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For fans of New York Times bestselling authors Sabrina Jeffries, Cathy Maxwell, and Karen HawkinsA TEMPTING PROPOSITIONAs one of the bastards born to the Stirling court, Sorley the Hawk has never known his mother or father It s a burning quest he has devoted himself to uncovering at any cost But as a roguish warrior who serves at the pleasure of the King, his prowess For fans of New York Times bestselling authors Sabrina Jeffries, Cathy Maxwell, and Karen HawkinsA TEMPTING PROPOSITIONAs one of the bastards born to the Stirling court, Sorley the Hawk has never known his mother or father It s a burning quest he has devoted himself to uncovering at any cost But as a roguish warrior who serves at the pleasure of the King, his prowess both on the battlefield and in his bedchamber is legendary So when a flame haired Highland lass sneaks into his quarters with a tantalizing proposition, he can t resist taking her up on her offer AN UNQUENCHABLE DESIRELady Mirabelle MacLaren will do anything to keep from marrying her odious suitor, even sully her own good name And who better to despoil her than his sworn enemy, the one they call Hawk As they set about the enjoyable task of ruining her reputation, Hawk and Mirabelle soon learn that rebellion never tasted so sweet.

  • Title: To Love A Highlander
  • Author: Sue-Ellen Welfonder
  • ISBN: 9781455526222
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Sue Ellen Welfonder is a card carrying Scotophile whose burning wish to make frequent free trips to the land of her dreams led her to a twenty year career with the airlines Bi lingual, she flew international all those years, working her flights as foreign language speaker Her flying career allowed her to see the world, but it was always to Scotland that she returned Now a full time writer, she s quick to admit that she much prefers wielding a pen to pushing tea and coffee She spent fifteen years living in Europe and used that time to explore as many castle ruins, medieval abbeys, and stone circles as possible Anything ancient, crumbling, or lichened caught her eye She makes annual visits to Scotland, insisting they are a necessity as each trip gives her inspiration for new books.Proud of her own Hebridean ancestry, she belongs to two clan societies the MacFie Clan Society and the Clan MacAlpine Society In addition to Scotland, her greatest passions are medieval history, the paranormal, and dogs She never watches television, loves haggis, and writes at a four hundred and fifty year old desk that once stood in a Bavarian castle.Sue Ellen is married and currently resides with her husband and Jack Russell Terrier in Florida Readers can learn about her and the world of her books at welfonder.

Comments To Love A Highlander

  • Mary - Buried Under Romance

    Once upon a time, in medieval Scotland, one charming highlander impregnated four of the King’s favorite mistresses; banished, these four bastards lived and thrived at the royal court at Stirling Castle, the leader amongst them being Sorley the Hawk. And this is his tale.Despite living at court, royal bastards had their place, and stripling young Sorley was again reminded of his place when a desired female publically humiliated him. Yet, providence came to him when Lady Mirabelle MacLaren, daug [...]

  • Emily

    Sorley the Hawk has never forgot Lady Mirabelle MacLaren and the harsh lesson he learned at believing she saw past his station in life. Now that she is in his room and he is naked, but not for any pleasurable reasons, he wants answers.Lady Mirabelle wants Sorley to debauch her in order to lose the interest of a vile man who is pursuing her. Sorley though knows that if he touches the highborn lass it will be met with another set of problems. When they make a different sort of arrangement, Sorley [...]

  • Barbee

    I would give this book 1000 stars if allowed yes a thousand stars as it was that fabulous and captivating to read pure brilliance in my opinion.I have been reading Sue-Ellen Welfonder since her debut Devil in a Kilt in 2001 and I can honestly say her books only get better and better as I have read every single book she has written. I must say is one of the most talented authors in this genre which happened to my favorite Scottish historical romance.In this story it starts off in the past long wi [...]

  • RondaTutt

    Scandalously Intriguing! What an intriguing tale. I’ve read many stories where we find the rogue being scandalous, but in this magnificent read the author has turned the tables and immersed the readers into a courtly triad where the damsel (Mirabelle) manipulates a ruse with the aid from a sexy highlander named Sorley to save herself from being the victim of abuse and torture from an evil lordly sociopath called John Sinclair.The reader is captivated immediately from the beginning with the int [...]

  • Lover of Romance

    Book Review-To Love A Highlander Before reading this one, I had heard many high reviews on this latest works from a favorite author of mine. I have adored her older books, and just had such a fun time with her work. She does one of my favorite sub genresMedieval Scottish HighlandsI love this period in history, and its such a great starting point for a romance novel, and Sue Ellen Welfonder does a fantastic job in creating a world that takes you back in time, to a time of mystery, magic, and pass [...]

