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By Dave Gorman | Comments: ( 915 ) | Date: ( Feb 23, 2020 )

Nowadays, the world is full of people trying to tell us things So much so that we have taught our brains not to pay much attention After all, click the mouse, tap the screen, flick the channel and it s on to the next thing But Dave Gorman thinks it s time to have a closer look, to find out how much nonsense we tacitly accept.Suspicious adverts, baffling newspaper headliNowadays, the world is full of people trying to tell us things So much so that we have taught our brains not to pay much attention After all, click the mouse, tap the screen, flick the channel and it s on to the next thing But Dave Gorman thinks it s time to have a closer look, to find out how much nonsense we tacitly accept.Suspicious adverts, baffling newspaper headlines, fake twitter, endless cat videos, insane TV shows where the presenters ask the same questions over and over.Can we even hear ourselves think over the rising din Or is there just too much information

  • Title: Too Much Information... or Can Everyone Just Shut Up for a Moment, Some of Us Are Trying to Think
  • Author: Dave Gorman
  • ISBN: 9780091928490
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Dave Gorman

David James Gorman is an English author, stand up comedian and presenter He has performed comedy shows on stage in which he tells stories of extreme adventures and presents the evidence to the audience in order to prove to them that they are true stories He was a stand up comedian before he became famous for Are You Dave Gorman , then took a break from normal stand up He returned to stand up in 2009 with a show called Sit Down, Pedal, Pedal, Stop and Stand Up whose unique feature was that he cycled 1,563 miles from the southernmost point of Great Britain to the easternmost to the westernmost and then to the northernmost with a gig following each night.He studied mathematics at the University of Manchester but never graduated and before his solo successes was in demand as a writer, having co written three series of The Mrs Merton Show, as well as writing for many other TV series in the UK, including The Fast Show His other writing credits include Jenny Eclair, Harry Hill and Steve Coogan.In 2003, he was listed in The Observer as one of the 50 funniest acts in British comedy.Dave also regularly appeared on the BBC Three show, Rob Brydon s Annually Retentive, a comedy show about the making of a celebrity panel show hosted by Rob Brydon Dave Gorman is one of the show s team captains In 2006 he became an occasional contributor on Comedy Central s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart He also hosts his own radio series, Genius, and his documentary feature, America Unchained, was shown on More4 in February 2008 The book of the series was published in April 2008.

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Comments Too Much Information... or Can Everyone Just Shut Up for a Moment, Some of Us Are Trying to Think

  • Dan

    An interesting and unexpected divergence into the world of badger glove puppetry (maybe).I became a fan of Dave Gorman after enjoying the first series of his show on UKTV channel Dave, "Modern Life is Goodish". I've since enjoyed various other Gorman works but this is very much in the vein of his TV show. In fact it is pretty much the TV show in book form, which is a good thing. In the book Dave Gorman rattles through various subjects of modern life, mostly focusing on annoying things on Twitter [...]

  • Paul Reid

    Badger glove puppets, Badger glove puppets, Badger glove puppetsLoved this book, it's basically laughing at the absurdity of modern life, especially the internet and the ridiculousness of how advertisers and some "normal" people try to manipulate twitter and the like to dance to their tune.Dave dissects adverts, thinking outside the way we are told to think and laughs at the whole damn lot of them and I was laughing too, it could be an installment from "Grumpy old men" but that's not a criticism [...]

  • Gergana

    "Next customer" dividers - I will never look at you the same wayThis book is as funny as it is thought-provoking. I highly recommend checking the audiobook version, narrated by the author himself.

  • Paul

    This book was a birthday present (thanks Blake and Kat!) and my first significant exposure to Dave Gorman. I was vaguely aware of him due to some adverts on the telly (a subject he covers in this book, actually) but I'd never watched any of his shows.The book is undeniably funny; I laughed out loud quite a bit (which always gets me in trouble with the missus when I'm reading in bed and she's trying to sleep). You might think this is the only criteria for a comedy book and be wondering why I've n [...]

