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By Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen Zachariah OHora | Comments: ( 524 ) | Date: ( Jul 04, 2020 )

In this read along picture book, a classroom full of young dinosaurs plays with toys, does art projects, and reads books But each activity is another opportunity for the over enthusiastic Tyrannosaurus Rex to wreak havoc Parents and young children will love the call and response nature of the book, and young dinosaur fans will appreciate the listing and pronunciation guIn this read along picture book, a classroom full of young dinosaurs plays with toys, does art projects, and reads books But each activity is another opportunity for the over enthusiastic Tyrannosaurus Rex to wreak havoc Parents and young children will love the call and response nature of the book, and young dinosaur fans will appreciate the listing and pronunciation guide for a dozen different dino species The format is extra vertical in order to accommodate T Rex s biggest messes.Praise for Tyrannosaurus Wrecks Punchy writing, an equally in your face palette, and OHora s characteristically brash painting style make this as much a stompalong as a readaloud Publishers Weekly Along with the pleasure of pronouncing those multisyllabic dino names, young audiences may find food for thought in the behavioral dynamics on display Kirkus Reviews Warmly colored with childlike bodies and emotive faces, Ohora s dinosaurs are among the cutest you will come across in children s books Booklist The brief rhyming text, which scans well, tells a story with child appeal There is a good balance of two to three word sentences with large, uncluttered illustrations, making the book a good choice for reading aloud In their simplicity, the brightly colored pictures have the look of children s art, but they enhance the classroom setting appropriately with interesting details School Library Journal The shapely dinos, whose rough charcoal style outlines and strong colors vividly contrast with the white or sometimes black backgrounds, are chunky and friendly in an eight crayon box color scheme and snazzy Peanuts reminiscent outfits Bulletin of the Center for Children s Books Together the chanting rhythm, ragged lines, and setting of an un chaperoned dinosaur class create a satisfyingly high energy, primal read aloud strongly reminiscent of Bob Shea s Dinosaur vs series The Horn Book Magazine

  • Title: Tyrannosaurus Wrecks!
  • Author: Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen Zachariah OHora
  • ISBN: 9781419710353
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen Zachariah OHora

Sudipta Bardhan Quallen is an award winning children s book author whose books include Duck Duck Moose, Chicks Run Wild, Pirate Princess, Hampire , and the forthcoming Orangutangled She visits schools around the country to talk about the craft of writing to children of all ages Every book is an autobiography is a favorite saying of hers, and a big part of her message is that everyone, grownup or child, has a story that is interesting and compelling if you can find the right words to tell it Sudipta lives outside Philadelphia with her children and an imaginary pony named Penny You can learn about her and her books on her website sudipta or at her blog NerdyChicksRule.

Comments Tyrannosaurus Wrecks!

  • Jon(athan) Nakapalau

    Wow! I guess I was a TW when I was in the 3rd grade! But I didn't know it at the time.

  • Laura

    I love the rhythm and rhyme in this short. Tyrannosaurus has a problem -- his careless ways and playful streak means that he makes wreck after wreck. But when his friends call him out for his wrecking ways, he isn't able to solve his problem without some help and support from his dino buddies. The muted colors and charming details make the illustrations as much fun as the text. Recommended for pre-K read aloud, this is a story that invited participation and sympathy from young readers.

  • Cheryl

    He's not a bully; he's just enthusiastic, impulsive, and clumsy. But they're all good kids, so they manage to find a way to all work together towards peace, harmony, and success. Funny and adorable.

  • Kristen

    This picture book for the younger crowd would be great to read in the beginning of the school year, or when this kind of scene in the block area becomes frustratingly familiar:"Stegosaurus stacks. Triceratops erects. Gallimimus builds it up. Tyrannosaurus/ WRECKS!"I think reading this book aloud with discussion will be the best use for this book. Tyrannosaurus seems to be having a great time wrecking stuff, but his friends are miserable. When they all tell him to go away, he's heartbroken. Is he [...]

