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By Susan Meier | Comments: ( 436 ) | Date: ( Mar 29, 2020 )

The magic of the Mediterranean When accountant Olivia Prentiss joins Tucker Engle s company, she s unceremoniously demoted to stand in as his PA However, Tucker s not in for an easy ride Olivia s worked hard to get where she is now, and refuses to bow to her gorgeous boss s commands however fearsome his reputation But soon Olivia begins to see there is far to herThe magic of the Mediterranean When accountant Olivia Prentiss joins Tucker Engle s company, she s unceremoniously demoted to stand in as his PA However, Tucker s not in for an easy ride Olivia s worked hard to get where she is now, and refuses to bow to her gorgeous boss s commands however fearsome his reputation But soon Olivia begins to see there is far to her boss than meets the eye And on a business trip to Italy, she sees straight through Tucker s hard and proud exterior to a man with a far vulnerable edge.

  • Title: Daring to Trust the Boss
  • Author: Susan Meier
  • ISBN: 9780373742769
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Susan Meier

Good morning It s a beautiful sunny beginning to the day here in Western, Pennsylvania I m working on my 54th book 54th I m very excited about that.I ve written some fun things those are the Silhouette Romance titles I especially liked SNOWBOUND BABY which was book 3 of the Bryant Baby Bonanza series which also included BABY BEFORE BUSINESS and PRINCE BABY But my favorites for Silhouette where the books of the Brewster Baby Boom series THE BABY BEQUEST, BRINGING UP BABIES and OH, BABIES Where three bachelors inherit triplets Those were fun to write I go back every now and again and read them myself for a laugh And speaking of triplets, my May release A FATHER FOR HER TRIPLETS, has the most adorable 3 year olds ever My Harlequins are a little sometimes a lot serious than my Silhouettes, but I always deliver a heart warming story that reminds readers that family and love go hand in hand.Sexy or sweet, funny or sad, my characters make some serious lemonade out of their lemons Because that s how I see life I have three kids of whom has epilepsy Raising him taught me and my husband and our other two kids that sometimes a situation that seems bad can have its blessings.

Comments Daring to Trust the Boss

  • Susan

    Good book with some wonderful characters. Olivia has come to New York to accept an accounting job at Tucker's company. Unfortunately, Tucker's PA was in an accident and he needs a temporary replacement, and Olivia is it. She's not happy about it, as that's not what she's worked for, but she has no choice. She knows his reputation, but she won't allow herself to be browbeaten and stands up for herself when she needs to. As she becomes more involved in the work she begins to see a different side t [...]

  • Cristine Gasser

    One thing I really like about reading Susan Meier’s books is that they are gentle places where you can relax, breathe easy and know that true love will win out. Nothing in life is perfect but her characters make the best of every tough situation. Her heroines are strong women, they can stand on their own two feet but will not say no to love. Olivia’s dream job starts out shaky when she’s tossed a curve ball on the first day. She has already fought a few battles and needs a new start. She i [...]

  • Vickie Fisher

    After a long day at work curling up with a cup of hot chocolate and getting acquainted with new friends is the perfect end to the day. And that is exactly what you get when you read a Susan Meier book. From page one of Daring to Trust the Boss you are drawn into the story of Olivia and Tucker, both characters are people you would welcome into your circle of friends. I enjoy reading books where both characters have issues in their past and both need a hero. Will true love triumph between the smal [...]

  • Amy O'neal

    like others who have reviewed this book I too, was given the chance to write a honest review, and I can honestly say I loved this book. this was a case of "you know know when something good is going to happen" like being able to go to Italy, helping someone make it in the art world and finding the love of your life. thank you susan for giving me the chance to read and review this book.

  • Lisa Gregory

    Daring to trust the boss, is about Olivia Prentiss and Tucker Engle. Once you start reading you will want to continue. I like how they both come from two different worlds and they both assume they aren't good enough for the other. The writing is great you can almost feel the chemistry that these two have for each other. Overall this is a really great book and you should read it.

  • Ebony Priddie

    I got this autographed book free through First Reads and boy, am I lucky to have got it."People are people. Give us enough time and we can all find common ground." (Quote from the story)This was a darling read. I loved the unique perspectives that it gave and I couldn't put it down. This book is a darling romance and I recommend to anyone and everyone.

  • Amy

    This was an addicting, can't put it down, ride of emotions. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this story. *i received this book free as a Giveaway for an honest review*

  • ReadingInThe6ix

    4.5 starsWow, what a fun, sweet romance! I thought Olivia was wonderful - mature for her age, smart, compassionate and sassye was likeable from the get-go.Tucker was perfect book boyfriend material. Successful, slightly damaged, secretly looking for a place/person to belong.I loved him the whole way through.I thought the chemistry was great and the story was engaging.Docked half a star because I would have loved a bit more of an epilogue, and maybe some more intimate scenes so we could really fe [...]

  • Crystal

    I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in place of an honest review.I really loved the cover of this book. Pink is my favorite color so that is what caught my eye at first and then I looked at the title and knew that I had to read this book.Olivia Prentiss moves from Kentucky to New York to make a new life for herself. Something terrible happened to her three years ago and she just wants to get away from it and hopefully make a new life for herself. Her parents were being just a little to [...]

