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By Luke Hartwell | Comments: ( 345 ) | Date: ( Feb 27, 2020 )

Ben cannot keep his mind off of the handsome young man sitting at the back of his world literature class He fantasizes and fantasizes, and then he acts An amorous, hysterical, and unusual tale by the author of Nathan s Story and Atom Heart John Beloved.

  • Title: Michael
  • Author: Luke Hartwell
  • ISBN: 9781490537115
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Luke Hartwell

Luke grew up in places much like the fictional town of Weston in his novel Atom Heart John Beloved He always enjoyed reading books with the gay boy attracted to straight boy dynamic, and several of his published works deal with just that Contact lhartwell rocketmail

Comments Michael

  • Justin

    Just what I needed. I laughed out loud quite a bit and was grinning the entire time. This is 35 pages of pure entertainment and the perfect little pick-me-up for a crappy day.

  • Lena♥Ribka

    Between 3,5 and 4 stars!Heart-warming!Charming!Beautiful!Sweet!P.S My absolutely favourite chapter is the number 4!!! This hymn to Michael's dick!OMG. That was GREAT! :))

  • Ann

    I really liked this crazy little story. It was totally unique. Pretend like you are actually in the brain of a horny, infatuated college student, that's what you have here. It's a 34 page stream of consciousness tale of falling in love in the classroom. It was totally random and completely charming. Read it with an open mind and you'll appreciate the simplicity of it.

  • ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣

    This is written just like a college-age brain works. Exactly.I grinned and recognized it all. Girl or guy going for a girl or a guy, everyone thought still thinks like this. Everyone. Ha!!There isn't a lot of wasting time in college when it comes to looking for sex, having sex, wanting sex, fantasizing about sex we may have wasted our time discussing the Animaniacs instead of studying, but that was only because we weren't having sex right then.Clever, if a bit repetitious, definitely funny, and [...]

  • Alona

    3.5 stars.Sweet and easy read.Beautiful writing, but way way too short!

  • Nadine

    Loved it! This story made me smile and laugh. It was sexy and hot. So Luke Hartwell! You people need to read this author. Don't wait, put it on top of your to-read shelf :)

  • Shelby P

    Luke Hartwell, you are two for two! I really liked the irreverent humor in this one. Ben was great as the narrator. This was a shorty but goody. I would like to read more about Michael's brothers.

  • Johanna

    Very short. Very visual. Very refreshing. I think I grinned widely all the way throughout the story.

  • Irina

    Short and sweet.I just wish it had some plot. I know LH is capable of writing a mind-blowing shortie, as his other book, Jimmy, proves it. But this felt rushed and missing something, IMO. The writing, however, is great, as always.

  • Nik

    ok, this was soooo funny I either laughed or shook my head very very very short story but so worth it in that short time you get the whole picture between the MC'sA must read. But I'm warning you. you must love, and I mean really love m/m books to enjoy very detailed descriptions and scenes about male parts.loved it :)

  • Tony

    Oh my! Last year Hartwell released the amazing and outrageously bold novel Atom Heart John Beloved and the more sedate but quite moving short story Jimmy. This year he has done the opposite. His new novel Nathan's Story, even though it has characters from Atom Heart, reminds me more of the style of Jimmy, while Hartwell's new short story, Michael, is more like Atom Heart. It's extremely funny and a very cute story, and wildly imaginative like Atom Heart.

  • Shane Pennell

    Perhaps the funniest story I've ever read, and it even has those beautiful Luke Hartwell characters to love while you're laughing. All of Hartwell's usual eroticism is here, too. How he fit that in with all the humor I'll never know, but it sure makes for an enjoyable read. Just brilliant.

  • Pixie

    Ridiculously cute. I smiled from start to end

  • Amy

    A fun and short read

  • Dena


  • Moonlite_Reader

    4.5 stars

  • Helen

    Bit expensive for very thin content. I really liked the idea and the first few segments - enough to purchase based on the sample - but it grew repetitive and dull mid-way.

  • Rohit

    Luke's writing is so refreshing. It's like he knows how to write about people's big bad cravings and not make them loom as something surreptitious and unkind in the scheme of life. His characters are flawed but equally honest. Micheal is a story of one guy binging on his fellow class mate. Pretty easy stuff. Right? But the way Ben craves Micheal short and dirty cute.

  • KC

    Fun, very well-written, refreshing short story, made me smile so much, loved it.

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  • Free Download [Historical Fiction Book] õ Michael - by Luke Hartwell ✓
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