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By Ruthie Knox | Comments: ( 826 ) | Date: ( May 29, 2020 )

Sometimes first loves burn bright, then flicker out But in this heartwarming eBook novella from RITA finalist and USA Today bestselling author Ruthie Knox, it s never too late for a second chance at true love Ambitious and driven, Carson Vance couldn t wait to escape the small town where he was born But now that Carson is back to spend Christmas with his ailing father,Sometimes first loves burn bright, then flicker out But in this heartwarming eBook novella from RITA finalist and USA Today bestselling author Ruthie Knox, it s never too late for a second chance at true love Ambitious and driven, Carson Vance couldn t wait to escape the small town where he was born But now that Carson is back to spend Christmas with his ailing father, he must face all the people of Potter Falls he s left behind Topping that list is Julie Long, who s sacrificed so much for Carson s family, and whose heart he broke once upon a time Now the proprietor of the local inn, Julie has blossomed from a shy schoolgirl into a successful, seductive, independent woman everything that Carson s looking for in a relationship But despite several steamy encounters under the mistletoe, Julie refuses to believe in happily ever after Now Carson must convince Julie that he s back for good and that he wants her in his life for all the holidays to come.

  • Title: Room at the Inn
  • Author: Ruthie Knox
  • ISBN: 9780345544353
  • Page: 286
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Ruthie Knox

USA Today bestselling author Ruthie Knox writes contemporary romance that s sexy, witty, and angsty sometimes all three at once Her debut novel, Ride with Me, is probably the only existing cross country bicycling love story She followed it up with About Last Night, a London set romance whose hero has the unlikely name of Neville, and then Room at the Inn, a Christmas novella both of which were finalists for the Romance Writers of America s RITA Award Her four book series about the Clark family of Camelot, Ohio, has won accolades for its fresh, funny portrayal of small town Midwestern life Ruthie also writes New Adult romance as RobinYork She moonlights as a mother, Tweets incessantly, and bakes a mean focaccia She d love to hear from you, so feel free to drop her a line.

Comments Room at the Inn

  • Crista

    In my opinion, the best Christmas books/movies/etc. feature a character in desperate need of reformation (or at least a change in perspective). Ruthie Knox uses the theme of the Christmas classic film "It's a Wonderful Life" and modernizes it in this sweet romantic novella.I'm not sure how Ruthie manages to craft so much story in so few pages! As I finish this novella, I felt as if I had just read a fully fleshed out tale of a disillusioned man and an angelic woman. In all actuality, this is a w [...]

  • Maida

    It's really difficult to cheer for the main character (Carson) when he's spent the past 16 years of his life acting like a selfish, callous prick. 16 years ago, Carson left his longtime college girlfriend (Julie) while she was still recuperating, after having undergone surgery to donate a kidney to CARSON'S ailing mother. When Carson left, he never looked back. He accepted a job that took him around the world, & he treated Julie & his parents like trivial afterthoughts. Over the past 16 [...]

  • Mo

    This was a quick read. A sort of "in-betweener". Liked the two main characters. Hero returns to his hometown. Heroine never left. The attraction is still there but he does not want to be tied down in small-town life.

  • Jenny (adultishbooks)

    I read this on a whim today. If you are behind on your goal and could be down for a Christmas romance novella, check this one out.Due to its length, I felt like it was rushed. It totally could’ve been 100 pages longer and it wouldn’t have felt bloated. It was sparse on the atmosphere, which is central to any Christmas romance that takes place in a rustic, rural town. A little more description (I can’t believe I’m saying this) and a few more sex scenes and this could’ve been a really s [...]

  • Ginger at GReadsBooks.com

    If a book is written by Ruthie Knox, I will read it. This woman's writing has won me over time and time again with her adult contemporary romances. And she's done it again, but this time with a short and sweet holiday romance! If you've been in a bit of a reading slump, like I have been, then I highly recommend grabbing a few holiday romance novellas to pull you out of it. Begin with this one and you can thank me later!This holiday story will warm your heart while providing a delicious dose of r [...]

  • Sarah

    I read this book as part of the Naughty & Nice: Three Holiday Treats anthology last year & would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a sweet and spicy holiday read.My thoughts on the story (taken from my review of the anthology):Carson couldn't wait to get away from his home town and left as soon as he was old enough. Apart from the occasional visit home he hasn't looked back since but now thanks to his father's ailing health it looks like he's going to be trapped in a longe [...]

