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By Erich Fromm | Comments: ( 995 ) | Date: ( May 25, 2020 )

Y zy l m z n nl d n r Erich Fromm, bu yap t nda insan n ya amdaki temel devinin kendi kendisini olu turmak , yani gizil g olarak ne ise o hale gelmek oldu unu savunuyor Fromm a g re, insan anlamak, onu sanki kendimiz bir Tanr ya da ondan ok st n bir yeri olan bir yarg m z gibi su lamamak anlam na gelir nk , iyi ve k t ne d zenekseldir ne de ncedenY zy l m z n nl d n r Erich Fromm, bu yap t nda insan n ya amdaki temel devinin kendi kendisini olu turmak , yani gizil g olarak ne ise o hale gelmek oldu unu savunuyor Fromm a g re, insan anlamak, onu sanki kendimiz bir Tanr ya da ondan ok st n bir yeri olan bir yarg m z gibi su lamamak anlam na gelir nk , iyi ve k t ne d zenekseldir ne de nceden yazg lanm t r Ahlak felsefesi alan nda se me ve karar, insana onun kendisini, ya am n ve mutlulu unu nemle ele almas na kendisinin ve toplumunun ahlaksal sorunlar yla y zy ze gelebilmek yi itli ini g sterip kendisini savunabilmesine dayanmaktad r.

  • Title: Kendini Savunan İnsan
  • Author: Erich Fromm
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 110
  • Format: None

About Author:

Erich Fromm

Erich Fromm was a German born U.S psychoanalyst and social philosopher who explored the interaction between psychology and society His works include The Art of Loving Love, Sexuality, and Matriarchy and Man for Himself He died in 1980.Fromm s theory is a rather unique blend of Freud and Marx Freud, of course, emphasized the unconscious, biological drives, repression, and so on In other words, Freud postulated that our characters were determined by biology Marx, on the other hand, saw people as determined by their society, and most especially by their economic systems.

Comments Kendini Savunan İnsan

  • السيد العلوي

    يبدأ المؤلف بحثه بفصل أوَّل يحدد فيه المشكلة التي هو بصدد معالجتها، فتظهر للقارئ منذ الوهلة الأولى الثقة العلمية لإيرك فورم؛ إذ أنَّ تحديد مشكلة البحث أمر يكشف عن ملامح الكتاب ويرسم خطوطًا متقطعة لهيكله العام.ثُمَّ ينتقل في الفصل الثاني ليقرر المشكلة تقريرًا علميًا بنفي ال [...]

  • Mohammed Yusuf

    ظل يمارس الكتابة والتحليل النفسي كما ظل يمارس التنقل إلى مكان جديد كل مرة , إريش فروم المحلل المولع بفرويد , الملحد المولود لعائلة متدينة بالأرثوذكسية واليهودية إحتك إريش فروم بالديانات وبالفلسفة و بالأساس بالتحليل النفسي ومن هنا كانت كتابته خليطا مميزا بينها غالب عليه الت [...]

  • هديل خلوف

    هذا الكتاب من طراز الكتب التي تجعلك تشعر كم انت مقصر تجاه القراءة في مجال الفلسفة اكتشفت أنني إلى الآن لم أقرأ لسبينوزا وكانت وسارتر ! أما عن الموضوع بحد ذاته فهو عن الإنسان الخام أخلاقياته وذاتيته دون تأثيرات خارجية كان هناك الكثير من المواضيع و-الأجمل -المصطلحات التي وجدت [...]

  • Jonathan

    Interesting but defective. Fromm tries to sketch an ethical system that is both objective and humanistic. That is, he believes that morality should derive from mankind's true nature and objective needs, but that we should get it from ourselves rather than from some transcendent authority. This project is self-defeating.In the first place, Fromm's quest for objectivity devolves into a new kind of authoritarianism. Fromm believes that social scientists, especially psychologists (such as Fromm hims [...]

  • TarasProkopyuk

    Бывает такое когда один и тот же автор пишет много книг в каждой следующей его работе сложно встретить что ни будь новое. Багаж знаний автора очень сильно переплетается во всех его книгах, частые повторения уже знакомого материала, исследований, мыслей, предположений и про [...]

