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By Katherine Angel | Comments: ( 697 ) | Date: ( May 29, 2020 )

A provocative and personal meditation on sex, power, and female desireToday s women, we re told, have options in exercising their desire than ever before in history And yet the way we talk about desire is virtually as constrained as it was for the Victorians There s an essential paradox at the heart of female sexuality What we demand in our public lives is often inA provocative and personal meditation on sex, power, and female desireToday s women, we re told, have options in exercising their desire than ever before in history And yet the way we talk about desire is virtually as constrained as it was for the Victorians There s an essential paradox at the heart of female sexuality What we demand in our public lives is often in direct contrast to what we crave in our intimate lives In the tradition of Susan Sontag and Virginia Woolf, Katherine Angel has forged a path through clich , convention, and secrecy, and the result is Unmastered, a searching and idiosyncratic account of her studies in sex as an academic and of her experiences of sex as a woman Unmastered isn t merely personal confession it is also a powerful reckoning with our contradictory and deeply entrenched notions of sexuality Angel embraces the highly charged oppositions dominance versus submission, liberation versus dependence and probes the porousness between masculine and feminine, thought and sensation, self and culture, power and pliancy, always reveling in the elusiveness of easy answers With remarkable candor, Angel reflects on the history of her encounters and beliefs, and shows how our lives are shaped by the words we use and the stories we tell The result is a revelatory book that examines and then explodes our most deeply rooted assumptions Lyrical, brave, and sometimes disarmingly funny, Unmastered will start a thousand debates.

  • Title: Ungebändigt - Über das Begehren, für das es keine Worte gibt
  • Author: Katherine Angel
  • ISBN: 9783608503210
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Katherine Angel

Katherine received her PhD from the History and Philosophy of Science Department at Cambridge University, after which she held a Wellcome Trust Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Centre for the History of Medicine at Warwick University She is currently completing a monograph on Female Sexual Dysfunction in psychiatry Her research has been published in History of the Human Sciences, Biosocieties, and Current Opinion in Psychiatry, and her writing has appeared in Prospect, The New Statesman, The Independent, and Aeon magazine Her work of literary non fiction on sexuality and feminism, Unmastered A Book on Desire, Most Difficult To Tell, is published by Allen Lane Penguin in the UK and Farrar, Straus Giroux in the USA.

Comments Ungebändigt - Über das Begehren, für das es keine Worte gibt

  • Warwick

    AN EXCURSION1. Years ago when Hannah and I moved house, we decided to throw out all our porn. There was a remarkable quantity of it, considering how often we talked about how unsatisfactory it was. We piled it all in a big bin-bag and took it, with a whole carload of other rubbish, to the local dump. Hannah's parents came with us to help unload the bags. Luckily you couldn't see anything through the black bin-bags.2. At the dump, as we were unloading old furniture and other detritus, we realised [...]

  • Scribble Orca

    He was clad in a white bath robe and sitting in the mid-morning autumn sun at the wrought iron table where we had first made love, studying me as I bounded onto the terrace. I grinned at him and he smiled slightly, his long fingers brushing the glass top surface in tempo with Wagner’s Das Rheingold, his eyes teal flecked with dark amber, the pupils pits of non-light, and he continued to observe me as I stretched out my arms, wrists, legs. I bent from my hips to hang head down, palms flat on th [...]

  • Kara

    Highly evocative in some places, but too often crossed over into affectation. Sometimes I wondered if I was actually reading a book of NotTildaSwinton tweets.

  • Roxane

    A really interesting book on sexuality, feminism, femininity and masculinity. Lots to think about throughout. Provocative, sexy, strange, smart.

  • Holly

    Early on I thought Angel had begun to explore some challenging ideas about female desire, but midway she left them (the ideas, questions) and began describing a past abortion, at which point I lost the thread of how that connected to her sexual desire - I mean, I did not follow/comprehend how this traumatic incident informed her thesis. The link was probably laid out in poetic metaphoric prose but I just missed it since I was impatient with this abortion section (though the entire book was perso [...]

  • Kevin

    Too many people are complaining about all the white space and how this book should really be only 100 pages, but nevermind all that. This fast, flighty, flashy dissection of love and lust is powerful and daring. Fans of Maggie Nelson would probably love Angel's academic rigor and semi-nostalgic tone.From pg 70: Sex, said Sontag--"unlike writing a book, making a career, raising a child"--is "not a project."Sex "consumes itself each day. There are no promises, no goals, nothing promised. It is not [...]

  • Hafidha

    Very impressed by good use of this prose poetry essay memoir - however you want to call it. I may change rating from 4 to 5 after rereading the end. I felt the book started out stronger than it ended, and final third or quarter seemed to run parallel to the rest (as opposed to coming after). But otherwise, a thought provoking read, with great use of terrific Sontag quotes.

