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By Arkady Strugatsky Boris Strugatsky Mehmet Ali Ağaoğulları | Comments: ( 393 ) | Date: ( Jul 03, 2020 )

Sosyalist uzay a n ya ayan bir d nyadan kalk p, orta a n karanl klar i indeki bir gezegene gelen Anton un, bu zavall insanlar n g z nde bir tanr olmamas m mk n m yd Ama g s z bir tanr yd Anton Feodalizmin h k m s rd bu lkede yaln zca bir tarih g zlemcisi s fat yla bulunuyordu ve bu nedenle her t rl ba nazl n, iddetin ezip yok etti i insanlar n yazg lSosyalist uzay a n ya ayan bir d nyadan kalk p, orta a n karanl klar i indeki bir gezegene gelen Anton un, bu zavall insanlar n g z nde bir tanr olmamas m mk n m yd Ama g s z bir tanr yd Anton Feodalizmin h k m s rd bu lkede yaln zca bir tarih g zlemcisi s fat yla bulunuyordu ve bu nedenle her t rl ba nazl n, iddetin ezip yok etti i insanlar n yazg lar n de i tirebilme olana ndan yoksundu Bu ko ullarda zor eydi tanr olmak Hele bir de bu gezegendeki siyasal geli meler, stlerinin Anton a dayatt klar tarih teorisine hi mi hi uymuyorsa Kitab n arka kapa ndan

  • Title: Zor Şey Tanrı Olmak
  • Author: Arkady Strugatsky Boris Strugatsky Mehmet Ali Ağaoğulları
  • ISBN: 9755330380
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Arkady Strugatsky Boris Strugatsky Mehmet Ali Ağaoğulları

Arkady Natanovich Strugatsky Russian was born in August 1925 in hot Batumi in the family of intellectuals critic Nathan Zalmanovich Strugatsky, who worked as a newspaper editor, and Alexandra Ivanovna Litvinovoj, honored teacher who taught Russian language and literature.17 year old Arkady Strugatsky, first participated in the construction of fortifications of the besieged city, then went to work at the factory, which produced shells.During the evacuation of the sick younger Strugatsky 9 year old Boris My mother stayed with her son in the city Arkady s father was taken on the road of life across Ladoga in the beginning of 1942 More mother and father Arkady did not see never Dad became seriously ill and died in Vologda Miraculously survived himself Arkady The train, which transported the refugees, including young Strugatsky, was bombed Survived units, among them the future writer.In the summer of 1942 Arkady Strugatsky stopped in a small village close to Tashla in Orenburg Short time he worked at the point of purchase of products and was even appointed head of Earning money on the road, he was able in the spring of 1943 to pick up my mom and younger brother Boris from hungry Leningrad.In 18 years, Arkady Strugatsky studying in Berdichev artillery school, which was located in the rear Sittwe After graduating, he was assigned to a Military University, where he taught foreign languages Graduated from the Institute in 1949 with a degree in interpreter of English and Japanese languages.After graduation destiny brought Arkady Strugatsky North Until 1955 he served as an interpreter on the Kamchatka Peninsula Arcady has worked as a Japanese teacher in one of schools located in the city of Kansk After retirement Strugatsky moved to the capital.

Comments Zor Şey Tanrı Olmak

  • Hadrian

    “And what if you could change the divine decrees?”“Only a higher power is capable of this.”“But still, imagine that you’re God”Budach laughed. “If I could imagine myself as God, I’d become him!”“Well, what if you had the chance to advise God?”The premise of this story seems like a grand adventure. Scientists and observers from a future paradise earth infiltrate and study other earth-like planets. Their main principle resembles Star Trek's 'prime directive' of non-interfer [...]

  • Richard Derus

    Rating: 4* of fiveThe Publisher Says: Don Rumata has been sent from Earth to the medieval kingdom of Arkanar with instructions to observe and to save what he can. Masquerading as an arrogant nobleman, a dueler, and a brawler, he is never defeated, but yet he can never kill. With his doubt and compassion, and his deep love for a local girl named Kira, Rumata wants to save the kingdom from the machinations of Don Reba, the first minister to the king. But given his orders, what role can he play? Th [...]

