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By Lacey Silks | Comments: ( 582 ) | Date: ( Jul 12, 2020 )

Sharon helps her hot boss to match his ties to his wardrobe every morning Straining to keep their working relationship professional, she keeps her distance from Frank until an accident at work forces them closer An invitation to dinner, to thank Sharon for her help, stirs feelings she s hidden from Frank for years Fearing she could lose her job if their relationship floSharon helps her hot boss to match his ties to his wardrobe every morning Straining to keep their working relationship professional, she keeps her distance from Frank until an accident at work forces them closer An invitation to dinner, to thank Sharon for her help, stirs feelings she s hidden from Frank for years Fearing she could lose her job if their relationship flourishes, Sharon hesitates.Frank s feelings toward his secretary are tested He can no longer resist Sharon, and makes his move Will Sharon begin to work under him the way he s dreamed for years Bossy Request is an erotic romance short story, approximately 5600 words 250 words page Contains adult content and graphic sex scenes M F.

  • Title: Bossy Request
  • Author: Lacey Silks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Lacey Silks

USA Today Bestselling Author Lacey Silks writes erotic and contemporary romances with a touch of suspense Her stories come from her life, dreams and fantasies She s a happily married wife with two kids who uses her husband to test out the intimate scenes for her writing he said he doesn t mind it at all Lacey likes to make her readers blush and experience the story as if they were the characters Drawing on the reader s most sensitive emotions through realistic stories satisfies her than ok not really, but you get the point She likes a pinkish shade on a woman s cheeks, men with large feet and sexy lingerie especially when it s torn off the body Her favorite piece of clothing is a birthday suit.

Comments Bossy Request

  • Shannon

    Bossy RequestReality in Each Fantasy, Book 1I Picked Up This Book Because: Wanted a quick read for my down time at work. The Characters:Sharon:Frank:The Story:I think this book could have benefited from being a page or two longer (reported as being 22 pages there are only 13 pages of story). I get that the tension was supposed to be a buildup 5 years in the making but it still seemed rushed. The characters timelines didn’t really make any sense. He was a super mature 30 year old and she’s be [...]

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme

    This is a fast and smexy read. It's a nice uncomplicated reading focused on a hawt handsome rich male boss and a gorgeous secretary. Sharon is attracted to Frank yet she resists him. She doesn't want to lose her job with unwanted advances. Her surprised dinner invitation from Frank leaves her panting with anticipation. As expected, dinner is bypassed for a juicy dessert. It's sweet as the two of them devour their dish. Ms. Silks creates cute characters with a popular boss/secretary theme. Recomm [...]

  • Nic

    This is a freebie story from and is a nice quick read (22 pages). It tells the story of a secretary having the opportunity to finally be with her gorgeous, hot boss when he invites her to a thank-you dinner. "I cannot imagine anyone else working under me, and I can't wait to thank you properly."

  • Heather in FL

    Damn. I want a boss like Frank. :-) He was hot as well as sweet and he was very concerned about Sharon not leaving him after they both indulged their wants with each other. I thought it was really cute that he tried to make her dinner, lol. Very sweet and sexy story.

  • Mya

    3.5 really wasn't bad wasn't great jus good

  • Mr P R Burslem

    A good little readThis is a good little, I read it while waiting for my appointment. Filled in the gap nicely. Although I didn't like Frank's name as the lead name

  • Ilana

    Title: Bossy Request Author: Lacey SilksPublisher/Year: MyLit Publishing 12/29/14Length: 33 pagesSeries: Reality in Each Fantasy #1OverviewSharon helps her hot boss to match his ties to this wardrobe every morning. Straining to keep their working relationship professional, she keeps her distance from Frank until an accident at work forces them closer. An invitation to dinner, to thank sharon for her help, stirs feelings she's hidden from Frank for years. Fearing she could lose her job if their r [...]

  • Justin

    I won this one in the erotic enchants holiday party, I am not really a fan of. short stories within this genra but I chose this one as my prize anyway because I liked all of lacey's covers and I am the type of Guy who judges books by there covers. The story is one that I have read many times, the Main character is attracted to her handsome rich boss and they have sex the end. Not very original but so what it is a short story and I was reading it more for the details, I thought it was well told a [...]

  • Shamika White-allen

    It was a lovely short story!

  • Sassafrass

    *4.5 stars*This was a hot little erotic short that is one that I will likely read again in the near future.Sharon was hot for her boss--but who could blame her. He was handsome, built, and nice on top of it all, but she kept it professional because she liked her job and wanted to stay close to him. But, one night he invites her to dinner and it all changes.Boy this was yummy. The boss, Frank was incredibly hot. I think that Sharon was a master in self-control for keeping her hands off him as lon [...]

  • Jessica

    See more of my reviews on my blog Thoughts At One In The Morning.My Thoughts:Take two people who have worked together for five years, add a little spice, and voila! That's Bossy Request. Since they work together, Frank and Sharon worry what could happen if they were to get involved. Of course, after the years of buildup, it's impossible to resist for long. While there's only a little bit of romance that we get to see in this short story, it is hot stuff.Lacey Silks has done it again! This one cl [...]

