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The Cowboy And The Preacher s Daughter Years ago, Will Cash wasn t interested in being a dad So Marsha Bugler left town to raise her baby alone But when her father s health begins to fail, she realizes she needs to return to Arizona and introduce Will to his boy Marsha is nervous to face Will not only because she lied, but because she s never stopped thinking about herThe Cowboy And The Preacher s Daughter Years ago, Will Cash wasn t interested in being a dad So Marsha Bugler left town to raise her baby alone But when her father s health begins to fail, she realizes she needs to return to Arizona and introduce Will to his boy Marsha is nervous to face Will not only because she lied, but because she s never stopped thinking about her cowboy crush Will is shocked to discover he has a son And he can hardly believe the changes in Marsha She s strong, sexy and a Ph.D while Will s still a part time cowboy living in a bunkhouse with his brothers What does he have to offer her and his teenage son Will has a lot to prove if he s going to get what he wants the family he never knew he had.

  • Title: Her Secret Cowboy
  • Author: Marin Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780373755073
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Marin Thomas

Welcome to my corner of I was born in Janesville, Wisconsin I played D I Basketball for the University of Arizona in Tucson then married my college sweetheart in a five minute ceremony in Las Vegas My husband and I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona I write women s fiction for Berkley and romances for Harlequin and Tule Publishing To date I ve published over 40 books My first women s fiction novel, The Promise of Forgiveness, won First Place in the 2017 Book Buyer s Best contest My second novel, The Future She Left Behind and was featured on Southern Living Books we can t wait to read this fall list and was the Award Winner in the Fiction Chick Lit Women s Lit category of the 2017 Best Book Awards Come hang out with me FB facebook pages Marin Instagram instagram marinthomasKeep up to date on all my writing news, please sign up for my Newsletter marinthomas sign up f

Comments Her Secret Cowboy

  • Susan

    This is my favorite Cash Brothers book so far - they just keep getting better. There is so much going on, most of it dealing with expectations met and unmet. Marsha had had a huge crush on Will when they were in high school. But as the preacher's daughter, going out with one of the wild Cash brothers was not possible, until she talked Will's brother into convincing him to take her to the prom. That night she put the moves on him and ended up getting pregnant. But Will wasn't ready to be a father [...]

  • Kimberly Rocha~ Book Obsessed Chicks

    Marsha Bugler, the daughter of Stagecoach, Arizona's preacher, finds herself completely alone after she discovers she is pregnant by her high school crush and local bad boy, Willie Nelson Cash. When she tells the eighteen year old about her predicament, Will tells Marsha that he cannot be a father and to "take care" of it. So Marsha goes away to California and unbeknownst to most of Stagecoach, she gives birth to a son who she raises on her own while she puts herself through a grueling school sc [...]

  • MelodyMay (What I'm Reading)

    Posted on What I'm ReadingI got a chance to read Her Secret Cowboy by Marin Thomas. This is my first book by this author and first Harlequin American Romance. I have to say that I really enjoyed the story. However, I did feel bad for Will Cash, so me get to my thoughts. All right, who hasn't done something stupid in their teens? If you say no, they you are lying. Sorry, but that's fact. Well, Will Cash did something stupid. Back in the day, Will took Marsha Bugler to the prom and afterwards they [...]

  • Dianne

    Looking for a contemporary cowboy romance that is a light, quick read? Her Secret Cowboy by Marin Thomas a great afternoon chick lit read. One reckless hormone filled night between the preacher’s daughter and the town bad boy results in an unwanted pregnancy that neither are ready for. Marsha and Will disagree on what to do about the pregnancy and Marsha moves away to avoid bringing shame on her father without telling Will she has decided to keep the baby. Fourteen years later, circumstances c [...]

  • Rhonda

    My Review: Her Secret Cowboy by Marin Thomas3 STARSI enjoyed all the different characters. How the brothers Cash are close. I like how even though Will was upset he tried to work close to his son. I enjoyed the story. Was rooting for them as a family and their bonding.I can understand Ryan always with his kindle reading. He is not into doing much physical. Where Will works construction and rodeo. He has problems reading. I liked that Ryan wanted to help him and figured out a plan to do it.I did [...]

  • Renee Entress from Renee Entress's Blog

    My Review: 4.7 Star Review - Her Secret Cowboy (The Cash Brothers # 3)I recommend this book.I enjoyed this book by Marin. This book includes passion, laughs, heartache, and secrets.If you have not read the below from this series I would recommend reading those books first they are all by Marin.A Cowboy's Duty - This is the Sister's Story it's optionalThe Cowboy Next Door - This is Johnny's StoryTwins Under The Christmas Three - This is Conway's StoryWillie "Will" Nelson Cash just got a letter th [...]

  • Madeline

    Another great book by Marin Thomas.i am loving the Cash Brothers Series.Her Secret Cowboy hooks you immediately to where you don't want to put it down.i loved how Will and Ryans relationship worked outis book touched on a lot of emotions.i loved how the relationship between father and son went from both of them feeling inadequate because of different interest but because of all the reading Ryan does he was able to figure out his dad had a reading problem and really wanted to help himis brought t [...]

