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Impressive Widen s atmospheric thriller, full of broken men in a broken country, succeeds in capturing the hold that Evita had over so many, even in death Publishers WeeklyOn a summer s night in 1955, CIA officer Michael Suslov is summoned to a secret vault in the heart of Buenos Aires His mission transport the corpse of Eva Per n to a safe hiding place in the wake Impressive Widen s atmospheric thriller, full of broken men in a broken country, succeeds in capturing the hold that Evita had over so many, even in death Publishers WeeklyOn a summer s night in 1955, CIA officer Michael Suslov is summoned to a secret vault in the heart of Buenos Aires His mission transport the corpse of Eva Per n to a safe hiding place in the wake of her husband s fall from power But before Michael can comply, everything goes tragically, horribly wrong .Fifteen years later, Suslov is a ghost of a man living off the radar and the only soul alive that knows where Evita is buried When a shadow from his past appears and asks him for help in bringing the body home, as part of a peace deal to end the civil war tearing Argentina apart, Michael agrees, hoping this last mission will quiet the demons from his former life But Michael Suslov isn t the only one on a recovery mission Others are desperate to unearth Eva Per n first and lay claim to the shattering secret she took to the grave .Based on a little known yet fascinating true story, Blood Makes Noise is both a riveting thriller and an examination of the power of the dead over the lives of the living.

  • Title: Blood Makes Noise
  • Author: Gregory Widen
  • ISBN: 9781611093872
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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Gregory Widen

Gregory Widen Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Blood Makes Noise book, this is one of the most wanted Gregory Widen author readers around the world.

Comments Blood Makes Noise

  • Chrissie

    Very good. I really enjoyed this book. Exciting, and it teaches you about Eva Péron, the facts and the myth surrounding her life and death. Why is she so loved by Argentine people? I find this much more interesting than all the books written about Argentina’s Dirty War (1976-1983), which followed. The book is based on true facts, or so we are told when the book begins.Life on the pampas is described through some of the book’s characters. You see and experience Buenos Aires too. You travel t [...]

  • Kathryn

    3.5 starsIf you're not familiar with the history of Eva Peron after her death, you might find parts of this book difficult to believe. Blood Makes Noise, though, is steeped in certain truths with regards to Eva's cult status after her husband's rule. The race to retrieve Eva's body to restore devotion to Peron in Argentina is fascinating - something we'd probably never see here or anywhere else.The book is gripping and heart-wrenching at once, violent and tense and thoroughly engrossingC receive [...]

  • Bev

    Whatever I might have been, whatever I might become, here, today, I am a man who keeps his promises. ~Michael Suslov (p.435)Michael Suslov is a CIA agent in Argentina. A man with slim ties to the former First Lady of Argentina, Eva Peron; he nonetheless has promises to keep and, as the saying goes, miles to go before he sleeps. And before this story is over he will be called upon to keep those promises--even at the risk of his life.When Eva Peron dies, her body is preserved and held in trust for [...]

  • Bob Milne

    There are some books you read where the prose is so crisp, where the story flows so well, you immediately wonder what else the author has written. Blood Makes Noise is one of those books. Even if one were to have absolutely no idea who Gregory Widen is, it wouldn't take more than a few chapters to send you scrambling for to confirm that not only is he a writer, but an accomplished one at that.Yes, this is the man who brought stories such as Highlander, Backdraft, and The Prophecy to the screen, [...]

  • Diane S ☔

    3.5 When I first started reading this I was a bit frustrated with all the FBI, CIA maneuvering but the more I read the more I realized he was setting the scene. This is really how confusing it was after Peron was ousted, and different dictators were taking center stage. Reminded me a bit of Rum Diaries, with the confusion of the newspaper men being ousted from Cuba, and it did set the stage. I have long been fascinated by Evita, she had such a short life and was loved by so many. This book is mo [...]

  • Laura

    Meet Michael Suslov. He's lived a lot of life in his approximately 30 years. Born to a Ukrainian father and Argentinian mother, he grew up in Buenos Aires. We learn early on in the book (pages 36-41) about his tragic childhood years, and the events leading up to his move to Chicago with his father. Then "He did on Michael's first day of college. No brother to sort through a pile of frozen bodies, no wife to throw herself at his casket, no daughter to weep softly. Only quiet Michael, not tossing [...]

