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New York Times bestselling author Jillian Hunter has charmed readers with her sizzling sexual chemistry and rapier wit Booklist Now she returns to the scandalous Boscastle family All Emily Selwick wanted was to convince the man she had adored for years that she was the woman he ought to marry She never expected that her ill fated deception at a party would uncover aNew York Times bestselling author Jillian Hunter has charmed readers with her sizzling sexual chemistry and rapier wit Booklist Now she returns to the scandalous Boscastle family All Emily Selwick wanted was to convince the man she had adored for years that she was the woman he ought to marry She never expected that her ill fated deception at a party would uncover a scheme against the Crown and ensnare her in the sensual trap of an enigmatic stranger Damien Boscastle, the Earl of Shalcross, knows he must marry Emily to defend her honor and keep his mission secret But, by saving her reputation, he will draw her into his arms as well as a dangerous intrigue After a whirlwind courtship that leaves her breathless, Emily finds herself wed to a husband who vows not only to protect her from his menacing world but to train his wife in the pleasures of passion.

  • Title: The Countess Confessions
  • Author: Jillian Hunter
  • ISBN: 9780451415332
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Jillian Hunter

Jillian Hunter is the bestselling author of over twenty historical romances She lives with her husband, three daughters, a pug and a poodle in Southern California She loves anyone who can make her laugh, which means she is in love with Mike Myers and Tyler Perry.

Comments The Countess Confessions

  • Sophia

    I hadn't read any books from this series, but when I read the blurb I plunged in to read this latest installment. Luckily, this worked out fine as this book's ties to the series are pretty loose and can be read as a standalone. It was the promise of danger, espionage and historical romance all wrapped up in one story that drew me in. Offer me spies and I'm all over that book. Haha! I had a blast with this one from beginning to end.Emily, with the help of her friend Lucy, has cooked up a scheme i [...]

  • Debbie Lester

    Jillian Hunter brings readers the second book in her spin-off Boscastle Affairs series, The Countess Confessions. This a sexy romp through the ton, with a bit of fortune telling, a smidgen of espionage and a big dose of romance. Hunter fans will love revisiting the Boscastle family with Damien being the hero for this novel. Hunter's sharp wit is amazing during the banter between hero and heroine and her trademark ability to write captivating characters was at it's best. Damien's protective natur [...]

  • Elis Madison

    It might be just mebut this one didn't click for me. There were just too many points where I didn't follow the logic of the characters or the story.Emily Rowland is posing as a gypsy at a house party in order to (somehow) convince the boy she loves that she's the one for him (Example of logic problem: She stole a mysterious potion her brother obtained from a gypsy, whom she overheard saying that it should be used as a last resort. For all she knows, it could be a treatment for jock itch, but she [...]

  • Anna's Herding Cats

    *rubs hands together* Oh yes. I have found a new historical author to go all girly over! The Countess Confessions was a delightfully entertaining romp that was light, fun and utterly romantic with a kick of suspense thrown in too! It was just what I needed today. An easy romance that wasn't too dark or heavy but that kept me intrigued and excited to spend just a little more time with two charming characters as their lives change forever and they set out to protect their country.The quick of it i [...]

  • Susan

    Good romance with a touch of suspense added to liven things up. Emily had disguised herself as a fortune-telling gypsy in an attempt to catch the interest of a man she was interested in. Instead, she found herself entangled with Damien, who was undercover trying to discover and shut down a group of anarchists. She ends up compromised and in the crosshairs of the conspirators, who worry what she might have heard. Damien is intent on his mission, with no plans to marry in the near future, but he w [...]

  • SidneyKay

    In the beginning the beginning the beginningI usually like Jillian Hunter books, especially her older ones, but for me The Countess Confession was just passable. When it started, I thought, "oh this is going to be fun." Emily, our heroine, seems to always be getting in trouble and Damien, our hero, is trouble. He's a Boscastle, he's a spy, he's a manly man. But about halfway through the book, they are hopping into bed with each other and I thought, Hey, wait a minute, isn't that a little too soo [...]

  • Greentea

    This novel is such a let down. I have too much expectation from the summary but it just felt flat. Let me start by the things that I liked.Emily is a likable character. She has a penchant for trouble, mischievous but adorable. She's not a damsel in distress, she fights back and isn't weak.Damien is also a very likable hero. He stands up and saves Emily from the trouble she costed.It has a beautiful cover. I love it.To the things I didn't like:The love triangle- There was a subplot of love triang [...]