  • Sabrina

    15 years after the prom Willie Nelson Cash finds out he has a 14 year old son. When he meets his son he discovers they have nothing in common and is afraid his son will never like him and think of him as a failure.Marsha Bugler is the Preacher's Daughter. She got pregnant on prom night then moved to California. She went to college on scholarships and became a teacher. When she decides to return home due to her father's failing health she sends Will a message telling him he's a father.I read the [...]

  • Melody Cox

    Read it a good while ago. I enjoyed this book as well as the series.

  • Monica Cardoza

    *** 4.5 Stars ***In this story a man will have to go through a journey get used to being a father, getting to know his son but in the process also prove himself worthy.This is the story that I have read by Ms. Thomas and I liked her writing style. The chemistry between the main characters is evident from the moment that she gets back to her hometown. They are both going to go through some serious things before they can have a happily ever after. There were a couple of times that I really wanted [...]

  • Katrina Epperson

    Marin Thomas brings us the 3rd installment in the Cash Brothers series. This contemporary romance is set in Arizona and introduces us to Willie Nelson Cash and Marsha Bugler who knew each other briefly in high school, but haven't seen or had contact in over 14 years. Sparks are certainly about to fly.Marsha received a prestigious scholarship to a college in California and left Arizona right after her high school graduation. After hearing that her father has elected to stop treatments for his pro [...]

  • Jennifer

    Marsha Bugler is returning to her hometown for the summer. She is back home because her father is ill and she wants her son to spend more time with him before he passes away. Returning home she knows that there is a possibly that she may run into the father of her child, though she hopes that won’t happen as he doesn’t even know he is the father. Marsha left her hometown when she was young and raised the child by herself while going to school. She is now a successful professor. Will Cash is [...]

  • Kristi (Books and Needlepoint)

    I read this book as part of Harlequin's 'Just Can't Get Enough' Campaign. I must say that I really enjoyed it! Our main characters are Marsha and Will. They only had one date - prom night their senior year. Marsha had had a crush on Will forever, and had arranged the date through Will's brother Buck. You see, she was a pastor's daughter and he was the resident bad boy. This one night would change the course of their lives forever.Marsha leaves town to go to college, letting Will believe she has [...]

  • Valerie

    The CharactersI jumped into this series and I still fell for the Cash brothers. Who can resist the brothers who all came from different fathers and have been written off by the town. Of course, I only really got to know Will while the others where just in the background but I saw their strong bonds and love for each other. And Will? Totally loved him. He's just learned that he has a teenage son. A little intimidated and not sure he's good enough to be anyone's father, I so loved how Will stepped [...]

  • Jeannie Zelos

    Her Secret Cowboy. Marin ThomasReview from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews. This is the first I’ve read of the series but it was easy enough to work out who the others were and how they fitted together. The writing quality was excellent, its just the actual story line that didn't suit me. It was adequate, perfectly plotted and put together, but lacked the passion and drama I need. At times I felt both Will and Marsha were acting like juveniles, and though I understood it was a shock to son Ryan to [...]

  • Amanda R

    I received this book from Harlequin via NetGalley. Thanks Harlequin!!Marsha has no choice but to tell Will that she never did what he said to do 14 years ago. Now that her dad is dying and she's coming to Stagecoach to stay for the summer she has to stand up and let him know he's got a son. She sends a letter letting him know and telling him she wants Ryan to get to know his dad while he's there for the summer.Will didn't think he could handle being a father so he told her to have an abortion. H [...]

  • Sharon Chance

    Family secrets can be hard to deal with when you are trying to establish a relationship with someone you love - and when those secrets are carried over year after year, explanations can become downright impossible. This is the overall theme of Marin Thomas' novel, "Her Secret Cowboy," the third book in her "Cash Brothers" series. This is brother Will's story and it's a doozy! Will learns that a one-night encounter back in high school has resulted in a son he has never met - until this summer. An [...]

  • Ionia

    For all of the romance readers who enjoy a story with a good background in family and grounded roots in a specific geographic area, this one will impress you. I have enjoyed the Cash Brothers novels so far, but this one was by far my favourite. Marin Thomas has a way of making her characters stand out as three dimensional beings from the paper they are penned on. You know when you read her work that you will laugh, cry and experience a range of emotions, and this book was certainly no exception [...]

  • Denise

    My Favorite Cash Brothers Book Yet!Marsha Bugler returns to Stagecoach, AZ with her son for the summer when she realizes that her father, the town's Preacher, doesn't have long to live. She wants her son to be able to spend time with his grandfather. There's only one problemd it's a big one! Marsha's son Ryan has a father living in Stagecoach. A father who doesn't know he exists. To spend the summer in Stagecoach means that she will have to tell Willie Nelson Cash that she had their son 14 years [...]