  • Eero

    This novel is built around the mostly true story of what happened to Eva Perón's embalmed corpse, and the tension between FBI and CIA in South American intelligence operations in the 1950s. It is a rather fascinating read. Many of the characters turn out to be people who actually existed, and the most outlandish details are taken directly from history. Using them the author has written a story that is both a well constructed mystery with a satisfying resolution and the personal tragedy of Micha [...]

  • Cheryl

    She went by the name of Eva Peron. However the people of Argentina would always know her as Evita Peron. She is an icon for the people. So much so that her husband paid lots of money to keep her grave guarded. Some people had other plans. Evita’s body is moved and former CIA agent Michael Suslov was one of the witnesses to the process. Now Michael has been called upon to find Evita’s body and bring it back. Only time is not on Michael’s side. Several other people are on the hunt to find Ev [...]

  • Pamela

    When Juan Peron fled the country after a military coup, he left the preserved body of his wife Eva behind. The military removed Evita’s body from its display and its whereabouts were a mystery for 16 years. Then, in 1971, the military authorities revealed that Evita’s body was buried in crypt in Milan, Italy, under the name Maria Maggi. That same year, Evita’s body was exhumed and taken to Spain and turned over to Juan.This is the basis for Gregory Widen’s “Blood Makes Noise.” Widen [...]

  • Cathy

    Very good book. A fictional story of what might have happened to explain the disappearance of Eva Peron's body after her death - it was missing for 16-17 years. This story weaves historical fact with creative storytelling. I really enjoyed this book. "Evita" is one of my favorite musicals, so this story was particularly interesting to me. Interesting characters, although I'm not sure that any of them were terribly likeable. The author is also a screenwriter and that became evident near the end o [...]

  • Anne B. Waters

    Interesting bookI like historical fiction. I have seen Evita's grave in BA and now, at some level I know her story. Parts of this book are fantastical but those are probably the most true. I recommend this book if you're interested the history of Argentina, the CIA, of Evita, or of the passions that drive people and counties to crazy behavior.

  • Adara

    Just read the advance copy. Great book. I flew through it in three days. Cried twice. Its a really human portrait of CIA agent in extraordinary circumstances. Not knowing too much about Eva Peron beyond Evita, it was a little shocking what portions were true events. Good vacation read.

  • KayG

    I am rarely a fan of thrillers, but this was excellent! I learned a lot too. And from the author's notes, most of the more incredulous elements were true.

  • Briana

    This book led me to do more research about Eva Peron and Argentina. I love books that are somewhat based on actual events that make me think! This was a well written book that captured my attention!

  • Penny (Literary Hoarders)

    An excellent read! I want more! Penning thoughts to share soon.

  • Brian

    I was completely surprised at the end of the book where the author describes that many of the events of the novel were true! Wow!

  • Col

    Synopsis/blurb.On a summer’s night in 1955, CIA agent Michael Suslov is summoned to a secret vault in the heart of Buenos Aires. His mission: transport the corpse of Eva Peron to a new hiding place in the wake of her husband’s fall from power. But before Michael can comply, everything goes tragically, horribly wrong… Sixteen years later, Michael Suslov is a ghost of a man, an ex-government agent living off the radar—and the only soul alive who knows where Evita is buried. When an old fri [...]

  • Quinn

    I would rate this book as 3.5. An interesting story based on real events. At times I forced myself to continue reading but I'm glad I did. The story revolves around the embalmed corpse of Evita Peron and the devotion of the Argentine people to her even decades after her death.

  • Heather G

    Not badBut not great. Certain parts were compelling and kept me riveted but by the end I was beyond ready for the book to end.

  • L. (Slay the meaty ones!)

    1 1/2 starsThe factual escapades of Eva Peron's cadaver could be the basis of an intriguing, exciting, globe-hopping adventure.This is not that book.What this is is the sad little tale of a sad little man in a sad little country. Author Gregory Widen seems to have gone to great lengths to make Michael Suslov a thoroughly unlikeable character. Oh, just about everyone in this novel is a schlemiel just begging to be put out of their misery. But because Suslov is the protagonist, because he is the o [...]