  • My Book Addiction and More MBA

    THE COUNTESS CONFESSIONS by Jillian Hunter is an exciting Historical Romance 1820 London. A Boscastle Affairs Novel (Book 2), but can be read as a stand alone. See,"The Mistress Memoirs". A sizzling, charming tale of the Scandalous Boscastle Family.Emily Rowland, only wanted to the the attention of the man she loved from afar for years, but what is got was entangled in a scheme against the Crown and married to another man altogether.Damien Boscastle, the Earl of Shalcross, is a spy on a mission [...]

  • Gail

    Good read. The heroine dresses up as a gypsy to try to encourage her crush to think of her in romantic terms by telling his fortune at a party and inserting her own name. But when someone else pushes him out of line and invades the fortune-telling tent, her plans fall apart, especially since this invader is much more intriguing. Things get confusing right off the bat for me. I couldn't figure out either why she wanted the original guy, or why she was so intrigued by the new guy, except that he i [...]

  • Lis Afonso

    I can't really put my finger on what it was about this book that I felt lacking, but something missed the mark for me. I'm guessing it has to do with the fact that there was the random side romance of supporting characters which took away from time that would have been better spent building up the main characters' relationship.

  • Sue

    The exploits of the young heroine in this story are endearing precisely because they are so bumbling. If you happened to be the head cheerleader in high school who dated the captain of the football team, definitely do NOT read this book. You will never be able to relate to the story of a wallflower longing to be noticed by the boy she adores who, while in the process of earnestly attempting to attract his attention, instead captures the notice of a dangerously seductive man that she most assured [...]

  • Cs

    This was my first in the series although it is #14. It was good, entertaining, and can be read as a stand-alone without being lost. It did leave me wanting to find the other books in the series so I can read about the other characters.

  • Beth

    My, oh, my. Where do I even start? This book was a huge disappointment. And it's the 14th in a series, which I didn't know and astounds me. Were all her previous books in this series as sloppily written, or is the inspiration for the Boscastle family running dry?The plot is so thin you could read a (better) book through it. There's a plot against the crown! But we don't know WHY, we don't know what this plot is hoping to achieve, nor do we know why this plot is attacking a specific person versus [...]

  • Stephanie

    Original Post March 30 at fangswandsandfairydust/201THE COUNTESS CONFESSIONS: A 19th Century 007 Marries the GirlDisclosure: uncorrected Galley provided by publisher via NetGalley for review purposes. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinion presented herein is my own, unless otherwise noted.I was very restless reading this book. It didn’t capture my attention and I think it was both my mental state and that the book felt like it was written with restraint. The hero is restrained and nobl [...]

  • Mariel Grey

    This is the first book I’ve read by Jillian Hunter. Though the story is part of her Bocastle series, it reads easily as a stand alone title. Tidbits about the family are scarce and really don’t even come into play until later in the book. To be honest, the story was a little busy for me at the beginning and it took me some time to settle into the book. There just seemed to be a lot of characters for me to absorb up front. The story begins with our heroine trying to lure the man of her dreams [...]

  • Eva

    I would give this book 3.5 stars :) Well, this was the first book that I've read from the series and I like it. It's really different from other books where the female and male characters actually met under different circumstances with their disguise on! It's totally unexpected for Emily to get married to Damien so quickly in order to protect her and her maid. Albeit they have only known each other for a short time, they have both developed feelings for each other in a short amount of time and E [...]

  • Patty McKenna Van Hulle

    I really loved this book. It has one of my favorite families, the Boscastle. Jillian Hunter has done it again. This is her 14 Boscastle book but they are never boring. Damien is a loner who only keeps his valet/best friend Winthrop around and because Winthrop won't leave. He is uncover for the Crown against the anarchists. Emily has loved a certain boy and that boy never knows that she in love with him. She goes uncover as a gypsy fortune teller with the help of her lady's maid Iris and her brot [...]

