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By Michele Andrea Bowen | Comments: ( 347 ) | Date: ( Jun 05, 2020 )

Michele Andrea Bowen made a name for herself years ago during the African American inspirational fiction craze Now, in Pastor Needs a Boo, she s back with an amazing journey of faith, drama, and love.It was a regular New Jerusalem Gospel United Church work day for Reverend Denzelle Flowers when Veronica Washington, Keisha Jackson, and Marsha Metcalf showed up after losingMichele Andrea Bowen made a name for herself years ago during the African American inspirational fiction craze Now, in Pastor Needs a Boo, she s back with an amazing journey of faith, drama, and love.It was a regular New Jerusalem Gospel United Church work day for Reverend Denzelle Flowers when Veronica Washington, Keisha Jackson, and Marsha Metcalf showed up after losing their jobs on the same day, same morning, and almost at the same time Denzelle struggled to solve that first problem The other problem the lovely Marsha would be much harder to solve Denzelle didn t even know how to fight wanting to turn in the playah s card and getting booed up with the poster girl for church girls Marsha Metcalf and her fellow unemployed church members aren t Denzelle s biggest problem, though He is running for bishop, and his enemies a ruthless consortium of corrupted clergy want power badly enough to go to rather extreme lengths for it because the stakes are just that high Now, his ex wife was back and sleeping with the enemy, digging for dirt Reverend Denzelle can t fight this battle alone This pastor needs a boo who will stand by his side Before the dust settles, both Marsha and Denzelle s faith and love will be put to the ultimate test.

  • Title: Pastor Needs a Boo
  • Author: Michele Andrea Bowen
  • ISBN: 9780312643379
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Michele Andrea Bowen

Michele Andrea Bowen Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Pastor Needs a Boo book, this is one of the most wanted Michele Andrea Bowen author readers around the world.

Comments Pastor Needs a Boo

  • The CurvyJones

    I requested this book because I thought it would be a fun read. I spent my formative years as a PK so the world of being called to and serving in Ministry isn't foreign to me at all. In fact my father is an Elder and my mother is a Minister. A great many of my friends serve in ministry.That doesn't mean, however, that those that are called to ministry aren't human. I've seen a few Pastors fall because, in the end, we are all fallible. That seems to be the main theme of this novel-- Denzelle Flow [...]

  • Read In Colour

    More like a 3.5. I was really surprised at how well developed the story line and characters were. I've avoided reading it forever because the name is so cheesy, but I really liked it. Definitely going to check out the author's back catalog.

  • E

    Ridiculously stupid book with scriptures thrown in. If there is this much drama in the church who'd want to join. I hate to list this book on my good reads but I'm trying meet my yearly goal.

  • Jennifer

    I received this book as a giveaway book and I can't say I really enjoyed it. The characters all seemed really forced and stereotypical. Some parts felt a bit like reading the script from a episode of Maury. There was no depth to the personalities, everyone was basically good or bad. And overall pretty cheesy.Also, I'd recommend the author get someone to do a better job of editing the book before it is fully released. There was a ridiculous number of typos and places where the wrong word was use [...]

  • Danita Lawrence

    I really had to force myself to read this book. It was extremely repetitive. I almost screamed by the amount of times I read "who ever heard of the fox trot" I also understand that pastors and members of a church are human, and all types of things go on in some churches; however cussing, drinking, and constant sex on the brain doesn't agree with my personal moral compass.

  • Lisa

    I really enjoyed the book it had quite a few funny parts; which is what I like about her books. Ms. Bowen tends to make church people real. I think we tend to forget they go through the same ups and downs as everyone else. This book did drag on for a moment to the point that I just couldn't wait to finish.

  • Julia

    Michele Andrea Bowen has successfully captured the politics of churches no matter what race, denomination, or titles of the leaders. A really funny description of attempts to gain power and control and manipulate the life of the church. Laugh out loud funny !. This was a great ARC from and I definitely recommend.

  • Amy

    I tried and tried, but I could not get into this.

  • Angela

    I really had to force myself to read this book. Very repetitive until the end of the book.

  • June

    This novel was not a page-turner for me. It could not hold my interest. There was too much detail and too many characters.

  • Cydne M Peterson

    Great, easy readI chose this book because I LOVED the first series! I was not disappointed by my choice. I would have given a 5 if not for some editing issues I hope the next readers enjoy it as much as I did!

  • Dr. Rae

    I really wanted to like this book. The core storyline had merit but the tired lines and phrases no one would ever say was just too much. With every character, I felt myself asking, “really?? Who says stuff like that.”

  • Shavonna Futrell

    I would rate this as a 3 1/2 It was a good story but i just feel like it was to much back story and side story. It kept me intrigued cause I wanted to know how it would end. It really started getting good at chapter 35.

  • Pamela G. Brice

    The Book was enjoyable from front to back reading Michelle Bowen's books you don't want to put it down and you don't want it to end

  • Kristen

    Reverend Denzelle Flowers is faced with a tough dilemma when three of his parishioners in New Jerusalem Gospel United Church in Raleigh, North Carolina lose their jobs. What can he do to help his flock? The only thing Denzelle can think of is to use money from the Pastor’s Aid fund. But, that money can only be used to fund activities for the Pastor’s Aid Club. Reinstating this club may be difficult since the past head of the organization, Mrs. Clara Mae Davidson, did not leave church members [...]

