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By Ruth Beechick Michael Denman | Comments: ( 503 ) | Date: ( Feb 20, 2020 )

Drawing on linguistics, archeology, astronomy, the Bible, and other history, Dr Ruth Beechick writes an enlightening and entertaining history of Adam and his offspring.

  • Title: Adam and His Kin: The Lost History of Their Lives and Times
  • Author: Ruth Beechick Michael Denman
  • ISBN: 9780940319073
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Ruth Beechick Michael Denman

Dr Ruth Beechick spent a lifetime teaching and studying how people learn She taught in Washington state, Alaska, Arizona and in several colleges and seminaries in other states She also spent thirteen years at a publishing company writing curriculum for churches In retirement she wrote for the homeschool movement Her degrees are A.B from Seattle Pacific University, M.A.Ed and Ed.D from Arizona State University.

Comments Adam and His Kin: The Lost History of Their Lives and Times

  • Elise

    Crap. Utter crap. Granted I only got to chapter 5 but it was such rank nonsense that I abandoned this book right fast. I can't quite figure out why this little book was recommended so highly to homeschoolers. Children don't need their heads filled with non-biblical extras when they're trying to get down the basics & some of those extras are actively contradicted by the actual text. For example, page 24:"Adam must eat the fruit, too. He must not leave her alone in this condition. Frightened & [...]

  • Flew Flewelling

    This book was fascinating! It was very interesting to read a narrative account of the beginning of Genesis. Although the author takes some liberty in story telling, she is up front in the intro about this.There were several different things that I had never really considered, but this book addressed. For instance, I read about how long Adam lived, but I never put the logical conlclusion to this: that he would be alive to see some ten generations of his descendants. The same for Shem. I never rea [...]

  • Kellyn Roth

    This is a fantastic book containing many theories about what went down in the first few chapters of Genesis. Although fiction, I think it's a pretty realistic account.It doesn't stray from the Bible - it simply fills in some of the chinks. I'm not saying that the Bible isn't perfect that way it is, but it's really cool to see Genesis shown in a different way, especially since I've read that particular book of the Bible maybe fifty times and am therefore somewhat dead to the words. ;)I truly beli [...]

  • Littlewren00

    I really enjoyed this book, it provided insight into a part of history most history books don't record.It had thought provoking ideas about what it might have been like at that period of history.

  • Jacqueline

    Over six thousand years into humankind, our view of God is colored by thousands of years of church history. It's a blessing, I know -- to have the wisdom of the writings of church fathers who have gone before, to be able to glean insights into the character of both God and man from what we know of church history. But reading even speculation about Adam's perspective of God -- of Seth's, Enoch's, Lamech's, Noah's to read about the fresh-off-the-boat life of Noah and his sons, looking across a sog [...]

  • Phyllis Wheeler

    The early chapters of Genesis, with their cryptic summaries of the history of the young earth, provide sparse ammunition for an earnest discussion with an atheist about the truth of the Bible. Much of the Genesis account seems pretty fantastic.Ah, but look again! Ruth Beechick, one of the grande dames of homeschooling, provides an insightful interpretation of history from creation down to the call of Abram. Her story fill many of the puzzling gaps in the account.For example, the sky may have bee [...]

  • Jessica

    The Bible is the deepest, most intelligent, and powerful writing ever penned. Because it is such a profound book, parts of it may at times seem confusing. Many times I struggled through the pages of the Old Testament trying to comprehend the history. Sometimes I would give up, becoming weary of the long string of names or descriptions of who begat whom.Why did God's Word have to be so difficult for me? I so wanted to be able to read the Bible and be as interested in its history as I was in the T [...]

  • Shera

    I once took an Old Testament Course during my Sophomore year in college. It turned out to be a revealing of some mythological stories that I was unaware existed at the time. I was introduced to the Babylonian Genesis and a small portion of the Epic of Gilgamesh. Instead of these texts being presented as a corruption of the Biblical Genesis account, however, they were presented as being its influence. At the time, I had my doubts, but was very encouraged after doing my own study to believe that G [...]

  • Cody

    I found Adam and His Kin: The Lost History of Their Lives and Times very interesting and thought provoking. It has some interesting ideas about Genesis that made me go over an read it again in the Bible. (view spoiler)[For instance it says that the Patriarchs wrote a part of Genesis over time. And I believe that some people say that it was Moses. (hide spoiler)] All up it was a great book! Loved reading it.

