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By Morris Gleitzman | Comments: ( 612 ) | Date: ( Feb 28, 2020 )

When 13 year old Matt is discovered impressing the livestock in an Aussie country town with his remarkable soccer skills, he s offered the chance of a lifetime a try out at one of Europe s biggest and most glamorous soccer clubs His younger sister Bridie goes with him as his manager and tells us their story warts, goals and all.The funny and moving story of a sister sWhen 13 year old Matt is discovered impressing the livestock in an Aussie country town with his remarkable soccer skills, he s offered the chance of a lifetime a try out at one of Europe s biggest and most glamorous soccer clubs His younger sister Bridie goes with him as his manager and tells us their story warts, goals and all.The funny and moving story of a sister s love for her brother, and how it survives everything fate throws at it, including the millions of pounds and mountains of pressure at the top of the world s most popular sport.

  • Title: Extra Time
  • Author: Morris Gleitzman
  • ISBN: 9780143307754
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Morris Gleitzman

Morris began his writing career as a screenwriter, and wrote his first children s novel in 1985 His brilliantly comic style has endeared him to children and adults alike, and he is now one of Australia s most successful authors, both internationally and at home He was born in England in 1953 and emigrated to Australia in 1969 so he could escape from school and become a Very Famous Writer.Before realising that dream, he had a colourful career as paperboy, bottle shop shelf stacker, department store Santa Claus, frozen chicken defroster, fashion design assistant and sugar mill employee In between he managed to gain a degree in Professional Writing at the Canberra College of Advanced Education Later he became sole writer for three award winning and top rating seasons with the TV comedy series The Norman Gunston Show.Morris wrote a number of feature film and telemovie screenplays, including The Other Facts of Life and Second Childhood, both produced by The Australian Children s Television Foundation The Other Facts of Life won an AWGIE Award for the Best Original Children s Film Script.He also wrote live stage material for people such as Rolf Harris, Pamela Stephenson and the Governor General of Australia Morris is well known to many people through his semi autobiographical columns in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald magazine, Good Weekend, which he wrote for nine years.But the majority of Morris accolades are for his hugely popular children s books One of his most successful books for young people is Two Weeks with the Queen, an international bestseller which was also adapted into a play by Mary Morris The play had many successful seasons in Australia and was then produced at the National Theatre in London in 1995 directed by Alan Ayckbourn, and also in South Africa, Canada, Japan and the USA.All his other books have been shortlisted for or have won numerous children s book prizes These include The Other Facts of Life, Second Childhood, Misery Guts, Worry Warts, Puppy Fat, Blabber Mouth, Sticky Beak, Belly Flop, Water Wings, Bumface, Gift Of The Gab, Toad Rage, Wicked and Deadly , two six part novels written in collaboration with Paul Jennings, Adults Only, Toad Heaven, Boy Overboard, Teacher s Pet, Toad Away, Girl Underground, Worm Story, Once, Aristotle s Nostril, Doubting Thomas, Give Peas A Chance, Then, Toad Surprise, Grace, Now, Too Small To Fail, and his latest book, Pizza Cake Morris children s books have been published in the UK, the USA, Germany, Italy, Japan, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Indonesia and Czechoslovakia, Russia and China.

Comments Extra Time

  • Lachie

    it is an interesting story line because he was abit weard

  • ALPHAreader

    Matt is the soccer star, and his sister Bridie his manager. Matt doesn’t let a busted leg or bullies interfere in his game, same way that Bridie doesn’t let her asthma stop her from looking out for her big brother. This family knows to stick together, after a tragedy pulled them tight and has their mum always fretting, and Uncle Cliff keeping a watchful eye on things.Bridie and Matt are due some good luck in their lives but when it comes their way and dreams come true, both are surprised at [...]

  • Heather

    *This review was written for a school assignment.*As a regular winner of children’s book awards, and being inducted into KOALA’s legends list, it is no wonder that Morris Gleitzman’s books are treasures. His latest story, Extra Time is shortlisted in the Fiction for Younger Readers category of the 2014 KOALA awards. This story spans the Australian outback and English cities as we find our soccer-loving main character and her superstar brother from rural Australia be given the chance to tra [...]