  • Maxie

    The Pastor Needs a Boo Michelle Andrea BowenIn the narrative written by Michelle Andrea Bowen entitled The Pastor Needs a Boo is a humorous, easy read that mirrors many churches in the communities of metro areas. Michelle Andrea Bowen does a fine job of bringing real life situations in a humorous way while incorporating the church as the major scene throughout the storyline. I could relate to the dialogue and visualize each aspect of the story from characters, settings, emotions plot and the res [...]

  • Dafort

    CONCEPTThe concept of this story pastor considering turning in his player card for a good Christian woman while also contemplating running for Bishop in his district STORYReverend Denzelle Flowers is the current pastor of New Jerusalem Gospel United Church and has just been informed three of his members has lost their jobs. One of these members is the lovely Marsha Metcalf who Denzelle has a crush. Marsha is what some would call the poster child of a “church girl” and is struggling to keep a [...]

  • The Book Chick

    This was my first read by this author. It started off quite rocky for me and then I really began to like the two MC. I always like to mention this if I can, this book contains minimal profanity. I would categorize it as a drama filled book though. There is a lot and I do mean a lot of alluding to profanity but I assume because it's a "church" centered book, and I use the term lightly, that the author tried to keep it clean. But let me be clear profanity is sprinkled about. I always get confused [...]

  • Britt

    I was really looking forward to this book because I am a fan of Bowen's work. I enjoy how she manages to weave the lives of several individuals and generations with each book, without necessarily bonding readers to the commitment of a series. Each book can stand independently of the other, but it is like that awesome secret among friends when you encounter a character from another of Bowen's books, getting the latest update on their lives.I've always enjoyed the story of Ruth in the Bible, and I [...]

  • Connie

    I absolutely loved this book! It is hilarious! These church folk are out of control in their quest for more money and more power. Some were creeping, hiring hit men and taking bribes. A few times I had to ask myself just what or who do these people really believe in? The well-developed characters kept me turning the pages to see what would happen next. I am so glad that Pastor Denzelle Flowers, Marsha and the other devoted members stayed true to their beliefs. I received this book, free, in a Go [...]

  • Valarie

    Absolutely loved this book. I found myself actually laughing out loud while reading some parts of it. I was a little put off at first by some of the conversations between the Pastor and Marcia.I thought "saved people don't talk like this", but we do. It was real. Didn't really like that the pastor seemed a little/lot worldly. Maybe this type of pastor would appeal to the new generation. I would have given this a 5 star rating, but the pastor singing Trina and some other rappers was too much worl [...]

  • Belinda

    This was a cute read but to some degree true, in fact a big degree. Every pastor in the church is not doing God's work. They are doing their own work by womanizing, greed, fornicating, adultery, plotting murders, etc. pastor Flowers I commend for staying grounded after giving his life to God. He had tough times from his physical needs but he prevailed. The scripture says it's better to marry than burn. He did just that. Married the woman he was in love with and loved. In fact they were loving ea [...]

  • Janea Robinson

    I liked the story but I did not like all the extra characters and descriptions of what everybody was wearing. While some characters were colorful and added substance to the plot which was "trying to get the pastor booed up," it seemed a majority of the book was devoted to various subplots and less time focused on character development and the romance of the 2 main characters. I found myself wishing to see MORE of what Denzelle and Marsha was thinking, feeling, and saying. Their scenes together w [...]

  • Lasabre

    They show do, lolI enjoyed the story line and the characters in this book, Marsha reminded me a lot of my Sissy except for being able to dance (inside joke) I'm happy she finally got her man. Pastor Flowers got it going on lol. But on a serious note it sure is a scary thought and somewhat of a revelation that it's a whole lot of unsaved superiors in the church. I have always suspected it, ssh. I know this is fiction literature but there is always some truth in fairytales lol. Good read I sense t [...]

  • Lisa

    Pastor really did need a good woman by his side!I thought this was a ok read. Some parts were dragged out too much and I really got tired of Denzelle & Marsha dancing around the fact that they really wanted to be together. Reading this story made me wonder do church officials really act like this and if so, the church is in trouble! I found many grammatical errors which needed to be addressed. Overall it was an okay read and I will give this author another chance.

  • Sophie Sealy

    This book was cleverly written and very detailed. I imagine the scenes being played out and can actually see it transform into the small screen. The title in no way should be the deciding factor in choosing this book. I wanted to give this book more stars however there were to many loose ends and a strong suspicion that a sequel will be released in the future.

  • Shannan Harper

    I was excited to see a new book from Michelle Andrea Bowden, because I became a fan of her's from the Church folk books, which I've read when Hardbacks were the thing. I liked the story, my only issue with it is that some parts tended to drag and make the story longer. Even with parts draging, it was a well written story, and I'm looking forward to the next couple in the series.

  • Lori Ingram

    There are things I really like about this book, and there are things I don't. The story was good, the characters were colourful, but some of the in-depth descriptions of procedures, policies and the general inter-workings of different denominations I just glazed over. I would definitely recommend it to friends.

  • Desire'e Greene

    At first i could not get into the story line. As i read it a little longer I was able to figure out the characters. It makes you think does this really go on in real life. I cannot wait for the sequel

  • dorothy roman

    EngagingI have read all of Ms Bowen's books and found this one to be just as entertaining as her previous works. It is a page Turner. I was so sorry to see it end. I look forward to her next one.

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