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By Vicki Green | Comments: ( 609 ) | Date: ( Feb 19, 2020 )

New Edition, New Cover and revamped story With all my heart, With every inch of my Soul, With every breath I take, I promise to love you forever Cassie can t remember being loved, being wanted At a young age she was placed in Foster care that moved her around from one place to the other Finally being freed at 18, she was left with no money and nowhere to go until she fiNew Edition, New Cover and revamped story With all my heart, With every inch of my Soul, With every breath I take, I promise to love you forever Cassie can t remember being loved, being wanted At a young age she was placed in Foster care that moved her around from one place to the other Finally being freed at 18, she was left with no money and nowhere to go until she finds a small town in Kansas where she can start over.Little did she know her life was going to be uprooted again when she is kidnapped and brutally raped.Jesse is considered HOT in most women s eyes, but has little time for Romance While searching for his Mother s killers, he witnesses a young girl being kidnapped He now faces decisions that he must make quickly.Will Jesse rescue Cassie Will Cassie ever find the happiness she longs for Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

  • Title: My Savior Forever
  • Author: Vicki Green
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Vicki Green

Best selling Author of Romance, Romance Suspense, and Romantic Comedy, Vicki Green lives in Kansas with her husband and two boys as well as their three dogs that rule their house She loves spending time with her family and furbabies Look for Romance books in the future.

Comments My Savior Forever

  • ✿

    I'm sorry to say this but "My Savior Forever" ended up on my DNF pile. ;(I tried!! I swear I tried to like it!! But it was super slow and super cheesy. Not to mention, the writing was horrible! Especially in the beginning!The characters seemed like a pair of teenaged love sick puppies (FYI: characters are in their twenties). They fell in love so freaking fast and were always crying constantly over each other whether they were sad or happy. They even had sex like 60 pages in which is unrealistic [...]

  • ~ Becs ~

    Really struggled with the writing style of this - too much telling, not enough showing. Didn't feel anyone's emotions - sadly, just didn't work for me.

  • Yessenia

    I'm sorry to say this, but this story has no sense at all, AT ALL.Lalety, It seems books that dare to try rape as theme, fail really bad.Why is that? Because the story is absurd.1. Girl is raped.2. A guy somehow saves her.3. Inmediatly Girl has the hots for her savior.4. It doesn't take a while before they're going at it like rabbits.Seriously? We're talking about rape not some funny thing.

  • Christina Trischetti

    This book was definitely not made for everyone but that does not mean the story was not well written or overall good story. Definitely deserves a five star rating. Expect to go on an emotional roller coaster. It will break your heart then make you smile.

  • Larissa

    My Saviour forever is the story of orphan Cassie trying to stand on her 2 feet after leaving foster care. She just got a waitressing job and became friends with the café owner who lets her live in the tiny apartment above the restaurant. All seems well until she gets kidnapped and brutally raped by 2 guys who keep her tied to a bed (random) until one night a (very hot) guy called Jesse comes and saves her - no…he is not a police officer or anything….just a random hot guy who happens to be a [...]

  • Kelli Killion

    Save your money! Storytelling at its worst There is potential here for a heart wrenching, traumatic story, but the way it's introduced is horrid. From the first paragraph, I was cringing. There were obviously no beta readers, nor was there a decent editor. This is one of the huge downfalls in self-publishing these days. I hate posting negative reviews, but this one needs some major work before I'd even spend $.99 on it.And, if you don't want to take my word for it, at least read the sample befor [...]

  • Corie

    There are slight spoilers in this review.This book took more effort for me to read than I expected. Not because of the rape scenes, but because of Cassie's behavior afterwards. I could not figure out why she was acting the way she was around Jesse, kissing him and being ok with him touching her. I expected anger, depression, fear, guilt, and anything close to what is so standard in this type of situation. I kept getting mad and frustrated with Cassie and Jesse, so I'd stop reading and go do some [...]

  • 「 Sunnie Rose 」

    It started off pretty goodbut when the guy show up, then she started to live in the "Safe House", its beginning to not making any sense. The girl behaviour is so strange and so trusting, it started to become sooooo unrealistic to meI assume this was a dark kind of story but all i feel is the girl is actually living a very good life despite being raped. I had this feeling everything is going too fast and too smooth??Even though there is a bump in the road, it doesn't feel like there is even a bum [...]

