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Elizabeth Lewis was the child of Hollywood s darling couple, until her father murdered her mother.Six years later, she has traded her flashy, luxurious lifestyle for one of safe anonymity as a literary agent With a different name and appearance, Liza Winter is living the life of her dreams one where she s known for who she is instead of what her father did Except her apaElizabeth Lewis was the child of Hollywood s darling couple, until her father murdered her mother.Six years later, she has traded her flashy, luxurious lifestyle for one of safe anonymity as a literary agent With a different name and appearance, Liza Winter is living the life of her dreams one where she s known for who she is instead of what her father did Except her apartment should be condemned, her car only starts when it wants, she hates the romance genre she has been assigned, and the CEO s deliciously attractive nephew is out to ruin her carefully laid plans.Reid Harder has never met an obstacle he couldn t overcome When his new position in the romance department comes with a benefit his uncle didn t mention, he decides to wage a war against the intelligent, beautiful Liza to destroy every argument she has for turning him down Still, the closer he gets to winning the prize, the he realizes that the woman is keeping secrets that may endanger not just her life but his.Will Liza overcome her mistrust of Reid to reveal her secrets before he learns the truth and walks away Or will a grudge wielding apparition from her past make her the next deadly Hollywood headline

  • Title: If I Say Yes
  • Author: Brandy Jellum
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Brandy Jellum

Brandy s passion for writing began long before she actually sat down to write As a child, she has had an obsession with reading Everything from the classic stories by Jane Austen to YA Fiction by Richelle Mead Finally, in 2012, she decided to create her own stories for people to fall in love with Brandy bounces back and forth writing both Young Adult Fiction and Romance.When she isn t writing, she can be found chasing after her husband, her four children and her black lab Diesel Or curled up on her favorite corner of the couch with her newest book.Follow Brandy on Social Media brandyjellumbooks.wordpresfacebook BrandyJellum Brandy_Jellum

Comments If I Say Yes

  • Katie

    3 starsMeh. This book really didn't work for meI LOVED the premisea former Hollywood socialite running from her crappy past that involved her father murdering her mother. Trying to leave the past behind her, she works a mediocre job at a publishing agency and owns a crappy apartment. Despite having a ton of money left to her from her father, she refuses to use the "blood money". One day at work, she meets the bosses nephew - enter Reid. From here, the book went downhill for me. I didn't really l [...]

  • Flirty Reader

    I was really intrigued by the summary of this book. I thought it was a little different from the straight romance I've been reading for a while. And while the book started out great, I soon found that there were things that didn't add up. In the end, I felt If I Say Yes needed more content editing. This book would benefit from it greatly, and I think it would make a really good mystery/romance if all the questions I had while reading were better answered and the development was looked into more [...]

  • K.S. Marsden

    After her father murdered her super-famous actress mother in front of her, Elizabeth Lewis disappears to escape the media circus, and every painful reminder forever. As Liza Winter, she lives the quiet life of a literary agent, with the one aim of becoming the best rep and the one name in Horror/Thriller. The only problem is her boss insists she works in the Romance department, which gets trickier when her new manager, the boss' handsome nephew, steps in.I loved this book. I always relate to emo [...]

  • Alexa Nichole Demers

    This is a debut novel for Brandy Jellum and boy was it a good one. I was definitely entertained throughout this whole book. I was pleasantly surprised. This book doesn’t waste anytime sucking you in and getting you to try and guess what is happening. She made this book even more suspenseful by adding the romance. It made you forget about the problems with Elizabeth and wonder what was going to happen next for her and Reid.I am not one to read a lot of romantic suspense books. With that said if [...]

  • Lustful Literature

    ** Tara's 4 Star Review ** Liza Winter is trying to live a life where her past never existed. After finding her mother murdered in her family home. Liza just wants to forget the past and move on. The nightmares and people from her past however have other plans.While working for a Literary Agent house, Liza is assigned to the Romance department finding new talent, but that is not where she wants to be. When The owners nephew Reid Harder walks into her life, everything she is running from comes cr [...]

  • Writer's Club

    Our reviewer Kathy Smith received a free copy of If I Say Yes in exchange for an honest review. Here’s what she said:If I Say Yes is the classic “girl with troubled past who has written off men, falls in love with Mr. Stud” romance – with a suspense/thriller twist.I found the book generally well written and the prologue kept me intrigued enough to read the whole thing. I am generally not a romance reader, and found parts of it very unbelievable, but that being said I did read the whole t [...]

  • Romance Readers Retreat

    Starting the book we see Elizabeth finding her mother's cold,bloody lifeless body in her parents bedroom, as she tries to somehow wake her up her father appears holding the knife he used and coldly admits to the murder he says it was "for us".Fast forward six years and Liza as she now goes by due to the fact she completely changed her identity works in the Romance department of Hardee's Literary Agent House, even though this isn't the department she wants to work in she feels she would be more s [...]