  • Hsiau Wei

    Marsha is back and Will have a shock of his life when he get to know that he is a father of a teenage boy, Ryan as a result of a night spent together when they went to prom together. Marsha decided to leave and raise her child alone without anyone knowing about his existence. Her parent only gets to know after Ryan was born. But Marsha’s father is dying of cancer and she feels that Ryan needs another man in his life. She also needs to be with her family to give support to both her parent and a [...]

  • Sharlene

    Marin packed a lot of heart in a relatively quick read. The Cash brothers were all fathered by different men, who never stuck around, so it is particularly upsetting to Will that his high school prom date had his baby & never told him for 14 years. He had known she was pregnant, but thought she had had an abortion. She had moved out of state & he hadn't seen her since. One of his brothers had kept in touch with Marsha & had known for the last year that her son was Will's. This caused [...]

  • Books With

    The benefits of reading Her Secret Cowboy:“I’ve been ready since prom night.”Marsha Bugler has been through a lot. She is the adopted daughter of the town’s pastor, made it through school hiding behind her books, went to prom with her dream boy Will Cash, has a Ph.D. and teaches chemistry — and also gave birth to her son Ryan without anybody knowing. Now, 14 years later, she’s back in Stagecoach, Texas to confront two equally life-changing things: her father’s cancer (or rather his [...]

  • Yazmin

    In Her Secret Cowboy by Marin Thomas, Marsha Bugler left town to finish school, and raised her baby alone after the father, Will Cash, told her that he wasn’t interested in being a dad. Now years later, when her father’s health begins to fail and there is so little time left for him Marsha needs to return to Arizona and introduce Will to his son. When Will receives a letter from Marsha telling him that he will be introduced to his son Ryan, he cannot believe what he is reading. He thought [...]

  • Betty

    Willie Nelson Cash has just learned that he is a father of a 14 years old son. He remembers his prom date, Marsha Bugler and their one night together. He also remember that when she shared her secret with him, he told her to have an abortion. She left town shortly after that and he lost track of her. He had assumed that she had aborted the baby and gave it no more though until he received a letter from her, almost 15 years later, with a picture of a young boy who looked a lot like him.I loved th [...]

  • Linda Hubalek

    One night at their senior prom changed the lives of one young couple forever. Will Cash wasn't interested in being a dad when he was told at age 18, and thought Marsha Bugler didn't go through with the pregnancy. Marsha moved to CA to give birth and go to college. Then Marsha decides- 14 years later, that her son and Will need to know about each other, mainly because her preacher father's health begins to fail from cancer. Changes in both their lives play out, along with the insecurities of the [...]

  • Anna

    I love this book. Cash brothers keep getting better and better. Will wasn't ready to be a father at 18 and neither was Marsha but she decides to keep the baby without telling Will. After fourteen years she tells him hoping he and their son Ryan can forge a relationship. Being the pastor's daughter, her father thinks that Will is not good enough for her. Will has his doubts also but he has fallen in love with Marsha and wants his family together. Marsha thinks she has to sacrifice her relationshi [...]

  • Maryann Kantor

    The third book in The Cash Brothers did not disappoint! Willie Nelson Cash had an eventful prom night with Marsha and he believes she did not have the baby they found out she was carrying. Marsha left town to raise her son out of the eye of Will thinking that Will didn't want to be a father. When Marsha comes back and brings their son Ryan to spend time with her dying father, she has no choice but to let Will know he has a fourteen year old son. Will goes through fourteen years of emotions in a [...]

  • Carol-Ann

    A Brilliant series so far beautifully written loved the character's and there personalou story Marsha Bugler left town to raise her baby son alone without telling the baby's father Will Cash has he didn't want to be a dad at a young age,But when Marsha father becomes ill she realises she must return home and introduce Will to his teenage son,She is very nervous in facing Will not only because she lied but because she has never stopped loving him,Will is shocked to discover he has got a teenage s [...]

  • Elaine Tucker

    A good little story, I like these little stories, they are a quick read, something that I like from time to time. This one is about the Cash Brothers. Will is his name, he has loved Marsha since the Sr. Prom. Marsha left town to go to a higher level of school. She and Will have not seen each other for a very long time. Marsha has a secret. You will need to read, Her Secret Cowboy (Cash Brothers, #3, by Marin Thomas) to find out. This copy was found at the local library.

  • Rie_dominique

    Willie Cash tidak percaya saat ia mendapatkan surat dari Marsha Bugler. Di surat tersebut Marsha menyatakan bahwa mereka berdua memiliki seorang anak lelaki, hasil dari hubungan semalam saat pesta kelulusan SMA mereka.Belum sempat ia mencerna berita tersebut, kabar bahwa Marsha dan Ryan, anaknya akan menghabiskan liburan musim panas di kota kecil mereka datang menghantam. Apalagi ketika ia mengetahui adiknya, Buck, tahu kalau Marsha melahirkan anaknya.full review klik disini

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    472 Marin Thomas
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