  • Maggie

    A fascinating read of delicate language which gives a glimpse of the greatest desire of mankind. An amazing portrait of the struggle of feminist and masculinity- a match but also a symphony.A quick read but scent in every word is long-lasting.

  • Heather

    The structure and subject of and tone of Unmastered—prose in numbered sections, sex, the mix of the personal with semi-academic meditations—made me think of Maggie Nelson's Bluets, though I am not as in love with this book as I am with that one. Which isn't to say this book is bad, just that it didn't hit me quite like Nelson's did. Unmastered was a quick read for me (there's a lot of white space) and I read it twice over the course of a week, finding myself struck by different bits each tim [...]

  • Libby

    I think if my friend, lately obsessed and madly in love with a new boyfriend, read this book instead of me, she'd have loved it. But I read it, and I didn't love it. I think if you'd told me about the idea of it, or if I'd read it at another point (before, when I was in love, or maybe in the future, when I am again) I'd have underlined passages, texted them to friends, reread pages feeling understood. But I just felt really underwhelmingly disconnected from this whole book. It felt - god, the on [...]

  • Priya Bhakta

    This is an interesting book. I started it not quite sure what it was - poetry, prose, short stories, non-fiction - and I suppose it is all of those things.Unmastered: A Book on Desire, Most Difficult to Tell is just that - a book about desire. Told by Katherine Angel and informed by her own experiences and knowledge. I found myself folding over the bottom corners - something I do when there's something to go back to, there's plenty of that.The book is broken into sections with semi-cryptic names [...]

  • Hesper

    Just to be clear, this is white, upper class and very heteronormative desire. Angel repeatedly invokes Sontag and Woolf, claiming for herself a branch on that intellectual family tree. No problem there; desire is personal, inextricable from the social context of the individual inflamed with it. You can take the urchin off the streets, but never the streets out of the urchin, that sort of thing.Therein the issue. This book, meditative, confessional, occasionally philosophical without ever losing [...]

  • Helen McClory

    A slender book with a firm heart, seeking to shift around easy categorisation or arguments. Desire, the politics of desire, the desire taken in a crisp sunny day -I loved the author's smart resistance while in lectures of one sort or another, her urge to question, dispute, to break the cosy bubble around certain discussions. As a note to other readers - the focus is on heterosexual love and desire (and without shame on the desiring of the self). Also provides a leaping off point for writings on [...]

  • Taylor Trauger

    Through her personal experiences and scholarly work, Katherine Angel explores desire, femininity, masculinity, power, choice, love, grief, and culture from a modern feminist perspective, with appropriate nods to Woolf, Sontag, Foucault, and others. Part memoir, part cultural criticism, it's written in snippets of lyrical prose that connect to create a moving, erotic, funny, critical, honest essay about that thing "most difficult to tell" (especially for women who are disproportionately condition [...]

  • Kelly Spoer

    There is something that is hard to describe. Or to be exact, something that I can't describe yet. Something I'm not vulnerable enough to parse out in particular phrases. But this. Thisok.I know friends who need to read this. If only to talk about it. To ponder the questions within their own life and within these pages. Sex and feminism. Control.Top or bottom or both because. Just. Because. I am going to own my own copy of this. And write in the margins.

  • Sasha

    I just finished this book and immediately want to give it a re-read. Compelling, intense language that cracks open narrative, memoir, and confession. I don't agree on all of her points, but that doesn't matter -- I would be suspicious if we agreed unanimously about something as personal as sexual desire. A stunning example of (a very singular and critically aware) female subjectivity and an exploration of the personal interior, what's at stake, and why it's important.

  • Courtney


  • Bert

    Zeggen, of schrijven, dat 'Ongebonden' het noodzakelijke antwoord is op - of het literair tegengif voor - de vijftig tinten-hype, doet dit boek heel wat oneer aan. Het is niet omdat een boek het seksueel verlangen beschrijft dat het ook de erotische fantasie prikkelt - zij het alleen maar in de gedachten van de lezer. Neen, dit boek tot erotische literatuur kleineren is te makkelijk lezen. Het is poëzie. Het is een biografie. Als dagboekfragmenten. Een onuitgeschreven studie over de woorden van [...]

  • [☆] мєℓαиιє [★]

    Der Schreibstil der Autorin war für mich echt gewöhnungsbedürftig und ich muss ehrlich gestehen, dass es mich persönlich schon etwas gestört hat, teilweise nur einen Satz auf einer einzigen Seiten zu lesen.Der Titel an sich "Über das Begehren, für das es keine Worte gibt", trifft sogar auf ich zu, denn ich habe wirklich keine Worte dafür gehabt. Ich habe lange überlegen müssen, was ich denn überhaupt schreibe, wie ich es denn überhaupt schreibe. Es mag sein, dass dieses Werk von Kath [...]

