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By S.P. Miskowski | Comments: ( 646 ) | Date: ( May 24, 2020 )

In the aftermath of a shattering tragedy, Ethel Sanders flees her hometown of Skillute in search of a safe place where she can recuperate She has discarded friends and family in a desperate bid for a new life, yet something is not right in the hideaway she s chosen Strange images of the past pursue her, even in her dreams Are they harbingers of the future, reminders ofIn the aftermath of a shattering tragedy, Ethel Sanders flees her hometown of Skillute in search of a safe place where she can recuperate She has discarded friends and family in a desperate bid for a new life, yet something is not right in the hideaway she s chosen Strange images of the past pursue her, even in her dreams Are they harbingers of the future, reminders of recent events, or her own, personal demons come to stake their final claim Astoria by S.P Miskowski is a perfect and unique blend of The Omen and Elizabeth Berg s The Pull of the Moon Miskowski s writing is dark, delicious, and wonderfully layered As always, her effortless elegance shines through the chilling prose, highlighting the ugly feelings that we wish weren t inside all of us She manages to turn the reader inside out alongside her characters, revealing that we re all monsters and merely human at gut level Mercedes M Yardley, author of Beautiful Sorrows Miskowski further enriches the all too real horror movie world of Knock, Knock with Astoria, a novella that is part Hitchcock, part David Lynch, and all Miskowski s distinctive, thoughtfully crafted, slow burn literary terror Molly Tanzer, author of A Pretty Mouth Miskowski is unafraid to plumb the darkest impulses of the female psyche, and her gift for vivid characterization and naturalistic detail suffuses her fiction with a sense of frightening and devastating reality In Astoria, a white knuckle terror trip across the landscape of the Pacific Northwest, the darkness closing in on one woman s desperate bid to escape the monster she birthed and the life she loathes becomes as palpable as the pages we re turning Lynda E Rucker, Black Static columnist and author of The Moon Will Look Strange

  • Title: Astoria
  • Author: S.P. Miskowski
  • ISBN: 9780615840499
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

S.P. Miskowski

S.P Miskowski is a three time Shirley Jackson Award nominee, a Bram Stoker Award nominee, a This Is Horror Award nominee and the recipient of two National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships Her stories have been published in Supernatural Tales, Black Static, Identity Theory, Strange Aeons and Eyedolon Magazine as well as in the anthologies Haunted Nights, The Madness of Dr Caligari, October Dreams 2, Autumn Cthulhu, Cassilda s Song, The Hyde Hotel, Darker Companions Celebrating 50 Years of Ramsey Campbell, Tales from a Talking Board, Looming Low and The Best Horror of the Year Volume Ten Her novels and novellas have been published by Omnium Gatherum, Dim Shores, Dunhams Manor Press and JournalStone Trepidatio She is represented by Danielle Svetcov at Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency.Author site spmiskowski.wordpress

Comments Astoria

  • Steve

    S.P. Miskowski’s new novella, Astoria, is the latest entry in her projected “Skillute cycle.” The previeous entries are Delphine Dodd and Knock, Knock. Knock, Knock is the (impressive) origin novel for the follow up novellas – which are returns or expansions on characters featured or alluded to in the original story. I was an enthusiastic fan of Knock, Knock, finding it to be one of the better horror novels I have read over the last several years. On the other hand, I was more so-so when [...]

  • Rodney

    Astoria is a powerful and ominous addition to the Skillute Cycle, certainly my favorite of the first three books. After too much tragedy in Skillute and the slow painful loss of herself as a person, Ethel decides to leave it all behind with no goodbyes. The book offers a deep look into the psyche of an unforgettable character whose past refuses to be put to rest. I honestly could not put this down and enjoyed it immensely. A hard hitting and unpredictable ending tops this off. It is an understat [...]

