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By Eva Pohler | Comments: ( 431 ) | Date: ( Jul 06, 2020 )

Fifteen year old Therese watches her parents die While in a coma, she meets the twin sons of Hades Hypnos the god of sleep and Thanatos the god of death She thinks she s manipulating a dream, not kissing the god of death and totally rocking his world.Than makes a deal with Hades and goes as a mortal to the Upperworld to try and win Therese s heart, but not all the goFifteen year old Therese watches her parents die While in a coma, she meets the twin sons of Hades Hypnos the god of sleep and Thanatos the god of death She thinks she s manipulating a dream, not kissing the god of death and totally rocking his world.Than makes a deal with Hades and goes as a mortal to the Upperworld to try and win Therese s heart, but not all the gods are happy Some give her gifts Others try to kill her.The deal requires Therese to avenge the death of her parents With the help of Than s fierce and exotic sisters, the Furies, she finds herself in an arena face to face with the murderer, and only one will survive.

  • Title: The Gatekeeper's Sons
  • Author: Eva Pohler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Eva Pohler

Eva Pohler is the bestselling author of The Mystery Book Collection and three teen series The Gatekeeper s Saga and The Vampires of Athens both portray her love for Greek mythology The Purgatorium Series is a psychological thriller and island adventure story.

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  • Carmen

    Than reached across the bed and wiped the tears from her face and then lay back on his side. "My brother told me I should come to Earth and have my way with as many girls as I wanted, to sow my wild oats, he said; but that's not my style. There's only one girl I'm interested in."Therese's heart sped up. "You can't really mean me?"BOOK #8 in Carmen-Downloads-20-Free-Ebooks-Onto-Her-Kindle-Day. More widely known as March 3rd, 2015.Therese Mills is a 15-year-old girl. One night her parents are shot [...]

  • Catherine ♡

    Actual Rating: 0Okay, bear with me guys, this one is going to be a long one. First of all, I am so surprised that Eva Pohler is a writing and literature teacher at a university and not, as her writing shows, an immature twelve-year-old student.Let me tell you, the writing in this is absolutely awful. From the very first page, I could tell that the author broke the rule of "show, don't tell". The car crash scene was already written TERRIBLY - it felt as though the author was trying to make it sca [...]

  • Zarah

    People actually LIKE this? But why?!I got a free Kindle edition, got approximately 20 pages in and was so bored and annoyed I contemplated pulling my hair, just to make it more enjoyableTo me, this book reads NOT like teenage Fanfiction but rather as the pre-stages of Fanfiction, written by a pre-teen. The language, the drawn out descriptions, the exceptionally horrible language (someone said that the author is a teacher? Please, say it isn't so, or the kids she teaches will go out into the worl [...]

  • Fafa's Book Corner

    DNF Mini review:I received this free copy through kindle for a promotion the author was having. I heard about said promotion through booktube. I wasn't really sure what I was expecting. I was looking a for new series to get lost into (as if I don't already have enough of those) and when I saw this for free I downloaded it. I do enjoy reading about Greek mythology so I wanted to see this author's take on it. Unfortunately I did not enjoy this. Like Vampire Addiction the writing felt very juvenile [...]

  • Jonel Boyko

    This novel was a phenomenal introduction into the Gatekeeper series and into the world of Greek mythology.I have great respect for authors who do their research before writing fictional work based on fact or existing mythology. That said, I love the fact that this story is mythologically accurate. I also like the fact that Pohler includes a variety of Greek gods in her writing, rather than simply using the Olympiad as so many authors attempting to write about Greek mythology do. And Pohler doesn [...]

  • Cogito_ergo_sum

    1.5 starsThe Greek mythology premise is nothing new here; it's been a trend floating around YA for a while now. When picking up this book, I was hopeful due to all the lovely ratings, but I was disappointed. My review will come off severe, but maybe the problems I am about to list will help future authors avoid this, and I will have a better selection of books to read in the future.This book is lacking serious editing. There was potential here, but it was poorly executed. I'll just list the prob [...]

  • Jasmine

    **This review may contain a spoiler or two**First off, I’d like to say that The Gatekeeper’s Sons is the first book in the Gatekeeper’s trilogy. Also, I won all three books in a contest, and they have been signed by the author.Now…on with my review.The Gatekeeper’s Sons is about a 15 year old girl named Therese. It starts out with Therese leaving a college with her parents; her mother had been celebrated for some sort of antidote. As they are in the car getting ready to leave, Therese [...]

