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By K.E. Osborn | Comments: ( 801 ) | Date: ( Feb 23, 2020 )

Do you still love me Asking this question can strike fear into the hearts of many.With Aiden unjustly convicted and incarcerated for embezzlement, Jeni must face a world without the man she loves by her side An unexpected visitor from Jeni s past leaves her fragile and broken, causing her trust issues to resurface.Is their love enough to keep them together

  • Title: Love Me
  • Author: K.E. Osborn
  • ISBN: 9780992333
  • Page: 296
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

K.E. Osborn

Australian author K E Osborn was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia With a background in graphic design and a flair for all things creative, she felt compelled to write the story brewing in her mind Writing gives her life purpose It makes her feel, laugh, cry, and get completely enveloped with the characters and their story lines She feels completely at home when writing and wouldn t consider doing anything else.

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Comments Love Me

  • Becky Paprota-Martindell

    Well Well Well Yes Jeni a bitch slap is going to happen seriously What can I say without giving any spoilers Well not much except you will pee your pants! lol no really just joking, sorta, kind of ok yea you might.So I only gave 4 stars, I know slap me I get it I will bitch slap myself only because and now let me say it before you get mad that part of it lingered a little but OH SO WELL WORTH THE LITTLE LINGER! I assure you its so worth it and I just cant wait to get my hands on book three!SHOCK [...]

  • Maria

    Warning minor spoiler alert!Aiden and Jeni's story continues right where it left off with him in jail for a crime he didn't comit. Luckly for them when Jeni goes to clean out Aiden's office she and Bri (Aiden's sister) overhear and record a conversation from the real perpurtraitors helping to set Aiden free. With him free their love grows to new heights and they begin again with their lives together.So that's it right? Nope!When things finally seem to be going their way new trials and tribulatio [...]

  • Stephannie Tolitsky- Swoon Worthy Books /Enticing Journey Boo

    I was given this book as a ARC for a honest review. This book picks up right where Trust Me? ended. It's a continuation of Jeni and Aiden's story. The first book left us hanging with so many unanswered questions. This book is about if Jeni and Aiden love each other enough to get through to what life keeps throwing at them. There are twists but in the end is love enough. Can they make it? God I hope so!!! I really loved this book. It's better than the first book because I'm more invested in the c [...]

  • Magic Within the Pages

    Reviewer: Liz - Magic Within The PagesRating: 5 StarsAiden and Jeni’s story continues and boy did this one leave me with a massive book hangover! I felt so frustrated and seriously wanted to jump in and slap some sense into Jeni! Love Me? Continues on from where Trust Me? ends Aiden in jail and Jeni totally shattered. A lot goes on in this book it had my full attention from start to finish. I love the characters all except for Alister I just wanted to punch him (I’m normally not a violent pe [...]

  • Kaylene Osborn

    This book picks up where Trust Me? left off. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, the author rocked it. Jeni is still struggling with her trust issue and Aiden is helping her by being the loving and hot man that he is. Aiden is a new book boyfriend definitely and you will love him as much as I do.This book has a twist at the end that I never saw coming and I really loved it. It is a cliffy but I cannot wait for the next book Love Me? to come out. I will be stalking the author in hope that I will have [...]

  • EndlessReading

    First off I want to give a HUGE thank you and congratulations to Kim :) She's an awesome author and clearly loves her street team lots and lots like jelly tots <3SecondlyOHHH MYYY FRICKING LORD! My name's on this fricking BOOK!Well not my name my blog's name! Eeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk :) Totally screamed when I opened my kindle and my name was listed :)I'm so proud of myself and the accomplishments I've achieved since starting blogging in June this year :DAnyywayyyy back at the ranch.!So Aiden's bang [...]

  • ★º°❧Willow's Corner❧°º★

    *ARC copy provided by author for honest review. I always love trilogy’s. I love it when I can read all the books and not having to wait. Cliffhangers make me crazy. This book is so worth reading, if you enjoyed Trust Me?, you will definitely love Love Me?.Jeni and Aiden’s love was put to the test when Aiden had to go to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Jeni had her doubts if Aiden was guilty or not, but she found some great evidence that helped to set Aiden free. This took their relation [...]

