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By S.E. Jakes | Comments: ( 530 ) | Date: ( May 29, 2020 )

Everyone knows that Prophet former Navy SEAL, former CIA spook, full time pain in the ass works alone and thinks only about the trouble he can cause But his boss, Phil Butler of Extreme Escapes, LTD has just assigned Proph not only a new partner but also a case haunted by ghosts from Proph s past Suddenly, he s got to confront them both head on.Tom Boudreaux failed FBIEveryone knows that Prophet former Navy SEAL, former CIA spook, full time pain in the ass works alone and thinks only about the trouble he can cause But his boss, Phil Butler of Extreme Escapes, LTD has just assigned Proph not only a new partner but also a case haunted by ghosts from Proph s past Suddenly, he s got to confront them both head on.Tom Boudreaux failed FBI agent, failed sheriff, full time believer in bad luck is wondering why the head of a private contracting firm has hunted him down to offer him a job Still he s determined to succeed this time, despite being partnered with Prophet, EE, LTD s most successful, lethal, and annoying operative, and even though the case is also resurrecting his own painful past.Together, Prophet and Tom must find a way to take down killers in the dangerous world of underground cage matches, while fighting their own dangerous attraction And when they find themselves caught in the crossfire, these two loners are forced to trust each other and work together to escape their ghosts or pay the price.

  • Title: Catch a Ghost
  • Author: S.E. Jakes
  • ISBN: 9781626490390
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

S.E. Jakes

SE Jakes writes m m romance She believes in happy endings and fighting for what you want.You can contact her the following ways You can email her at authorsejakes gmailYou can post to her Facebook page Facebook SEJakesYou can Twitter her Twitter authorsejakesYou can post on her Group Ask SE JakesYou can follow her on Tumblr sejakes.tumblrYou can ask her a question as part of the Ask The Author program on author 4595Truth be told, the best way to contact her is by email or in blog comments She spends most of her time writing but she loves to hear from readers SE Jakes is the pen name of New York Times Bestselling Author Stephanie Tyler and half of Sydney Croft

Comments Catch a Ghost

  • Julio Genao

    this book, in a single, comprehensive infographic:this book, in a single, superficial paragraph: there's a sense of humor here, and i appreciated it. but overall i didn't appreciate the wildly caricatured expression of gay masculinity, and felt really quite extraordinarily othered by yet another pair of White Dudes Punching Each Other Bcuz Mutual Attraction, Obvsnus paragraph of further thoughts on the matter:there's nothing wrong with a bit of fun, and certainly nothing especially wrong with th [...]

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

    Price drop to $0.99 at US until B&N until 10/23/14!*3.5 stars*This was a very interesting read for me and I had trouble deciding upon a rating in the end. Was it well written? Yes, for sure. Did it sit well with me? Not completely.Let me try to break my feelings down for y'all. - The beginning. I really loved how this book started out. Very, very strong similarities to Cut & Run: Alpha males being paired together for a dangerous mission, more or less against their will. Neither wants a [...]

  • Lisa Arbitrary - AttentionIsArbitrary M/M Blog

    ~ ~ ~::RE-READ 2015::You can join in here - OPERATION RE-READWhen I picked this book up I really had no idea what it was all about. Turns out this is like sexy G.I. Joe play, espionage and he-man hero stuff all rolled in to one very, very sexy package. At first I felt like I came into this from the side. It was clear there was history (see Bound By Honor) with one of the main characters, but I kept on and it all laid out clearly.What you need to know:EE – Extreme Escapes, LTD is a merc for hir [...]

  • Ingela

    Written October 18, 20135 Huge Stars - OMG this is so G.O.O.D. - it's amazing smart, hot and so very intense - I'm hookedAnything less than five stars would be a joke. This is so good and these guys have an intensity and an incredible raw attraction to each other. Big thanks to Monique who recommended this one. ‘He'd known it from the second he'd heard Tom's drawl and had forced himself to act the opposite way, figuring if he pretending he couldn't stand the guy that his body would decide to a [...]