  • SecretRealm Reviews&Services

    5 STARSThis is one of the most intriguing books Ive read in such a long time. The scandal was so ironic because usually writers always have the male in the tale be the scandalous one. But NO! This time the damsel is in distress and she manipulates the sexy highlander into aiding her so she doesn’t have to be with a terrible man named John Sinclair. John plans on evilly abusing her and torturing her. Readers will be captivated from the beginning because you will be introduced to where these hig [...]

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

    Donna‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewSorley grew up a Sterling castle bastard not knowing his mother or his father. He had no sir name and no blood line. This young man was full of spirit and fire and planned to one day make a name for himself. One way in which he did that was with the ladies. Sorley was known as a ladies man and quite talented in this endeavor. At the young age of sixteen, he saved the King’s life making him [...]

  • Shauni

    Originally reviewed for Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and Fantasy.Sue-Ellen Welfonder writes a tale of Romance and intrigue captured in the Scottish court of Robert Stewart. While this isn't based in the Scottish Highlands it does retain the theme that there is just something special about the highlands and the people that live there.To Love A Highlander is book one in Ms. Welfonder's Scandalous Scots Series and most definitely starts out with a bang.Sorely the Hawk was raised a Bastard at court [...]

  • Lisa

    This is the first in the series and it sets the stage beautifully and without being wordy! You are transported to 1386 and life in the Royal castle. The fragile ego of a king and his whims and raids by neighboring clans complete the stage for the series with four illegitimate sons of Royal mistresses.As a royal illegitimate, Sorley has lived in the castle of the King on the fringes as a young man, but over the years he establishes himself as a warrior, earning acclaim and money for himself. He i [...]

  • Nicole Laverdure

    A secret brotherhood! 6 starsSue-Ellen Welfonder is really a storyteller that gets me hooked the moment I start to read her books. I absolutely loved her first book TO LOVE A HIGHLANDER in this new series Scandalous Scots. I adored her novella Once Upon a Highland Christmas, an introduction, which I found so captivating. She has done it again! It’s the story of Sorley, the Hawk and Lady Mirabelle MacLaren. I liked her secondary characters Roag, the Bear, Caelen, the Fox and Andrew, the Addar. [...]

  • Trudy Miner

    Sorley is one of the court bastards. He and the other court bastards have been raised at the royal court of King Robert III of Scotland, they knew neither their true father nor in Sorely's case, his mother. A rough and tumble lot as teens, Sorely disgraced himself at a castle ball by asking his "true love" to dance only to be turned down, then saved by the teen-aged daughter of a noble lord, Lady Mirabelle who then also gives him the cold shoulder. Meeting again as adults, Mirabelle sneaks into [...]

  • Theresa Needham fehse

    free book for honest review. juliesbookreviewAs one of the bastards born to the Stirling court, Sorley the Hawk has never known his mother or father. It's a burning quest he has devoted himself to uncovering at any cost. But as a roguish warrior who serves at the pleasure of the King, his prowess-both on the battlefield and in his bedchamber-is legendary. So when a flame-haired Highland lass sneaks into his quarters with a tantalizing proposition, he can't resist taking her up on her offer . . . [...]

  • Ann (Fanni Ann)

    As usual Ms Wellfonder writes stories that grip you and make you feel as though you are inside the book, seeing and feeling all that happens yourself. I've read all of her books starting with Devil In A Kilt, enjoyed that so much that I just had to continue reading her other books. Ms Welfonder's writing captivates you so that you can't put it down, and this book is no different.Follow Sorley the Hawk and Mirabelle through the stigma of illegitimacy, the finding of a parent and the realisation o [...]

  • Emily

    Ms. Welfonder does a really nice job of setting the scene of medieval Scotland, including the sight and sounds of everyday life at court. I thought the battle scenes were exceptionally well done. I’m looking forward to reading about more of Welfonder’s Scandalous Scots.My Rating:4.0/5.0 for a tale of a introverted warrior finding love and acceptance (and a kitten).Full review on my blog: polishedbookworm

  • Tonya

    Excellent! I love this book! a Great readit had a very good story line! Was very sexy and Hot!!!I am telling everyone that I think they should read this book!!! I didn't want it to end it was that good!!!I felt like I was in the book and I was the heroine!!!That is the way I like the books I read to be like this one!!!I would definitely tell anyone to read this book it is Excellent!!!

  • Maria

    Sorley and Maribel' s story was great. Page after page was filled with hot and steamy scenes. He is a bastard who did not know his mother or father. She is a woman who had loved him forever. They meet again and she has a sizzling proposition for him. What a grand love story. I loved it.