  • Lori

    Find this review and more at Lusty Penguin Reviews!Love Me?, the second book in the Trust Me? trilogy by K E Osborn, picks up right where the first book leaves off, making this a series that needs to be read in order.The stunning legal events from the first book are quickly resolved at the beginning of this story, allowing Jeni Taylor and Aiden O’Connell to move on with their relationship.Now that Aiden’s legal issues are over, Jeni can’t wait to get on with living their lives together. Co [...]

  • Joanna

    I was given a ARC for a honest review! (I consider myself LUCKY)Wow. You know how when you read a series sometimes and the second book isn't as good as the first one? Well that is isn't the case in this series.I believe that "Love Me?" has so much more in the story line than book 1, "Trust Me" but "Trust Me" was a great story of the development of the relationship between Jen and Aiden.You must read "Trust Me" before you can read "Love Me".In this one you find out if Aiden is "guilty" of the cri [...]

  • Amy Downs moyer

    Sweet romance throws me for yet another loop ! Oh I loved this novel – after reading Trust me? I knew that there was going to be so much more to this novel than the sweet romance that was building. I trudged on and while the turns did not surprise me at all I loved the twist they added to the story. That being said as much as I loved the story I found the build up to be a little slow. There was a very quick and decisive ending to the previous dilemma where Aiden was wrongfully thrown in Jail, [...]

  • Angie Voss

    Oh, my! Talk about a book hangover. I literally finished this book moments ago and have to write this, now, so I can get all my feelings about this book onto paper. I had to wait, of course, until I stopped sobbing uncontrollably. Love Me? continues where Trust Me? left off in Aiden and Jeni's love story. There are so many loveable, real, characters that you can't help but get sucked into this story. I also got sucked into hating Alistaire, Aiden's father, but that just added to the gripping sto [...]

  • Kylee

    Ho-ly crap! Ya, that is exactly how I am left feeling after this book. Let me quote a favorite song of mine, because it explains so well how I feel right now:"Wanna put my tender, heart in a blender. Watch it spin around into a beautiful oblivion."Seriously there was so much emotion in this book, it tugged at the strings a little too hard, because yepI cried. K.E. Osborn does a FANTABULOUS job of developing strong relationships with her characters, leaving the reader with a solid connection to t [...]

  • Alyson LaBarge

    Love Me? is the second installment in KE Osborn's Trust Me Trilogy. Picking up just where we left off with Jenifer and Aiden, Book 2 really focuses on determining if, despite a ton of trials and tribulations, the love they share is strong enough as they ask the question, Love Me?Love Me? is an even better story that Trust Me? I was so thrilled that Kimberly answered so many of the unresolved questions from Trust Me?. There were more ups and downs and twist and turns so no worries that is just an [...]

  • Two Ordinary

    love me, trust me? Trilogy5*****This books picks up right where trust me ends. The end of the trust me we was left with Aiden being arrested for stealing money for his father's company.With Aiden in jail does Jeni trust him enough to stand by her man? Lucky for Aiden Jeni is called in to clean out Aidens office, after a mini meltdown Jeni returns to his office Jeni and bri (Aidens sister) over hear a conversation that will set Aiden free. Eeekk their love hits new a high and they start again wit [...]

  • Kristine Arnold

    Love me? picks up right where Trust me? ended, with Aiden and Jeni being separated by lies. Their love will be tested in this book. You have the same wonderful supporting characters who you will learn to love even more as the author builds on certain storylines. You also have those characters that we love to hate make appearances throughout the book. Aiden and Jeni's unwavering love is entwined throughout the book. It's almost a physical presence, one that made me feel as if I was living it righ [...]

  • Shelley Boddy

    love me? starts where trust me? finishes, with Aiden in jail on charges of embezzlement. This book follows the dramatic twists and turns of Aiden and Jenni's life. If you didn't love Aiden in trust me? then you will definitely love him in this book!Whereas Jenni begins to annoy me and would love to give her a slap to make her see sense!The characters are well written even though you won't like all of them, ie Aiden's dad Alistair!I loved reading trust me? but I enjoyed reading love me? even more [...]

  • Dawn

    I was given an ARC for an honest review and I honestly loved it. Kim did an awesome job continuing Jeni and Aiden's story. It picks up right where Trust Me left off. There is twists and turns a couple things I didn't see coming. The book is filled with passion, love, makes you laugh, get chocked up and makes you want to smack Jeni at times. The first book leaves you with a cliffhanger and as well as does this one. But the only thing I don't mind is that I know we won't have to forever for All of [...]

