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By Carmella Van Vleet | Comments: ( 931 ) | Date: ( Jul 13, 2020 )

In this uplifting debut novel about determination and the rewards of hard work, a preteen girl struggling with ADHD must stick with a summer taekwondo class to prove that she s dedicated enough to pursue her true passion of cake decorating.Eliza has had many hobbies in her eleven years, and most of them haven t lasted very long After she and her friend Tony create a bakinIn this uplifting debut novel about determination and the rewards of hard work, a preteen girl struggling with ADHD must stick with a summer taekwondo class to prove that she s dedicated enough to pursue her true passion of cake decorating.Eliza has had many hobbies in her eleven years, and most of them haven t lasted very long After she and her friend Tony create a baking business for a class project, Eliza is certain that cake decorating is her destiny Her parents insist that the summer Cakes with Caroline class is too expensive, given Eliza s history of quickly losing interest in things Desperate to show them that she can be diligent, she volunteers to take her brother s unwanted spot in a taekwondo class At first, Eliza has absolutely no interest in martial arts, and taekwondo is a huge challenge for her since she has ADHD Eliza is tempted to drop out right away, especially when mean girl Madison shows up in class But a true martial artist never quits Can Eliza rise to the challenge A 2015 Christopher Award Winner in the Books for Young People Category

  • Title: Eliza Bing Is (Not) a Big, Fat Quitter
  • Author: Carmella Van Vleet
  • ISBN: 9780823429448
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Carmella Van Vleet

Carmella Van Vleet Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Eliza Bing Is (Not) a Big, Fat Quitter book, this is one of the most wanted Carmella Van Vleet author readers around the world.

Comments Eliza Bing Is (Not) a Big, Fat Quitter

  • Ella

    Eliza Bing really wants to take a cake decorating class with her friend Toby, but her parents say the class was too expensive. When her older brother Sam drops out of a taekwondo class on his first lesson, Eliza makes a deal with her parents: if she manages to get her yellow belt, her parents will sign her up for the fall cake decorating class. Eliza has ADHD which makes the her side of the deal a little bit harder. This book has quite a bit of korean. For example, taekwondo means the art of han [...]

  • Greg

    As a Dad on the hunt for good books for my kids, I downloaded this book for my kindle app.This is a great book. I enjoyed the first person narration. It brought back memories of how as a kid everything was an emergency. I like the narrator's journey through disappointment and success. Eliza's first brush with grown up empathy was similar to my own.I enjoyed the descriptions. I will definitely describe a cloudy sky as looking like dirty socks. I liked the mention of the squeak a brand new dobok m [...]

  • Christina Farley

    I love Eliza so much. She's real and fun and totally NOT a quitter. Once you start reading, you won't want her adventures to end.

  • Erin

    Sweet book about a kid with ADHD who stumbles into Taekwando.

  • Mary

    The topic of the fear of everything changing for middle school seems to be older than the reader this book is aimed for. So it's a good book for kids that aren't superb readers.

  • Nadine

    Sweet story of young girl overcoming instinct to give up easily and persevering through learning taekwando

  • Lisle Library Youth Services

    Eliza Bing learns about perseverance while doing tae kwon do. It's a great little book about a kid with ADHD with a positive outcome.Sarah

  • Kelly

    Eliza Bing Is (Not) a Big, Fat Quitter by Carmella Van Vleet is a nominee for the 2016-17 South Carolina Children's Book Award.Eliza Bing, a young girl who struggles with ADHD, needs to prove to her parents that she's not a quitter. It's the only way they'll let her enroll in her dream cake-decorating class at the community center. But how can she convince them? Well, Eliza comes up with the idea of taking her brother's spot in the center's taekwondo class. If she can stick with the class all su [...]

  • Elissa Schaeffer

    I loved Eliza Bing! I grew up with an ADHD sister and there was so much I appreciated in this book. Eliza wants to take a cake decorating class during the summer with her friend Tony. However, due to her track record of signing up for things and then quitting, her parents say no. Her brother starts Tae Kwon Do and quits after the first class. So Eliza strikes a deal, she'll take her brother's place in Tae Kwon Do and see it through to the end to prove she's not a quitter and in return she can ta [...]

