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By Cassandra Clare Касандра Клеър | Comments: ( 884 ) | Date: ( May 25, 2020 )

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  • Title: Принцеса с часовников механизъм
  • Author: Cassandra Clare Касандра Клеър
  • ISBN: 9786191570508
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Cassandra Clare Касандра Клеър

Hello ers Here s my official bio Cassandra Clare was born overseas and spent her early years traveling around the world with her family and several trunks of fantasy books Cassandra worked for several years as an entertainment journalist for the Hollywood Reporter before turning her attention to fiction She is the author of City of Bones, the first book in the Mortal Instruments trilogy and a New York Times bestseller Cassandra lives with her fiance and their two cats in Massachusetts You can find me online at cassandraclareI have a blog cassandraclarevejournal and a Facebook facebook Cassandraclareand a Twitter twitter cassieclareI ll be available here on to answer questions for a Author Discussion starting September 18 group show 3Go sign up so you don t miss the conversation when it starts

Comments Принцеса с часовников механизъм

  • Jennifer

    Cassandra Clare's extra Jem & Tessa story!!!!!!!!!!!!After the Bridge: The Full Story (Jem/Tessa)cassandraclare.tumblr/postOkay so I'm pretty sure anything I say will be a spoiler since everyone knows how hardcore I ship Jem & Tessa so my reading thoughts will be in the spoiler tag. DO NOT READ IT IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Also warning that the comments of this post now have spoilers.I'm also going to start posting spoiler fan art there so keep away f [...]

  • ReesesPieces

    Team Will? Team Jem? Who cares.EVERYBODY WINS! This book was undeniably flawed, but you will definitely get what you came for:Love. There's so much love that sometimes you're like:orWhat I liked:- circular ending. It ends the same way it began.- the description of Tessa and (view spoiler)[Will's (hide spoiler)] life together, and his eventual death.-"Those of you who are mortal, you burn so fiercely."-“Well, then, since you say there will be another life for me, let us both pray I do not make [...]

  • Wendy Darling

    My poor heart has never felt this way after finishing a series; I had no idea it was possible to feel such tempered happiness as well as such overwhelming grief for everyone involved. Many of the things I thought might happen, did--and yet it doesn't change my fierce love and admiration for the way everything unfolded. THIS is how a love triangle should be written, in a way that preserves the honor of everyone involved. There isn't another series out there that has ever managed to handle one wit [...]

  • Jesse (JesseTheReader)

    MY MIND IS BLOWN. I could've never possibly predicted that ending. Even when I thought I knew what might happen, I had no idea. I'm so overly impressed by this trilogy. Full review/discussion video to come soon! AHH. SO MANY THINGS TO TALK ABOUT. UPDATEvideo review/discussion here: youtu/IiGK1He_AAg

  • Dija

    To be continued when I can read in one sitting. ____________________________________From the synopsis: n Tessa choose between the two boys she loves — even if it means never seeing the other one again?

  • Erika

    This review is also on Living for the BooksI can't believe it's over. This series has been one of my favorites for the past couple years and it's always been in the back of my mind. So now that it's over I'm not sure what to do with myself. Guess I'll just have to read some more books.I'm going to try to make this as spoiler free as possible."You know that feeling," she said, "when you are reading a book, and you know that it is going to be a tragedy; you can feel the cold and darkness coming, s [...]

  • Beth

    "Most people never find one great love in their life. You are lucky enough to have found two."Oh. My. God. I remember this book being good. BUT the second time it was just wonderful. I can honestly say a book has never ever made me feel like this has. Another 5 Stars!Completely spoiler free!For the final book in The Infernal Devices series, I have never been so happy. Everything about this was perfect. I laughed, I cried, I cried some more, I had goosebumps, it just overall made me feel somethin [...]

  • Etnik

    You can find the full review and more about this book on my blog!____________________________________________“Life is a book and there are a thousand pages I have not yet read.” ____________________________________________☆☆☆☆☆5 BEST I HAVE EVEN GIVEN STARS!☆☆☆☆☆Clockwork Angel Review!Clockwork Prince Review!I have finished this book for about 3 hours ago and I still can't believe the series is over.This pure perfection,this amazing thrilling story,this everything.I have [...]

  • Hannah-Linn

    I officially died and went to heaven when I finally got this book in my hands.And it was freaking amazing. Everything about this book was perfect, and it ended absolutely perfectly.And it was SO. SAD. OH DEAR JESUS. I couldn't handle the level of sadness.Even so, still perfection.

