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Can t get enough of The Hunger Games Want to know what could have caused the formation of the 13 districts and what led to Game 1 This is that story The Dark Days saga of what happened before the games will satisfy your Hunger End of the World Episode 1 Nineteen year old Claudia Sheeplord is aboard an airplane flying to Denver when she discovers that all attempts toCan t get enough of The Hunger Games Want to know what could have caused the formation of the 13 districts and what led to Game 1 This is that story The Dark Days saga of what happened before the games will satisfy your Hunger End of the World Episode 1 Nineteen year old Claudia Sheeplord is aboard an airplane flying to Denver when she discovers that all attempts to destroy the Death Asteroid before it hits Earth have failed While still in the air, one of the asteroid masses hits Earth The sky turns dark, full of particles When Claudia lands, chaos has flooded the airport She makes a promise to her new friend, a 13 year old tinkerer named Benjamin Willoby, and together they must fight their way through the destruction and find their own means of survival before it s too late.

  • Title: The Dark Days - End of the World
  • Author: GingerGelsheimer Taylor Anderson
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  • Page: 451
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About Author:

GingerGelsheimer Taylor Anderson

Ginger Gelsheimer 1973 became part of the surf ski writing team in 2009, when the Aurora Conspiracy franchise came to life over a great bottle of vino What if he lived And Aurelius was born.With writing partner Christina Keats, she took a leap of faith and embarked on her own adventure of a lifetime with the Aurora Conspiracy trilogy, kicking her corporate job to the curb Together, this surf and ski team has explored the outer limits of where life could actually take them The freedom and boundary less adventure in Aurora Conspiracy has truly become a reflection of the freedom they have demanded and achieved in their lives.Ginger lives in Tampa, Florida where the ocean inspires imagination She lives with her daughter and a house full of black furry animals and four huge fish in the pond.

Comments The Dark Days - End of the World

  • William Stuart

    Unlike many people, I have never read The Hunger Games books. I did see the first movie, but just haven’t been drawn into the series. Given that, I didn’t have anything to compare The Dark Days: End of the World – Episode 1, and could read and review it without any bias. Read on to see what I thought.Synopsis (from the author): Inspired by a Hunger Games prequel. Want to know what could have caused the formation of the 13 districts and what led to Game 1? This is that story. End of the Wor [...]

  • Kelly Hull

    I have to say that I’m surprised how much I liked the Dark Days. I wasn’t a big fan of the cover, but what it lacks there, it makes up for in story. The premise for Dark Days is an intriguing one with the coming apocalypse due to asteroids. Off the bat, I was reminded of “The World We Knew” which is a book I love. Within just a couple of pages, I fell in love with Ben. I am a sucker for smart characters and even more so when it is a smart child. The author raises enough story questions r [...]

  • Chameleon

    I give this book 5 stars because I simply can't say anything against it. It was gripping, and pulled me right in. The author gives you a quick sense of the characters, and I came to like them immediately, and was concerned for them. The end of the book came too fast, though, and now I'm just worried sick for them! However, I know that Claudia is in good hands with Ben, he's one smart kid. I'll be seeing them both in the next book, and I have no doubt it will keep my eyes as glued to the page as [...]

  • Tani Mura

    As short as it was, I really enjoyed The Dark Days. It was fast paced and the writing style drew me in right away. I've been reading a lot of first person present tense narratives lately, and being inside Claudia's mind as chaos unravels around her was exciting. I enjoyed meeting the characters, and I imagine we learn more about them in the next episodes. Overall a good, easy read. Recommended!

  • Dena Nicotra

    I finished this in under an hour and what a fun hour it was! I love a story that you can get lost in, and this one sucks you in immediately. The action is intense and there is just the right amount of mystery to keep you guessing. Looking forward to the next episode!

  • Kelsey Marie

    *****You can read my full review here at Darling & Co.*****The Dark Days novellas are intertwined with the story of Hunger Games. I purchased them because it tells what may have caused the formation of the 13 districts and Game 1. There are three novellas, End of the World, Dorian Lennox, and The Others, and take place within a matter or days/weeks.The Dark Days - End of the World starts with Claudia flying to Denver to see her brothers wedding. Everyone knows the world is ending, and astero [...]

  • Lita Burke

    The Dark Days: End of the World - Episode 1 by Ginger Gelsheimer and Taylor Anderson is a YA thriller about teen Claudia Sheeplord and the end of the world via asteroid.Claudia has been skeptical about the blather over the past month about the killer asteroid that will slam into the Earth and raise the tides ten feet higher. Or two miles higher. Whatever. She is flying to Denver for her brother’s tongue-in-cheek wedding at the end of the world. At least she meets a new friend sitting across th [...]