  • Tammy

    I loved that this book wasn't just the typical romance book. It really had some "gritty" moments. It drew me in from the beginning and I was hooked. I started it and finished it in the same day.Jesse was the perfect guy. He was sweet, kind, caring and rich. Cassie had a rough upbringing and went through a traumatic experience. I expected her to be a little more distrustful. Instead she was very understanding, trusting and compliant. That frustrated me since I really just wanted her to slap Sabri [...]

  • Philomena Callan Cheekypee

    This book is not for everyone. The books starts off being dark but then turns into a lovely love story. I found in parts I was saying REALLY!!! what's going on here I still enjoyed reading this & read it in one day:)How can u not love a rich sexy man & a gorgeous female:)However saying that I really enjoyed this story & had to message author as soon as I finished to see when the next story was out. Received from author in return for an honest review.

  • PatriciaLee (A Literary Perusal)

    I was provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This debut book by Vicki Green provides an emotional roller coaster with some unexpected twists along the way.**NOTE** The reader should heed the author’s warning about the graphic nature of the rape scene. Readers Review: I liked this book. While the graphic nature of the rape was necessary to provide the reader insight into the terror that Cassie was experiencing, it was too drawn out for me. There were many moments where the chemistry [...]

  • Jessica's Book Review

    Okay, I wanted to like this book. I truly did. Judging by the synopsis it sounded like a book that I would love and couldn’t wait to start reading it. My Savior Forever is really a simple book. I was hoping it would be more. It’s about Cassie, who is now a young adult with no family whatsoever and no friends. She was raised in foster homes after her parents were killed when she was seven. Now she works in a diner and lives in the apartment above the diner. First…. The ONLY entrance to her [...]

  • Tanya Vought

    I've read mixed reviews of this book and I have to say I really liked it! I enjoyed both characters, Jesse's sister Allie, the love, protection and more in this short book! Cassie has never truly been in a loving home. Ever since her parents died when she was 7 she has had a horrible life. When she turned 18 she was able to leave and make a fresh new start. Her new boss now becomes basically her family and supports her etc. Then all of a sudden while she is having a wonderful happy moment, she g [...]

  • Novel Grounds

    Despite the lower star rating, I did enjoy this book overall, so don’t be deterred from it.The book follows Cassie, a girl who is finding her way post-foster care. She is starting to get her life together and find her way in the harsh world when she is kidnapped by two very horrible men. She is raped and beat by these men until her knight in shining armor comes to her rescue: Jesse.He is not police, but he has been hunting these men for reasons of his own and saved her as soon as he had the ch [...]

  • Adriane (◉‿◉)

    “My favorite books are Romance Novels. Oh, I would love to meet a handsome man who sweeps me off my feet and who will take care of me and love me. I sigh. A girl has to have her dreams, right?”At the beginning of the book we will get to know Cassie, her parents were killed in a car accident when she was seven, then she went to many foster homes where she is physically and mentally abused. Then after that BOOM! her life is bombarded with more misfortunes . Then we meet Jesse, a handsome, YUMM [...]

  • Jennifer

    An ARC was kindly provided by the Author for an honest review.I was only able to get through Chapter 6 in this book, so it would be unfair to rate it. Due to the subject matter, I felt it would be a disservice to anyone in the same situation to continue reading this.This is a book about a young woman who is kidnapped and brutally raped, rescued by young man and instantly falls in love with him. From my understanding he knew she was in the house being raped but was waiting outside until they left [...]

  • Fiona (Titch) Hunt

    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. Well I can honestly say I have never read a book like this. Last time I stayed up til 1.30am was quite a while ago (and no it wasn't because of a book, it was a programme I was watching lol).Vicki Green pulled out all the stops in this book. I will admit the 1st 2 chapters wasn't nice, I managed to get past that and once I got into the story, I LOVED every bit. Jesse and Cassie were amazing characters and the way they came together all beca [...]

  • Stefanie

    I was hesitant as I began to read this book but only because I was not sure I would like the way it began but it took such a quick turn that I quickly became engrossed in Cassie's story. This book will not be for everyone but i suggest you give it a chanc because I think you will love it. I understood the rough life and always waiting for the other shoe to drop. You are quickly given tiny glimpses into who the charaters are and it makes you really want to know more. It was easy to get lost in th [...]

  • ReadAlong With Sue

    Oh what a read! I've been promising to read this book, I so wish I had got around to it sooner. I just wanted book 2 to be ready so that I could read that one also and put both reviews up together. Vicki has a lovely way of writing that brings the characters to life and live alongside you. You can actually befriend them, which is nice. I felt they were in my living room by the time I finished, and sorry if that sounds over the top!Great heart felt read. At the first it seems a bit daunting, but [...]