  • Emad Attili

    ‎‫‏‬‬‬‬‬‬‬“If faith cannot be reconciled with rational thinking, it has to be eliminated as an anachronistic remnant of earlier stages of culture and replaced by science dealing with facts and theories which are intelligible and can be validated.”.YOU ARE NOT FROM HERE! YOU DON’T BELONG TO PLANET EARTH!Fromm! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU FROM?!This book is a continuation of Fromm’s other book Escape from Freedom, and here he moves from discussing freedom, to discussing ethi [...]

  • Umut

    Kitap beş bölümden oluşuyor: Ahlak sorununa kısa bir giriş, otoriter ahlak felsefesine karşın hümanist ahlak felsefesinin sunumu, insan doğasının incelenmesi(üretici ve üretici olmayan yönlenmeler), hümanist ahlak felsefesinin sorunları(bencillik/özgecilik, vicdan, inanç, iyilik/kötülük, araç/erek, görece/mutlak etik vb. kavramlar üzerine) ve son olarak ahlak sorununun günümüzdeki durumu hakkındaki düşünceler. Fromm'a göre insanın üretici olma sorumluluğu bulu [...]

  • Saeed

    فروم عقیده دارد که زندگی جز آن چیزی که انسان از طریق آن نیروهای خود را آشکار می کند و زندگی باروری را تحقق می بخشد،نیست.برجسته ترین وجهه رفتار انسانی همان فعل و انفعالات و کوشش هایی است که آدمی از خود بروز می دهد.عدم مطابقت در هستی انسان نیازهایی را به وجود می آورد که فراتر از من [...]

  • Farah

    فلسفة الأخلاق الإنسانية التي يقترحها إريك فروم هنا ، هي حل وسط بين النظامين الأخلاقيين التسلطي والنسبوي ، قائم على معرفة الطبيعة الإنسانية والتجربة والتحليل النفسي .فالمعايير الأخلاقية برأيه مصدرها عقل الإنسان وعقله وحده ، وهي موجودة في صميم الإنسان ذاته وموضوعها وغايتها [...]

  • shpotakovskaya

    notes:“There is no meaning to life except the meaning man gives his life by the unfolding of his powers.”“Today the lack of faith is an expression of profound confusion and despair. Once skepticism and rationalism were progressive forces for the development of thought; now they have become rationalizations for relativism and uncertainty.” “The failure of modern culture lies not in its principle of individualism, not in the idea that moral virtue is the same as the pursuit of self-inter [...]

  • Ali

    Man for himself, an inquiry into the psychology of ethics. متاسفانه اریش فروم که در روان شناسی و جامعه شناسی صاحب نظر است، از آن گروه نویسندگانی ست که در زبان فارسی سخت مورد بی مهری قرار گرفته و اغلب آثارش توسط مترجمین تازه کار، به فارسی برگردانده شده که اغلب نه تنها زبان نویسنده را نمی شناخته اند، که د [...]

  • Harry Z

    Eric Fromm's works are some of the best books I have ever read on the human condition. I remember reading "the Art of Loving" back in catholic high school and how strongly it impressed upon me the importance of loving over being in love. This book is just as strong in every regard. There's nothing I can tell to do it justice--it's a short book, so just get it and read it. His discussions of such subjects as instincts, drives, fulfillment and ethics are models of conciseness and clarity. Perhaps [...]

  • Ala'a Hany

    ايريك فروم مدرسة قائمة بذاته يستهل كتابه بمناقشه فكرة الجدل القائم بين نسبوية الاخلاق او مطلقيتها مستعرضها فلسفة الاخلاق الانسانية وما يسمى بالاخلاق التسلطية وينهي كتابه باستعراض لاهم مشكلات فلسفة الاخلاق كالانانية محاولا اعادة تعاريفه الخاصة للضمير واللذة والسعادة وال [...]

  • نورالهدى الفارس

    رائع أسلوبه أشبه بالأساليب الأدبية لا يحاول الإجابة على الأسئلة " كعادة كتب علم النفس " , بقدر ما يخلق أسئلة !

  • John Ediger

    Excellent book! This book speaks to me! Erich Fromm is so Profound and Insightful!!!!

