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By Cerys du Lys | Comments: ( 891 ) | Date: ( Feb 23, 2020 )

When the beast cursed man of legends comes for her, desiring her as his mate, can Danya tame his savage ways and show him love, or will she unwittingly become some plaything for a monster, existing solely for his pleasure A Cerys du Lys erotic fairy tale novel Hidden in the woods sits a mansion Rumors say it s commanded by a beast cursed man who crossed a witch nearlyWhen the beast cursed man of legends comes for her, desiring her as his mate, can Danya tame his savage ways and show him love, or will she unwittingly become some plaything for a monster, existing solely for his pleasure A Cerys du Lys erotic fairy tale novel Hidden in the woods sits a mansion Rumors say it s commanded by a beast cursed man who crossed a witch nearly a century ago Danya has no time for rumors and fantasies, though Abandoned by her mother at an early age, now trapped by her father s constant debt, she struggles just to care for her family She s shamed herself, sold her body, all to make some coin and ward the debtors away for a little while longer One day someone will find her and love her and offer her a better life Right The one who comes for her is nothing like what she expects, though The beast cursed man of legends knows her scent and he hunts for her lust like a wolf pursuing a rabbit through the underbrush He wants her, needs her, desires her body, and yet There s a reason the witch cursed him in the first place, isn t there The lord s son, Everett, trapped as a man in wolf s clothing, bound to the witch s whim Can Danya hope to tame his wild ways, undo his curse, and find love in the process, or is she merely a pleasure toy to him, some sexual prey meant to be Hunted Impassioned, steamy, and haunting This evocative fairy tale of obsession, lust, and erotic thrill will enchant you, romance you, and leave you feeling bewitched This book is intended for mature audiences.

  • Title: Hunted: An Erotic Retelling of Beauty and the Beast
  • Author: Cerys du Lys
  • ISBN: 9781492213772
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Cerys du Lys

Cerys du Lys Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hunted: An Erotic Retelling of Beauty and the Beast book, this is one of the most wanted Cerys du Lys author readers around the world.

Comments Hunted: An Erotic Retelling of Beauty and the Beast

  • Mindy (Naughty Book Snitch)

    This story is not for everyone. There is lots of kinky fuckery going on here. Its definitely not your typical romance, heck not even a typical erotic romance. With that said you should go into this with an open mind and just enjoy the crazy ride.Lets see where do I start. You have Everett the beast who was cursed by a witch he had wronged. Danya, a poor girl trying to support her father and sisters after her mother abandoned them. Danya also sleeps with some of the towns people to get better dea [...]

  • Kelly

    *ARC received from Netgalley* When I started to read this book, I thought it would be better than it actually was. And at the end of it, I was just frustrated and a little pissed. You can see that just by reading my status:26.0% "Wow. I am so pissed right now."27.0% "Hell. I don't want to read about Alena."68.0% "I'm going to be sick" Anyway I thought that maybe, at some point, they'll stop having sex with everyone (especially Everett) or just calming down a little you know? But no. Don't mis [...]

  • Eva Millien

    This is a unique and very erotic and extremely kinky Beauty and the Beast. The use of magic to achieve orgasms is abundant in this story which is full of hot erotic sex with the Beast and others, kitchen utensils, vines and mannequins. And the author’s imagination has taken kink to a whole new level, while keeping the reader very entertained. The suspense builds as the reader gets drawn into the story through the exploits of the bewitching characters and the plight of the Beast and castle inha [...]

  • Hubbys Subbie

    Tale as old as time. This is not your kids' Beauty and the Beast; this one is scorching!! I have to admit that I really enjoyed this erotic retelling of the classic tale. It wasn't at all what I expected, though, I didn't know what to expect exactly. It did require for me to slip into 'full fantasy mode' in my mind. The entire story had a dark and dream-like feel, complete with: witches, a demon, a succubus, magically animated inanimate objects, stalking, watching, lusting, sniffing, and so much [...]

  • Tina

    3.5 Stars!*Special thanks to the author, Cerys du Lys, for providing me the ARC in exchange for an honest review.Do you enjoyA) Bestiality? B) Graphic Erotica? C) Tentacle Sex? D) A tiny bit of F/F action? E) All of the Above?If you picked E, CONGRATULATIONS! This book is perfect for you! My high rating contrasts with some of the lower ratings so I do hope you read my review in order to understand my justifications for a 4 star rating. That being said, let's begin the review.If you came here loo [...]