  • Mona

    Sometimes spoilers are a given"I liked you better when you were an asshole."What the FUCK did I just read?! I’m blown away by this bookBRAIN fried, from the intensity and rush I just experienced from this AMAZING story!"What are you looking for? My attention? because you've got it. You had it when you walked into EE." I’m finished with the book, but I’m still living the story. My heart is racing; my mind is scrambling to link everything together. From the heart racing thrills, of the dange [...]

  • Monique ~ Sinfully

    BRAVO Ms. Jakes!!! Excellent… an exciting plot full of action with two gun wielding, knife carrying deliciously HOT Alpha males, both damaged souls finding passion and solace in the arms of each other no love yet, but this is a fabulous start and I am incredibly excited about this series!There are two authors that are responsible for my addiction, obsession and all consuming passion for M/M Romance, the first being Abigail Roux with the Cut & Run series and the second S.E. Jakes with the M [...]

  • SheReadsALot

    A Hearts On Fire ReviewFOUR & A HALF STARS--Confession: On the paranormal totem pole, psychicwell psychic anything are pretty much at the bottom for me. When others go wild over psychic law enforcement reads, I stare blankly and try to tiptoe very softly away. And you know what else I'm not a fan of? Ghosts in my romance. In fact, the psychic P.I./detective hybrids are right there with ghosts. I've read them but they're not really my go-to type of read. I can count on one hand how many of th [...]

  • Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**

    ***4.5 Stars***There wasn't anger in Prophet, rather an inherent wildness that Tom had no desire to tame. No, he wanted to ride it, imbibe it, fuck it senseless, and watch it grow wilder.First off, can I just address that ending?!?!?This book was so much more than I expected! Two Alpha males fighting for dominance, fighting to solve a mystery, fighting their pasts and fighting every ounce of emotion they feel when they're together. Prophet is a man with a horrific past. Told to you in bits and p [...]

  • Duchess Nicole

    "You don't know what you're alive for until you know what you would die for."--Martin Luther King, Jr.So fantastically excited that I finally read this. I'm already in the middle of book two but forced myself to stop reading and write this review, just so I don't get the books mixed up in my head. I loved the opening scene of this booke interrogation room, and the intense moment that Tom gets his first glimpse of Prophete real Prophet, in all his glory and madness.Tom is the new recruit to a top [...]

  • ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣

    4 Mar 2017: Reread numero cinco, a continuation in prep to the newness coming next month.There are a number of small moments, single phrases, and beginnings in this story that come to mean so much as these characters move forward. Just as strongly, they grow in emotional significance every time I enter their world.Proph's grey eyes.When he calls Tommy "Cajun" or "T".Just as the phrase "daylight again" appears in Free Falling, the phrase "if I ever" stakes its claim here. Gah. And here's my new p [...]

  • Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion

    Let’s pow wow about Catch a Ghost, shall we?The main gripe most have is it’s similar to Cut & Run. Agreed. The characterizations of Tommy and Prophet and even some of their relationship development too, but I’m not going to belabor this point. Either you’ve read one or the other or both and if you’ve read both, you know. So, for me that knocked it down to 1 star for filching ideas from another writer. Let’s see if she can gain some back.I was told to start with Free Falling befor [...]

  • Eva

    Loved Review to come Hope it will be amazing smarthot and very intenseFollowing by more books from"Hell or High Water" series Long Time Gone and Daylight Again Something to look forward toVery exciting

  • Breann

    Catch a Ghost started out strong, really strong. Then it kept going and going and going… You know when you are constantly checking the kindle to see how much time you have left? That was me for the final hour.We have two hot alpha males, reluctantly partnered up for an investigation. One is obviously defiant and has no interest in pleasing others. The other seems okay on the outside but is royally messed up on the inside. They remind you of anyone? Yeah, so I should have loved it, and at times [...]

