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By Sandi Lynn | Comments: ( 673 ) | Date: ( Feb 19, 2020 )

My name is Julia, and I m the daughter of Connor and Ellery Black I may look like Daddy s little princess, but I m far from it My life consists of lying to my parents and sneaking out of the penthouse My CEO millionaire father seems to think that at the tender age of sixteen, I m too young to date boys My mother, the artist, tries to stay neutral and doesn t say too muMy name is Julia, and I m the daughter of Connor and Ellery Black I may look like Daddy s little princess, but I m far from it My life consists of lying to my parents and sneaking out of the penthouse My CEO millionaire father seems to think that at the tender age of sixteen, I m too young to date boys My mother, the artist, tries to stay neutral and doesn t say too much My best friend London and I hang out almost every day We love to shop, and we try to pick up all the bad boys that our parents wouldn t approve of We occasionally get into trouble, but I can usually talk my way out of it, except for the time my father caught me and Brody Sullivan having sex in my bedroom.This is the story of my journey through life, in which I try to figure out who I am, from the time of my sixteenth birthday until the day I marry the man of my dreams, Jake Jensen My aspirations, dreams, hard work, defiance, and smart mouth are all woven into one thing me, being Julia

  • Title: Being Julia
  • Author: Sandi Lynn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Sandi Lynn

I m Sandi Lynn and I m a full time writer Writing has always been a passion of mine and I ve had many dreams of writing and publishing a book In just a little under a year, I ve written and published a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Trilogy When I m not writing, I enjoy going out to dinner and to the movies I have a severe coffee addiction and you can usually find me hanging out at the local Starbucks with my laptop

Comments Being Julia

  • Beatriz

    “The first true love any girl has, is her father.No one will ever replace him as the love of her life.”~ UnknownI can't even explain all the feels I have for this novella. It made me tear up and laugh at the same time. Witnessing once more the life of the Black family through Julia's eyes made me miss them. The fact that their family couldn't be closer enough made my heart feel full of love.The other thing I love about this novella is the father-daughter relationship of Connor and Julia. Tru [...]

  • Katrina Tingle

    Being Julia loved it♥♥!!I really enjoyed hearing her story. And the things she went through growing up. Lets just say she IS the best of her mom and dadLOL. And we cant forget about Connor. I didn't think I could love him anymorebut Connor as a daddyhe stole my heart. The love he has for his little "Princess" is very touching. I was sad to see the story end. This was my FAVORITE book of the series .Awesome job Sandi :)

  • Chris- Bookaddict

    5 INFINITE LOVING STARS I LOVED IT!!!!!! I am not even sure where to start with this review. I LOVE Sandi Lynn, I will not deny it. I have loved her since Forever Black first came out. I fell in love with Connor and Ellery and through every single book that Sandi has written I have felt that I have been a part of their lives since the very beginning. To get through this series and be at a point where NOW I am reading a book about their daughter is truly amazing. Seeing things with the Black fami [...]

  • Books2fashion

    I loved this book. Connor Black and Ellery live on in another way. Thru their daughter Julia and Jake.I loved this story the continuing of the Black Family. Julia is the apple of her fathers eye and she seems hell bent to test him in every part of her life. Julia learns that life with her parents is a little strange with their open loving relationship. They dont care who is around with their loving and playfulness and it embarassed the heck out of Julia til she met Jake and finally seen why her [...]

  • Angela

    5 sweet romantical stars! Julia and jake! What a great couple! I loved the way she started out this book. Giving us some insight into the teenage years of Julia! Ready for hottie Collin!!**buddy read with Leah and Amanda**

  • Erin V

    Video book review. I hope you like ityoutube/watch?v=TEabh

  • Jeanie Robinson

    Sandi did it again, she had me! All the words flew by and not but a few hours later I was finished with the book :( I love Julia, she's the sweetest, just like her Mom. She's stubborn and goes for what she wants and loves. At the beginning, yep typical teenager, but this just shows, be patient and the one you belong to and with, forever will come to you. I did have tears during a specific chapter, I never saw it coming. Don't be careless with your life, you see what happens! Connor just as great [...]

  • Jennifer

    I love the Black family and I loved that we got to see how Julia and Collin grow up. It was also great to see how Connor and Ellery turned out as parents. If you love this series, you definitely need to read this novella, to see what happens to the Black's when their kids grow up :)

  • Georgia Cruz

    The Black Family is always getting water works from me! I cried a lot of times because there are no words to describe how utterly perfect this family is. I really didn't know there was a novella in this series. I'm so grateful to Sandi Lynn for writing another story for this wonderful family! After everything that Connor & Ellery went through It feels like a lifetime! I'm in awe for how incredible a father and a husband Connor Black is. I can never think of anyone more perfect than Connor. H [...]

  • Kizzy

    I have loved all the books that Sandi has written. The Forever Black series has been amazing! You will love Connor Black :)Here in this book is his daughter Julia. She is so much like Connor and Ellery its too cute. I love her relationship with them. She made a stupid (real stupid) mistake when she was 16, but she learned from it. At her HS graduation party she meets Jake Jensen <3 From there their relationship grows. The rest of the book was just amazing! It was great seeing our other favori [...]

  • Keisha

    5+'FOREVER IN LOVE WITH THIS SERIES' STARS!!!!Loved Julia's story! We were given a glimpse of a grown up Julia in the Epilogue of Forever Us, in which I loved. So, it was great to go back and read about her teenage years until adulthood. I adored Connor and Ellery Black in the Forever trilogy and even more so in this book. The love they have for their kids, especially the love Connor had for his 'Princess', was heartwarming and well told! A definite must read for those fans of the Forever series [...]

  • Tiffany❤️Loves❤️a❤️good❤️Book❤️Boyfriend!!!