  • Elena

    So I have read the book.Now, I'd feel really bad if I had to deleted the whole what-the-fuck-is-gonna-happen conjectures I'd written in this 'review' before reading it, so I'll just put everything into spoiler. (So if you haven't read the book yet, you can open the spoiler as it's not actually a spoiler but only a list of my thoughts BEFORE reading the book.)(view spoiler)[Will Will Will!We team up with Will!*sing it along*Jem, you're cute, you're sweet, but you ain't got nothing on freaking Wil [...]

  • Samantha

    4.5 stars IT IS FINISHEDwell that was a rollercoaster of emotions. of course, a review and discussion will be on my channel :)

  • Mikee Andrea (ReadWithMikee)

    MY HEART HURTS. I'VE NEVER FELT THIS BROKEN OVER A BOOK BEFORE.Words truly cannot express the greatness of this art and perfection. The Infernal Devices certainly became one of my favorite series of ALL TIME. I can't believe it's actually over. And that epilogue. Cassandra Clare can seriously write one heck of an epilogue no matter how painful they could be!The Infernal Devices has been one wild ride right from the very first page of Clockwork Angel. I binge read all three books and I have absol [...]

  • Dorreh

    I'm going to curl into a corner and cry now, that was beautiful 😭😭😭 Which is exactly what i did for the first two days after reading this book, then i got off the ground and began trying to draw what I imagined Tessa would look like. Needless to say it was not a very satisfying coping mechanism, but it worked to a certain extent. This book was everything a person could want in a book, interesting, fast paced, action filled, and most of all emotionally wrecking. Lets talk characters, Wil [...]

  • Sasha Alsberg

    beautiful, stunning, heartbreaking and purely a life changing book. READ READ READ <3 ave atque vale The Infernal Devices. Will, Jem, and Tessa it was an honor:)

  • Soumi

    I finished the book in one breathe and Jem Jem Jemyou are my greatest you have no right to steal my heart like that. A review must comeClockwork Princess Snippet: Jem and Tessa(view spoiler)[Tessa reached to brush the damp hair from his forehead. He leaned into her touch, his eyes closing. “Jem—have you ever—” She hesitated. “Have you ever thought of ways to prolong your life that are not a cure for the drug?”At that his eyelids flew open. “What do you mean?”She thought of [...]

  • Jen Carstairs

    ***UPDATE! 03/30/13***Please scroll down to read my review! :DOH MY FREAKIN GOD! It's released! AND I HAVE THE COPY! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! I can't wait to read it![image error]-----------------------------------------------------------------------I'm tired of waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm so FREAKIN pissed!HEY WAIT! *Scrolled down. Saw the other reviews. Read a few. Counted 1 to 10 Scrolled back up. Saw my review*WHOA! 102 LIKES!? Seriously!? That's SSSOOOOO cool! That's the most number of likes I've ev [...]

  • Booknut

    “For this I would be damned forever. For this I would have given up everything.”“The world is a wheelwhen we rise or fall, we do it together.”"My heart is my own. It is beyond you to control it. It has been beyond me to control it.""Faith has brought us this far; it will bring us a little farther. The Angel watches over us, and we shall win out."THE INFERNAL DEVICES ARE WITHOUT PITYE INFERNAL DEVICES ARE WITHOUT REGRETE INFERNAL DEVICES ARE WITHOUT NUMBERE INFERNAL DEVICES WILL NEVER STO [...]

  • Annabelle Marie Veronica

    Oh god. Oh god. This was the most achingly beautiful and exquisitely painful thing I have ever read. But it had the perfect ending. Review to come if I can figure out what is up with my heart. --Oh how I love Jem… Tessa had better choose Jem!! Or I may not read another Cassandra Clare book again. (Okay, that is a lie. And I admit it. I will always read Ms. Clare's books, no matter what.) Has anyone noticed how Tessa and Will would be too similar to Clary and Jace? If Tessa's with Will, I might [...]

  • Victoria ♡

    BOOK REVIEW March 30 2013Just give me a second to collect myself.So I can't decide whether I'm happy with the way it ended (because I am) or sad (because I am that too)THANKS FOR THE FEELINGS, CLARE.SPOILERS INCLUDED (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED).(view spoiler)[Holy fucking shit.Okay refraining from bad language.Guys.I can't even-I'm happy. I'm sad. I'm happy. I'm sad.First, I'd like to say that although I am a HUGE fan of TMI and TID from the moment City of Ashes came out (because that's when I starte [...]

  • xrysa

    “There are some things worst than death.Not to be loved or not to be able to love.”TessaTrue love cannot die.WillIs there a chance for him to be happy?JemEvery heart has its own melody.In this book Tessa is about to get married with (view spoiler)[Jem (hide spoiler)]but she is kidnapped by Mortmain.Jem is unable to go and find her due to the fact that he is out of yin fen (his drug so his is very ill) so Will searches for her.Tessa as Mortmain's captor learns many things about her life and w [...]