  • Becky

    This is one of the best books ever! It's such a unique & nuanced look at the past human and social condition, yet so relevant to the present time for both. It tells the story of a human society on another planet that is circa the middle ages in development. A group of earthlings are monitoring this society covertly and it is through the eyes of one of the earth born humans that resides amongst this society that we get a good look into the mirror of the past and into the magnifying glass of t [...]

  • Vit Babenco

    Different planet, different epoch, different consciousness, different psychology – how will observers or spies or watchmen from the future Earth succeed in their mission of controlling the alien history even if it resembles so much our own medieval period of dark ages.“In the depths of the forest, a mile away from the road, beneath an enormous tree that had dried up of old age, stood a lopsided hut made out of enormous logs, surrounded by a blackened picket fence. It had been here since the [...]

  • Nilüfer

    "Bütün belalar, kardeşler, bütün belalar şu okumuşlardan çıkıyor! Önce gelmiş parayla saadet olmaz, diyorlar, sonra köylü dediğin de insan evladıdır; sonra küfre varan maniler, peşinden ayaklanma Hepsini asacaksın bunların, kardeş! Mesela ben olsam ne mi yapardım? Evvela sorardım: Okuman yazman var mı? Öyleyse doğru darağacına!"

  • Althea Ann

    Fascinating and important work. Published in 1964, I feel that it may have been an influence on, or at least a precursor to, many of my favorite books. I saw thematic similarities with some of Iain Banks’ Culture novels, especially Inversions, and Kage Baker’s Company series.The story deals with a ‘deep’ agent from an advanced civilization, who is supposed to observe and record the feudal society he’s been planted in, without interfering. However, the society he’s working in is on th [...]

  • Milo

    I have been delaying this review for a while now. I wanted to do the Strugatsky's justice but I just haven't been able to come up with anything intelligent or witty to relate to you in honor of their work. All I can say is read the book, you won't regret it.The StoryIt starts off very symbolically with some kids playing on a one way street; this mirrors evolution and history. All these things flow in one direction and travel along with their own unalterable velocities. Now lets suppose that evol [...]

  • Dangermousie

    It's intelligent, and philosophical, and it makes you angry, and it makes you think, and it makes you hope. It involves a planet which is in a Medieval stage of development, so Earth sends in "on the ground" observers for study purposes, who are trained to blend in. The thing is, what to a researcher on Earth "interesting development, 200 people got killed in a routine feudal coup," to the person on the ground are his friends dying. Yet, they cannot interfere, shortcircuit the curse of history a [...]

  • Nikki

    I was fascinated by the sound of this when I came across it in the library, because I really liked Roadside Picnic, and because the foreword mentions parallels with Star Trek and Iain M. Banks’ Culture novels. However, I found this… pretty much unreadable. There’s a sort of opaqueness I associate with reading Russian novels in translations, but in spades. Supposedly, this translation is much more readable than the old one, which was done via German, but… if that’s the case, I hate to t [...]

  • Maria

    Ooof Puține sunt cărțile care mă învăluie în disperare, dezamăgire, absurditate și greață. Greață față de mizeria care colcăie în oameni, față de cruzimea, egoismul, indiferența și bestialitatea macabră care le întunecă sufletul.Într-un viitor nedefinit, Anton, specialist al Institutului de Istorie Experimentală de pe Pământ, călătorește spre o altă planetă cu misiunea de a-i observa pe locuitorii acesteia, fără a interveni în evoluția generală a societăți [...]

  • Dato Kvaratskhelia

    "ხანდახან მეჩვენება, რომ არავის არაფერი შეგვიძლია, მეამბოხეთა მარადიული მეთაური ვარ და ვიცი, რომ მთელი ჩემი ძალა არაჩვეულებრივი ამტანობაა. მაგრამ ეს ძალა ჩემს უძლურებას ვერაფერს შველის. ჩ [...]