  • ***Cheryl***

    Great Romance suspense mystery read.The story opens with Elizabeth discovering her mother body and her father admitting to her murder. The story then forwards six years and Elizabeth is living with a different identity as Liza who works for a publishers in the romance department where she would really like in the horror department. The CEO’s nephew Reid had recently taken up the head of romance department position. Upon meeting the pair at war however there is an attraction between the pair . [...]

  • Jamie

    Well that was a wild ride!After watching her father kill her mother 6 years ago, Elizabeth "Liza" has changed her name and left that old life behind. She's working as a literary agent in the Romance department, something she loathes, and moving on with her life. Someone, though, hasn't forgotten who she is. Someone has an axe to grind. Someone is threatening her and those close to her. When she meets Reid, the nephew of the owner of the company she works for, and her new boss, the walls that she [...]

  • Melissa Hurtado

    If I say By :Brandy_JellumLife is about having choices and see where they can take you. Some regard small, trivial details. But others can bring you to a different path, or end it altogether.Mia Hall is a 17 year old whose life revolves around music.Her boyfriend Adam who singer and guitarist in his own band that he played every day . Mia thinks it's a hated decision to make her lifetime .Mia broke a bone and now she is in a hospital bed.Mia best friends and her grandparents vista her a lot.Mia [...]

  • C.D.Taylor

    Actually giving 4 1/2 stars. I normally read nothing but erotica, but took a chance on this debut novel by Brandy Jellum. The mix of romance and suspense was balanced in a way that made the story flow nicely. Looking forward to the next volume in this series.

  • Gillian

    I've never really read a romance/suspense book before this one, so I wasn't too sure how I would like the combination. But after reading IF I Say Yes, I'm excited to say that I really liked it and will be on the look out for more books like this one.The book opens with a whooper of a prologue! Not that its long but rather it's just so intense. Poor Elizabeth is witness to her mother's murder at the hands of her own father. Talk about setting the tone for what's to come.Now 6 years later we meet [...]

  • Edythe Hamilton

    Liza Winter being employed as a literary agent in the Romance department of Harder’s Literary Agent House wants nothing more but to return to her previous station in the Horror and Thriller genre department. When Liza is denied her request to return to the Horror and Thriller department, she learns that her new boss will be Reid Harder Junior whom she detests but cannot stop thinking about his smile. Reid asks Liza out for drinks after work to discuss adjusting to the Romance genre department [...]

  • Karen Hrdlicka

    This debut novel is well written and tightly plotted. The characters are well defined and the back story is woven well into the current plot. The character of Liza is well developed, she is deeply scarred by her past, emotionally and physically. She was traumatized by the death of her mother, who really wasn't much of one; and equally devastated by her father, on many levels. Her past has made her reinvent herself. She lives now with a new name, a new life and a new career. The one constant in h [...]

  • Kathleen

    Are you looking for a thrilling romantic suspense tale to wile away a lazy summer day? Well then I found the book for you sit down, buckle up, and get ready to be captivated by the riveting debut novel, If I Say Yes by author Brandy Jellum.Six years ago Hollywood socialite Elizabeth Lewis ran away from her traumatic past and reinvented her life. Now twenty-four, she goes under the name of Liza Winter, a literary agent in the Romantic genre at the prominent Harder's Literary Agent House. Liza ha [...]

  • Jo-Anne

    Elizabeth was traumatized by discovering her father standing over her mother's body and admitting to murdering her. We see her again six years later when she has changed her name and appearance - well her entire life, in order to distance herself from her father's crime and fame because of it. She walked away from everything she knew, including her friends. Except for one, Elias. He has stayed her best friend through the entire mess her life had become and helped her through it all. He is the on [...]

  • Talor Pickering

    If I Say Yes By Brandy Jellum, what a thrill! I was hooked from the first line, the opening scene is intense and grabs you immediately and leaves you thinking what the hell just happened! I loved Liza, the leading lady, so flawed, so scarred and damaged but yet so strong and beautiful, as I always say a flawed heroine is always the best heroine. The book is about the life of Liza how her father murdering her mother affects her in so many levels that she changes everything, her name, her life, he [...]

  • Miriam

    *growls in frustration*Why did it have to be a cliffhanger? Why, why, why? *sigh* Ignore my whine, lol.All in all, Yes is a wonderfully written suspense romance. Liza is damaged–physically, mentally, and emotionally–by a past she’s tried so hard to forget. She’s not trying to move on; she’s simply existing in a world that she built that is familiar and safe. But safe doesn’t keep the nightmares at bay, nor does it bring the closure she needs. Even after becoming involved with Reid, t [...]

  • ByoBook Club

    Could not put it down!She was no longer Elizabeth Lewis. Liza is doing everything she can to distance herself from her violence-ridden past. She has a home of her own and a job doing what she has always wanted. Who cared that her home was in a terrible neighborhood and her job was so in the wrong department. Keeping herself distant from everyone but her best friend has been easy up until now when everything seems to be happening at once. Faced with Reid Harder, the boss’s nephew and her now bo [...]