  • Brian Clegg

    This book can often seem like a specialist version of the TV show Grumpy Old Men on the topic of information, IT and the media - and there certainly are some funny parts to it - but just as the subtitle suggests that Gorman is trying to think in a deluge of often unwanted 'information', itself of dubious nature, so it gives the reader the chance to do the same.What comes through, as is usually the case with Gorman, is an obsessive fascination with detail (which, if you're a geek like me, you wil [...]

  • Jacob Chinchen

    This is a laugh-out loud funny book which covers a variety of different aspects of modern life and the way in which information is presented to us, the masses. Set across 40 chapters, a few postscripts, numerous footnotes, an epilogue and an epi-epilologue the subjects covered range from advertising to Twitter to the Daily Mail. I've always been a fan of Dave's work - whether it's any of his shows or books - and I always find him easy to relate to. He's very much the voice of an ordinary man and [...]

  • Anne

    Really enjoyed this book. A quick read and mirrors a lot of my own thoughts about the information we receive in print and electronically on a day to day basis. I especially enjoyed his view on the Daily Express headlines, as I often felt the same but Dave Gorman explained it in such a brilliant way, along with back up! The crazy way we all share information, how mad spamming actually is and how social media now impacts lives.This book shows up the craziness we are currently living in with the te [...]

  • Emma

    OverviewI adore British comedy. It is my sort of humour to a tee (shocker I know, considering I am British). I am very slowly making my way through the books that various comedians have written and this is the first that is not a memoir. Don't get me wrong, I adored the memoirs of Dara, Kevin and Dawn but this was a book of comedy. It was something great because of this. I could picture Dave Gorman on a stage doing this as a show. Don't get me wrong a lot of Kevin Bridges book would fit perfectl [...]

  • Xanthi

    I listened to this on audiobook. Read by the author.I have read Dave Gorman's other books and have enjoyed them. This isn't his best. Not even close. It focuses on advertising and media - especially online - and how crap it is, basically. And although I have to agree with him on that account, I found a lot of it went into the nit-picking range, which got a bit tedious after a while. (There is one piece about the use of those checkout conveyor belt dividers in supermarkets and how much he hates t [...]

  • Katrina H

    Because Mr Gorman seems to live for researching things on the Internet, using resulting material in his shows then my review is thus:A brilliant read, I laughed so hard in places I nearly wet myself. You must go out and buy this book, for yourself and every family member / friend / acquaintance. Psst: Confession time. I did not read this version, I listened to the audio book. Delivered by the man himself, I get the feeling that this offered much needed flavour to what could have been simply a re [...]

  • Maria

    Very funny and light. Makes you want to watch adverts and search the internet for random things.

  • Samuel Tyler

    The modern philosophers Blur taught us many years ago that Modern Life is Rubbish, but why dwell on the bleak? If you want to get depressed you only need switch on the news or look out the window. Reading should be an escape from the politics and the opinions, a daft place of high fantasy and new lives. Reading an increasingly grumpy comedian’s petty observations is not what I want to be doing with my free time.Dave Gorman is back and this time he is staying put. His days of dashing hither and [...]

  • Christine Blachford

    Interesting book, this one. You really have to buckle yourself up for a bucket load of cynicism. Spread across your life, it's probably a healthy amount of questioning the world around you and not just falling for every claim put in your path. Bundled together in a book like this, well, it does read a little grumpy and frustrated with the way the world's going.Some things I agreed with, others I wasn't bothered about. Some I think I already question enough, others I massively disagreed with. (Th [...]

  • Iris

    While it's clearly written for entertainment, I actually found this book thought-provoking more than anything else. The author points out so many silly things that we just take for granted as part of our modern lives, it really makes you wonder why seemingly no-one (except him obviously) seems to take the time to think about these things. My personal favourites were the chapter about TV ads that basically admit in their own small print that what they are saying isn't true, and the one where he a [...]

  • Hannah Keogh

    This book was great- it had me laughing out loud at parts. I think that quite a lot of it was state the obvious about the information overload we experience every day but some parts were actually quite interesting and factual!

  • Dave Bronze

    Another solid Dave Gorman book. Didn’t like it as much as some of his others (America unchained especially) but still worth a read.

  • Caz

    An interesting and highly entertaining read, there just was not as much badger glove puppet information as I was lead to believe.