  • David

    I've waited a long time to read this book, due to its rarity and price, but it was thankfully recently republished and I had to get my hands on it, being such a fan of Soviet science-fiction and the Strugatsky brothers in particular (Roadside Picnic So good).This novel imagines that Earth achieved perfect Communism, and the Moscow Historical Society sends agents out to other worlds to guide the development of the human condition with a subtle invisible hand. The protagonist, Don Rumata, is one s [...]

  • Evgeny

    This is one of the best Soviet science fiction books. Imagine you are sent to undeveloped planet where people still live during what looks like Earth's middle ages as a mere observer (think Prime Directive from Star Trek). You are so good at being undercover that you make real friends as well as real enemies. What happens if your enemies start killing your friends and drag the society back to dark ages in the process? You have god-like powers to stop bad guys, would you use them?The book combine [...]

  • Tsengoz

    Pushkin'den Gogol'e, Dostoyevski'den Tolstoy'a kadar Rus edebiyatının hangi büyük yazarını okursanız okuyun, elinizdeki kitabın kapağını kapattığınızda midenize bir yumruk yemiş gibi oluyorsunuz. İlginç roman kahramanları, zihninizde derin izler bırakan diyaloglar, beklenmedik olaylar, felsefi sorgulamalar ve edebiyatı yaşamlarımızda önemli ve değerli kılan her bir unsurBüyük çalkantılarla geçen 19. yüzyılın ve 20. yüzyılın ilk yarısından sonra Rus edebiya [...]

  • [P]

    One of the things that makes alien contact attractive is the possibility of interacting with a species more advanced than our own. Outside of films, whenever we think of aliens we tend to see them as superior beings, with great knowledge to impart, more sophisticated technology, etc. In the Strugatsky’s Roadside Picnic the Russian brothers cleverly played on this idea, with the visitors being completely disinterested in human beings, suggesting, you might argue, a kind of haughtiness in their [...]

  • Alex

    To those who read *that crappy SCI-FI jazz* in quest to run awayFrom grim reality of life - I must, in truth, to sayThis piece is not, my friends, at all your regular fantastic taleIt is much deeper, it was written to unveilHow cruel, ignorant, barbaric we still are - at large, as Human RaceHow progress strides its winding roads in slow, painful pace 1. Memorable 52. Social Relevance 53. Informative 34. Originality 55. Thought Provoking 56. Expressiveness 47. Entertaining 58. Visualization 29. S [...]

  • Dorin

    Un roman SF care a insistat să fie rusesc despre comunism și feudalism, sau invers.După ce s-au rezolvat toate problemele antropologice și sociale pe Pământ, comuniștii trimit în alte lumi observatori care să ajute populația să evolueze la nivelul lor de civilizație. Romanul e povestea unui astfel de observator care nimerește în mijlocul unei societăți feudale brutale care elimină toți oamenii care știu să citească (romanul precede cu 4 ani Khmerii Roșii) și care apoi trec [...]

  • Rick Slane

    Somethings must have been lost in translation. Proper names and places evoked the wrong meanings for me so maybe it's my fault I didn't enjoy it more.For example here's some of my poor rewrite: "Paul Anka won't drive his Tonka truck on the Forgotten Highway to Marshall Fields! Kia is a bookworm running away from Arkansas to Iraq," Red Skelton bellowed, as he passed the Ramada Inn."Don Imus never takes a bath and corporations are people too,"cursed Holy Moses. Welcome Wagon's people apologized to [...]

  • Manday

    It is unfortunate this book is so hard to get a hold of, as I found it an excellent (albeit confusing) read. It tackles huge, universal themes - the nature of man kind, the course of history, the role of man in society, and many other things. I think it should be considered a classic.

  • Alberto

    The Strugatsky brothers produced a well written novel.I've enjoyed what the main character feels and how he struggles to find a way to help the people around him but without trying to change the course of events in a world in which he's an alien, coming from a more socially and technologically advanced world.It's indeed hard to be a god, in a world where most of the people enjoy drinking a lot and inflicting pain on others whose only fault is to be living in a kingdom that suppresses being human [...]