  • Karenfaith

    I really like the writing style of the author. I liked all of her books but i didn't feel it here. In the blurb it is stated that H broke h's heart once upon a time. But it is not the case. He gets together with her every time he visits and leaves her all the same. Its like every single time he chose himself over her. It was so easy for him. It makes him so self centered. It would have been alright if they were just friends and they finally get together by deeper understanding. But the h was so [...]

  • Iza

    Rate : 3Heat : 2The ratings I wanted to give this novella changed several times while I was reading.The first half of it, it was rather a 2 because the background of the story of the fear of death, it kind of depressed me and made me think about giving up. I was watching those characters but did not feel them, the plot was not holding my interest.On second thought, I went for a 3 because Ruthie Knox is a talented writer, knows how to portray characters that you feel you've know all your life or [...]

  • Bette Hansen

    A wonderful novella that's full of love and hope. Beautifully written with strong bold characters and a picturesque setting. This is one you want in your holiday collection.

  • Britain

    Ruthie Knox is good. Vibrant, real characters, believable scenarios, steamy scenes.

  • Ⓐlleskelle - teamSøren♗ ⊲I like big b00ks⊳

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3.5 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Karen

    Ruthie Know is an auto buy for me as I usually LOVE all she writes. This one didn't do it for me. It just seemed to drag.

  • Fran


  • Quirks

    Revised Review!I know for a fact that this is not a five star book. This is definitely a five star book! Why wouldn't it be? It's awesome!Here are some of the reasons:1. I woke up in a very bad mood this morning the morning I read it because I had the pleasure of reading a way to frustrating book and finding out that my next reading would be equally frustrating, making it the thrid consecutive frustrating read. I had been writing an angry review in my head before I went to sleep, in my sleep and [...]

  • Zita

    3.5 starsCute, sweet contemporary romanceSometimes you have to travel the world to realize that what you really want and need is what you left behind. Small towns are difficult for some to grow up in, they can't wait to leave it and make there mark in the world, to scratch the itch that staying still in a small place brings them. Sometimes two people meet and have a relationship but not at the right time in their lives for one of them to commit. If they are really lucky when that person is ready [...]

  • Michela Walters

    In true Ruthie Knox form, I was not disappointed by this short novella. The story revolves around old flames, Carson Vance, the guy who just couldn't wait to get out of Potter Falls and if he does visit, it’s never for long. Then there’s Julie Long, Carson’s old college flame who he brought back home with him one year and she ends up never leaving. She falls in love with the small tight-knit community and after realizing Carson will never stay, they break up. Eventually she opens up B& [...]

  • UnusualChildbeppy

    3.5 starsSynopsis: Carson is sort of coerced home to help his father, who isn't doing well. He's come back for Christmas, when Carson never wanted to be in his home town for any length of time after he left. Julie met Carson in college, and came back to meet his family. She fell in love with the town, and was heartbroken when Carson left her behind as well as the town. Although his father isn't doing well, he also doesn't need someone hovering over him 24/7, and Carson and his father never reall [...]

  • Marinella

    Per me Ruthie Knox è stata una vera sorpresa. Il racconto si trova in un'antologia che non brilla per titolo, copertina e neanche per gli altri racconti che contiene, ma questo è una perla. La storia di Room at the Inn è interessante, delicata, coinvolgente, con personaggi e dialoghi vividi, vivaci, veri. Di solito le novelle mi lasciano un po' l'amaro in bocca, questa invece è un gioiellino fatto e finito. E poimi ci sono ritrovata, per certi aspetti. L'autrice dice di essersi esplicitament [...]

  • Angela

    3.5 stars. I love Ruthie Knox's writing style and I rate 5 stars to almost all of her titles. But this one just bugged me and I blame it on the misleading blurb about the story. I was under the impression that the hero comes back to town after a long time away and realizes that the woman he left behind is all he really wants. In actuality, he's been back to town several times, hooks up with the heroine each time he visits and then unceremoniously leaves her again. It just made him so unlikable. [...]

