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By Simon Clark Vidas Morkūnas | Comments: ( 481 ) | Date: ( May 25, 2020 )

Turb t n ra Lietuvoje fantastikos gerb jo, kuris neb t skait s D ono Vindemo romano Trifid dienos Tai pasakojimas apie siaubing katastrof , kai beveik visi em s gyventojai, gro j si meteor lietumi apako Negana to, i slapt Rusijos laboratorij i siver trifidai vaik iojantys mirtinai nuodingi augalai sunaikino 99% m s planetos gyventoj I lik gyvi apgaiTurb t n ra Lietuvoje fantastikos gerb jo, kuris neb t skait s D ono Vindemo romano Trifid dienos Tai pasakojimas apie siaubing katastrof , kai beveik visi em s gyventojai, gro j si meteor lietumi apako Negana to, i slapt Rusijos laboratorij i siver trifidai vaik iojantys mirtinai nuodingi augalai sunaikino 99% m s planetos gyventoj I lik gyvi apgail tini monijos liku iai slepiasi vairiose salose ir neprieinamose kaln tvirtov se Pagrindinis veik jas Viljamas Meisenas su eima pab ga ali Anglijos esan i Vaito sal , kur bando suburti i likusi moni bendruom n.Romanas Trifid naktis prasideda pra jus 25 iems metams po D Vindemo apra yt vyki Viljamo Meiseno s nus Deividas prabunda vien ryt ir pastebi, jog aplinkui kiek akys u mato tvyro aklina tamsa

  • Title: Trifidų naktis
  • Author: Simon Clark Vidas Morkūnas
  • ISBN: 9955100567
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Simon Clark Vidas Morkūnas

Born, 20th April, 1958, Simon Clark is the author of such highly regarded horror novels as Nailed By The Heart, Blood Crazy, Darker, Vampyrrhic and The Fall, while his short stories have been collected in Blood Grit and Salt Snake Other Bloody Cuts He has also written prose material for the internationally famous rock band U2 Raised in a family of storytellers family legend told of a stolen human skull buried beneath the Clark garage he sold his first ghost story to a radio station in his teens Before becoming a full time writer he held a variety of day jobs, that have involved strawberry picking, supermarket shelf stacking, office work, and scripting video promos He lives with his wife and two children in mystical territory that lies on the border of Robin Hood country in England.

Comments Trifidų naktis

  • Dreadlocksmile

    Written exactly fifty years after the release of John Wyndham's classic post-apocalyptic novel "Day Of The Triffids", the British horror writer Simon Clark brings you a sequel to the modern classic with "Night Of The Triffids". The novel starts off mirroring that of Wyndham's book, throwing the reader into a now all too familiar sense of disorientation, with the first person perspective of David Mason (the now grown-up son of Bill Mason) seemingly waking up to a world of darkness. Clark from her [...]

  • Si Barron

    In light of the favorable comments concerning this execrable pulp novel I feel compelled to write a critique even though I have not read the book for many years and do not intend ever reading it again.To underline a point that will be obvious to anyone who has read the the original: John Wyndham's 'The day of the Triffids' is not (contrary to the titular implication) about Triffids. The Monster plants are a McGuffin and play a distant secondary role to the main trope of disintegration/fragility [...]

  • Laura

    From BBC Radio 4 Extra:Episode 1 of 5After 25 years, a colony of survivors on the Triffid-free Isle of Wight are under attack once moreEpisode 2 of 5David Masen becomes the first European to reach America since 'the blinding'. But all is not well in New York.Episode 3 of 5The more David Masen learns about Manhattan, the less he likes it. And the island's leader has a dubious past.Episode 4 of 5Valiantly trying to save Christina, back in Manhattan - David learns the extent of Fielding's megaloman [...]

  • Derek

    Clark does a pretty good job of maintaining the style of John Wyndham - it's not difficult to go straight from Wyndham's The Day of the Triffids to Night of the Triffids. There are a few anachronisms - surprisingly more than in the original book, which you'd expect to be more dated. How on Earth can a Post-apocalyptic society, which doesn't even have a stable energy supply, develop reproductive technology that's not only decades ahead of what was possible at the time of Day of the Triffids, but [...]


