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By Hollie DeFrancisco | Comments: ( 444 ) | Date: ( Jun 01, 2020 )

Adelice is a demon that has lost her sense of purpose in life Doomed to eternity with no ability to love, she finds her hopeful chance of escape When she fails she finds herself faced with the pressing question of who she really is and what her true purpose may be.

  • Title: The Perfect Drug
  • Author: Hollie DeFrancisco
  • ISBN: 9781469971438
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Hollie DeFrancisco

Hollie DeFrancisco grew up in Somerville, MA where the decay of the city and the lack of nature left a stark coldness and desire in her soul From a young age the desire to create was there just waiting to be properly honed As she got older the terrors of age, daily living and teenage bureaucracy sent her scrambling for a space to call her own Taking refuge in her day dreamer s mind she discovered what she subconsciously had always known fantasy and nature were both things that always calmed and soothed her.With the support of her family s kind words and the desire to show the world a vision locked in her mind she set out to gain the skills necessary to make that possible.

Comments The Perfect Drug

  • D.B.

    THE PERFECT DRUG by Hollie DeFrancisco SUMMARYAdelice is a demon that has lost her sense of purpose in life. Doomed to eternity with no ability to love, she finds her hopeful chance of escape. When she fails she finds herself faced with the pressing question of who she really is and what her true purpose may beOK REVIEWAuthor, Hollie DeFrancisco, has given us a beautifully written fairytale, in ‘The Perfect Drug’. Her character’s are strong and very different from each other. The storytell [...]

  • Tracy Terry

    Such a magical cover, the back even more so than the front.Thinking this sounded like a wonderful take on a demon story, I really wanted to like it. And on the whole I did but .A touching tale of self discovery. Engaging characters. Magical descriptions - 'Her red eyes were like crystal shards, the light of her pain danced on the surface' - poetic and yet not sickeningly flowery. Essentially a modern fairytale that held my imagination from beginning to end. It maybe says more about me than the a [...]

  • Marissa

    Signed CopyWho is really Adelice?Adelice is a demon who is not supposed to be loved or else she will die if confessed and reciprocate that love. Trent a phoenix knew he should stay away from her but fell in love with her on initial meeting. When he confesses his feeling to her, he watches her slowly die in front of him but his tears brought her back to life. For months she laid in pain when one of the inhabitants tries to poison her, to kill her and stop her suffering.But things do not go as pla [...]

  • Nikki

    Honestly, this book was difficult for me to get through. I felt like the plot could have been developed more and the characters were all very static. The pacing started off slow and then sped up towards the end during the most crucial parts. The main character was inconsistent as was the narration at times. It would have made for a wonderful fantasy novel if it had gone through some sort of editing process to fix the plot holes and grammatical errors.I loved the author's attention to detail in s [...]

  • Der

    I received a free copy of this from First ReadsI was really happy receiving this book. I was also happy reading it, although I did get boredThe magic in this book was nicely written that I could imagine it the way my mind would. To be honest, I didn't really understand a thing when I first read it. It all made sense by the end though. And I think I liked that. I was glad. Even though this book/story didn't intrigue me as much, I wanted to think on the positive side. I did enjoy the magic talk, [...]

  • Aysel Capinoglu

    I love the story behind Hollie DeFrancisco’s The Perfect Drug. Adelice, a demon who is forbidden to love anyone, escapes her demonic world to have a chance of finding real love. Falling in love with a Phoenix called Trent, she faces a terrible fate and slowly begins to die (demons are not meant for love – it literally kills them), but only Trent’s love could save her and she soon awakes. Following this event, memories long forgotten begin to surface, and everything begins to change for Ade [...]

  • Caroline

    I won this as a First Read on .This is an enjoyable Fairy story ,which will appeal to YA readers and Adults alike.In fact,I think YA readers will probably enjoy some of the language used more than I did!!.I really liked the art work on the cover.The story itself is based in the Fae world and is quite convoluted,all the strands coming together in the end.The main character is a Demon called Adelice (great name!!) and this is her story.Hollie has a fantastic imagination and this shows in her book. [...]

  • Victor Espinosa

    It definitely picked up near the end. Hidden plots and motives started showing up and I was surprised by two of the twists. The descriptions and imagery was really top notch, if a bit overused. The characters could use more depth, but they started to become more rounded as it progressed. The beginning was indeed rough to get through, and long descriptive paragraphs can really hurt the mood. But the bones of it, the story in itself, was good. I approve.

  • Noelle Walsh

    This book was good. The descriptions were good and the imagery was great. I enjoyed the plot and the twists that presented themselves in the story.*won as a GoodReads giveaway*

  • Hollie DeFrancisco

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  • ☆ The Perfect Drug || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Hollie DeFrancisco
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