  • Celia Kennedy

    Right out of the gate, this book is gripping! Ms. Gelsheimer has written a prequel to The Hunger Games Trilogy, which is a quick paced short story(book one of four in the series).We meet Claudia Sheeplord, a twenty year old college student who is traveling to Denver for her brothers wedding. Seated near her is thirteen year old Benjamin Willoby, who is flying alone, to visit his father.While in the air, they see the beginning of the Earth's end. Asteroids are colliding with the planet and changi [...]

  • K.T.

    When her regular, everyday flight touches down at the airport, Claudia is aware of the meteorites heading towards earth. Who would expect that the end of the world might come today? Danger is closer than she thinks and a chance kindness forges a bond between Claudia and fellow passenger Benjamin. In their quest to find safety the teenagers acquire others in their little group, some who make it and some who don’t. When everyone starts to look to Claudia for leadership, the scene is set.As a col [...]

  • Jalpa Williby

    When I started reading the book, I had no idea what to expect. I knew it had something to do with how the Hunger Games started in the first place. I have to admit, I was surprised at how fast I read it. It is a short story and I finished it in a few hours.The story held my attention the entire time. One thing after another happens. I kept thinking, what else can go wrong? The Dark Days is from Claudia's point of view. She's a teenager on the plane, traveling to the Denver Airport. Although I lik [...]

  • Karen Black

    The Dark Days is a short story that grabbed my attention from the outset. I was impressed with the characters' development, and the author did an excellent job of drawing the reader into their dilemma. While the situation that is the basis of this story, is clearly life threatening, the pragmatic characters take it in stride. Realizing that a catastrophe beyond anything they could have imagined has actually occurred, two strangers, one of whom appears to be an extraordinarily savvy child, become [...]

  • Sonia Leon

    I loved the idea of this! What led to the forming of the districts and the start of the games? Dark Days series has the answer for that. The story starts out quick! It's a fast-paced read that I never felt bored with. There were a few moments of incredulity, and I had to go back and reread to figure out some minor things. Overall, I liked the supporting cast of characters, but I had difficultly understanding their lack of emotional response to what was happening. Maybe it was just the adrenaline [...]

  • Scott Collins

    I'm a little confused as to how this ties in with The Hunger Games, but there are additional books in the series to answer that question for me. The Dark Days is a short book, I read it on the flight from NC to Denver, but it's action packed and I like the characters. Maybe I shouldn't have read a book that includes plane crashes while flying, but my safety was in the hands of someone far more qualified than myself, and astroids weren't about to hit Earth. Overall, a quick but exciting read and [...]

  • L. Sommers

    It's a good thing I moved out of California. I have never been a sci-fi fan, but after reading one of Ms. Gelsheimer's other books, Quest for the Hybrid, I became an instant fan of her writing and story telling. Between plane crashes, fires, explosions, waves of water, and near-misses by asteroids, main character Claudia Sheeplord and her newfound friend Benjamin, a.k.a. Ben if he considers you a friend, trudge through the snowy land of Denver, CO to find life and to save their own.I am not some [...]

  • C.J. Rutherford

    From the start this short story forces you to love the two main characters, Claudia and Benjamin(or Ben to his friends). It's a snapshot of a few hours after an asteroid has destroyed most of the world. It's genius, as most books/films take the bigger, wider point of view, but Ginger expands the first few hours into incredible detail, making you hungry for the next installment.If I was asked to describe it, I'd say Deep Impact meets Stephen Kings The Stand.

  • Heather Osborne

    Claudia meets Ben on an airplane in the midst of a world crisis. Several asteroids are heading to Earth and all attempts to stop them have been exhausted. Together, they fight their way from the airport into a world filled with chaos.Miss Gelsheimer has set the stage for a wonderful series, spinning off from The Hunger Games saga. I enjoyed the quick pace and engaging characters. I am very curious as to what will happen next!

  • T.

    Excellently done novella. I loved the pacing and progression of the action. Although I didn't understand why it was a tie-in to Hunger games, I attribute that to the fact I don't read the series (children killing children? Seriously, that's warped), or it could be the tie-in is created over the span of 'episodes'. Well done character development, especially for such a short story. Good job!

  • Maria

    This story is great, full of action that makes you want to know what happens next. I love an action yarn. The writing is good. Well done! The story also makes you ask yourself the question what you would do in a similar situation.

  • Terry Lee

    I had no idea this was a short story. I just knew I was flying through the pages, thinking what superb writing and thene story ended. SO glad there are 3 more parts. Great character development by Ms. Gelsheimer and just enough mystery with the young boy to keep me wondering

  • Dee brown

    I loved these "episodes ". They only take 30 to 60 minutes to read each episode. This is the start of the districts. From the very beginning.

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    Full review can be found HERE --> /review/show~Lisa

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