    Hmmm, this book is a tricky one to rate. I wanted to give it more stars. It gives the impression that it may be a mutant plant/nature horror read but aside from the odd brief scenes the Triffids don't do much. It's more of an espionage / dystopian / action thriller book. Saying that though I did enjoy it somewhat and the ending leaves the story open.but please have more triffid action if another book is written haha.

  • Bar Reads

    Written beautifully, with a fantastic plot and compelling characters. Even better than the first.

  • Artemiz

    Mõningad minu mõtted sellest raamatust.

  • Kate Hostovecky

    Ugh. When trying to express my subjective feelings about this book, I am simply speechless. Not in a good sense, though. I do not know whether it was a result of a really horrible, terrible, no good, very bad Czech translastion, or actually a very bad writing, but right from the start I felt that this would be a disasterous blow to the story the original book brought up. "Oh dear, just make it stop, make it STOP!"I kept saying to myself while reading and resolved to devour the book faster so tha [...]

  • Kendra

    It wasn't awful but it wasn't great either. Unfortunately (and this is equally Wyndham's fault) you should never name your maniacal mega-villain 'Torrence'. It's just way too hard to take a villain named 'Torrence' seriously. Also, Simon Clark was trying much too hard to make everything all nice for people at the end, thus taking out all the social commentary that Wyndham is trying to make with the original book. Also, Clark has succeeded in taking the apocalypse out of the whole thing, which pr [...]

  • Stephen Henning

    A really good book.Simon Clark really captured the spirit of the original book. There is a definite feel that this is a natural continuation of The Day of the Triffids. It feels like it could have been written by the same author. You only have to compare the faithfulness of this book, to the bizarre departure taken by the BBC TV series (the one starring Dougray Scott and Eddie Izzard) to see how things could easily have gone awry.I recommend it to Wyndham/Triffid fans.

  • James Moore

    Simon Clark is and remains one of the best when it comes to making the farfetched believable. I can't think of anyone who would have done the job of following up on the legendary DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS any better. A great story with a few very unexpected surprises along the way, and this when I was certain the story was finished and nothing more could be said. --James A. Moore, author of SEVEN FORGES

  • Ginger

    As much as I loved Day of the Triffids, I loved this book. It was very well narrated and a fantastic read. Much more action packed than it's prequel Day of the Triffids. It had so many exciting twists and turns that I just had to keep listening to it. Until way into the night. It's very long, but never boring.

  • Lucy King

    Páni, tak tohle byl nářez. Opravdu parádní příběh k pokračování Den trifidů.

  • Bill

    This is an adventure story and cannot compare to its predecessor Day of the Triffids published in 1951 by John Wyndham. It's not a bad read, only takes a day or two, but has none of the creativity or thought-provoking concepts found in the original. It reminds me of those easy novels I read in grade school.Read The Day of the Triffids, sleep during their Night.

  • Soňa

    Táto kniha je voľným pokračovaním Den trifidů po 20koch. Dejom nás vedie David, v čase skončenia originálu, len 4-ročný chlapec, tu už dospelý muž, ktorý prežije vlastné dobrodružstvo s Trifidmi. Celkovo dej i nápad beží v podobnom slede ako originál, zápletkou je tentokrát neznáme zatmenie slnka a celej oblohy a fakt, že ani ostrov Wight nie je až tak v bezpečí ako sa zdalo. Príbeh sleduje putovanie Davida cez oceán do Ameriky, či toho čo z nej ostalo a udalost [...]

  • Jim Dooley

    Back in 1963, I remember my Dad taking me to the theater to see a movie that has stayed with me for many years, THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS. The idea of predatory plants ravaging humanity (many of whom were blinded before the onslaught) was vividly etched in my mind, and I really got hot when I saw Janette Scott fight a Triffid that spits poison and kills. (Sorry. I couldn't help myself.)Anyhow, years later, I read the book. This was so much more than an adventure thriller. It brought in many socio- [...]

  • Stuart

    Surprisingly good sequel to the John Wyndham novel Day of the Triffids. It follows on 30 years after the original novel and tells the adventures of Bill Mason's son, David as he becomes stranded on a Triffid raft and is rescued and taken to Manhattan. There he encounters an apparent paradise, which holds a dark secret.The author captures the feel of Wyndham's novel well. The first chapter sets the stage, reading almost like a pure extension of Day of the Triffids by telling of a sudden new blind [...]