  • J *deep in the heart of Texas*

    4.5--Fucktastic--Stars!!!!SQQQQUUUUUUEEEEE!!! Oh how I loved Prophet and Tom. HARD!!! They are both such tortured, damaged, dangerous souls. Their banter between each otherProphet and Tom are forced to be partnersunwillingly. “Way I figure it, if I'm forced to have a partner, might as well have one with benefits. If you're annoying me, fucking you will be more satisfying than punching you." Prophet grinned, then added slyly, "And I could punch you afterwards.”Prophet—former Navy SEAL, form [...]

  • Gina

    This was an awesome book! This was an intense, riveting, steamy, heartbreaking story. And i am going to parrot what my good friend Tina said in one of her status updates of this book, this couple is at the top of my fav couple list, right up there with Ty and Zane! I may like Tom and Prophet a little bit more right now. OMG I am in love!! This book has everything I love and crave in a story, suspense, steam, broken tortured characters my heart melts for. Very quickly into this story I was immedi [...]

  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~

    No HEA?!?! You've gotta be kidding me. All that, and no HEA? Lack of HEA aside, this book gets a reluctant (and I mean reluctant!) three stars from me. The plot was overly convoluted, so much so that it rang nonsensical. It was never explained why exactly Prophet and Tom were investigating the death of a kid from the streets (yes, Prophet knew him, but so what?). I liked the chemistry between Prophet and Tom, although the POV jumped too much, sometimes every other paragraph, and because the two [...]

  • Sheziss

    I was prepared for a pair of bad guys.But prejudice was there first.It was VERY similar to the Cut & Run series. Two special agents being partened together against their wishes. Biting at each other’s necks. Quarreling at every chance. Insta-chemistry (the one out of the bed). Permanent snark. Prophet is a veteran in Extreme Escapes.Tommy is new in the game. Prophet sees ghosts. Tommy has premonitions. Prophet doesn’t want to be recognized more than necessary. Tommy has tattoos and pierc [...]

  • Isabel

    The beginning of this book reminded me of another one, same kind of characters, same plot however, as the story went by, this book became different and very interesting! I had some difficulties catching up with the writing, but after some time I got it and I enjoyed it very, very much!Prophet and Tom are partners in a private agency, and they developed a "thing" I don't want to call it a relationship, cause I guess that even them don't know what they are doing! But they like each other very much [...]

  • * Meli Mel *

    DNF at 40%I tried, I really did. As much as I wanted to like this, I just couldn't. I kind of had to force myself to keep reading which sucks. I think the problem was that this reminded me TOO much of another book from a series that I absolutely love. I tried not to compare, but it was just WAY simliar to it. And things were moving way too fast. Oh, well, can't love them all. But on the bright side, Tommy and his piercingsYUMMY!! ;)*Buddy Read with Pervy & Lili*

  • Elizabetta

    Ebetta: Oh, chère Ilhem, we come to this one with heavier hearts than our last joint review… These guys let us down in a big way. What’s the problem? I think we were just bored!Ilhem: Oh my God! I was bored out of my mind!Ebetta: LOL!! Okay, okay, calm down… Let’s put in a few good words and then we’ll let ‘er rip, ‘kay? Let’s see… what did I like I liked Tom, not so much Prophet, but more about that later… Tommy just seemed easier to get to know, I like that he is Cajun and [...]

  • Gigi

    A more detailed review can be found at the sequel's page Long Time Gone but I did want to mention that this book is meant to be read as a companion piece with the sequel Long Time Gone. There is no resolution to the MC's relationship in this edition of the series. Catch a Ghost tells us Prophet's story, a character from Free Falling, and introduces us to MC Tom.This was a fun read for me because it was a favorites book showdown with my GoodReads friend JustJen! She read Point of No Return and th [...]

  • Bev

    *** 30/1/16. Listening to the audio book at the moment narrated by Adam North, nearly finished it actually. His narration is really good, Tom's Cajun accent is really low and growly, so sexy and Cillian's Irish accent is good too. Much better than I was expecting, and books 2 & 3 are up nextter Rattlesnake, narrated by the amazing KC Kelly*** Woohoo!! At last Prophet's story, and what a story it was. 5 stars, a hugeand let's have a little visit from those wonderful dancing girls All I can sa [...]