  • April

    Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook ReviewsWow! I have always been a fan of Greek Mythology and this was a real treat. So many of my favorite Gods and Goddesses make appearances and many lesser known ones I was introduced to in this story.This was a really unique story. I thought it took a real twist from the typical young adult books. Great storytelling with a terrific pace. The major event of the book had me on edge for the whole end of the book. Definitely one of those what would [...]

  • Kristi

    Wow where do I even startFirst I want to ask how exactly is Eva Pohler not as well know and published as some such as Stephanie Meyers? No disrespect to Stephanie, but I would much rather own paper copies and see movies of this brilliance! I have always loved Greek mythology but this book has given me an even more profound love of it as well as my one true love, books. This story has everything in it hope, despair, joy, sadness, depth and meaning. True love and loss are so amazingly written in t [...]

  • Jane Stewart

    DNF. Might be good for teens, but not for me.The author is a teacher. She is writing about Greek gods and mythology. That is educational. But the story about 15-year-old Therese did not work for me. Therese almost dies. She interacts with two gods during her dreams. She and Than (a god) are immediately attracted to each other when they meet in a dream. Than gets permission from his father to be human for awhile so he can woo Therese to be his goddess wife. She liked him in her dream. But when sh [...]

  • Jamie

    Oh wow, where do I start?! I love this author! Eva Pohler has a gift for making the reader emotionally attached to the characters, in a matter of PAGES! I love the fact that she's an English teacher, I can be confident that my brain will never stumble over something in her books. Can't even stress how important that is to me, lol. Now on to the book!Therese Mills is a 15 year old girl who watches her parents die, right in front of her. If things had happened just a little differently, she would' [...]

  • Dianne

    Take one immortal Greek god of Death, add a fifteen-year-old girl who barely survived the murder of her parents and blend well and we have a nice take on a YA paranormal romance by Eva Pohler!Thanatos, the god of death, who looks around eighteen, but is, in fact, an ancient immortal son of Hades, twin brother of Hypnos, the god of dreams falls instantly in love with Therese, a mortal girl who gave him his first kiss. Actually, she gave him his first taste of being around humans, because, really, [...]

  • Rachel

    DNF AF! What the bloody hell is this book!? So awful. I feel bad for saying it, but this book is garbage. The whole time I was taking notes, just trying to get down everything bad about it, but I couldn't. I was exausted trying to keep up with the mistakes. It had to be put down, never to be picked up and read agian To be completely honest I wasn't sure if I just downloaded a self- published novel on my Kobo or if it was just that bad. Who in their right mind would publish this? I know writing a [...]

  • Nancy

    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.So. Therese, a 15 year old, watches her parents die. While unconscious and hovering near death, she meets Hades' sons, Hypnos, god of sleep, and Thanatos, god of death. Though she believes she is experiencing a lucid dream, her experiences are real. While in this unconscious state, she kisses Than, the first one to do so, as most mortals - and even immortals - fear him because of his role in the world. Unab [...]

  • Fernanda

    Tragedy happens in Therese´s life after she watches her parents die While she´s in a coma she dreams with a hot guy called Hypnos (She doesn´t know he´s the Greek God of sleep). She´s been known to be a lucid dreamer always taking control of her surroundings so she summons her parents and see that they are fine and "alive". Below her she watches as a raft with people in it. She flies to the edge of the Underworld where she sees that her parents are in the raft with a man. She calls after th [...]

  • Josheka

    More of my reviews @ Reading 24x7First of all, I would like to thank Eva Pohler for providing me a hard-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. :)The Gatekeeper's Sons was on ok-ok read for me. There were some things in this book which I really enjoyed, like-1.) The starting was interesting. It made me instantly curious about what might happen next. I'm not a big fan of mystery, but reading the first chapter made me instantly interested. :)2.) The writing style of the author was quit [...]

  • Jasmyn

    This is a great book for lovers of mythology. I always enjoy a well written story that brings the old gods and goddesses of any mythology back to life in modern times. Eva Pohler held true to the mythology of the Greek gods and goddesses through the story, which was an added bonus as well. Thanatos is the god of death, he guides the souls to the ferryman to ensure they enter his father's Underworld. While he may not be happy, he is at least content and understanding of how important his duty is. [...]

  • Terri

    This book will have you emotionally invested in the characters within the first few pages. The author really brings them to life for you with her incredible writing style. She obviously researched her Greek mythology and intertwined it into the storyline beautifully. This is a new and unique take on the mythology aspect.Therese witnessed her parents' murder, barely escaping her own death. While in a coma, she watches her parents being led to the Underworld, where Death awaits to guide them to th [...]