    I absolutely loved loved this one. It was a quick read a look inside a millionaire kids lives seeing things through their eyes. Both Julia and Collin were awesome kids but how could they not be with Connor and Ellie ans parents. I loved how close they were with their parents. They had the type if relationship that one wishes for. just loved it.

  • Stacy Chambers

    Well, I'm glad I read it. I initially want sure if I would enjoy reading a second generation story, but I must say that this was a cute story. There was absolutely NO heat in this book, but overall it was cute.

  • Teri

    I love everything Connor Black!! What a wonderful story of Julia finding the love of her life!! It was great to see the love and sex between Elle and Connor was still sizzling!!!!I want Colin' s story now!!! This was about Julia but I really want to read about Connor and Colin' s bond!!!!!!!

  • Madison

    This book was perfect. Flawless. I didn't put it down! Julia really is daddies princess, but the emotion in the book, you just feel it! I love love LOVE the Black family, fingers crossed fir a Jenson spinoff!!!

  • Ricci

    A beautiful ending to the trilogy. Love area sing about past characters but reading about them in the future was a lovely touch! Thank you to the author for writing such an incredible series. Highly recommend this series! 5 STARS *****

  • Charlotte Mitchell

    I absolutely loved this series, who couldn't with a man like Connor black involved!!!! its sad to see it come to an end. I wish we could have seen more of collin as he seemed like such a cutie and would have been great to see grandbabies. Basically I never want to see it end ;-)

  • Rachel

    really enjoyed reading about Julia growing up, but what I truly enjoyed was the beautiful relationship that Connor and Ellery had as they were getting older. Sandi Lynn's books are the best.

  • Nene

    Loved the story, Hope it will be a Hailey and Collin story. Hate to see it end

  • Rosemarie

    Loved this story about Julia and Jake and how Connor and Ellery loved how Jake fitted into Julia's life. Hope we get a story about Collin now :)

  • Gail Counter

    Loved this series!!!! Such a great little story!! The love of parents can be passed to their children!! Keep writing!! Live the Black Family!!!!

  • CrazyForRomance

    La protagonista racconta la sua storia a partire dalla sua prima delusione d’amore, i problemi con la sua migliore amica per poi concludere con la nascita dell’amore con un ragazzo incontrato per caso in spiaggia, Jake.È stato come leggere la lista delle cose da fare.Piatto, senza sentimenti o emozioni, le descrizioni dei luoghi in cui si svolge la storia sono solo un miraggio e sono molto più presenti Connor e Ellery – come abbiamo detto, già protagonisti della prima trilogia – che i [...]

  • Anita Powers

    This was a wonderful addition to the series, it was great reading about Julia's teenager years. I like how Sandi let us read about some experiences that has happened to many of us, not everything was pretty and perfect. Some parts in this book was heartbreaking and I could not stop crying at Julia's loss when she was so young. I loved how Sandi still let us read how happy and in love Connor and Ellery are, it was great how they didn't change all of these years and how they would show their want [...]

  • Liza

    The Black family is so perfect! It had been a long time since I have read the Forever series and I have regretted soon enough when I dug into Connor and Elle's story again, now with their beautiful children Julia and Collin. Family manual right here. This book is much more about Julia being Julie and her happily-ever-after. This is also about the importance of a parent-child relationship. I love how Connor and Elle handled things with Julia especially during her mistakes. It is a perfect picture [...]

  • Eva Luna

    I can't even explain all the feels I have for this novella. It made me tear up and laugh at the same time. The fact that their family couldn't be closer enough made my heart feel full of love. AlsoI love about this novella is the father-daughter relationship of Connor and Julia. Truly nothing compares to a father's love for his own daughter. Although Julia did have moments that he hated her father, it was actually normal. Which teenager didn't argue with his/her parents right? Collin was also a [...]

  • Ava

    Finished!! Question first !!! Would it be a book with Collin?? Just like this one? Please? Julia story was light some would say over spoiled rich girl. Please don't forget Mr. Black is rich and she was his princess!! I could have been disappointed but not. not selfish.I thought that she could be bad but no the story was really about growing up in a loving family seeking the same thing as looking up at her parents. thinking it would be. dealing with characters, dealing as parents or child. Making [...]

  • Tammy

    Being Julia5 stars. OMG I loved it. Julia and Jake were so adorable and I instantly fell in love with them and was so wrapped up in their story. And I loved the parts with Connor and Ellery, it was nice to see that they were still so much in love, even more. if you haven't read the Forever books you have to read those first so you can fully enjoy and love Being Julia. This is a must have so buy it you won't be disappointed. Thank you to Sandi for a beautiful addition to the Forever trilogy, now [...]

  • Ker

    La sinopsis te hace creer que vas a leer una historia de una niña mimada, odiosa y sin cerebro Pues si, Julia lo es, pero 2 grandes sucesos la hicieron madurar rapidamente, pensar de forma distinta y dejar de hacer rabietas.Es un libro hermoso. Leer como Julia madura y aprende de sus errorer, crecer, ser mejor persona y mejorar la relación con el sobreprotector de Connor. Jake es sencillamente perfecto, un cabellero, y adora a Julia.Muero por leer al (en este libro, pero no según la sinopsis) [...]

  • Lady Nakhita Asi

    Get to know Julia in "Being Julia"! I think this book tells about Julia's relationship with her dad, Connor. I like how the story goes. Julia's a little bit of spoiled brat though. She wants what she wants. She gets mad if she didn't get it. I wish there are more interaction with her brother, Collin but all in all it was a great novella.

  • Lisa Foyles

    Great additionI have to say that I love Ellery and Connor Black these two have kept me intrigued since I first met them in Forever trilogy. The writing style leaves a little to appreciate but the characters are amazing

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