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Egypt 17th century B.C An army of barbarians has swept through the Empire, destroying everything in its path Known as the Hyksos, the leaders from foreign lands , the invaders have reduced the land of the pharaohs to slavery Only one city resists Thebes, where the widow of the last pharaoh, Teti the Small, still reigns Teti knows it s only a matter of time before heEgypt 17th century B.C An army of barbarians has swept through the Empire, destroying everything in its path Known as the Hyksos, the leaders from foreign lands , the invaders have reduced the land of the pharaohs to slavery Only one city resists Thebes, where the widow of the last pharaoh, Teti the Small, still reigns Teti knows it s only a matter of time before her men, too, succumb But Teti has a daughter Fierce, beautiful and courageous, eighteen year old Ahhotep will never accept defeat And so she decides to re ignite the flame of Egyptian resistance all by herself.

  • Title: The Empire Of Darkness
  • Author: Christian Jacq
  • ISBN: 9780743449564
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Christian Jacq

Christian Jacq is a French author and Egyptologist He has written several novels about ancient Egypt, notably a five book suite about pharaoh Ramses II, a character whom Jacq admires greatly.Jacq s interest in Egyptology began when he was thirteen, and read History of Ancient Egyptian Civilization by Jacques Pirenne This inspired him to write his first novel He first visited Egypt when he was seventeen, went on to study Egyptology and archaeology at the Sorbonne, and is now one of the world s leading Egyptologists.By the time he was eighteen, he had written eight books His first commercially successful book was Champollion the Egyptian, published in 1987 As of 2004 he has written over fifty books, including several non fiction books on the subject of Egyptology.He and his wife later founded the Ramses Institute, which is dedicated to creating a photographic description of Egypt for the preservation of endangered archaeological sites.Between 1995 1997, he published his best selling five book suite Rams s, which is today published in over twenty five countries Each volume encompasses one aspect of Ramesses known historical life, woven into a fictional tapestry of the ancient world for an epic tale of love, life and deceit.Jacq s series describes a vision of the life of the pharaoh he has two vile power hungry siblings, Shanaar, his decadent older brother, and Dolora, his corrupted older sister who married his teacher In his marital life, he first has Isetnofret Iset as a mistress second Great Wife , meets his true love Nefertari first Great Wife and after their death, gets married to Maetnefrure in his old age Jacq gives Ramesses only three biological children Kha emweset, Meritamen she being the only child of Nefertari, the two others being from Iset and Merneptah The other children are only young officials trained for government and who are nicknamed sons of the pharaoh.

Comments The Empire Of Darkness

  • Iset

    It was nice to see this period of Egyptian history being tackled as there are very few historical novels set in this period, but that was just about the only good thing about the entire book.Extremely poor, I hardly know where to begin. This book suffers from the twin demons of exceptionally poor writing and almost total historical inaccuracy. In regards to historical inaccuracy, there are several points. Ahhotep was not the sole child of Teti, but did in fact have two sisters. The idea that the [...]

  • Ivana

    Bola som na strednej skole, ked to u nas vychadzalo a bola to dlho moja najoblubenejsia seria od Jacqa a obecne historicka romanova seria, ktoru som citala. Pribeh o prechodnom obdobi, ked Egyptu panovali Hyksosi a kralovska egyptska dcera chcela prinavratit lesk svojmu domu Inak je to typicke Jacqovo dielo, jeho romany maju vzdy podobnu schemu. Niekolko vernych priatelov, niekolko tazkych nepriatelov, veci medzi nebom a zemou, jeden "prekvapivy" zradca spomedzi vernych a nasledne vitazstvo za c [...]

  • Vanessa Vallos

    C'etait telement bien ! Tout d'abord l'objet livre est exellent. Des pages douces, une mise en page aerienne. J'aime l'egypte et je suis bien servie avec ce livre ! Des personnages attachant, une histoire bien mené. On a pas l'impression de s'encrouter, il y a un bon tempo et une periode de temp assez grande et agreable. Tout n'arrive pas en 1 mois, ça change. Le contexte est génial, il etait telement bien a lire !

  • J. Else

    There are things I really like about this book and things I really do not like. Let’s get the “not like” category out of the way: Jacq acknowledges ancient Egyptian terms for items and places in his book, but he does not use them in the text. He introduces us to the fact that Thebes was called Waset before the story begins, but then he uses Thebes in his narrative. He says the ancient Egyptians thought of crocodiles as fish as a starred notation during the narrative, but then he uses the t [...]

  • Terri M.

    I have confessed before that I love reading historical fiction about Ancient Egypt. I’m certain that repeated viewing of The Ten Commandments starring a ripped Charleton Heston and a buff Yul Brenner are the cause of this fascination. I am drawn to these types of novels over and over again and years ago I encountered The Stone of Light series by Christian Jacq. He wove wonderful stories and I actively started seeking out his novels about Ancient Egypt which are difficult to find because they a [...]