  • Monica

    This was a big change from the last Lacey Silks book I read. At least there was a back story and a history to this couple that made this book feasible and entertaining. Sharon has been Frank's secretary for 5 years. She's at work early every day to help make sure his tie is tied appropriately and that he has his cup of coffee to start his day. But an accident one morning changes the dynamics between the two and a pay back dinner turns into anything but innocent.This is a VERY short 30 minute rea [...]

  • Iza

    Well, you can't say the story is terribly original (secretary falling for her sexy boss), but that boss is a nice guy rather than a dominating one ! Things progress fast between them, but they've known each other for years, they're just turning their fantasies into reality. Sharon is really lucky to have that hot boss of her, who works out every morning shirtless in the company's gym ! It's not overly steamy, but a nice little quick read.Quotes :"I cannot imagine anyone else working under me, an [...]

  • Mummy's Naughty Corner

    Cover :- 4 starsSex/steaminess :- 3 starsStory line :- 4 starsCharacters :- 4 starsOverall rating :- 3.75 starsPersonal rating :- 4 starsBook Pairing:- M/FDid it give me a book hangover :- NoIs this a review book or personal read :- Personal readWhy I chose this book?It was free and caught my eye.What I liked about this book.* It was a nice quick read.* The characters were relate-able. What I didn't like about this book.* It was good but not great. Would I read more from this author?YesWould I r [...]

  • Tasha

    I was searching for books by Lacey Silks on Smashwords when I saw this story. First off I have to say that the cover is the first thing that caught my attention, second was it is a short story and finally… was Contains adult content and graphic sex scenes. Who doesn’t like a story with Adult Content and Graphic Sex Scenes? Well ladies have a fan nearby to cool you off or you will be taking a cold shower tonight.

  • Malinda

    This was a pretty good short about Sharon and Frank. Frank is Sharon's boss. She's worked for him for 5 years and is attracted to him but there's a strict non-fraternization policy at work. Frank has always kept his distance from Sharon even though he's wanted her since the day he hired her. Finally one day he stops maintaning the distance. It's too short to go too far in to the relationship but it has a good HFN ending. I wouldn't be adverse to a continuation of their story in the future. :D

  • Kritika Narula

    I have to give it to the book whose dedication reads, "To Our hot bosses" Made me crack up right away.This pretty much the story of Sharon, a secretary who is more than just that to her boss. his is a very short story and should be read like that, so the reader cannot demand a background to all of it. The expressions and descriptions have been very vivid and raunchy.For a short read, this one did the trick.

  • Cristal

    Bossy Request is one that will set your sense on fire, while Sharon and her boss Frank are clearly attracted to each other and it'd obvious that it's sexual. Once Frank gets Sharon to his home for "dinner" things heat up and they "get together" to find out how you'll just have to read it I can promise a scorching, worthwhile read. You won't be disappointed, you will how ever be left wanting something ;)

  • Sandra

    This was a good, sexy short with the right amount of set-up (just a little). The problem came with the repetitious and cheesy puns/innuendos. Yes, "work underhim", hardy-har, very funny, now stop saying it! Trying to hard.June 2013 group read for Erotic Enchants

  • Lee Anne - OMG! It's TOOOOO Cold!

    Short story about a boss and his secretary. They're attracted to each other but company policy won't let them be together. Things finally come to a head and the boss invites her over for dinner. They embark on a night of passion that sounds like it's headed for more.Good story. Just a little short for me.

  • Joss

    I liked the idea of the book and I realize it's a short story but I don't think I expected it to be that short. I think I would have enjoyed the story more if it was a bit longer with some more anticipation. I liked the writing and would probably read another book from this author.

  • Mary

    Short, sweet and oh so sexy. This one will get your blood pumping and give you that quick escape. Sharon takes care of her boss Frank, always picking out his ties. What happens when one day Frank pushes for more?

  • Carol

    When the boss ask you over for dinner you know that you are on the menu!Frank has the hots for his secretary Sharon but he has hid it for 5 years. It's time he put the moves on her.Dinner is a disaster but the dessert what just what she wanted!

  • Kristy Dean

    This story was okay. About 40 pgs. The story started with good detail then had a quick sex scene and ended. I felt the story was either rushed or was used as a sample to a story. The story left me feeling lost/wanting to know if there was another part of the story.

  • April

    Nice story, hot moments! A few overused, corny phrases, but all in all a quick, entertaining read.

  • ~ Cariad ~

    Quick, hot-ish 'naughty nooner', so a quick review I liked it!

  • Fiona Kennedy

    Great short story to kill a bit of time.

  • Mary

    Missing details that could have made it a much hotter story.

  • Ella

    Cover: OH! WELL!My Rating: 83/100Overall: Not badPage Turner: YesRecommend: Mature Readers RecommendedCOMMENTS: Nice, quick short story. Not a bad filler book.

  • April

    It was a good really really short read. Wish there would have been more.

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