an intriguing hero, and his change from upright enforcer of the strict code of the law, to be being hardly different in his methods than those he chases and punishes is intriguing.

  • Chompa

    Surprisingly good book. Interesting characters, plot and lots of good 40K style action. I particularly like that it was in 1st person. Very unusual for a SciFi book. Moving on to the next two books.

  • Tim

    Dan Abnett is a god 'nuff saidBut that aside, this is actually the first WH40K book I encountered that I would (and that I am) recommend to my non-warhammer-savvy friends.So, if you like science fiction, and didn't delve into the universe just yet then this is an excellent start.

  • Győző

    Not even close compared to the Gaunt series

  • Adam Whitehead

    Gregor Eisenhorn is an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos, charged with exposing and exterminating heretics, mutants and aliens who pose a threat to the Imperium. On the unwisely-colonised planet Hubris, where the population waits out immense periods of darkness in cryogenic suspension, Eisenhorn decisively concludes a six-year manhunt for the traitor Murdin Eyclone. But the elimination of Eyclone raises new questions and hints at fresh conspiracies. Eisenhorn and his retinue have to tackle rival fact [...]

  • Kam

    I suppose we have all seen them: those stacks and stacks of Warhammer 40,000 books in the bookstore, oftentimes with some pretty interesting covers - enough to briefly grab and hold one's attention into looking at it for a while before, most likely, moving on. This is precisely what I have done very often before, since I have no knowledge of the shared universe in which these books are written, and I haven't been curious enough about them to figure out where to even begin.But then I met Steven. [...]

  • Yoana Valkanova

    Xenos was my first glance at the Warhammer 40k Universe.And it presented a diverse and colourful world with countless planets and races, some similar to us and some quite different. I really enjoyed this variety of cultures and worlds, of species and colours.However, the book left me wanting…To begin with, the storyline itself was very simplified. Our group of ‘heroes’ goes to one planet, fights a bit of bad guys, gets a clue and leaves for the next place. What happens after they leave? No [...]

  • Stefan Popovici

    Ask (almost) any Warhammer 40,000 book he would recommend and chances are his first answer will be "The Eisenhorn Trilogy". Xenos is the first book of this trilogy and honestly I had expected more.First of all, Dan Abnett is probably the best author that Black Library has (although Aaron Dembski-Bowden is struggling to change that with every book he writes) and although he has his lows (I didn't particularly enjoy Legion for example) most of his books are amazing (for what they are, cheesy, sill [...]

  • FantasySvet

    Kniha je ideálna pre ľudí začínajúcimi s Warhammer 40 000 (ďalej len 40k) univerzom, je ale ideálne, ak o ňom už aspoň trošku viete. Ja osobne hrávam s mojou skupinou Only War RPG, kde máme úlohy imperiálnych vojakov plniace misie na rôznych planétach (ak si to neviete predstaviť, tak to je taká tá skupinka nerdov so zvláštnymi kockami predstierajúca, že je v nejakom svete a oni sú hlavnými charaktermi, mohli ste to vidieť aj v niektorých častiach Teórie veľkého [...]

  • Pavlovsky

    Další Warhammer. Začínám mít pro tenhle vesmír slabost. Všechno v něm působí správně "nařvaně". Je to svět, kde by byl Steve Austin za trpaslíka a to i kdyby mu na ramenou seděl Rock. A navíc Abnett píše fajn. Není to žádné umění, ale dokáže udržet drajv a je natolik inteligentní, že neštve ani sečtělejší čtenáře. Pravda, tady jsem se půlkou trochu pokousával, ale to může být tím, že jsem měl před Crweconem, takže jsem byl myšlenkami trochu jind [...]

  • David Andrews

    Xenos is way better than it has any right to be. Books based on existing IP are rarely very compelling fare, usually serving just as a sort of marketing tool to boost a product. That's not what this is though. I've dabbled previously in the world of Warhammer but Xenos shines a light on parts of the universe never really expressed that well in the game lore. More importantly, though, it's actually just a good sci-fi/fantasy thriller, following a detective (Inquisitor) on a romp across the stars [...]

  • Richard Lenkovits

    Read twice. Still 5 star.I am a person who frequently reads standard bestsellers, and at first I might have thought that this book is gonna be just some mindless fantasy. Not even close.'Xenos' is something you would call a proper -rust and bloodstained- space opera, mixed with a fast-paced fantasy adventure. The style of the writer is very immersive. This is a story where you can well expect vivid storyscapes and intense twists. Sometimes I felt I knew the intention of the writer, but even when [...]

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