  • Bob Nichols

    Toward the end of this book Fromm poses a central question: "Man, Good or Evil?" Here he takes on the "dogma" (you know which side he's on) of "man's innate natural evilness" and argues against those opponents of "humanistic ethics" which sees "man" as "inherently good." There are three problems with Fromm's argument. First, the good versus evil dichotomy is simplistically stated. "Is man good or man bad?" assumes that there's one universal and common human nature. If we vary by physical structu [...]

  • Rebecca

    Worth reading, and realitivly easy to grasp (compared to, say, Lacan). He calls himself a 'humanist' meaning (to him, it seems)that he is very individual centered, positive on the potentials of the individual against a potentially corrupting society (as you could glean from the title). One of the greatest annoyances was that you get no clear definition of such abstrations as "living up to one's potentials" or "productiveness." Also, he gets kind of obsessed with breaking down different types of [...]

  • E.E.

    This is an important book in order to understand the illusions that modern society creates and to understand one's self. A good base for doing self analysis (different character types and temperaments are explained). After reading the book I had better vision for the world and myself. It causes me to reconsider all my relationships, which is good, but this has made me somehow confused. After reading this one and other works of Erich Fromm I' ve noticed postive changes in me, but it bothers me th [...]

  • Javier

    An okay book, but nothing particularly new if you're familiar withErich Fromm's other works. I did like his comments, though, on how 'anti-social' behavior ('crime', depression, etc.) is in many ways a response to profoundly unfulfilling--negating--social environments. In this sense and many others, Fromm's analysis (here as elsewhere) is much-needed as a perspective that calls for structural change, towards a society in which individuals can be affirmed and, in a sense, truly happy.

  • Stephen

    Teetering somewhere between analytic psychology and existential philosophy, Fromm explores the existential dilemma and its ethical corollaries, proposing a humanistic solution: man achieves his greatest happiness in productivity, in maximizing our innate potentials and being the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

  • IAO131

    An incredibly clear and concise book that focuses on 'humanistic ethics.' I give it 4 instea of 5 stars because of Fromm's tendency to repeat himself and go on slightly irrelevant tangents, especially in the second half of the book. Relevant to all Thelemtes interested in the problems of ethics, individually and socio-politically.

  • Deezer

    It might have changed my life. Or at least, helped me make the decision which has the potential of changing my life.

  • Shadan

    -هدیه ای بعد از مکالمه در خصوص استقلال هویتی و شخصیتی در زندگی

  • Sankar Raj

    Erich Fromm in this book develops ethical principles for the modern man based on humanist and existential philosophers.

  • Shane Avery

    currently re-reading

  • Ala'a Alshibani

    كتاب رائع تختلف أو تتفق مع الطرح؛ لكن لا تستطيع إلا أن تحترمه وتقدره. نجح الكتاب بهز بعض آرائي بخصوص المطلق والنسبي!مقتطفات من نهاية الكتاب:"إن خضوع الإنسان لاتحاد الوعيد والوعد هو "سقوطه" الحقيقي. وهو بخضوعه للسطلة (الهيمنة) يفقد قدرته (استطاعته). إنه يفقد قدرته على الاستفادة [...]

  • Christopher D Brown

    Amazingly shines a light on Washington, D.C. toddayFromm's ideas are timeless. His psychological, philosophical and political insights are more valuable today as our society faces the problems of growing inequality. He shows that the superficial self-help industry and the corporate advertising complex see us as easy prey for the quick fixes they offer as solutions for the deep struggles we face as a society and as individuals.This book demonstrates that we all have the ability to understand our [...]

  • Jim Manis

    Does not hold up as well over the years since it was published. Fromm's arguments are too heavily based on deductive reasoning and an agreement with his audience that he is telling them what they want to hear. The productive life, Fromm argues, is the most desirable.

  • Ci

    Fromm may have been attempting an enterprise to derive an ethical system from human psychology. I agree with one librarian Jonathan who wrote an excellent review on this book .

  • Nicu Grosan

    De mare actualitate chiar dacă a fost conceputa cu decenii în urmă De mare valoare și ajutor ca toate cărțile lui E. FROMM

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