  • Ian Welke

    I was lucky enough to receive a free electronic preview copy of Astoria. I’d previously read Knock Knock and Delphine Dodd and had been highly impressed by both. When I read Knock Knock, I’d initially planned on just reading a chapter and then putting it down. Several hours later I realized I’d lost track of time. That the book had absorbed me so thoroughly that I’d lost the afternoon. So I was prepared for this when I opened up Astoria on my Kindle. As in Knock Knock and Delphine Dodd, [...]

  • Ann Schwader

    Full disclosure: I received an ARC of this novella from the author.This latest entry in Miskowski's Skillute Cycle reinforces my faith that there really is dark fiction with women as subjects, not objects. When Ethel (mother of the monster-child Connie Sara in Knock Knock) finally flees her life in Skillute after the child's funeral, the reader is given an utterly believable glimpse into her middle-aged desperation.Walking wounded after her own mother's failure to love her -- or, indeed, treat h [...]

  • James Campbell

    Astoria marks the latest entry in S.P. Miskowski’s ‘Skillute cycle,’ following on from the Shirley Jackson Award-nominated Knock Knock and Delphine Dodd. Its opening act offers fresh insight into the circumstances surrounding the event that precipitated the abrupt departure of Ethel from Knock Knock, allowing readers an opportunity to spend some more time in the company of her delightfully despicable daughter Connie-Sara, whilst throwing light on Ethel's own motives and mindset.In its high [...]

  • D. J.

    Full disclosure: I received an advance review copy direct from the author.Astoria is the second novella in The Skillute Cycle linked to the Shirley Jackson Award nominated novel, Knock Knock. Whereas Delphine Dodd, (the first novella that followed Knock Knock), could be enjoyed and understood without reading the prior work, I would definitely recommended the reader to have at least read Knock Knock prior to Astoria. Astoria chronologically follows straight after the events detailed in Knock Knoc [...]

  • M Griffin

    Astoria is the second in a series of novellas linked to S.P. Miskowski's Shirley Jackson Award nominated debut, Knock Knock. Each of the linked works follows a different spoke outward from the hub of Knock Knock's primary characters, a trio of young girls and their immediate families.One of these is Ethel Sanders, stuck in a life she finds unbearable. She reacts to sudden tragedy by abruptly fleeing Skillute, Washington, the small town she's lived in all her life. Ethel not only leaves home, but [...]

  • Regan

    As mentioned above, I had the chance to read, “Knock, Knock” by S.P. Miskowski for a review. When I seen, “Astoria” in Omnium’s website, I sent over an email requesting to read the continuation story by the same author. It was sent over without haste…and I am not disappointed.I love when authors pick up where they left off, and in the case of Astoria, not only did she pick up where she left off, she did it from another view point of one of the characters. I am very pleased that she c [...]

  • Dan Hart

    I immediately started to re-read this after finishing it, needing to gain a deeper understanding of the rich character development. There is so much wonderful inner conflict that I effortlessly lost myself in Ethel's head. I am sure I will be pondering this one for days and weeks to come, uncovering new layers of delicious subtlety, hopefully not too haunted by monstrous reflections in the darkness.Although this story seems to be written fairly stand-alone, I would recommend reading "Knock Knock [...]

  • Marilou Johnson

    Great Novella by S.P. Mikowski. I would classify it as part psychological thriller, part ghost story and a bit of creepy fiction.Ethel Sanders leaves her hometown, her family and friends to escape the tragic past she has endured. She ends up with more problems… but are they real or just part of her break away from reality?

  • Wen Budro

    For myself- the sign of a good book is that I need to know how it endsd yet, I don't want it to end because I'm enjoying it too much.Astoria has great characters and a highly entertaining plot. I will definitely be looking forward to the next work by this author.This is a short review because I don't want to include any spoilers. Read this.you won't be disappointed.

  • Jennifer

    Ridiculously Simplified Synopsis for Readers Short on Time: Excellent novella. Buy It.Okay-for those that have a little more time; here is my detailed review:This is the 4th time I’ve attempted to write a review for “Astoria.” The issue is that this little gem of a novella is part of S.P. Miskowski’s "Skillute Cycle"; a series of novellas that branch off from her mesmerizing full-length novel "Knock Knock" (you can find my detailed review of her full-length novel “Knock-Knock” here: [...]

