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By Michael E. Uslan Stan Golderg Bob Smith | Comments: ( 906 ) | Date: ( May 25, 2020 )

The eternal love triangle that has been the cornerstone of Archie comics for almost seven decades is finally untangled in this seven part story written by Michael Uslan and illustrated by veteran Archie artist Stan Goldberg The journey begins when Archie finds himself strolling up Memory Lane, and marries the wealthy and cultured Veronica Lodge Later we see what happensThe eternal love triangle that has been the cornerstone of Archie comics for almost seven decades is finally untangled in this seven part story written by Michael Uslan and illustrated by veteran Archie artist Stan Goldberg The journey begins when Archie finds himself strolling up Memory Lane, and marries the wealthy and cultured Veronica Lodge Later we see what happens when he strolls down Memory Lane and marries the wholesome, peppy girl next door, Betty Cooper This pivotal series of seven issues is bound in hardcover, encased in a double diecut slipcase, and packaged with a reprint of a classic Archie comic The book includes all new material created especially for this edition, including script outtakes, never before seen sketches, annotations, vintage covers, and exclusive interviews with the creators.

  • Title: Archie Marries Veronica/Archie Marries Betty
  • Author: Michael E. Uslan Stan Golderg Bob Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Michael E. Uslan Stan Golderg Bob Smith

Michael E Uslan born June 2, 1952 is a producer of the Batman movies and was the first instructor to teach an accredited course on comic book folklore at any university.Uslan is best known as a producer of all of the modern Batman films to date, starting with Tim Burton s 1989 film, and continuing to 2012 s The Dark Knight Rises and also including various feature length films based on the Batman The Animated Series and The Batman.

Comments Archie Marries Veronica/Archie Marries Betty

  • Paul Riches

    Archie Is Married. Now The Real Story Begins. Twice.I have always been a Betty person. Every Archie story I have ever enjoyed has me cheering for them to finally get together and leave Veronica pouting. My long standing wish has been partially granted in the past few years with the newest incarnation of these beloved characters. And I am totally and completely hooked.The drama all started when the new CEO of Archie came into the 70 plus year old company and wanted to shake the universe up. This [...]

  • jenn

    Betty and Elizabeth Wakefield are the same person.

  • Beth

    Team Betty!

  • Em

    Since I was young I love to read Archie comics. My favorite editions are Betty and Veronica. I find them very entertaining, how they fight over Archie and how they manage to still be friends even though they like the same guy. I’m fascinated also with the illustrations and the fashion they project to show their personalities. Maybe that’s the fun part when you are reading a comic book, it shows you what you really need to see and get just by looking at it. In years that I’m reading Archie [...]

  • Sara

    When I heard about this big event, I knew I had to read the story. I was an Archie fan as a kid. The hardcover edition is really nice and has a bunch of interviews in the back. Don't worry about Archie finally aging after the better part of a century--this is a what-if scenario, so Archie and friends will in all likelihood remain perpetual teenagers in the main comics storyline. "Archie Marries" is a frame story in which Archie travels up Memory Lane twice, going into his own future where he mar [...]

  • Patrice Sartor

    I picked this up on a whim from my library, mostly because I was a big fan when I was a kid. Some things should just stay in childhood, however. As an adult I didn't find either Betty or Veronica inspirational, I found them lacking in self-respect and kindness, respectively. Archie lost his glimmer too--now he just seems to be an indecisive woman-juggler. Even my beloved Jughead didn't get to pig out like he did in the old days; only once did I notice him doing so, and it was more disgusting tha [...]

  • Kevin

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if Archie Andrews married Veronica Lodge? What if he married Betty Cooper? Why settle for just one answer when you can have both? Using the good ol' Memory Lane device, Michael Uslan and Stan Goldberg investigate both options and give each of them a three-issue arc all combined in a single trade paperback complete with a volume seven wrap-up. Is it Pulitzer material? Oh heck no. But it is certainly very typical Archie fare right down to cheesy dialogue. B [...]

  • Elina

    In this book we finally get to find out what happens when Archie marries and it gives us both scenarios of marrying Betty and Veronica. However, both stories made me feel bad for Betty! When Archie marries Veronica Betty is obviously heartbroken. And even when he marries Betty, it still seems like he only did so because he didn't have a chance with Veronica. He even tells Ronnie "you're my fantasy girl, but all it is is a fantasy" and then has to watch her marry Reggie and jet set all over the w [...]

  • Dana

    Great book, love the fact that they added both sides of the story, but definitely on "Team Betty" In her story Jughead and Midge end up together, Mr. Weatherbee and Mrs. Grundy start dating, and Veronica and Reggie get there happy ending as well. But in Veronica's side of the story, Betty gets really depressed when Archie leaves her, loses her job and her new boyfriend, then ends up settling for Reggie(a couple I don't think works very well). Betty Cooper is the obvious choice being the lovable [...]

  • Pamela Hubbard

    This book took me back to my childhood :) For those of you who have read Archie comics, you know that Archie's laid back, non-decision making personality will not change! This book was no different. Archie and his friends are about to graduate high school and Archie gets glimpses into his future with both Betty and Veronica. He sees what his life would be like if he married Veronica, and what it would be like if he married Betty. The ending is pretty predictable but it was a quick, enjoyable rea [...]

  • Jacob

    Heard great things from the Wordballoon podcast about this story so I picked it up and finished in two short sittings. My oldest daughter zipped through it in one sitting. I haven't read an Archie story since I was a kid and the only story I can remember is one where Jughead improved an ice cream flavor with salt and pepper shakers. Anyway, this is a decent all ages reading, but it's odd how the pop culture references go all the back from Cary Grant, Casablanca, and I love Lucy to modern celebs [...]