  • Ben

    I chose this book, first of all because I love football. But the main reason is that the story in "Extra Time" reminds me of the story of my favourite player, Steven Gerarrd."Extra Time" is about two children who are obsessed with football. Their names are Matt and Bridge. They live with their parents in rural Australia. Their parents are worried about Matt and Bridge going out to play football because they had two other children, twin boys, who died in a car accident.One day Matt plays with the [...]

  • Lynda

    Outback kid Matt Sutherland is a soccer genius. His little sister and manager, Bridie, is determined to put him in the world spotlight - and succeeds. With their Uncle Cliff, they end up on trial for a week in London with other teens trying out for the English Premier League. But a week can be a very long time in the cut throat world of Premier League soccer.With all of Gleitzman's trademark twists and turns, laugh out loud moments and lumps in the throat, this is a heart-warming read for the yo [...]

  • Shane Harcombe

    Another solid book from Morris Gleitzman, although for the first time I am staying to think the formula is wearing thin. His main character/narrator is just a little too naive, a little too young for her years etc. The story telling is predictable up to a point, but it is still enjoyable and I can think of half a dozen boys in my class who would lap it up because it deals with professional football (Soccer).

  • Umermain

    extra time is a about a 14 year old boy named Matt. Matt has pins in legs but it doesn't stop him from playing soccer. he is a great footballer he is given a chance to train with one of the biggest clubs in England. but the club players all are harsh Matt turns in to a harsh player. his uncle and his sister try to turn him back into smooth player.

  • Room5 Literacy

    Two Aussies who are brother and sister. They set out to England find their dreams. One is a 10 year old manager called Bridie and the other, a 14 year old football star called Matt. Matt is experiencing rough play in the team. Will he follow their poor attitudes ??This book is recommended for football fans aged between 10-14. It is very well written and I really enjoyed it.

  • Linda Weeks

    Extra Time is his latest book, in which Gleitzman reverts back to his humorous style, (after his more intense real-life ‘Once’ series), looking into the world of soccer. Young readers will enjoy this one!See longer review at: crewsreviewsblogs/2013

  • Cooper

    Extra Time by Morris Gleitzman was an exciting and funny story about a kid and his manager sister who want to play in the International Soccer League. It puts all of they tumbles and turns into chapters of laughter and excitement. I would recommend this book to any big soccer fans or people who like funny books such as those by Morris Gleitzman.

  • Carlie Anderson

    A great book to appeal to young boys interested in soccer who may need some motivation to read. It's a great page turner and as always Gleitzman manages to address some deep life struggles in a way that young readers can understand. As a grade 5/6 teacher I absolutely loved this book!

  • Sue Krust

    This book has a similar tone to Too small to fail, rather than his Once, Then, Now, After series. A quick and easy read with a loveable cast of characters. There are poignant moments peppered throughout, as well as some laugh-out-loud moments.

  • Nella

    Typical Gleitzman story - good yet real innocent children coming across the not so pleasant side of adults, in this case the world of professional soccer. Not as heart breaking as his Once series but for me, much better than Loyal Creatures where the main character is older and not so innocent

  • Guylaine Thibodeau

    Great book to read for our book club. I am really looking forward to meet the author in 2 weeks during the Perth Writers Festival

  • Tom

    It is a really intreaging book and makes me want to keep reading it

  • Creative Kids Tales

    Check out my review on creativekidstales

  • Mark Gee

    Ticks the boxes. Solid story and characters. Nice perspective from sister. Good humour. Also about friendship and keeping the joy in what you do.

  • Josh

    I thought that the book was very entertaining because you got to see the story of when he started in Australia to the prems.

  • Dale

    Would be a good read for boys years 4-6 who are in to sports or soccer. Girls may also like the lead female character. The sports focus wasn't exactly my cup of tea however.

  • Jamon

    Cute quick story for kids.

  • Patrick

    I recommend this book to people who like soccer

  • Hudson Campbell

    Not bad.

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  • [PDF] ↠ Free Download Ý Extra Time : by Morris Gleitzman ó
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