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By Rachel Rossano | Comments: ( 243 ) | Date: ( Mar 30, 2020 )

Wren Romany is as unconventional as they come Born to a large, devout family and then forced out to fend on her own, she earns her living as a bounty hunter As her second winter alone looms, she decides to stay in one place for the season Seeking shelter, she offers her hunting skills in exchange.Tourth Mynth, the master of the ruined fortress in the valley, needs help.Wren Romany is as unconventional as they come Born to a large, devout family and then forced out to fend on her own, she earns her living as a bounty hunter As her second winter alone looms, she decides to stay in one place for the season Seeking shelter, she offers her hunting skills in exchange.Tourth Mynth, the master of the ruined fortress in the valley, needs help His small household faces a hard winter As son of a disenfranchised noble, he has plenty of space beneath his roof, but not much to eat Wren s offer seems a good fit.Wren soon learns the residents of Iselyn need than simply meat on their table The valley s residents squirm beneath a harsh master Unsolved murder and betrayal lurk in the Mynths not so distant past And Tourth s battle with his emotional scars from the recent civil war will determine the fate of the whole valley.

  • Title: Wren (The Romany Epistles)
  • Author: Rachel Rossano
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Rachel Rossano

I was born in the northern midwest to a missionary pastor and his wife As the oldest of four, I learned to be mature and responsible at an early age That, however, did not prevent me from having constant flights of fancy In my early teens, those flights of fancy began to make it to the page I have always loved reading and constantly had my nose in a book growing up fuel for those fanciful flights It seemed only natural to start putting my adventures into words to share.I love to read, discuss, and listen to comments on a wide variety of topics, both fiction and non fiction I look forward to interacting with others on this site.

Comments Wren (The Romany Epistles)

  • Sarah

    Age Appropriate For: 13 and up (mild violence, some romance)Best for Ages: 13 and upI was so excited to be asked to review yet another of Rachel’s books. I was honored to be asked to review Duty, and I had enjoyed reading Exchange. So when Rachel asked me to review Wren, I jumped at the chance.Like Duty, Wren is set in a fictional world. However, it feels more like historical fiction than fantasy. There isn’t any magic, strange creatures, or other creepy fantasy elements. So both those who l [...]

  • Alicia Willis

    13+ for mild violence and very mild romance.I have to say, I enjoy Rachel Rossano's unique writing style. Her books are unlike any that I've ever read. This book was no exception to her imaginative composition. She really did a good job with some of the descriptions. There were times I re-read a sentence to enjoy the imaginative way she described every-day actions.Wren is the story of a female bounty hunter and an emotionally battle-scarred young man named Tourth. Will Wren and Tourth manage to [...]

  • Kris

    Another great story by Rossano. I was hooked after the first chapter when Wren captures her bounty effortlessly.  This is a fast pace exciting read in which good triumphs. I was especially drawn to Wren’s character. She is mysterious in the beginning and I enjoyed hearing her backstory as the novel evolved.  She is comfortable and confident with herself.  Despite her superior abilities as a huntress and bounty hunter; she remains humble and willing to perform any task needed.  She allows h [...]

  • Claire Banschbach

    It's been a while since I've read this book, but I remember really enjoying it. I loved the character of Wren and her journey. Her family background was interesting and I would love to hear more about her siblings. The varied characters that she meets in the castle are great! I did like Tourth and the relationship he had with his men and especially his sister. There was a twist or two at the end that kept me hooked. Definitely recommended to anyone who likes fantasy, strong female characters, an [...]

  • Kendra Ardnek

    Lovely book, full review coming when I can find the brainpower to do one.

  • Crystal (Books Are Sanity!!!)

    I was literally hooked from the first chapter of this book! At no time during the book did the pace lag or did I feel like I needed to take a break or put it down. In fact, just the opposite was true! I didn't want to put it down and read it continuously! Wren is a fast-paced action-packed novel full of intriguing characters and a great story-line! I loved Wren and she became real to me; an amazing woman with no fear of being out of the ordinary! This novel comes full circle and answered almost [...]

  • Pat

    In "Wren," I thoroughly enjoyed yet another of Ms. Rossano's books. Great characters, clean strong romance and friendships, and a time frame that felt like I was in the midst of a true historical tale.

  • Jack Baillot

    My Review howeverimporbable

  • Cecilia Gray

    Don't let the lyrical language of this historical fantasy (but not the exotic creatures kind of fantasy) fool you, this is a fast-paced adventure starring a strong heroine/bounty hunter. She's a lone wolf drawn into a town's trials and tribulations through the man who shelters her in exchange for food. The relationship between the two develops slowly which makes it all the sweeter and realistic.The story's setting is fantastical yet decidedly medieval (at least I think medievalI'm no historian.) [...]

  • Shanna Hatfield

    Rachel Rossano has once again turned her talent for writing into an engaging tale I could not put down.Wren is, in my humble opinion, her best work yet.From the first page, I was drawn into the story and to Wren's character. She's strong, smart, and independent, yet she is also vulnerable and so very real.Tourth was likeable and realistic, although a few times I wanted to reach into the book and slap him upside the head. (That speaks to the author's abilities to evoke my emotions and keep me ent [...]

  • Englishrose

    This was a lovely romance with a nicely created world where I hope many stories will be born. A comfortable world was established for well developed actions and plot twists. There were great main characters as well as satisfying side characters. I loved how it was a complex world without making things confusing or over done. Instead, the characters and plot pulled you along nicely with an engaging story that kept me turning pages. The Christian slant is prominent but not preachy nor is it denomi [...]