  • Heather

    First of all, I’d like to say that I’m not all that familiar with the historical figure Eva Peron. Blame my sieve of a memory for history, I’m a scientist. I’m of the right age where the mention of “Evita” makes me think of Madonna, which is probably not a good sign. But I love thrillers, and let me tell you, Gregory Widen has written one hell of a great historical thriller here in Blood Makes Noise. I didn’t think of Madonna once while I read the book, so you know that I was sucke [...]

  • Jason Golomb

    “No one had ever spoken to the great unwashed as an equal, held them to their breast, cooed to them like lovers, whispered hatred for those they hated: the rich; the privileged; the whole pointless, pathetic history of their nation."- Gregory Widen's Evita in "Blood Makes Noise"Evita maintains a special place in popular culture. Already an amazing icon in South America, Andrew Lloyd Weber raised her profile to an unaware but willing world-wide audience. It's arguable that Madonna took it even [...]

  • Shari

    Santa Evita, the savior of the Argentinian poor whose persona gripped the people and transformed the heart of the land -- until her early death. Argentina is a land that has had great trouble getting itself together. It has undergone constant upheaval through so many different governments almost all of which have tried to make their fortunes on the backs of the people (well, maybe we all know how that is) and yet has not found a stability that lasts. There are many aspects of the land that are e [...]

  • Michelle

    I was excited to get the opportunity to review Blood Makes Noise, because I had studied Evita Peron in school and have always been fascinated by her. I also love historical thrillers, so for me this was a golden opportunity. I must say, my excitement dwindled early on, because the first and second parts of the book are extremely wordy. The author over-writes many chapters and I found my mind wondering a lot. The third part of the book was fantastic, fast-paced, thrilling and just what I expected [...]

  • James Korsmo

    Blood Makes Noise is quite a ride. Eva Peron is the beloved wife of Argentina's dictator. She is revered by the people as one of their own, a poor girl who has risen to the halls of power and who speaks on their behalf. Her death sends the country in to great mourning, and her body is revered. But after it has been around for a while, the government is ready to move on, and sees the need to get rid of her body, which has been preserved and kept around. So an agent for the Argentine government ca [...]

  • Vonze (Yvonne)

    If you're looking for a good thriller or interested in CIA history or Latin American history, this will be a gripping read for you. I'll admit I'm not an expert on the CIA or Latin American, however, though the course of the story I learned more about both. (There's a lot more to Evita Peron than the movie starring Madonnaher entire body was preserved, creating a relic for her people).The plot, based on true events, follows a CIA agent named Michael. Ultimately, he plays a vital role in moving E [...]

  • Samuel Tucker

    An average rating of 4 stars on ? Who are these people!This is one of the most paint-by-numbers and cliche thrillers I have ever read. I picked it up for about $1 USD on amazon on some sale and was pretty disappointed. I supposed I don't really know or care about Eva Peron, but they give her such a martyr's perspective that its hard to see her as a three dimensional person in this story. The characters were bland and predictable, the "twists and turns" where telegraphed so far in advance that yo [...]

  • Scoobyyatto

    This book was based upon true events. I don't know a lot about Evita and Argentina, but I am very curious to read more about her and the relationship she had with her people. At the end of the book the author points out what parts of the story were true and I was amazed at what really was true. This is not a light read, it has guts, glory and passion in it. It makes you wonder how the people of Argentina were able to turn a blind eye to all of the bad things she did to them (like steal their mon [...]

  • Andrea

    Interesting historical fiction. The story of what happened to Eva Peron's body after her husband was removed from power in Argentina. She was loved by the working class of Argentina so they had her embalmed and displayed for the people after she died of cancer. This is the story of what they did to save her body once Peron was out of power. They hid her for 15 years in Italy and only 1 person knew where she was, then brought her back 20 years after her death to Argentina. Interesting thriller, I [...]

  • Heidi

    Very interesting what goes on behind closed government doors. Even the moving of a corpse to protect it from annihilation by the new government. It was interesting to see the impact on the life of the man who was responsible for moving Eva Peron from her original resting place to a secret resting place that only he knew of. Then years later when Peron came back into power to move the Evita's body back to the government vault without anyone knowing. This book is a fascinating study of the power t [...]

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  • [PDF] ✓ Free Read ↠ Blood Makes Noise : by Gregory Widen ½
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