  • Robert Russin

    The worst thing I can say about Astoria, the second novella in S.P. Miskowski's wonderful "Skillute Cycle", is that I wish I could remove those last two letters from the word and call it a novel. Miskowski is one of the best horror authors that I've discovered in recent years, and she is using some interesting techniques to bring us into this frightening world she has created. Beginning in 2011 with Knock Knock (in my opinion, the best horror novel of the year), Miskowski introduced us to Skillu [...]

  • Simon Forward

    Last year I pretty much exclusively stuck to re-reading the works of Harry Harrison and Ray Bradbury, essentially saving the best til last and finishing up 2013 with a return to Something Wicked This Way Comes. All of which meant I was quite a while getting around to reading this novella, but given that I’d made favourable comparisons between SP Miskowski’s Knock Knock and Bradbury’s Something Wicked it was a fitting treat to start this year with what in some respects is a sequel to Knock [...]

  • Lacey

    I received an ARC a couple weeks ago. Took me awhile to actually sit down and open it on my kindle. It was a very good extension of her book Knock Knock. If you have not read Knock Knock, you will be somewhat lost, it is better understood if you read Knock Knock first. I enjoyed this book and finished it in one setting. It left me wanting to know more about what happens to Ethel. I can't wait for the next book!!

  • Spencer

    I didn't enjoy this book quite as much as Knock Knock and Delphine Dodd but S.P. Miskowski's brilliant writing still made this a compelling and fantastic read.Miskowski delves in to the mind of Ethel, a character from Knock Knock, a gives us insight into her turmoil, misery and expands her story within the Skillute Cycle.This is a quick and entertaining read with another awesome ending - Miskowski really knows how to end a story!

  • Katrina

    This book is a tale of misery and sadness with a supernatural twist. I found the book very interesting and it held the right creep factor. Character development in this book was well done and you were able to understand why the main character does what she does at the end.

  • Joe Zanetti

    Astoria is the third book in S.P. Miskowski's Skillute Cycle. A novella that acts as a sequel to her powerful debut novel, Knock Knock. The story focuses on Ethel Sanders and her abrupt departure from Skillute, following the tragic events that took place in Knock Knock. Ethel was my favorite character in Knock Knock, so I particularly enjoyed this exploration of her character, further developing her and giving us a rather revealing look at her thoughts, her emotions, and what makes her tick. Eth [...]

  • Kathy

    In this story, Ethel flees her home after a tragedy that she cannot deal with. She ends up in a town called Astoria and tries to start anew there. I have not read anything else in the author’s series about Skillute, but I am not sure not reading the rest of the series is such a bad idea. It probably would have helped me understand this story more. As it is, I found this story lacking in good storyline, the character difficult if not impossible to relate to and the minor mention of the other ch [...]

  • Anita Mcconnell

    I loved Knock Knock, the main book these short stories from the Skillute Cycle are based on, but Astoria felt a little mediocre, especially compared to Delphine Dodd. The writing was great and it easily kept my attention, but never fully drew me in. I had a hard time feeling much sympathy for Ethel, or empathizing with her character. It was nice to get some more insight about what happened to Ethel, but most of the first half felt repetitive, I guess to provide context for those who haven't read [...]

  • Suzanne Morrison

    There is so much to love in S.P. Miskowski’s fiction: gorgeous imagery, a flinty narrative voice, vividly drawn, complex characters and stories that keep you up late into the night. I tore through the first two installments in her Skillute Cycle, Knock Knock and Delphine Dodd, and even if I wanted to savor Astoria (knowing it’s the second-to-last novella in the cycle) I couldn’t help but devour it in one sitting. With a central character as confused and damaged as any drawn by Shirley Jack [...]

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