  • Joe Tait

    Easy to read, lots of short chapters, raises many issues with technology and advertising

  • Fionna

    Good fun, if you don't examine his arguments too closely. I plowed through it in a couple of days, and laughed out loud several times.

  • Alex Chan

    A quick and easy read, funny in parts, but mostly just a series of complaints. I enjoyed it, but it was hard to shake the feeling that it’s a bit like the Buzzfeed articles it’s trying to poke fun at.

  • Marjori

    Too ranty.

  • Leanne Kael

    A wonderful mixture of rants and reflections on the information overload that is our day to day lives. A must read for fans of Modern Life is Goodish.

  • Elaine

    I'm a fan of Dave Gorman. I've read all his previous books and I've watched his shows on TV and DVD. I got this book 2 weeks before release because we went to the Edinburgh book festival to listen to Dave talk about the book (not advertise; not that gauche ;-) *This book feels a bit different to the previous books which are kind of travelogues of his previous adventures (meeting the other Dave Gormans, following the Googlewhacks, travelling round the US, playing games with people from Twitter). [...]

  • Jo Balharrie

    For the last year or so, I have been a fan of Dave Gorman. My dad made me watch an episode of Modern Life Is Goodish, and I really enjoyed his style of comedy: he uses clever PowerPoints and well-placed references to earlier points that I just find brilliant. My dad and I went to see him perform one of his shows in St. Albans when he was touring Dave Gorman Gets Straight To The Point (The PowerPoint) in November. I really enjoyed myself, and so my dad gave me this book for Christmas.This book is [...]

  • Jennifer

    I knew what to expect from Dave Gorman and expected to like this book for some light if slightly obsessive and ranty entertainment. There was always however the possibility that it would feel taken too far, the same point made over and over again until all the amusement had been wrung out of it with still too much book to go. But it was better than that, moving around the issue of information or more usually dross overload. Obviously plenty of easy targets and it would have been dull without Gor [...]

  • Aaron

    Poor from Gorman. It's a series of cynical rants about things that, we'll, just aren't that problematic or interesting. Speaking as a miserable cynic myself, I just kept disagreeing and thinking the author needed to get over it. The material might work better in a mischievous stage routine but on paper it just looks like Gorman needs to get a hobby and stop being so ignorant, naive, or miserable.There are a few wry observations and it is a very readable style, but it has none of the flair of his [...]

  • Sophie

    I really enjoyed this latest effort from Dave Gorman. It's a funny and poignant look at the internet, media and advertising. My only issue with it is that I'm not exactly sure why it's a book - it reads more like a collection of magazine articles, each one sounding like Dave noticed a particular funny thing (such as the true identity of Barry Scott or how tweets in adverts look weird) and then just padded it out into a chapter.If you (like me) bought this because you're a fan of his previous wac [...]

  • Tempest Devyne

    I love Dave Gorman and the way his mind works. I love that he can snark about people snarking about things on the internet and not realise (or not admit out loud) that he is snarking about things on the internet. I love how angry he can get about things that make me smile, and that I smile that his anger. This wasn't at all what I suspected, I thought it might be an epic like 'Are You Dave Gorman?' or 'Googlewhack' or 'America Unchained'.what it actually is, is a series of essays on modern life, [...]

  • Simon Jones

    For many years, a friend of mine has been telling me to watch one of Dave Gorman's television programmes or read one of his books. Finally, after receiving 'Too Much Information' for my birthday, I entered the world of Dave Gorman.Perhaps the most important thing to note is that this is a very funny book. Dave Gorman writes about the absurdities of the information age in a humorous and intelligent way. It's also informative: for instance, I learnt that Barry Scott, who I previously assumed was t [...]

  • Breige

    I’m a big fan of Dave Gorman’s, every since I read Are You Dave Gorman? years ago. So I was looking forward to this book. The chapters are short and focus on aspects of modern life. I found myself laughing out loud quite often, as well as pestering my boyfriend saying ‘Oh oh, you have to listen to this one!’. What sticks out for me from the book was the supermarket game (not putting down the shopping dividers on the conveyor belt and seeing if the people after you will do it or not), as [...]

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