  • Kat ~ Forever Book Lover ♥

    This is my first time reading this author's work. She was able to capture my interest with the first few pages. Her words came to life right before my eyes. Great development of characters on scene building.

  • Leah

    Duncreag CastleLong ago, Archibald MacNab was driven from court never to return. He sired four baseborn sons with four of the King's mistresses. He knows they are somewhere in Scotland but was never allowed to see them or know them. Someone is determined to bring them into his life.Sterling Castle - Summer - 1386Sorley, the Hawk, is 14. He's in the Great Hall and has just been turned down for a dance with a knight's daughter because she deemed him unworthy being base-born as he is. Mirabelle Mac [...]

  • Marcela (BookaholicCat)

    3 ½ StarsOriginally posted at The Bookaholic CatTo Love a Highlander is the first book in the Scandalous Scots series by Sue-Ellen Welfonder.To Love a Highlander starts in the past with the story of Archibald MacNab and his time as the barb of Sterling Castle. Archibald was not only the king’s favorite bard, he was also a favorite of many ladies, including the King’s four favorite mistresses. His love for these ladies (he impregnated them) causes him to lose the king’s favoritism and more [...]

  • Jessica

    Normally, I absolutely love historical romances. Unfortunately, I just couldn't click with this one and ended up spending five days trying to get through it. Maybe I wanted more from the romance from the beginning, but I simply couldn't connect with the characters like I usually do. Lady Mirabelle will do anything to escape marrying the vile Lord John who she knows is vying for her hand. Mirabelle goes to his rival Sorley the Hawk, a bastard of Stirling court who she had danced with many years a [...]

  • Kristina

    I loved this book! As a newcomer to Sue-Ellen's books, I am thoroughly impressed by her writing, world building, and storytelling! I was hooked from page one and stayed hooked through the end! It's definitely a novel that is hard to put down because it is a beautiful Highland love story with plenty of romance, sensuality, and second chances.The plot and pacing of this story are absolutely amazing. The plot is both fun and scandalous. I thoroughly enjoyed the back story that opens the book and wa [...]

  • Pam

    I have read several stories that Ms. Welfonder has written about the romance of the Highlands and I have enjoyed each one, she takes us to a wonderful land full of beauty, magic and of course those Highland men. This is the start of the Scandalous Scots series and with such a great beginning I am ready for more.Archie MacNab was banished from Stirling Castle several years ago, his love for women and the fact that he can be irresistible caused him the lose favor with the King. He has lived in the [...]

  • Farrah

    A sweet and lovely historical romance, To Love a Highlander was a wonderful read. I really liked this book. It was sweet, emotional, and I enjoyed every bit of it.Mirabelle was a lovely heroine. She knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to fight for it. She was kind-hearted and a truly likable character. I wish we had seen a greater scope of her, because we only really saw her character in relation to Sorley. But, overall, I thought she was great.Sorley was amazing. In the first chapter, we see [...]

  • Mandy

    I received the book for free through First Reads. I've only read a few Scottish romances before this, and most were by the same two authors. So this one had me a bit off put by a word (can't find it now) in place of are in the dialogue, but only at first. The second thing was that this series is connected with the Highland Warriors series. Not that you can't read this one alone, you can. There were many subplots to this book. Grim's arrival. Their missions. But the main plot was of Mirabelle wa [...]

  • Alice

    Review Posted on Harlequin JunkiesTo Love A Highlander by Sue-Ellen Welfonder: Sue-Ellen Welfonder is an author who is well-known for her Highland based romances. To Love A Highlander is a great addition to her collection and the first book of her Scandalous Scots series. It is a quirky and cheerful book, entertainingly written and sweetly dedicated to a kitten who had a sad fate, but lives on in this book.Set in the late 1300s this is the story of Sorley the Hawk, a royal court bastard who has [...]

  • Toni Simon

    Wonderful book that keeps you turning the pages long after the clock has struck 10pm. I read all of Sue-Ellens books and the characters come to life on the pages. You are cheering them on, laughing with them and crying with them. And the Scottish countryside springs to life around you and makes me miss it every time I read one of the books. Since I visited Stirling castle this book in particular makes me want to go back and spend more time there.

  • Annie


  • Mary Jo Burke

    Start of a great series. The bastard sons search for their father and brides.

  • Caroline The HEA Lover

    Pretty cute!

  • Alyn

    DNFI gave up after 5 chapters. It failed to hold my attention. My mind kept wandering off to other stuff.

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