  • Siobhan

    Jillian's recent Bostcastle stories haven't been as exciting or engaging as the original group of stories about the Marquis of Sedgecroft and his siblings. This book was no exception. I borrowed it as a an e-book from the library, and had only gotten 25% through it when the loan expired. I don't feel inclined to check it out again. My impression through the first 15 chapters was that it was very poorly edited. During one scene in particular, Emily and Damien were on a horse. Then a few paragraph [...]

  • Cocktails and Books

    3.5 StarThe Countess Confessions centers around the romance of Emily and Damien. Emily is a bit of a trouble maker. She meets Damien when she is pretending to be a fortune teller to get another man. They end up in a compromising situation and are forced to marry Damien is determined to have a real marriage and with great intensity teaches Emily everything about the marriage bed. This book is a romance but there is plenty of adventure and spice. Unfortunately there are a few moments in the book t [...]

  • Alex

    Had expectations for this book, unfortunately it did not meet any. Follow me!

  • Tammy Sargeant

    I gotta say, I HATE historical romances, but Jillian Hunter is always my exception because I love her witty style of writing and the hot sexy scenes she has. But this book was my main reason why I hate historicals. I couldn't keep reading. It was good until I got to the 6th chapter, then my interest in it just stopped. I love the Boscastle series, but this one has got to be my least favorite. I was waiting for Damian's story because he was interesting in the other books, but eh. At most points i [...]

  • Jessi

    All Emily wants to do is to capture the imagination of the man she's loved for years. So she creates a simple plan: dress like a gypsy, sneak a tent onto a property, interrupt a party, get him to be the seventh (lucky number!) person in line, tell his fortune, and make him realize that he loves her too. Easy-peasy. But then, Bocastle muscles his way into the tent. He can't be her lucky number seven! Then there's an assassination plot, a hurried marriage, and who knows what else before these two [...]

  • L H

    I can't believe that the same author who wrote the previous Boscastle books had written this one! What a disappointment! It has 50 chapters! why? Cus some chapters were as short as a page and a half! The narration kept shifting from one person to another to a point where it was plain silly and just too confusing!1 totally felt as if the author kept taking a few days every time she wrote a couple of pages!!! You finish a section, you read the next and you would keep wondering if you book was miss [...]

  • Mary

    Before you say anything, no. I haven't read the other 13 books in this series. Actually, this is my first one and works perfectly as a standalone (I didn't realize there were so many others in the series until I went to write this review). Damien is seriously swoon-worthy what with his spy skills and, ahem, bedroom skills. Through a series of unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on how you look at it) events, Emily and Damien wind up married. While this story wasn't perfect, it was fun and, some [...]

  • Linda

    A rollicking story where a headstrong young woman poses as a fortune teller to turn the head of a young man she admires. Her plan backfires when a stranger barges into the tent to hide from someone and is instantly smitten by the young lady. He is working undercover as an agent for the Crown of England while she goes against her father’s orders by attending the ball. When her father hears of her hiding in a tower with the stranger, he insists that they marry. This was not in Emily’s plans at [...]

  • Cathy

    I have 14 books by Jillian Hunter so needless to say I am a fan, but of this book, not so much. There were many places in the story where it didn't make sense to me and some situations and conversations were hard to follow. It did get better toward the end of the book although I almost gave up and didn't finish it. There are 13 more books in the Boscastle series but this one can be read as a stand alone.

  • Sandra

    How does Jillian Hunter come up with so many varied plots all connected to one family? Each has it's own very interesting characters and unique first meeting of hero and heroine. The stories fly off the page as you find yourself turning pages faster and faster. #14 is no different. Fortune telling, close escapes, assassination attempts, kisses and bedroom antics--it's another enjoyable Boscastle adventure.

  • Carole

    I liked both Hero and Heroine, but I got lost at least 3 times in the first third of the book in the set-up of the complicated plots and numerous charactersI kept thinking - what did I miss - who was that? and kept mixing up the main supporting female characters of 'the best friend' and the 'maid/confidante. At times things felt more complicated than necessary. I wanted to like it more than I did, as I absolutely adore some of the earlier books in the series.

  • Brittany Dietrich

    It started out really well and I loved the beginning and ending. However, it started to seem like a typical period romance book. In my opinion, there wasn't any uniqueness to it, with the exception of the beginning.

  • Janice

    I like much about this story but It felt like chunks of the story were cut away at points especailly in the beginning,Why the brother? Why with the father? Not nessecary? This guy was a spy? not too smart.

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