  • Ann Waters

    Love Me? is the second installment in KE Osborn's Trust Me Trilogy. Picking up just where we left off with Jenifer and Aiden, book 2 really focuses on determining if, despite all the trials and tribulations in their lives, their love can survive. There was a cliff hanger in book 1 that is answered sublimely in book 2. As the reader, you find yourself personally involved and cheering for Jeni and Aiden and their relationship. This book is a wonderful read, filled with angst and emotion. I can't w [...]

  • Rebecca from Cover to Cover Book Blog

    Aiden is a successful business man hat works for his father. Alister is Aidens father and hates Jeni. He thinks she is going to ruin Aidens chances for running a successful business one day. Jeni is trying her hardest to make him like her. Someone is trying to frame Aiden at work and Jeni won stop until she figures out what's going on and until Aiden is back in her arms at home. Aiden and Jeni go through a lot of tribulations in this story but will they be strong enough to survive and truly love [...]

  • Deb

    Love me? Book 2 of the Trust Me Trilogy, picks up and satisfies the epic ending of book 1. Things get hot and steamy (HOT & STEAMY), and life carries on for Jeni and Aiden only to be challenged in many different aspects. I'm not sure but right now, (without giving away any spoilers) I'm seriously disliking one of the main characters who needs a serious reality check.There were a few slow moments in the book, which I took as a set up for the ending, which left me once again desperately needin [...]

  • Georgette The "G"

    After finishing the first book, I had to dive right in to the second! OMG! This book was great! I loved it! Jenis and Aidens relationship grows and watching the love between them is wonderful! Now, Aidens father, what a cold hearted bastard! I want to literally beat the shit out of him! Seriously! I despise that man! I loved all the characters in this story and loved the way it all played out.well, except the end that is! I need the next book to come out like yesterday! Ugh! Bravo! Wonderful job [...]

  • Melissa

    "Ok Is it possible that I actually want to bitch slap Jeni myself?"I need the third installment of this series like NOW!This was a great book with some big twists and turnsI love Aiden,he is perfect in every way I could eat him up.I don't want to say much more for those who haven't read this but I totally recommend this one.

  • Laura

    For me, usually the second book of a trilogy is where things begin to slow down. Not this time! Things heat up at every turn in Love Me? and Ms. Osborn continues to craft a great love story. I don't want to write a spoiler, so I'll leave it at, this is not one to miss! I keep thinking about how to write this review and the thing I keep coming back to isblindsided! I can't wait for the third.

  • Irene

    I absolutely loved this book! It picked up where book 1 left off, so you will find out the sentencing of Aiden. I loved reading about Jeni and Aiden- they are so cute. Aiden's father is still a major dick though! There were so many twists in this story especially the ending. I cried and I want to slap Jeni! But I cannot wait for the final book to come out :)))

  • Jesseeca

    Totally LOVED the first book, so of course I had to read this one, but then half way through it started to drive me crazy! I just wanted it over with, and was going to give it four stars, till I got to the last couple of chapters and once again fell in love this this book!!

  • Mary Fazzi

    How much can one person go thru and not be so broken. Aiden the LOVE of her life always there for her and something happens and she can't stay around next to him because she thinks it's his fault. Great weeklies so far lots of drama and LOVE.

  • Carol

    Loved this book. Continues on from book 1 where we see Aiden (sigh) jailed for an offence he did not commit. Jenni and Aiden have a lot of trials and tribulations again in this book. Will they be able to get through it all. Will their love prevail.

  • Stephanie

    This book was "amazing" in every sense of the word. I laughed, I cried, I got angry. I cannot wait for the third book to come out. I truly felt every emotion that Jeni felt. It was an emotional roller coaster that I would be willing to ride again and again. Well done K. E. Osborn.

  • Donna Enscoe

    oh my gosh! I cannot wait to see what is going to happen with Jeni and Aiden. I feel so bad for him, as well as Jeni. This book sucked me in for two days, and I can't count the times I was actually embarrassed for Jeni. great book and I seriously can't wait for All of Me?

  • Andrea Gallimore

    The story just gets better! Aiden and Jen are awesome. I can't wait for the final book. I hope to see them overcome their trauma. This is a must read series!

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  • Best Read [K.E. Osborn] î Love Me || [Classics Book] PDF ☆
    296 K.E. Osborn
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