  • Martha

    Eliza is an 11-year-old quirky girl who has trouble fitting in with her classmates. She makes friends with popular Tony however, because they worked together on a very successful social studies project called the "Tasty Pastry" project. That summer she asks her parents if she can sign up for the "Cakes with Caroline" class, a cake baking class that her friend Tony has already signed up for. Her parents say "no" to her request. By snooping, she overhears them discussing her baking class privately [...]

  • Christine

    ELIZA BING IS (N0T) A BIG, FAT QUITTER by Carmella Van Vleet is ideal for all children from those reading early chapter books through middle grade. The word choices, short sentences, and short chapters make it accessible for HI/LO, reluctant readers, and short attention spans. [Note to teachers: I am making this recommendation as one who writes school and library books according to Lexile, FK and specific word lists.] Even if your child does not have ADHD like the main character Eliza, most all [...]

  • Lisa

    When 11-year-old Eliza Bing grows up, she wants to have a bakery like her best friend Tony’s family and decorate cakes. But with her dad going back to school and her mom working extra shifts because money is tight, Eliza can’t take the expensive summer community ed class “Cakes with Caroline.” Instead she takes her brother’s spot in a tae kwon do class to prove to her parents that she’s not a quitter; and she’s committed to stay focused, so she can take the cake class in the fall. [...]

  • C

    I picked this up at the library while refreshing displays - I liked the idea of an ADHD main character.I finally got around to reading it, after letting it get dusty on the nightstand, and I really enjoyed it. It's laid out the way an ADHD kid would think - almost a stream of consciousness narrative (maybe a lot less bunny trails, granted). I (all grown up with ADHD) could relate to the character - especially the little things she struggles with missing or skipping steps when doing something tha [...]

  • Teresa Bateman

    Eliza Bing is eleven and sometimes her life can be downright annoying. She wants to take a cake-decorating class, but her history of taking up things only to lose interest dissuades her parents from spending the money. The budget is tight, after all. Can Eliza prove she's not a quitter? When her brother quits taekwondo Eliza takes his place and is determined to stick it out. This is not easy. She has ADHD, a girl she doesn't like is in the class, and she appears to have lost her best friend. Thi [...]

  • Serina

    Defiantly one of the sweeter, simpler (and shorter yay! Lol) stories on the list. Eliza has problems focusing, like her dad. So when her mind speeds up and jumps from place to place it creates difficulty. She promises her parents to stick with a martial arts class. Learns that she likes the discipline of the class. Learns a bit a Korean too. I thought it was very good at diving into her thoughts it can just move. And when you look up; everyone is looking at you. Slightly cringe worthy some of t [...]

  • Alice

    I liked this much more than I thought I would. My first thought was, a female Joey Pigza. But Eliza Bing is so much more than a girl with ADHD trying to navigate the summer before middle school when she doesn't necessarily understand all the social "rules" of her peers. When her older brother starts and immediately quits Taekwando classes, Eliza thinks that if she can stay with it, her parents will allow her to take cake decorating classes with her idol,the host of Cakes with Caroline. Eliza wan [...]

  • Susan

    This wasn't anything earth-shattering, but it was a sweet story about a young girl with ADHD and a propensity to quit everything she starts after the initial rush has passed. When she makes an agreement with her parents to complete a taekwondo class in order to convince them to let her take another class that she's really interested in, she doesn't expect to find herself so committed to her taekwondo practice. Although Eliza is a rising sixth grader and she's growing and learning important lesso [...]

  • Yapha

    More than anything, Eliza wants to be a cake decorator like her idol, Sweet Caroline. She is finally taking meds for ADHD and working hard at being socially appropriate. When her parents tell her that the summer class in cake decorating is too expensive, she is devastated. When she overhears them talking about how she has quit everything that she has tried, Eliza comes up with a plan. If she finishes her brother's Tae Kwan Do classes, they will let her take the cake decorating class in the Fall. [...]