  • Crystal

    I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in place of an honest review.Danya does what she has to, to make sure her family survives. If it means doing a little extra in the back room then so be it. Her father doesn't do what he needs to so they won't starve. Her mom ran away and left her to take care of her two sisters.Everett is a beast. He was cursed by a witch that he wouldn't marry. There is something about Danya that pulls him and makes him want her. Not being around anyone for years ha [...]

  • A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol)

    *Book source ~ NetGalleyAn erotic retelling of Beauty and the Beast.This isn’t so much erotic as it is monster porn. And it’s not very well-written either. Though the sex scenes are creative and plentiful, there is very little actual story here.

  • Elle

    What in the Hell did I just read????? I am all for being open minded as long as it has a good story line, but that was SOOOO not the case with this book. This book was just a porno written by someone eating shrooms!!! There was no real story here. Nothing made a lick of sense and the main character was okay with being raped! She has zero respect for herself as a person. At first she was like no this is sooo wrong, but then she's like well I'm enjoying it anyway. Like WTF??? This was seriously th [...]

  • Patricia

    Not for the squimish! Beauty and the Beast erotic style. WARNING: this book has major amount of kinky sex that is explicit and not for everyone. Now with that being said this book is based around the original story but that's where any resemblances end. Danya is no Belle and Everette has stamina that no normal man can measure up to. There are new and interesting characters along with witchesa fallen angeleven a succubus. This is definitely not your ordinary fairy tale. I love that the author cou [...]

  • Anastasia

    Well, that was quite an interesting and entertaining read! I love fairy tales! This one was so different though! I was quickly drawn into the story. Even though everyone knows the good old original story and how it should progress, Cerys du Lys takes it to a whole new level. It's got a twisted plot and it is fresh and unusual!The sex scenes were very hot, kinky and unique. "50 shades of Grey" is mild compared to this book. I had a really hard time putting it down. The ending is good and left me [...]

  • Joann

    Definitely one of, if not the worst, book I’ve ever read. What in the literal hell got this published?Everyone in the book had sex with everyone else, completely random and unprotected. And for the author to say that this is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast- just highly pisses me off! That’s an insult to a classic. This is a piece of garbage. I’ve had this thing sitting on my Kindle for at least 2 years (probably much longer), so I thought I’d give it a shot. I couldn’t delete it fa [...]

  • Kayla

    So . . . This was HOT!4.5 stars

  • Arec Rain

    I ended up having a love-hate relationship with this novel that leaned more towards hate than love. I was excited for this story because the story of the Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time favorite fairytales, and I love erotic fairytales. However, the story was off-putting from the very beginning.I am very much against slut-shaming, but Danya was obnoxious. Even as someone who enjoys sex, I found her character unbelievable, unrelatable, and extremely childish. I thought she made poor de [...]

  • Kimberly

    Review featured on books-n-kissesOk imagine watching Disney’s Beauty & the Beast and all of a sudden the characters come to life and have an orgy. Yep that is pretty much this book. The story is the mostly classical telling of the B&B story. He is changed by a witch. Beauty comes along to love him and he changes. Ok got it. But now they are messing around like bunnies. Every time they have sex another servant comes back to life and one or the other feels the need to sleep with them. Th [...]

  • Mary

    I would give this 0 stars if I could.This book was awful! And I meanS audit while standing naked in the snow and being mauled by giant raccoons awful. I am one of those people who will read the back of a cereal box if I have nothing else at hand, and I couldn't get all the way through this book. I tried three times and couldn't do it.The characters are ridiculous, the plot is non-existent beyond the generic framework of the fairy tale and the steamy scenes get REALLY stupid really fast (a manneq [...]

  • Jaime

    I did not like this book. A “different” take on the Beauty and the Beast tale, but filled with sex. There were several sex scenes, but only a few were hot and to many of them were rape scenes barely disguised as erotica. The Beast was just that for the majority of the story, so he was unable to have a mildly coherent conversation. Danya was a victim of circumstance and was more of a shell shocked rape survivor than a wonton woman. The time period was unclear, they dressed in old fashioned go [...]