  • Jaslyn

    Egypt is controlled by the Hyksos, who have turned Egyptians into their slaves. Only Ahhotep, her husband Seqen and a few trusted comrades in the city of Thebes are willing to stand against the Hyksos and fight for Egypt's freedom. But the Hyksos are everywhere, will their plight be successful?I admit I have a soft spot for ancient Egypt. The culture, the beliefs, I find it incredibly fascinating, so I was looking forward to reading a story that was based on real people and real events. The book [...]

  • Arielle Masters

    This was an odd book. I thought it was going to be historical fiction for adults, but it was really a YA fantasy/romance with a veneer of historical fiction.Written by "an Egyptologist" and described as a fictionalized account of an actual Egyptian princess, I expected just that. I was looking forward to learning about this princess and about ancient Egyptian culture. I think the author delivered some of that. But every now and then, something was mixed in that was fantasy rather than fictionali [...]

  • Gaile

    This book is about the time when Egypt was invaded by the Hyksos who reigned for nearly two hundred years before the Egyptians rose up again, regained their power and greatness. During this time, Princes Ahhotep decided to rescue her people. This is the story of their secret efforts to defeat the Hyksos. This book is the first of a series of the Queen Of Freedom trilogy.However Wilbur Smith writes of the same era and I found his titles far more exciting and adventurous than this book. I have not [...]

  • Edu M.

    The Empire of Darkness tells the true story of Ahotep, a young egyptian princess who lives in an Egypt under the domain of the Hycsos. Every city has surrendered to Apophis, the hycsos emperor, and pays him tributes and worships his gods. All cities but Thebes. The only free city in Egypt is on the verge of dissapearence. Ahotep, a young woman with only ninetten years, decides to make a stand against the invaders and grant Egypt a breath of freedom and safety. Daughter of Teti, Ahotep makes a su [...]

  • Ed Trollope

    I bought this trilogy on the grounds it was reputedly by a leading Egyptologist, and hence expected something comparable to Cornwell's well researched writing.Sadly, this was not the case. A significant character is none other than a psychic ninja donkey. The characters are so far beyond stereotype, they belong in a pantomime, the plot is linear and boring, and the historical accuracy is almost nonexistant. The only reason I still have the books is that giving them away might result in some othe [...]

  • Angel Serrano

    Egipto, siglo XX a de C. Los Hyksos, pueblo oriental desconocido, han invadido el país y lo dominan con puño de hierro. Sólo Tebas resiste. Aislada, debilitada y con la viuda del faraón derrotada, su hija tomará las armas para liberar su país. Su marido, Segen, liberará Cusae pero morirá traicionado.

  • Don

    I was very disappointed in this book by Christian Jaq. His Egyptian stories are generally very good, but this one was not worth the effort. At times, the plot appeared to have been written by a child. I'm sure it was intended to be symbolic, but frankly, it didn't work for me. I won't be reading the other two in this series.

  • Jess ツ

    Plus de 100 pages d'ennui profond avant de voir se dessiner petit à petit, une intrigue lecture laborieuse, il me faudra du temps avant d'enchainer sur la suiteMore than 100 pages of total boredom before a small hint of a story appears Painful reading, not sure when or if I'll read the sequels

  • Evelyn Puerto

    This was mildly entertaining historical fiction, but it lost me a bit with all the magic used by some of the major characters. It also seemed to be overly simplistic, with little description and one dimensional characters.

  • Chris

    I don't know if it is the translation or what. But honestly, really? Like ancient cultures had those twirly mustaches?(Okay, there is no mustaches. But I like donkeys, and even I found the this is how you know its the bad guy to be a bit much).

  • Jerome

    After reading the first book of the Osiris Mysteries, I was quite disappointed in this book. Not that it was bad, just too simple.

  • Jacq

    I bought this about 10 years ago because it was about Ancient Egypt and the author's name is Jacq. I finally read it.

  • Mie

    This series is about an amazing woman who will fight for what she believes in to whatever end

  • Zahsca

    really love this author's books.

  • Julie

    It was okay.a little unrealistic but gave background to the Valley of Kings.

  • Margareth8537

    I'm not so interested now in Egyptian history as a few years ago, but this could revive my interest. Very well written

  • Mariana

    It was ok.

  • Bettie☯

    This looks like a series too far.

  • Sandra Azevedo

    Mais uma vez Adorei!! Excelente investigação forma de escrita realmente o autor escreve de uma forma que fica na memória! :)

  • Isabela Martins


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    422 Christian Jacq
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