  • CasPerfitz~SLiTsReaD

    It's been warned about the graphic rape and abuse, but if you read about it just when you just started reading, you're still in for a shock Then I get confused He knows they got her, was keeping a watch on them, and yet he never called the police to help her? I'm confused There are so many questionable aspects on this story That saying, the story wasn't so dark after, more like a fairy tale.

  • Natrina Felan

    Not gonna lie. I didn't finish this book. I got to chapter 14 and just couldn't do it any longer. It just made absolutely NO sense. First you get kidnapped and raped. Then the guy that saves you whisks you off to a safe house and you immediately start calling him baby and fall in love with him. I felt like it was the rough draft of what you WANTED the story to be like and you were like "eh that'll do. I'm done with this." PUBLISH. The writing was awful and the girl annoyed the hell outta me.

  • Sue

    I read this book last year but wasn't doing reviews back then after buying another book from this author I figured I better get it done!First of all, I do not shy away from graphic violence or sex in books or film, and though Cassie's rape was very disturbing to read, in hindsight it was necessary to the plot, so we get an idea at how horrible these men who took her really were! (I understand that the author was forced to revise this book to edit the offending rape sceneo bad because it was a co [...]

  • Jasmine Cardi

    Where to start with this one? Right from the very beginning, before you even start this book there is a note that there is a graphic rape scene. I was a little worried on what to expect and appreciated the forewarning. I normally HATE books or movies in where a woman is raped. Remember the movie, the Brave One, with Jodi Foster? Yes, she gets raped, and gets her revenge but I can never rewatch that movie. And they messed with her dog! You know how I feel about my dogs! It just makes me so angry! [...]

  • Dawn Smith

    My Savior Forever is not your cliched romantic story where the world is peachy, the characters experience a little drama, fall in love and then live happily ever after. This is a tough, gritty and graphic book that will break your heart but then turns around and puts it back together again. It makes you believe in the power of overcoming tragedy, forgiveness and finding true love. I fell in love with this book and its main characters, Jesse and Cassie. Cassie is a young girl who has been shuffle [...]

  • Kelly Mccurdy

    This book is a quick read. I couldn't put it down once I started it! It follows Cassie, a girl that has always gotten the short end of the stick. She was a foster kid in the system after her parents were killed by a drunk driver. Once she turned 18 she left and was forced into the world without knowing what she was doing. She found a job at a cafe' and the owner had an apartment that was above the cafe' that Cassie could live in. She started to feel better. Then one night she wakes up in a myste [...]

  • Heidi

    Cassie has been shuffled from foster home to foster home after her parents killed are when she is only 7, only to have her experience from home to home be worse than the previous one with abuse and neglect. When she turns 18 she basically kicked out of the system and then left to fend for herself with finding a place to live and finding a job to support herself. Cassie stumbles across a small diner that is looking for help and quickly goes inside to talk to the owner about the job, even though s [...]

  • Lisa Karafa

    My Savior Forever resembles a dark fairy tale. The female lead comes from an underprivileged background and the male lead is wealthy beyond care. They come together after a violent attack and the male takes on the role of savior and protector.Cassie – Fresh out of the foster care system, She is released into a big world with no safety net and no occupational training. She has an upbeat personality even though a dark cloud seems to shadow her. I liken her to a Weeble, she wobbles but never fall [...]

  • Nicole

    While some of the content in this book shouldn't be read for those under 18, this was a good book about loss and of found love. Vicki Green does an amazing job and showing the relationship dynamics not only between Jesse and Cassie but also Allie and Thomas as well as the other characters that she mentions. Cassie has had a hard life and it's only getting harder. When she's kidnapped, she's not sure she's even going to make it through this ordeal. But, much to her surprise she is saved by the mo [...]

  • Missy

    This book is a lot different than some romance you will read. The first couple of chapters are dark but keep reading you'll enjoy the story. The dark chapters are needed to really set up the plot for the rest of the book.Cassie is a sweet, lovable, maybe a little naïve girl whose world turns upside down in a quick minute. She's had a rough life and things are really getting bad now. Jesse is the naturally hot guy whose life hasn't been all that easy either. Yes he comes from money but what he w [...]

  • Tracey

    In the beginning of My Savior Forever, it was a little difficult to get through with the abuse that Cassie endured by her captors. But once you get through that we do not experience that abuse of Cassie any longer. She is rescued by an amazing man named Jesse who she refers to as her Savior. He is after the men who had kidnapped Cassie and tortured her for different reasons in the beginning. But he continues his undercover work to reveal their crimes and to have them pay for the torture they had [...]

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