  • Bobbie

    This book reminded me of why I don't read much erotica. It's not that I don't like getting turned on - I have certain books that I read for precisely that purpose - it's the fact that so many readers seem to think that sex replaces plot and grammar. If I was reviewing this as a novel, I would say it was appalling. Reviewing it as fantasy erotica, I have to give it a bit of lee-way, purely for the amount of sex and the far-fetchedness of it. Our heroine inexplicably sits down to a family dinner w [...]

  • Jaycee

    Not so much a critique as a personal observation/reading preference:As simple as the fairy tale is, the classic fairy tales have the ability to engage even most adultsa their children of course, but even in simply the telling of it.I was not expecting a romance here. But I was expecting, as described, a relatively true-to-basic-form while alternative/erotic look, at a tale with some heart. I did not get either.onally speaking.I did not find it erotic because I feel it lacked that heart, and it l [...]

  • Jill Prand

    I have read a few erotic fairy tales in the past and am always looking for a new take on them. Unfortunately this book did not appease my interest. The basic premise of the work is sound, the daughter goes and meets the beast, he has to make her fall in love with him. Every time he has sex he sets one of his household free of the curse. It could have been a really good read but then you throw in the other daughter who also wants the beast and the evil enchantress who also still wants the beast/p [...]

  • Johanna Panko

    I will start by saying I really like smut but this wasn't for me. The beginning started out good, and a lot of the book did sound like beauty and the beast but sub par. I was really into it until she started the kitchen instruments for sex toys. It was very descriptive and unique but fell off after that. I didn't really get into the ending after the witch came into the story. I just sort of skimmed it but it just couldn't hold my attention. My imagery just made it into one of those huge porno's [...]

  • Kaye

    "Retelling with no Substance". I realize that many erotic novels do not have great story lines or character builds but based on past reviews from this author I thought I would try this book. Unfortunately I was very disappointed and thought I was listening to a bad porn movie! I'm not sure if the narrator also helped with this view or it was just the writing. I could not empathize or get into the characters at all and it was one sex scene after another. I was unable to finish and not sure this i [...]

  • Duran,J.

    i love beauty and the beast. it's one of my favorite love stories EVER. however, this book was not what i was expecting. it was all wrong. i understand that the author wanted to write it in a different prospective but it just didn't cut it for me. the erotic of it was fine with me. i just didn't like that it involved witches, demons, angels. i guess she couldn't choose one set of mystical beings.

  • Marianne

    A generous 1.5.If you enjoy reading about:-beastiality-plant sex-sex with kitchen utensils (the same unwashed utensils are later used for making dessert.)-sex with wooden manikins, then this book might be just what you're looking for. So many orgasms, so little hotness. It truly left me unfulfilled.Deleted from my kindle library.

  • Tala

    I'm not sure what to say here. It had all the basic elements of the Beauty and the Beast story, well except for anything resembling love or compassion. This was straight up and only erotica. I can read stories like this, but I usually like a bit of romance or… something. If you’re looking for a book full of nothing but sex, this is for you.

  • Angel

    DNF at 51%. I'm surprised I got that far into the book. I think I kept reading mostly out of shock, and curiosity. This just wasn't for me. Beauty and the Beast being one of my favorite stories, I was hoping for something romantic and sexy. This is not at all romantic and not what I consider to be sexy.I received a review copy of this via NetGalley.

  • LaGina

    3.5 stars This was a very unique and original telling of Beauty and the Beast. I was able to get into and enjoy the super sexy sex scenes. The action is fast paced and unpredictable and just as good as the G rating story. This was a good adult story.

  • Marie

    Well, all I can say is that you REALLY need an open mind for this book. That said, I enjoyed it. :/ A little too much perhaps, it was very kinky and steamy. I read this purely for erotic enjoyment. Kinda sad there was no real love between the characters, at least I didn't feel it as I should.

  • Pamela Howell

    I did NOT finish this bookfine line porn eroticaThis was more porn

  • Kate Dirty Girls' Good Books

    Unfortunately, this one didn't work for me. I quit at 20%

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