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Book 5 in The Manhattanites seriesFor fans of TLC s Sister Wives and the movie Blood Diamond comes UNIQUE, a full length stand alone contemporary m f m erotic romance.Dumped by Europe s hottest disc jockey Kiki Izatt jumps into her career taking New York society by storm In charge of Brill Inc s jewelry client Paloma Gems she s ready to show the industry who sparkles.SupBook 5 in The Manhattanites seriesFor fans of TLC s Sister Wives and the movie Blood Diamond comes UNIQUE, a full length stand alone contemporary m f m erotic romance.Dumped by Europe s hottest disc jockey Kiki Izatt jumps into her career taking New York society by storm In charge of Brill Inc s jewelry client Paloma Gems she s ready to show the industry who sparkles.Superstar DJ Dejon had no choice but to cut ties If Kiki blew his techno spin cover by discovering his real intentions to hijack The Style Gala, she d ruin his crusade to return the blood diamonds to his West African people Dejon couldn t go back on his word to his brother Dash even if it meant not marrying Kiki When Dash Turay accidently shoots and injures Kiki while stealing Paloma s most valuable stone, he s taken with her Dash wants her He must have her So what if Kiki is from Utah and promised her virginity to Dejon Dash will find a way to get her in his bed with or without Dejon s approval Familiar with Sister Wives Kiki wonders if it s time to try her hand at Brother Husbands Content Warning The kidnapping of a Utah virgin by two British thieves who just happen to be identical twins induces twincest fantasies, forced submission, D s, spanking, m nage, voyeurism, and major cray cray

  • Title: Unique
  • Author: Avery Aster
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 179
  • Format: ebook

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Avery Aster

Get a FREE ebook when you join Avery Aster s newsletter eepurl CQ665 A graduate of New York University and a resident of the Big Apple for twenty years, New York Times bestselling author Avery Aster writes popular fiction in several genres Erotic Romance fans enjoy Avery s The Manhattanites books, while New Adult readers can t get enough of the Undergrad Years For those who like a good thrill that ll mess with their mind, check out Avery s Psychological Suspense series, Piper Adler and other books at AveryAsterConnect with Avery Aster AveryAsterFacebook Facebook AveryAsterInstagram Instagram AveryAsterTumblr AveryAster.tumblrPinterest Pinterest AveryAsterTwitter Twitter AveryAster

Comments Unique

  • Jen

    OMG, Brother husbands. Love it!

  • Emily (Mrs B's Books)

    **My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**This is a very fast paced book that may have some language that may be offensive to some, but then if you are this far into the series then you already know this.Kiki is a good girl, honest and at times very innocent, but having the manhattanites as her friends has opened her eyes to so many things.Two years have happened since Dejon and Kiki first met and now so close to their wedding things take a twist that neit [...]

  • Book Snob Sue

    Love this series, Adore Kiki & DejonDasht so much. So, Kiki and Dejon had met a couple of years ago and are engaged now. Kiki's the first girl that Dejon has dated and not shared with his twin brother Dash. Dash of course feels left out because he is just now learning of their relationship and since his brother won't share then he will be on his own. Dash is always controlling Dejon and mentally berating him to an extent to keep control of Dejon thanks to his insecurities. Kiki is saving her [...]

  • Dita

    "Come out and play with me, my beautiful.butterfly."It's Kiki Izatt's time, this cute pure virgin butterfly finally got her own story. And this time she scores a twinp this innocent girl got herself two hotties.Another fun sexy read from Avery Aster, although I hate to say this, but this one is not my fav, I'm pretty enjoyed it though, those manhattanites always bring laughters.At the first half, I kinda like it because, come on Kiki can scores two hotties?!?!?! I'm pretty excited, and then thos [...]

  • Nadine Bookaholic

    As with other Avery Aster books, this one is off the charts HOT! Honestly how can it not be when you have identical looking twins that aren't identical in the way they need her, one is sweet and caring while the other is consuming and demanding. Dejon and Dash are both determined to get the blood diamonds back but neither of the men are ready to leave Kiki behind. Will Kiki be able to be with them when she finds out the truth? Only one way to find outRead my full review here: nadineisobsessedwit [...]

  • Winter Sophia Rose

    Fun, Steamy Read! ! Loved It!

  • Tianna Croy

    When we met Kiki before we learned she was a twenty something, virgin Manhattanite, and not one to party and drink. She met her hot online dj friend Dejon Turay at the Cannes film festival and things got interesting. Since then they became close and he asked her to marry him. The wedding just around the corner and her career taking off Kiki had everything. Until she inadvertently meets Dejons twin brother Dash that she didn't even know about. As things from the past catch up to them the brothers [...]