  • Shalight Saja

    Wren is a well-written book with an interesting plot and fascinating scenes, but the standout feature of this book is the characters. The realistic qualities of the characters in the book make them relatable across time and location. One particular theme that stood out was forgiveness. As all the characters looked at forgiveness differently, I could identify with them more and more throughout the book. I highly recommend the book for its many positive qualities, but especially for the characters [...]

  • InD'tale Magazine

    Ms. Rossano is fast becoming one of the brightest stars in the clean romance heavens. Her writing instantly draws the reader in, making them part of her vivid worlds. Read full review in the 2013 September issue of InD’tale Magazine.

  • Annette

    By far the best of Rachel's books that I've read. This one felt complete, whereas her others always left me wondering if I had missed something. This one had a nice story line with well defined characters. My one complaint is that the romance story line with rather sparse, overshadowed by everything else.

  • Kelly

    I found a fun new author! I love good clean books where there is action, adventure, a little dip into political intrigue and a dash of romance. Wren totally fits that bill. (just FYI it is a bit on the Christian Fiction side, but I love that too)

  • Suzana

    I thoroughly enjoy her books and am so glad this is longer, more time to fall in love with the characters, to get more than a taste of a story. Rachel always creates beautiful worlds with her words and her characters are so strong and believable.

  • Vanessa

    There is more to this story!

  • Sami


  • Patricia

    I really liked the character of Wren but maybe this is a multi-author series or something because I felt in the dark about her past life. Anyway, this was a nice book and I look forward to more by this author. I think I have read just about all of her books to date.

  • Kimberly A.

    This story caught my attention as soon as I read the summary. This another fantasy set in a medieval-esque world by Rachel Rossano who wrote Duty. After reading Duty, I had high expectations for Wren and I wasn’t disappointed.Plot – Grade AThe plot took the bounty hunter becomes a hero motif and added enough twists to keep me hopping (in a good way). Wren is not the typical female bounty hunter, she’s not a girly girl but neither is she disdainful of women who stick with convention or like [...]

  • Tifferz

    Wren is an intriguing story of a women bounty hunter with serious skills. She can totally take care of herself and others she cares for. I would want her as my friend. Wren comes upon Tourth by word of mouth. You see Wren wants a place to settle for the upcoming winter months. That is where Tourth comes in. He is in need of her hunting skills. So, they make a trade hunting and help for room and board. Then we are introduced to Kat, Svhen, Arthus and Dardon a wonderful supporting cast. Tourth has [...]

  • Derinda Babcock

    Wren Romany is forced to leave home and make her own way in the world. She is a highly skilled hunter of both animals and men, but faces a hard winter. She doesn't want to spend it camping out along the road and living hand-to-mouth, so she offers her services to Tourth Mynth, lord of a ruined fortress. Mynth is laying low, while trying to help his people. He does his best to stay out of the sights of the valley's evil "Enforcer," but will have to make a choice that is very risky.When I started [...]

  • Donna (More Than a Review)

    Wren, Is my second book by author Rachel Rossano. Wren is the type of Young Adult book I am happy to recommend. The story captures you within the first few chapters. Wren is a strong, independent young woman that you want to see get a happy ending. I found it very interesting that she was a well known bounty hunter and she could handle the hawks. She meets Tourth and asks to stay with them to have shelter. She ends up helping him deal with his issues from the war. The author does a great job of [...]

  • Mikayla

    This was my forth time of reading this book and I love it even more now then when I first read it in 2013. I loved Wren from the first chapter and only came to love her more as the book progressed. Wren is someone you can look up to, shes strong, but likable. She's very wise, and knows when to keep her mouth shut. I love how bluntly Wren gives her advice. Tourth is awesome. Hes a guy with real problems, real reactions to them, and real friends. I loved that he really struggled, and not all his p [...]

  • Laurie Penner

    Wren is solidly well-written, deep, and realistic, with just enough amusement to lighten the dark, dangerous world in which the characters live. The story takes place in the midst of dark, medieval times, ruled by questionable and evil men (sort of like today's culture), and Rachel Rossano does a great job of intertwining darkness and light throughout the story. She proves that swearing and gore can be left to the imagination, rather than described in vivid detail, without taking anything away f [...]

  • Suzannah

    With her parents dead and her eight siblings scattered, Wren Romany lives the hard life of a bounty hunter, roaming from one place to another with her horse and her falcons. As winter descends, Wren bargains with Tourth Mynth, a dispossessed nobleman living in hiding, for shelter in return for her hunting skills. As the king's local enforcer oppresses the local peasants and the net begins to close around Tourth, Wren tries to persuade him to take up his father's mantle and protect his people. Bu [...]

  • Monique

    Interested to see where this series goes next. I'm still a softie for the 'Rhynan' novels 'Duty' and 'Honour' ; this 'Romany' series seems to start out with a lot more blanks in the background of the plot- I'm hoping these will be filled in by further novels in the series.If you're a fan of Rossano's this is an easy read- with a very similar formula to her other novels (if you've read a couple you'll guess the ending).Execution is simplistic- but her characters and world are likeable- thus you r [...]

  • Melania Ramona

    4.5 stars. A very good book. Wren was a strong heroine I admired and liked. The story was engaging and the side characters were well drawn. And let's not forget the hero, who was also a great and nuanced character.

  • Stephanie Herron

    I enjoyed this story - it was well written and the characters were interesting. I look forward to seeing what the other authors have done with other characters from the family.

  • Celesta Thiessen

    Loved it! This was a very well-written book. I loved the main character, Wren. I was very, very happy with the ending :D

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