  • Barbara

    This delightfully humorous picture book features young anthropomorphized dinosaurs attending school. While the other dinosaurs work hard in class, everything the Tyrannosaurus touches ends up becoming a big mess. At first it might seem that he is simply a destructive sort, but as readers move through the pages, they will realize that he's just accident-prone and deserves some compassion. Young readers will surely love the rhyming text, the adorable dinosaurs and the digitally-enhanced illustrati [...]

  • DeA

    Great book for any child who needs to know about how to play with others. Colorful illustrations with accurate naming of the different dinosaurs in the book. Was a fun one to share with the toddlers in my storytime. Recommend to any child but most especially one obsessed with dinosaurs.

  • Lynn

    Perfect for back-to-school for preschoolers or kindergarten. What a great play on words, and introduction to homophones for older students!Sparse, simple text is to the point and told in rhyme, making it easy for young readers to read it again and again by themselves. They will love saying, “WRECKS!” There is a pattern in the text with a surprise ending. The thick pages will stand up to the many page turns that little hands will want to do.Bold, simple illustrations, sort of block style, sho [...]

  • Traci Bold

    A book about dinosaurs is always an attention grabber and 'TYRANNOSAURUS WRECKS' does not disappoint. The first page hooks the reader with colorful illustrations and different dinosaurs doing their thing. The next set of pages, Tyrannosaurus wrecks what was done.The story continues until the other dinosaurs cannot take it anymore. Tyrannosaurus is lonely and miserable. The other dinosaurs pool together to solve the problem.Dinosaur names are hard to pronounce so in the front and back of this boo [...]

  • Primo Flores

    My 2 and a half yr old kid likes it a lot, it is not on current rotation on the "go to bed" booklist but we have this one on the living room where he can have constant access to it. Since I got it, he picks it up and asks me to read it and I reread it 2 or 3 extra times per his request, and I oblige because it takes 5 minutes to go through it, this has been going on for about a week now.The only reason I don't rate it 5 stars is that when I read it I translate it to spanish, and that wrecks/rex [...]

  • Venus

    In a classroom full of dinosaurs, everything seems to descend into chaos whenever Tyrannosaurus Rex Wrecks the place.This is a very simple review. I absolutely love the play on words, the varied and authentic dinosaur names, as well as the colorful illustrations. The formatting, the use of space, and the utter chaos was fun, educational, and something little ones will definitely be able to relate to. After all, who hasn't had a Tyrannosaurus Wrecks kind of day? Review originally posted here at C [...]

  • Kelsey

    Age: Infant-preschoolEmotions: Messiness, destructionGreat rhyming meter full of dino vocab. While all the other dinosaurs are enjoying craft time or play time, Tyrannosaurs plows in and enjoys wrecking time. But the other dinosaurs get upset and Tyrannosaurus is left lonely and sad. All on his own, he figures out how to fix his destructive manner by repairing his mistakes and tidying up what he destroyed. This book will serve as a great way to discuss that making a mess of other people's hard w [...]

  • Kristina Jean Lareau

    I love this book.Tyrannosaurus wrecks! The rhyming lines are perfect, not jarring or near/slant rhymes. The illustrations are bright, dynamic, created with ink and colored digitally giving this book an artsy yet clean look. This would make a great read-aloud, though would definitely take some practice to get those name right. Pair it with Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad? for a riotous time.

  • Linda

    Very fun book. I wish I'd written it. Long ago I made up a joke for my kids about dinosaurs: Q: Why don't dinosaurs drive cars? A: Because Tyrannosaurus wrecks! Well the tyrannosaurus in this story has a difficult time creating and playing in his preschool classroom. His kind and friendly classmates give him a chance for success. This is a fun picture book that young dinosaur lovers will especially enjoy.