  • UltraMeital

    Room at the Inn (Naughty and Nice) - Ruthie Knox WOW. What a story. loved it so much! Carson is not the typical guy who's afraid of relationships but he's scared shitless though he loves Julie and it should be obvious to the both of them how much they care about each other. I loved how slowly but surely the realization came to both of them. and also loved that the one who helped him in the end was a friend from his past he "left" for all the wrong reasons. This is my second novella by Ruthie Kno [...]

  • Cphe

    I noticed this author mentioned on one of the discussion threads and decided to check out their work. This is a well written contemporary romance and the writing is smooth.Out of the two main characters it was Carson that I felt the least amount of empathy for.CarsonSometimes I felt like smacking him and I had a difficult time liking his character. I felt Julie was way too good for him. For a mature man he was surprisingly callous and quite selfish regarding Julie. But I like this author's style [...]

  • Cheryl

    I read reviews before I read this book (my first by this author). A lot of reviewers said they didn't like Carson Vance and didn't want Julie Long to give him another chance. While I get their frustration with Carson, I have to admit I understand him right away. He was so afraid of losing someone he loved that he didn't allow himself to love fully and he kept running away. This isn't admirable but it is understandable. I enjoyed seeing Carson and Julie together. I enjoyed Carson figuring out the [...]

  • Sobia

    I think I wanted to like this more than I did, and I blame the misleading summary. I was under the impression that the hero came back with the intent to win the heroine back, but really he spends far too long pretty much being an ass and wanting to leaveThe h seemed to put up with a lot, I sorta wish she'd have made more steps to move on. By the end, the H has a lackluster epiphany, but by then I'd lost interest :( 2 stars, but on a positive note, I do like Ruthie Knox's style of writing, so the [...]

  • Fable

    3.5 stars. I love Ruthie Knox's writing and this story had some strong points, but the hero pissed me way the hell off. The blurb makes it sound like he returns after a long time away and reconnects with the heroine, but in actuality he has been stringing her along for years, hooking up with her every time he comes back to town and then leaving again. And the heroine just lies down and takes it (no pun intended). I really wanted there to be a scene where she lets him have it for being an ass for [...]

  • Ashley Nelson

    3.5 stars. Julie and Carson. High marks for the writing and storyline. I love the feel and flow of Ruthie Knox's work. I was not in love with the main characters. I did not understand what made Carson so so special that he was worth all the fuss. He seemed like a selfish ass to me. So then I was torn about Julie - I really liked that she came to the small town, stayed, and made a difference. I didn't like so much that she remained eternally available for Carson. Overall, the storytelling did sur [...]

  • Jennifer

    I agree with other reviewers that Carson's groveling should of come sooner or that Julia's backbone appeared sooner. But I did like that Julia didn't wait around for him, she didn't remain celibate in hopes he would come back. She did move on and was engaged. One could argue she was waiting for him subconsciously, but at least she made the town her own. But I've enjoyed ruthless knox's books in the past and really dug her writing in this one. A nice holiday novella.

  • FrugalBookNerd

    I had to DNF this one. I hate doing that, but I couldn't get over the main characters. I actually really liked that the h tried to move on and fell in love with someone else for a time. However, 16 years of the H leaving her, showing up and then leaving again was too much for me. Especially when you find out it all started when she gave his mother a kidney. Sorry, just a personal preference but the H spoiled it all for me!

  • Laurie

    An entertaining novella that had plenty of sizzle to go with the sentimentality. Carson Vance has returned home to help out his ailing father and ends up having to stay at the Bed and Breakfast of his ex-girl friend, Julie Long. No matter how many times Carson has left and returned they can't seem to get over each other. Carson needs to come to the realization that no matter where his travel's take him and how hard he fights it, his heart has always belonged to Julie.

  • Mmeguillotine

    I just loved this. A gorgeous, fully realized novella. I love that Ruthie Knox writes with such intelligence and depth. I love that there was intensity, heat and tenderness all wrapped up in the story I have a crush on Carson. I want to go to Potter Falls for Christmas. I want to fix breakfasts woth Juie at the inn. Beautifully done.

  • Kim

    Knox is really great at writing characters that are battling inner conflicts. Carson is the epitome of a man who has great inner turmoil. And Julie? She's the kindhearted, wonderful woman who has remained quietly by his side for years, supporting him from afar without him even realizing the depth of that support.Fantastic novella.

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  • [PDF] Download æ Room at the Inn | by ✓ Ruthie Knox
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