  • Jaye Marie Rome

    I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book for review.Susan Meier writes a sweet story of a rather insecure heroine who just wants to do her job and prove herself to the world, and to the people back home in Kentucky. A fish out of water story, Olivia takes a job at a New York company, only to be reassigned to work for the fearsome boss. Tucker is a typical Alpha male, but he doesn't remain daunting for long. Olivia can be prone to speaking before thinking, but Tucker secretly finds that refr [...]

  • Hsiau Wei

    Olivia was looking forward to work in the accounting department in her new company but get to know that she ll have to be the owner’s temporary assistant. Olivia knows she is in big problem as her boss is well known to be difficult to work with. But this does not post any hindrance to her to become attracted to him. Tucker have a tough personality and with him growing up in the foster care, he doesn’t know and believe what love is about. He secretly found that Olivia’s personality very ref [...]

  • Donna Blake

    I love reading Susan Meier's romances. She writes from the heart about what really matters in life -- family. Daring to Trust the Boss is a story about the have's and the have-not's. Olivia has a large loving family while Tucker was an orphan. Tucker raced to the top while Olivia's progress was impeded by scandal and harassment. Each is successful, but incomplete.Tucker finds himself out of his depth when an important client has an unusual business requirement: help him reconcile with his only s [...]

  • Becky

    This was such a fun read. I read it in less than a day. It was one of the two autographed books I won from the author. Olivia Prentiss shows up for her first day at her new accounting job and finds she is being thrown into being the CEO's new assistant. Tucker Engle is not only handsome, but very rick and known as the Grim Reaper. He fire's more than hires. Both of them have relationship issues and a ton of baggage in their lives. Olivia and Tucker find themselves in Italy to help another multi- [...]

  • Amy Johnson

    Snappy and fun! Vivi Prentiss is a modern character who is fun to read! She is smart and funny, and doesn't change herself to chase the boss. In fact, she really doesn't like him much for the first half of the book. She stands on her own feet and really wows when she has to go to Italy with him for work. Tucker could have come across as an arrogant jerk, but Susan Meier knew exactly when to reign him in and make me want to understand him. Watching them both swallow their pride to meet in the mid [...]

  • Monica Tillery

    Daring to Trust the Boss was the first of Susan Meier's books I've read, but I'll be sure to check out her others.This is a sweet, warm, feel-good romance. Vivi is furious when her new job in accounting isn't there when she arrives for her first day. Instead, she's the stand-in assistant for the owner of the company, the gorgeous and magnetic but intimidating and closed-off Tucker.Through Meier's gorgeous writing, Tucker and Vivi find that two broken people from different worlds can heal each ot [...]

  • Stephanie Tuell

    won this book from the first reads give away!vivi travels to new york after finishing school to be an accountant. she is shocked to learn that instead of being an account, she will be the owner's assistant. she starts to become attracted to him almost right away, but quickly shuts down those feelings because of her fear from 3 years ago. tucker is just as equally attracted to her, but refuses to admit it because he doesn't get involved with employees. but a trip to Italy seems to change some of [...]

  • Ava

    wasn't a book for me. it felt "meh" I was struggling but I had to finish it. so it was a book abour a small town girl leaving her family for New York got hired into a company for an accounting position but instead of it she got a PA. this girl left a family tight family and since she was attacked they were overprotectived. She also showed no weakness.As for the boss, he was a lonely cookie by the end. happy ending.

  • Dixie-Lee Campbell

    A great storyline. Loved he characters. Complicated character issues to overcome with hero and heroine. Totally over the city life existence/ employment vs the small town living of acceptance . Loved the family ! :-) Highly recommend you read this . Romantic :-)The second book I have read by Susan Meier and looking forward to read next written by Susan Meier

  • Dacia

    A winI liked the book, however I went into reading the book expecting a little more. It was a book where it keeps you guessing but you keep reading thinking its going to get very interesting soon but the end results were for me "just ok"

  • Harlequin Books

    "Italy is the perfect atmosphere for love to blossom, and Meier pens an exquisite connection between the hero and heroine as they play an amusing game of cat and mouse." RT Book Reviews, rated 4 stars

  • Lindy

    I really enjoyed this book! Nice to see 2 unlikely characters paired up. Always a great read when the underdog come out on top! Looking forward to reading more of her books. The are well written and are easy to follow. I actually read the whole book in one day! Grabbed and kept my attention!

  • Judy

    What a wonderful read. It put me right there with them. Such vibrant images. definitely not the books my mother read. A pleasant and welcome change from some of the heavy dark books I read at times. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to be swept away and believe in the power of love.

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  • Diah Didi

    I loved it!*eARC provided by Harlequin via Net Galley. Review will be posted around the publication date.

  • Kimterest

    Final feeling: loved this one, characters had thoughts and feelings I could relate with, angst was not overdone, romance was sweet

  • Sumit

    Vivi and Tucker eir story is for those who know pain and still never back down.Loved it :)

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    439 Susan Meier
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