  • Rosette Adel

    Archie Andrews' what if future married life was put in print on this book. It's brilliant how the author used Robert Frost's poem 'The road not taken' to internalize the drama and flow of the story. Basically it's the story of Archie's future had he married Betty or Veronica but this story is just a view of it and it isn't real as I thought. There was just a use of a time-travelling machine somewhere down the road to Memory Lane.I shall follow the other wedding related books of Archie. This is h [...]

  • Karolinde (Kari)

    I've been an Archie fan for years and years so like most of the world that noticed, I was surprised by this what if concept. Initially, Archie comics only announced that Archie would marry Veronica setting off a media maelstorm. Actually, the story looks at what might happen if Archie married either girl.My biggest complaint about the book is that it is so short and clippy. Archie Comics may have done this on purpose since they have started a whole new comic Life With Archie that follows the sam [...]

  • Cassandra

    It didn't have a direct conclusion as to who Archie married but rather, it showed Archie's two different futures if he were to marry Betty or Veronica. I honestly felt like this graphic novel lacked the peppiness and magic of the Archie comics we grew up with!

  • Sarah

    So very weak and disappointing. I recall reading about this series and how it was the Archie company's attempt to hook more sophisticated twentysomethings who had grown up reading the comics and now wanted something a little more mature. This is a big fail, because both stories were crap.

  • Jamie

    Mildly amusing.Favourite actual line of dialogue from Betty's dad: "Betty you deserve a big wedding, but we've lost our savings in the stock market and I may be laid off" Way to hijack the moment, Mr. Cooper!

  • Molly

    Don't judge me. I needed closure from my childhood! Shut up!

  • Eboni

    Yup, it;s a comic book. Guilty pleasure, sue me. Not bad though, although I didn't appreciate Mr. Lodge's turn at arch villain.(The next review will be about War and peace, I promise)

  • Duffy

    Loved this -- my first Archie comment in a long time.

  • Jonathan Funk

    A clever use of 'alternate histories' (futures?) in which you can experience the story of Archie marrying either Betty or Veronica.

  • JoLene

    Archie comics were a staple of my youth. I devoured them. The resurgence with the new line of comics and the TV show Riverdale has made me curious. I had heard about the wedding issue from a couple years ago and my library has a lot of comics available in ebook form. One night I had insomnia and picked this up. This volume is a dual story — in one Archie marries Veronica and in the other he marries Betty. As an adult, the Betty or Veronica question is really not something that is that interest [...]

  • Dalaina Renee

    Loved it

  • Liralen

    My siblings and I read hundreds of Archie comics as kids, and I was always on the Betty side of things. She doesn’t have the financial advantages that Veronica does, obviously, but she’s smart. Creative. Somebody it’s easier to identify with.But in this book (in which I loved the vibrant graphics but actively disliked the cop-out feel of the plot and the way so many characters were portrayed) I came to the conclusion that Archie should—assuming he ends up with one of his high-school girl [...]

  • Dan Wilson

    The Archie Wedding: Archie in "Will You Marry Me?" (2010) is a lot of fun, at least for someone who, like me, was reading and enjoying Archie comics decades ago. Until this miniseries came along, this great ensemble cast of characters was stuck in a bit of a rut, what with most of them being high school students for 70 years or so. Presented here are two storylines, one in which Betty and Archie marry, and one in which Veronica and Archie marry. In the tradition of A Christmas Carol, It's a Wond [...]

  • Sarah Crawford

    This is a large hardbound book that covers the recent Archie stories dealing with his marriage to Betty, and his marriage to Veronica in two parallel realities. The book also includes a comic reprinting some past Archie stories.The book covers how, in one reality, Archie marries Veronica and they end up with two kids. In a parallel reality Archie marries Betty and they also have two kids. Both stories end at that point, and then there's an epilogue where Archie returns to the present reality whe [...]

  • Serena

    Read for the "Book from your childhood" category of my library reading challenge, Archie Marries was a fun trip down memory lane. The illustrations come through much better in this large-format, printed, bound version of the comic (compared to the small paper books I grew up enjoying). While it originally seemed a little gimmicky to have Archie marry both of his sweethearts in separate universes, the sweet introduction from Danica McKellar made me rethink my stance. She explains how all of us ha [...]

  • Patrick Book

    Look, I know what this is supposed to be. But I also know that it was written RECENTLY. And I guess if the message Archie Comics/Marvel wants to send to children (presuming children still read these; I think my sisters kids did for a bit) is that it's okay to two-time nice ladies for an indefinite amount of time and then it doesn't matter who you "pick" (because obviously they have no agency and are just waiting for you to choose one or the other because you're the man and they're just really sw [...]

  • Lillian

    I sent this to my friend upon finishing the book:"I finished that Archie comic book. Everyone has a good life when Archie Marries Betty but Betty's like, you wanted Veronica! V. Insecure, but then again I'm like 89% certain even in that comic Archie was going to marry Veronica but then she was excited for her future so he's like, fine I'll ask Betty!I'm for Betty and Veronica to get married and Archie being alone forever."That about sums up my feelings on the book!

  • Beth

    Graphic novel featuring Archie comics characters as Archie lives through two "what if" moments what if he married Veronica or what if he married Betty? I grew up reading the Archie comics, so I really enjoyed this book.

  • Eden Lockhart

    I Loved the Betty part of the story and i hope u guys also enjoyed it!!U know i was thinking about having a poll-BETTY COOPER VS VERONICA LODGEU guys just vote and i will add them up. Feel free to express ur views!!Happy Voting :D

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