  • Jen

    Check out my full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.Note: This ebook was provided by Good Tales Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.If I Say Yes is the first book in the Say Something series by Brandy Jellum and is a romantic suspense novel about a young woman hiding from her past but its a past that doesn't want to remain hidden. The premise of the story itself is interesting and one that had me clicking "Request" on NetGalley. The book certainly had promising potential, potential [...]

  • Sanaa☆ Sanaa's Book Blog ☆

    **FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED**4 My first book by Brandy & I believe it was a debut novel and it was pretty well written. There was suspense, romance, everything you could ask for in a book.Elizabeth Lewis was a Hollywood golden child. But that was all ruined when her dad killed her mom & came after her. Now she goes by Liza and works a job that she doesn't want. She hates romance and wants to work for horror.That all changes when the boss' nephew Reid comes into the company and becomes her b [...]

  • PaulaPhillips

    Six years ago, Elizabeth Lewis came home to witness a horrible scene - her mother stabbed to death by her father and his words she never forgot "I did this for us". Now six years later, she has re-invented herself and strayed far away from everything that made her Elizabeth Lewis and she is now Liza Winters - an agent for the publishing company HLAH. The thing is though, she is stuck in the Romance department and Liza detests romance with all her heart and soul and longs to move into the Horror [...]

  • 2kasmom

    Reid and Liza have such a story to tell you!  Action packed, totally edge of your seat story.  Only Liza does not want to see him, date him or otherwise he is still her boss, technically.Liza is actually Elizabeth Lewis heir to a fortune she has no desire to touch.  Her parents disgusted her and lived a whole other life.  The man she believes to be her father kills her mother, and comes after her.  It really is no wonder she changes her name and tries to make a new life for herself.Only now [...]

  • Vanessa Booke

    If I Say Yes by Brandy Jellum is an interesting mix of Romance and Suspense that will keep you guessing from beginning to end. Generally, I don't gravitate toward Romantic Suspense stories, but I did enjoy this one! It does keep you on your toes.Elizabeth Lewis is a broken woman dealing with a dark and tragic past while trying to juggle a normal life in the world. It was easy to feel sympathetic for Liza. Her childhood is probably one of the most traumatic things someone could go through. From t [...]

  • Nerdy Dirty & Flirty

    Could not put it down!She was no longer Elizabeth Lewis. Liza is doing everything she can to distance herself from her violence-ridden past. She has a home of her own and a job doing what she has always wanted. Who cared that her home was in a terrible neighborhood and her job was so in the wrong department. Keeping herself distant from everyone but her best friend has been easy up until now when everything seems to be happening at once. Faced with Reid Harder, the boss’s nephew and her now bo [...]

  • Charlene

    Story Idea: 3.5 starsWriting: 2.5 starsI received an e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest review, which follows. Since this is the author's debut story, I feel she has a lot of writing potential and her story showed a lot of promise. I think the character of Reid needs to have been drawn a bit more carefully in the beginning of the story; he was a bit creepy to come on to Liza so early and not to get the hint from her. How and when did he come to know so much about her history? This may [...]

  • A.C. Wilson

    Cue the horror and excruciating pain of a murder! Elizabeth finds her mother dead in her parents' bedroom and bears witness to her father's admittance of guilt. There may not have been any love lost between their family members, but death is death. It's final and forever. Elizabeth wouldn't have wished that on anyone. Nightmares and survivor's guilt tears at her sanity as well as her ability to be the girl she was before. Taking on a new name and address, Elizabeth "Liza" loves all things horror [...]

  • Jennifer Shiels

    This was a pretty good book. Elizabeth Lewis has been living her life for the past few years as Liza Winter. She doesn't want people to associate her with who her parents were or what her father did. She just wants to be a literary agent that works in the Thriller/Horror genre. She's been placed in the Romance department and her new boss is the owner and CEO's nephew. Elizabeth or Liza life has never been easy. Her parents were Hollywood's darling couple but they were terrible parents. Her mothe [...]

  • Michelle

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Liza Winters is a normal woman working as a literary agent for a huge publishing company. That’s what she wants everyone to think. Underneath the false name and fake black hair, she’s the daughter of a man who murdered his wife in cold blood. Hiding behind her past is the only thing she has known, so when Reid Harder comes into her life she is overwhelmed with feelings of guilt and nightmares. Reid is the nephew of her company [...]

  • Wall-to-wall books - wendy

    This book got some really good reviews on and , but for me it was just middle of the road - Didn't love it, didn't hate it. It definitely grew on me as I turned the pages. For me it was like those TV shows that no one admits to watching and everyone makes fun of but you watch them anyway (like Big Brother, and The Bachelor). Even though I did not love this book I could not stop reading it. It was very addictive.The character development was good enough, I just didn't really like any of them! LO [...]

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