  • Christine Riccio

    Spectacular end to a fantastic series! My full booktalk/discussion is up on youtube: youtu/p7oNhZX_7oo

  • Bangadybangz

    Well it's finally happened. I've finally finished The Infernal Devices! Clockwork Princess was a solid finale to this series. The characters are each unique and enjoyable in their own way, and I LOVE the Victorian atmosphere. And yes, as everyone warned me they would, the feels did hit me at the end although it wasn't quite as intense as I'd expected (I'm sorry, don't kill me!) **SPOILERY**I do wish that there had been a bit more focus on the plot with Mortmain and his Infernal Devices and less [...]

  • Fatimah

    A NOTE TO THE AUTHOR: PATIENT VERSION(NOTE: read this letter in a dramatic British accent. It'll be more funnier than I intended it to be.)Dear Cassandra Clare,I am begging you to please release this earlier. If the world will end this year, then I will not have the chance to read this amazing book, and I will die very, very sad. Not only I will die this way, but also many other fans will die very, very sad. Now, you don't want your fans to be very, very sad, do you?PERSON WHO WROTE THIS LETTER: [...]

  • Raeleen Lemay

    AHHHHH. I FINISHED READING IT. FREAKING AMAZING GUYS. I also love the family tree on the inside of the dust jacket So cool to see how the characters from the Mortal Instruments are literally direct descendants from the characters in this trilogy LIKE WHOA.TESSA'S ON THE COVEEEEEEEER! :DOkay, so it's only July 11th, and here are my current emotions towards this book:and the coverah, I went there sexy Josh Hutcherson gifs were the only way to sum up my excitement.Oh man, the release date still fee [...]

  • Cait • A Page with a View

    The setting was easily my favorite part of this book! I just really like Wales… the whole time period, steampunk feel, and London & Wales setting of this book might be the cause of at least half of these stars. All of the Welsh legends and language were really fun to see.I haven't been the biggest fan of Cassandra Clare’s other works (I mean, they’re fine they're just not favorites), but this story was all sorts of emotional. The love triangle worked so much better for me here. And I l [...]

  • Cait (Paper Fury)

    So the first thing you need to know is I AM A GARGANTUANLY ENTHUSIASTIC CASSANDRA CLARE FAN. I am! I didn't love Clockwork Princess as much as I wanted to but, zomg, I still love the Shadowhunter world an astronomical amount. But all in all? The conclusion to this trilogy was a liiiiittle anti-climatic for me. BUT I HAVE BROKEN IT INTO LIST FORMAT FOR YOU. Because I'm kind like thatUFF I WAS NOT HAPPY WITH.+ The love-triangle. I ain't convinced, folks. How can Tessa possibly love two guys equall [...]

  • Joel (Throne of books)

    *4.5 stars* i am legit CRYING. While i was originally intending to give this 4 stars, the epilogue changed everything. oh my god i am a MESS right now. Literally no one touch my right now or I'll break apart. I swear i have no soul but as i was reading that epilogue the pages started to blur and i felt something moist rolling down my cheeks and i realized i'm capable of crying. I can actually produce tears. WHO KNEW.Clockwork Princess was without a doubt, the best in the series. My emotions vari [...]

  • Ava Oceana

    I can dislike Cassandra Clare, her MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series, and what she's done for however long I'd like, but that doesn't mean I don't absolutely adore this series. I won't feel ashamed for loving THE INFERNAL DEVICES. I refuse. This is one of my favorite series, and nothing will change that.I read CLOCKWORK PRINCESS very slowly. I don't know why; perhaps it was because I didn't want to finish it, maybe it was because I was in a reading slump, or more likely: I just wasn't interested.It took [...]

  • May

    CASSANDRA ME HA ROTO EL CORAZÓN.Princesa mecánica es una novela INCREÍBLE, atrapa MUCHÍSIMO y tiene unos giros que te dejan sin alientoN DUDA, EL MEJOR DE LA TRILOGÍA.Y ahora voy a por el sexto de la saga principal AIDBRFBIRIFaliento

  • Moe

    SPOILER ALERT xxx SERIOUSLY, DON'T READ IF YOU PLAN ON READING THE BOOKOh god! Clockwork Princess is like one of those highly dramatic and nasty soap operas meant to reduce your IQ level: characters randomly come back to life, basic laws of nature are challenged, and anything happens so long as the main characters have their happy ending.I mean seriously, this book has the authority on sickly sweet happy endings. Clare, in this book has managed to pair off every single character in it: Sophie ge [...]

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