  • Kim

    Ummmmm like a crazy soap opera

  • Mauaqui

    Both Stories were FABUnique starring KiKi and twins Dejon and Dash was about kidnapping, shooting and blood diamonds. This far fetched fantasy of a story was entertaining and plenty of action.

  • Bev Ross

    Loved it!Kiki gets freaky!! It's awesome! I loved it! Dejon and Dash sound really hot! Kiki was a hoot! I love Avery Aster!

  • Natalie

    Avery has always been one of my favorite authors and as this series continues my love for her writing grows even stronger!! What I love about The Manhattanites is their dedication and love for eachother. No matter what, they are always there for each other through thick and thin even if they are fighting. The Manhattanites are also the craziest bunch of silver spooners ever, with their hilarity, dedication, crazy antics and their amazing personalities. In this book it revolves around Kiki, Taddy [...]

  • Lylian Aguiar

    Kiki is gonna give you one sexy ride in this book! Avery Aster did it again! The book is a sexy, easy read. Loved it all the way (as always!)

  • Janna

    Right, I've got to say, this just might be my all time favourite Manhattanites book. I love Kiki and the fact that she got two husbands just makes me thrilled. The plot was very fast-paced and there was a lot of action. It kept me hooked until the end and I still couldn't get enough. I absolutely love this series and all the characters and I can't wait to read the next book (and yes, it's waiting for me in my kindle!). I've admired Avery Aster's since I read the first book in the series, and it [...]

  • 2kasmom

    This is book #6 in The Manhattanites series. This can be read as a standalone novel. For reader understanding and to avoid spoilers, I recommend reading this series in order.Kiki has had it after being dumped by a jerk. She meets Dejon and Dash and things change almost right away. First, there is intrigue. Second, there are sexy times. Last, there are choices.Dejon & Dash both want her. There are many secrets being kept on all sides. Many surprises are in store for the reader . and I do not [...]

  • Mary

    Kiki is the perfect balance to the crazy world of the Manhattanites. She is the straight-laced young woman that lives her morals and values which she works to impress her boss Taddy at the PR firm. Even she was surprised when she captured the heart of the popular DJ Dejon. Now they are engaged but Dejon has been distant. Dejon is pulled into a crazy family drama with his twin Dash. What happens when the mission their father sent them on puts them in the middle of Kiki’s biggest event committin [...]

  • Jammie Bebout

    The Manhattanites never disappoint! This book was a fun, intriguing, and sexy romp through Kiki’s twin hell… or is it heaven? Sometimes even she doesn't know. These characters are not black and white. They are every shade of grey imaginable. This story definitely illustrates that no one is all good or all bad, and a good person can make a bad choice for a good reason. I really loved this book! I was totally hooked from page one and remained riveted to the very last word. I would highly recom [...]

  • Jo

    I don't think I like it because husbands n wife with a daughter? No way. The traditional family that daughters give their v in the wedding day, but accept what their daughter did? Calling modern feminist? I m no buying it.To be honest, lines are interesting, two guys stole the bloody diamonds, sent them back to where they belonged nags, to save the families who are suffering because of diamonds, it's interesting. I just don't like the m-m-f part.

  • Theresa

    Great read. This is a wonderful story of Kiki, Deion, and dash. You get to see what is happening with Taddy and Warner, lex and Blake. I love Avery Aster's writing style so you get to always know what's going on in everyone's life. Great chemistry and some intrique with jewel heist. Can't wait for the next book.

  • Nadine Bookaholic

    **I have read this book as part of the Thrill Rides: 10 Book MEGA Bundle**

  • Cheryl Graham Petit

    If you're a fan of Avery Aster's The Manhattanites, then you'll enjoy this fast-paced story filled with plenty of angst, humor, hot sex, kidnapping, forgiveness, love, and an HEA.

  • Charlene

    Made no sense at all.

  • Simera

    Unique is a Manhattanites series bookBlood diamonds, a shooting, a kidnapping, twin brothers and one girl from Utah is one crazy, funny and sexy read.

  • Ava

    It wasn't my favorite one. Wasn't my style but was nice to read.No fault into the plot or writing. Just not my style.

  • D.C.

    Loved it! I mean who doesn't love twins?! Super fun and fast paced.

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  • Best Read [Avery Aster] ☆ Unique || [Cookbooks Book] PDF ò
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