  • JustJen "Miss Conduct"

    Review written for The Blog of Sid Love - 4.5 starsI will start by saying that I have loved Prophet from his very first appearance in the Men of Honor series. He was mysterious but could always be counted on to get the job done and provide whatever support was necessary. We never actually got very much detail about him; just enough to give a slow build up to this story. Needless to say, I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. This book could easily be read as a stand-alone and start t [...]

  • Amanda

    09.16.135 starsIt's official. I have read and loved everything written and released by S.E. Jakes and I cannot wait for more.Talk about a ride! I have loved Prophet since he was mentioned in the Men of Honor series and have wanted to know more about him and I was not let down. Unfortunately Prophet's past was not a good one, but this book had me on the edge for more. I need to know more! Like Hal. I want to know more about him. I don't remember getting a full background on the guy or (view spoil [...]

  • Marte - Thunderella

    ~~~~~ update December 22, 2015 ~~~~Audio edition, narrated by Adam North8 hours and 3 minOverall: 4Performance: 3,5Story: 4I was excited about this whole series being done in audio, and they were all released recently this December. I originally rated this book 3,5 stars, but I've bumped up my rating, since I've read the whole series and have grown to love Prophet and Tom and I feel this first book deserves more than 3,5 stars.The Hell & High Water series is the only work of Adam North on Au [...]

  • Trisha Harrington

    I wasn't expecting to love this book as much as I did. I don't know why, I just had that feeling. So I put of reading this for a long time. And I mean a long time. It's been ages since I first saw this book, and it's been a while since I bought it. I'm regretting it now. Seriously, this was an amazing read! I'm so annoyed I didn't give it a chance sooner.I love Prophet and Tommy. Absolutely love them. They're so good together. I love the chemistry between them, and the sex is smoking hot. I was [...]

  • Angela Bee Bee

    $0.99 on -->Catch a Ghost (Hell or High Water Book 1)This is very similar to Cut & Run, and I was just as confused and befuddled here as the first time I read Ty and Zane.The difference is that Ty and Zane spent 3 books at "My ass hurts" and these boys skyrocketd to Touch & Geaux "I'm here to protect you and I'm the answer to all your fucked up issues."Since the situations were essentially the same as Ty and Zane, and I've no idea what a Cajun man looks like, I decided to use my menta [...]

  • Barbara

    Okay… Prophet had already made an impression in Free Falling, and also I just love MM romance with tough guys and the cover captured me, and this was just what I needed to satisfy my action adventure apetite!!!The chemistry between these two kept me flying through the book !!Mission, fights, love, sex, secrets and voodoo….I loved it all and can’t wait to read more!Catch a Ghost was a mystery and a hot sexy ride. My Prophet My Tom

  • Feliz

    This book is the first in a series centered around EE (Extreme Escapes, Ltd.), a mercenary agency that specializes in black-op-type missions, and let me say in advance, wow, what a furious start.Ah, Prophet and Tommy. Even though I’ve only just met them, I wouldn’t hesitate to mention them in the same breath with other, longer-known famous “I-hate-you-but-I-love-you” warrior pairings like Ty and Zane, Vadim and Dan, Lucky and Bo…. However, Prophet and Tommy are second to none of them, [...]

  • Ilhem

    please read part I chez Elizabetta * Scene fades *Ilhem/Prophet: duh, go fuck yourself Tommy. I’m fucking lethal and I don’t need you and your bleedin’ help! Ebetta/Tom : But Proph, we’re partners. We gotta work together! Lethally! Ilhem/Prophet : Partner-shmartner, let’s fuck. Oh wait, I feel a PTSD flashback coming on… Done. Kiss me, you fucker! Ebetta/Tom : Fuck you! *flips the bird as he storms out of the room*****Ebetta: Yeah… that’s just about it, Ilhem. There, in a nutshel [...]

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    375 S.E. Jakes
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