  • :Donna Marie

    TYRANNOSAURUS WRECKS!Just when you think you've read enough dinosaur books, thinking they should've been extinct by now, along comes another one---and you're glad they're still around!The clever play on words entertains with each page turn, once again showing author Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen's expertise in the picture book format. Zachariah O'Hara's illustrations depict the action perfectly. This is a really fun read :D

  • Robbi Caldwell

    Cute Dino book to add to the plethora of Dino books out there! Adorable illustrations, a fun, repetitive reading experience, and end pages that give the phonetic spelling of each dinosaur name, this book is one I'm happy to read to my kiddos several times in a row!And the best part? My three year old "got it" right away. Her summation? "Everybody needs a friend." :) Enjoyable!

  • Marcie

    Preschool and Kindergarten will love this as a read aloud. It would be great for forcing readers to learn to say the dinosaurs. Fun and funny. I didn't love the end, but you can't have everything, and that probably is what happens, just when you get one kid fixed another falls apart. I wonder how Kindergarten and preschool teachers will feel about this one.

  • Melissa

    Fiction Book 3Paired with Non-fiction book Biggest, Baddest Book of Dinosaurs I paired these books together because after reading Tyrannosaurus Wrecks you can read and learn new facts about the biggest, baddest dinosaurs including the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

  • Jen

    More brilliant artwork from Zachariah Ohora and a great story about a T-Rex (WRECKS! A PERFECT PUN) who can't seem to do anything right. Loved, loved, loved this book. My co-worker and I actually squealed over it when it came into the library.

  • Julee

    A dinosaur rhyming story about a Tyrannosaurus who causes trouble by wrecking everything around him and his friends who help him curb the urge to wreck.Author offers free downloadable bookmarks on her website:sudipta/Tyrannosaurus_

  • Roben

    A must buy for any true dinosaur lover! The other dinosaurs build and create while Tyrannosaurus simply wrecks. But is he really doing it on purpose? Or will friendship and cooperation help Tyrannosaurus's destructive behavior? A nice plus is the pronunciation chart for a bevy of dinosaur names!

  • Samantha

    T. Rex's bad behavior doesn't sit well with his peers, but they help him fall in line. Nice pattern with a refrain. Ink illustrations colored digitally give the dinosaurs a preschool/cartoony look, which I loved. Fun read aloud for PreK-2.

  • Erin

    It is a bit early to tell (haven't tried reading it to my niece yet), but I love it! It is colorful, simple, the setting is something the kids can relate to, and has a great message. It the kids get into it and ask for it over and over, I'll upgrade this to 5 stars.

  • Robin

    Luckily I knew most of these dinosaur names but there was one that left me tonguy-tied, nevertheless, this is a highly entertaining book featuring dinosaurs who go to school together. Spoiler alert: the T-rex misbehaves!

  • Renee

    A cute story about a Tyrannosaurus who keeps wrecking things in his classroom. When he is lonely due to not having friends, he tries to be kind and tidy but his nature wins out. The moral of - we all make mistakes is a great one to share with children.

  • Michelle Gray

    Theme: dinosaurs

  • Mely

    My little one loved this book. She's really into dinosaurs lately and this is right up her alley. Simple, but cute illustrations with simple rhyming text verse. Loved that it used the actual names of dinosaurs instead of made up names that other dinosaur picture books use.

  • Heather

    My 4 year old son loves this book. I think it is because he can relate to the t-rex who is constantly causing a ruckus. This book show's youngsters how to have empathy and a heart change while learning about different types of dinosaurs.

  • Luann

    This would be perfect for a dinosaur-themed storytime. The rhyming text is great to read aloud, the story shows a group working together to get along, and kids will enjoy joining in with the repeated "Tyrannosaurus (turn the page) WRECKS!"

  • Shari

    All the other little dinosaurs and working and playing nicely, but not Tyrannosaurus. Opens up conversations about how to treat each other and classroom materials. Good read aloud choice for the beginning of the school year in prekindergarten and kindergarten.

  • Peacegal

    We all knew that one kid.This is a theme that's been explored in a few books now, but I think this one may be my favorite. The rhyme is cute, the illustrations are sweetly funny, and the classroom setting will be easy for kids to relate to.

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