  • Lisa

    Eliza is worried about plenty of things but they are all normal aspects of life. She begins middle school soon and is uncertain about how she will fit in there. She takes medication for hyperactivity and the book clearly explains how she copes with this challenge daily. The biggest obstacle is trying to overcome her parents' perception that she doesn't complete things. When Eliza decides to take a summer class she might have taken on too much. The ending of this book is very satisfying. I like t [...]

  • Sara

    This is a nice, simple, realistic fiction book for intermediate grades. I liked Eliza's good heart, but struggle with normal kid emotions and her ADD. There was a good father and a good mother too! A bonus in upper elementary literature these days. It would be a quick read for strong 4th graders and yet, struggling students would identify with Eliza. A predictable story, but not a bad one. I would hand it to girls looking for a relatable character who want something not challenging or hard to fo [...]

  • Annie

    I think this could be a very engaging book for upper elementary and middle school readers. It's a pretty relatable story about a girl who struggles to focus and stick with anything (due to her ADHD), and the book is definitely written from her POV as there are parts that are all over the place. It took me a while to get into it, but it's true to her character. However, this has really no merit to being using in social studies instruction. Not sure why this was on the Notable nominees list. Good [...]

  • Jessica

    It was a cute enough story, but a little too slow and a little too dry. I hate being a harsh critic of children's books, but nothing really happened in this oneIt will work well for 2nd or 3rd graders who are starting to read chapter books, but I'm not even sure it will hold their interest. These kinds of "day in the life of" contemporary fiction novels would probably do better as short chapter books or even picture books.

  • Lynne Holcombe

    Great children's book about a student with ADHD and her relationships with her family and friends. Eliza never finishes anything because she can't keep her mind on something after she starts, so when she wants to take a cake decorating class that her parents can't afford, they reach a deal - she will finish her brother's karate class and if she does that, she can possibly take the class in the fall.

  • Iman

    really good the best book ever it is about a girl with adhd and her dad lost his job so her brother didn't like taekwondo and everyone thinks eliza is a quitter and her parents both worked but her dad went back to college and eliza wanted to do cooking class but her parents said it is to much money so she made a deal with them and said that she would take her brothers place in taekwondo then later on in the summer she would go to cooking class but I don't want to spoil the end !

  • Melissa Landers

    This story was adorable, and I saw so much of myself and my daughter in Eliza. (We also have ADD.) I especially identified with the way Eliza's thoughts would ping around inside her head when she was trying to focus. Her journey from "quitter" to yellow belt flowed naturally as she took her lessons from martial arts and applied them to her life. I wish this book had been available when my daughter was young. Great protagonist and a wonderful message!

  • Jeannie

    Eliza who has ADHD, mostly loses interest in projects after they present a challenge. However, she would like to take cake decorating classes. To earn this she take her bother's remaining Taekwando lessons It is a struggle but she IS determined. This realistic story shows that girls also can have ADHD.

  • Mary

    Eliza could appeal to many chapter book readers. A story of friend woes just like most preteens experience. Eliza is "out-growing" her ADHD tendencies. Parents are very aware that she needs to stick to something and although she really wants to take a cake decorating class, she finishes and is even pretty good at the karate class her brother did not complete.

  • Jennifer

    I read this one for the Sequoyah list at school. It was not one I was super excited about but it ended up becoming one of my favorites. I love the spirit of Eliza and she just jumped off the page for me. This makes me want to look into Taikwondo for my own kids. I loved learning more about this for me unknown form of Martial Arts.

  • pati

    Eliza is learning how to stick to a plan and finds that takes a lot of time and attention to the details. While she slips a bit from time to time, she learns that she has what it takes to get what she wants.

  • Bethe

    4.5 stars engaging story of a 5th grader trying to prove her stick-to-it-ness to her parents over summer break, eventually coming to love her new sport of tae kwando. Realistic and touching portrayal of a female main character with ADHD.

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