  • Coco

    I've been sitting on this finished book for so long I now have associated late fees at the library. I haven't been able to figure out how to review it without divulging all of my innermost fears and insecurities, and yes, desires. I could focus solely on the writing in the book. Angel's words are seductive and deliberate. Part prose, part poetry, she paints pictures of her journey toward an identity cultivated by herself and claiming her sexuality. The book was an incredibly quick read and the p [...]

  • Asya

    There is so little gorgeous evocative brilliant writing about sex and desire and I so badly wanted this book to be it, one of the few intelligent bits of prose on the subject. There were certainly gems, phrases, passages, threads of thought not quite followed through. Angel's prose at its best is lyrical and controlled, but those passages sank quickly in the overall looseness of this book. For a work that's supposed to be about the body, the language seemed to float abstractly, sometimes verging [...]

  • Patty

    “Good loving can be fortuitous, partly a question of timing. A few years ago, emerging from a subterranean place – the lifting away of unhappiness – up, up, away! – a balloon released – I unfurled myself, out of a paralysis of thought, feeling, memory.”It has been over three weeks since I finished this book. Every time I see it on my shelf, I question its existence. I am not sure why. It is so different from any book I remember reading. This is a book about sex written by a woman. Wh [...]

  • Panther Smith

    Certainly, this book diverges from the pop erotic literature that has so littered the shelves of book stores as of late. The first half of the book is spellbinding, with concise, inventive phrasing, Katherine Angel describes the discovery of her sexual proclivities, and how they relate to her overall sociopolitical outlook. It is a conflict that is not too foreign to me, that a woman can simultaneously consider herself equal to a man on a day to day basis, but have a physical relationship that d [...]

  • John

    Remarkable. It is best when it is lyrical, impressionistic, gnomic, and wise about the contradictions pulling it apart. Desire is no easy thing to dissect without killing it, so it suits me to have a rich flavor of it and some canny regard for the levels of complexity that make it such an entangled subject. Just past half way, things move in more academic directions and the prose runs longer, with fewer of those pregnant pauses littering the front half. Finally we move into painful territory and [...]

  • Kent Winward

    I enjoyed the meditative quality of Angel's sexual musings. She explores some of the more intriguing aspects of female (and in the shadow male) desire.Force/Submission: "He must cultivate force, but be able to divine the moments when it is 'no longer force because his own will is his partner's will."Fleeting of Sensation: "Sex 'consumes itself each day. There are no promises, no goals, nothing postponed. It is not an accumulation."The inability to apply reason to understanding: "Here, in these r [...]

  • Lee Kofman

    This book about the nature of author's sexual desire proved to be not a poetic memoir of sexuality as I was hoping, but a tedious self-indulgent collection of second-hand ideas (e.g. that female desire isn’t what pornography shows it to be) and abstract references to Angel’s affair that never materialised into something tangible enough to evoke some emotional response in me. The typical affair descriptions can be, like on p.150 ‘There is utter silence between us; just feelings of rupture [...]

  • Kj

    What an amazing book! It was not erotica, but a memoir about eroticism within relationships and personally trying to find your place within or outside social (feminist) norms. The book is beautifully written - organized as an outline, with intelligent language that is poetic and thought-provoking. I couldn't read it in one sitting, because there's so much to take in and reflect on. I also kept wanting to share passages with my boyfriend, but he wasn't sitting right there, so I'll have to read it [...]

  • Stacey

    Disjointed, poetic, the wide open space of the pages, this book explores femininity, masculinity, feminism, sexuality, life, literature, desire, pornography, politics with just a few lines on a page. Inspiring and informative by way of an intimate glimpse into the private mind of the author, it captures years of intimacy in a flash and leaves a great deal open to interpretation.

  • MT

    A very well-structured stream of conscience, it reads quickly and makes sense only if read altogether or in large sections. The qualitative academic research that went into it becomes apparent from the first chapter. Sontag and Woolf quotes speckle the pages in a more colorful way than occasional erotically-themed passages.

  • verbava

    спершу здавалося, що це щось на кшталт "фрагментів мови закоханого", і якби так і виявилося, було б, мабуть, дуже добре. але потім воно стало аж занадто особисте, і не те щоби більше не резонувало, а скоріш почало знічувати: наче хтось при тобі порпається патичком у себе в нутро [...]

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  • Best Download [Katherine Angel] é Ungebändigt - Über das Begehren, für das es keine Worte gibt || [Nonfiction Book] PDF ☆
    306 Katherine Angel
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