  • Stacey

    Written by two Russian brothers in the mid-20th century in response to political pressure on art and artistic works under Khrushchev, Hard to be a God is about one man's struggle with the questions of how far to go to save others and live by his moral code, and if he can observe without interfering.The main character in this novel, known mostly as Don Rumata, is a 'historian' who has been placed on a more primitive world to live in and observe the feudal culture that exists there. In kind of a T [...]

  • Roxana-Mălina Chirilă

    14 februarie 2018: Zicea cineva ceva de „E greu să fii zeu” azi și mi-am dat seama că impresia mea, după mai bine de un an de când am citit cartea asta, e una de dificultate și plictiseală. Uite așa a ajuns de la 3 stele la 2.Ce-am scris la 11 iunie 2016: O carte cu tot felul de idei interesante. Câțiva oameni dintr-o societate SF supertehnologică merg să influențeze o lume rusă-spaniolă medievală și descoperă că e mai greu decât și-au imaginat. Poate pentru că oamenii [...]

  • Rob

    .The Strugatsky brothers approach science fiction in a very different way than western authors would and that alone makes it a shame that many of their books are out of print. They make a case for more attention to translations if my opinion. There are many more ways to look at science fiction that what the English-speaking world has to offer. Hard To Be a God is, a book that hides a lot under the fast paced surface of the story. Roadside Picnic remains their best known work but I don't think th [...]

  • Vedran Karlić

    Jeste. Teško je biti Bog, baš kao što je bilo teško proći kroz dosadne dijelove ove knjige kako bi se došlo do onih važnih i dobrih stvar. Usprkos njima, sama premisa iz naslova je jasno oslikana kroz društvena zbivanja i zbog nje dobiva 5 zvjezdica.

  • Lubinka Dimitrova

    3,5 stars.

  • Hayledie

    Beni affedin resmen kitabı elimde süpürge ettim, umursamadım 2 ayda bitirdim -belki daha fazla olmuştur- fln ama mantıklı bir bahanem var.Aslında yok. Neyse yoruma geçelim.Çok uzun yazmayacağım çünkü klasik yorumlayacak kadar uzun boylu değilim lakin söylemek istediğim şeyi de içimde tutamam, çatlarım.Kardeşlerin o hikayeye gizlediği ve vermek istediği anlam yüklü mesajı az buz kavradığıma inanıyorum ki verilmek istenen mesaj çok titiz bir şekilde anlatılıyor, [...]

  • Sandra

    ***- Сущность человека, - неторопливо жуя, говорил Будах, - в удивительной способности привыкать ко всему. Нет в природе ничего такого, к чему бы человек не притерпелся. Ни лошадь, ни собака, ни мышь не обладают таким свойством. Вероятно, бог, создавая человека, догадывался, на к [...]

  • Yzabel Ginsberg

    I read this one for a book club discussion. I didn't like it much.- Too full of pondering instead of being in the action, and as a result, the main character didn't appear so much like a "god who doesn't know whether he should intervene or not", than like a passive observer.- The political commentary laid it a bit too tick to my tastes. It called for something more subtle.- The female characters. Only two, and basically one is a wallflower who's obviously only here to get kidnapped or whatever, [...]

  • Nemo

    "Hard to Be a Good" of the Strugatsky brothers is a very interesting book and quite unusual to the reader who is used to the American-British science fiction.This is due to the style in which it is written, the philosophical discussions, the irony and sophisticated sociopolitical criticism expounded in the book. More surprising is the fact that this book was published in 1964 in the USSR. This is first book of the Strugatsky brothers that I read.A couple of years ago I read an English translatio [...]

  • Simon Hollway

    Oh dear. Roadside Picnic is an astonishing novel - Hard to be a God is a shocking misfire. Maybe it was the new translation only just released - 2014 Bormashenko translation published by Chicago Review Press. As soon as I smacked up against the word 'ballyhooed', I knew I was in for a rocky ride. Actually, come to think of it, even the newly commissioned 'Foreword' to the book by Hari Kunzru read like a C-grade student essayd I quote, 'this is no reactionary celebration of aristocratic derring-d [...]

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