  • Maggielou

    I won this book in a giveaway that was held by Kristi’s Book Readery. I was so happy to have won though regardless I would have purchased the books as I found them to be quite intriguing. Greek mythology has always sparked an interest in me however; I find that when most people write about it, it tends to be BORING! And though I am no expert on the subject I did not find this story boring at all!Pohler did a wonderful job with this first installment. She developed the characters well and gave [...]

  • ponderinghope

    When I read this book's summary I knew I was going to like it. I love Greek Mythology I am practically in love with Greek mythology. But I went through so much to read this book. I broke my tablet so I could not read it on my tablet and I did not have time for the computer so I had to print all three hundred and eighty two pages in my school. Make it worse I got detention for "wasting paper" as the principal said (yes I had to go see the principal). But when I watched the book trailer I had high [...]

  • Alison

    I really enjoyed this story. It starts off with a bang (literally) and holds you throughout. One of the things I loved about it was how original it was, something that is not easy to say anymore. Ms. Pohler weaves a fascinating tale using the God of Sleep and the God of Death, Hypnos and Thanatos, who are the sons of Hades. The author obviously knows a great deal about Greek mythology and I enjoyed her twist on it. If you are a Percy Jackson fan, this series is definitely for you. But even if yo [...]

  • Alexia Purdy

    I enjoyed the audiobook edition of this story, the narrator was pleasant to listen to and was awesome interchanging parts. The book was definitely interesting and I liked this unusual twist on the mythology of gods and humans. The main character Therese has experienced a lot of tragedy in her short life. But she's different and can control her dreams in a way that most people can't. In doing so, she inadvertently catches the eye of the twin sons of Hades: Thanos and Hypnos. What comes next is mo [...]

  • Heidi

    This book starts of with a bang. Therese is leaving a party with her parents when they are murdered. It goes on to have a Greek god fall in love with Therese as she is on the verge of death. She has the amazing power to control her dreams. There are many obstacles Therese and her friends face that keep your interest as you travel along with them in this book. I am not usually a fan of love stories but I love mythology and that made this book more than a romance. It has a great storyline and it i [...]

  • Paddy O'callaghan

    Hades, Hynos and Thanatos (from whom we get thanatophobia -fear of death BTW), are all characters in this great book. Why hasn't anyone written this book before; I really can't imagine why; it revolves around an excellent premise. Pohler has surpassed herself so read it now before it sells out.Oh Hypnos gave us the word Hypnotism but I'd imagine you'll figure that out as you read the book, or may have already known.

  • TheWriter

    I recieved this set if books in a contest, I had previously never heard of the author. I am very glad I won the books, she is very talented in adding characters and developing each and everyone of them. You never go without something happening. I would definitely put this on my TBR if I was you! It does end on a cliffhanger which is why I'm glad I have the next book! ;) great job Eva!

  • Anita

    Enjoyable read. Interesting angle and perspective on Greek immortal gods.

  • Rivalie (Le Petit Photograph)

    So at the beginning it is a bit confusing because a lot happens. Therese is reflecting on her mother's sort of dazed behavior recently and there are all these flashbacks and thoughts when all of a sudden, her mother is shot and they're run off the road into the river. Then there's a whole scene that you typically find in a car drowning scene, think of that robot movie with Will Smith (?) except no robot comes to save them. Therese is pulled out and while she meets Hypnos and Thanatos, the twin s [...]

  • Ely (Tea & Titles)

    Originally posted on abooksofathomlessWhen first starting this book I was really unsure as to whether or not I would like it, this was one of my first self-published books and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I liked how quickly the story started – instead of some unnecessary introduction to everything, it got straight into the action which made it a lot easier to get immersed in the story. We quickly meet both Hypnos (Hip) and Thanatos (Than)- the go [...]

  • Sandy Doty

    I give this book a 3.5 stars. I downloaded the first book in this series for free. I'm glad I did - it is an entertaining, fast paced read. I LOVE the Greek mythology aspect of it. LOVE! This is a book about Therese, a young girl whose parents die in a horrifying fashion right before her eyes. Therese is also gravely injured and falls into a coma. While comatose, she interacts with Hip - the God of dreams. Surprising the Gods, she is also able to interact with Than, the God of Death. This brief [...]

  • Katherine

    The Gatekeeper's Sons by Eva Pohler is a fascinating read that manages to entwine Greek mythology and modern life. I have always been a fan of mythology and I love reading about the gods and goddesses. This book impressed me because it was well researched and gave a lot of respect to mythology.The story follows Therese, a 15 year old girl, who witnesses her parents' deaths and dreams about two young men, Hip and Than. She later comes to learn that Hip (short for Hypnos) and Than (short for Thana [...]

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ The Gatekeeper's Sons | by ✓ Eva Pohler
    404 Eva Pohler
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