  • Tony Jones

    I hadn't read this since it was released and thought I'd remind myself of the contents before listening to the new audio version. I was rather impressed.The book has to fit the scenario John Wyndham left behind then take it forward. The plot is well constructed and even if it does jump between locations this is no more than many other writers do. The world we share with the Triffids has moved on showing much of humanity in a bad light. The Isle of Wight is portrayed as rather idyllic and perhaps [...]

  • Gareth

    An excellent continuation of the British SF classic. Simon Clark does a good job of capturing John Wyndham's calm, terribly English voice, whilst opening up the story onto a bigger international canvas. The fast evolving triffids remain one of fiction's most memorable monsters. Clark's ideas on how different human societies have evolved in this post-apocalyptic world are pulp yet believable.I thought the resolution of the story was superb because it introduces a logical but still surprising twis [...]

  • J.j. Metsavana

    Hoogsalt kirja pandud seiklus, mis jooksis ladusalt peaaegu kuni lõpuni. Ehk isegi liiga ladusalt? Minuarust läks just suur lõpuvõitlus natuke liiga sirgjooneliseks ja etteaimatavaks. Kuna autor rääkis eessõnas, kuidas ta oli ikka palju-palju originaali üle mõtisklenud siis lootsin temapoolset lahendust sellele, et mis olid rohelised tuled ja kust pärinesid trifiidid. Aga kahjuks neid vastuseid tal polnud. Peategelane oleks võinud ka rohkem mitmeplaaniline ja värvikam olla. Aga ajavi [...]

  • Mo Hunter

    Written by an entirely different author to the original work "Day of the Triffids", this book is a masterpiece of post-apocalyptic fiction. In this novel, Clark explores how the world might function in the wake of an invasion of killer alien plants. Part of this exploration hinges upon the darkness of the soul and how it can bring about horrible atrocities through the ignorance and complacency of others. But it is also a story of hope and of the resilience of the human spirit. Over all, it is a [...]

  • Mandy Dowson

    Absolutely seamless sequel. Simon Clark picks up the story years after the Day of the Triffids and takes you on a new journey with the killer plants. Brilliant story-teller and all round amazing author.

  • Robin Edman

    Surprisingly crisp and refreshing. Concise, but not terse, prose. An interesting story about what might happen a generation after the events recounted in the Wyndham novel. I enjoyed it.

  • Ned Barrett

    A poor second cousin to one of my favorite novels, Day of the Triffids. Simon clark tries his very best to capture the originality and magic of the original but just can't do it.

  • Clive Ousley

    The original Triffid novel was very British. Continuing the story in America looses the original 'englishness. Didn't work to well for me. HoweverI enjoyed the continued Wyndham style of writing.

  • Denisa

    Another rating: 10/10

  • Tara Wowra

    John Wyndham i spinning in his grave.

  • Jim Cunningham

    I would give this ten stars if I could for the first half of the book or so (more on the second half later). Simon Clark really does justice to the original Day of the Triffids story. John Wyndham would have been proud. Clark must have thought long and hard about the original story and then woke up in the middle of the night with an epiphany, and then felt totally compelled to tell that story but then it kind of fizzled.First, one important point while I SUPPOSE it’s possible to read this as a [...]

  • Jakob Rosin

    Hea, aga trifiide jäi väheks.Ehk, raamatu järg oli tegelikult tõesti mõnus. Oli mõni cliffhanger, oli ilusaid hetki ja kogu ilusa lagunemist. Aga trifiidid olid siin jäänud justkui taustale. Nad olid endiselt kogu olukorra põhjustajateks ja tegevuse initsiaatoriteks, aga ma oleksin oodanud rohkem võitlust taimede endi ja nende evolutsiooniga.Trifiidide päeva fännidele kindlasti hea ja mõnus lugemine ja muidu kah, paha ta ei ole.

  • Joe

    a worthy sequelit’d be nice to see a series of stories set in this universe. well told, engaging, and entertaining. what more is there to discover in the story of this world so similar to ours (& yet so unlike).

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  • [PDF] Download ↠ Trifidų naktis | by ↠ Simon Clark Vidas Morkūnas
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