  • Angie

    This book really made my kids and I study Genesis in depth. I loved that a fictionalized version of Genesis gave us such a desire and hunger to dig into what was actually written. It was fun imagining what the lives and dialogue might have been like. What was very interesting for my 8th grade son and I was the timeline that we filled out about who was alive and when. They lived to be hundreds of years old and through multiple generations. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but my 6th and 8th g [...]

  • Bjyoungblood

    What a brave foray into such a mysterious chapter of early history! Through her well-researched work Beechick presents the great men and women of Genesis as you never would have expected. These are not the flat characters of a Sunday School presentation. These are the great fathers of mankind in the formative years after the Fall. Hers is a work of historical fiction and has served as an excellent supplement to my own research into Biblical History and Ancient Times. With balance, skill, and all [...]

  • Bill Peacock

    When we read read the early histories in the Old Testament, there is so much that is missing, so much more that we want to know about the lives of the patriarchs, the flood, Babel, and more. Ruth Beechick attempts to fill in the gaps with this short, easy to read book geared toward children, but still interesting for adults. Taking us from the beginning of time through Shem's meeting with Terah and Abram just before they begin their journey out of Ur, she fills is a lot of gaps with dialogue and [...]

  • Margaret Metz

    I have always loved to use historical fiction to supplement my lessons in history. When I read this book, I approached it as yet another well-researched work of historical fiction about something very true and we enjoyed it very much. This has been one of those books we have read and re-read several times since discovering. We love to discuss this book and all the issues it brings up. That's the kind of thing that makes learning about the Bible fun. This is a very well-written and interesting bo [...]

  • Lisa

    The kids wanted to read ahead with this one. It is the recommended reading for Adam to Messiah Curriculum, with the Genesis Finding our Roots unit study. They have this book available at Mardel. This one will give you a new perspective on the story between the lines of Genesis. Remember, this is a book that takes the Bones of the Genesis story, and Mrs. Beechick puts hypothetical muscle and flesh to the history, makes it more interesting for the kids (and me too!).

  • Rick Davis

    I wasn't expecting to like this book very much, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was a lot of fun reading Beechick's imaginative filling in of the gaps in Genesis 1-11. Whether you agree with all her decisions in the story or not, it's an entertaining tale. My son is reading it right now for school and enjoying it.

  • Anne

    The Gospel truth? Okay, so no. Not at all. But an enjoyable, imaginative fleshing out of plausible details? Absolutely. It's just good storytelling.

  • Marty

    She puts the peaces together. Much of it may be conjecture, but it's honest conjecture, unlike what evolutionists and old-earthers are doing.

  • Haley

    Wow!! Although you should not substitute this for the actual scripture, this is a wonderful history book! I enjoyed every page! It definitely was not the usual boring history book!

  • Elena

    Very interesting somewhat fictionalized account of the early days of Adam and Eve. I especially liked the parts that showed Adam teaching his descendants all the he had learned from God.

  • Fivewincs

    Interesting take on the Genesis story and used with Finding Our Roots, provides an intellectual investigation into world views of the Biblical account.

  • Nina ♥

    This book didn't make any sense, whatsoever.

  • Ebookwormy1

    This unique book is historical fiction set in the first 11 chapters of the book of Genesis. I have not seen any other books that deal with this subject matter via the historical fiction methodology and that alone makes it outstanding. The writer includes a foreword that clarifies her intention is NOT to declare authoritatively what happened in earliest time, but rather to use what we know and a healthy dose of imagination to create a logical picture of how it COULD have been. The foreword advoca [...]

  • Carol Teter - Mauck

    It was really good. It help my son to understand the bible a little bit better.

  • Hilary Forrest

    This was an interesting read. I often don't think about the real lives of Biblical people, their thoughts and feelings, etc. While there was material that I'm not sure I agree with, I enjoyed thinking through the Creation and up to Abraham time period in this unique way.

  • Christina

    We just finished reading this book as part of our homeschool curriculum (Mystery of History). While this book is not 100% biblical, it's a behind the scenes look at what might have gone on with these men during biblical times beyond what is stated in the Bible. It was fascinating, but it got a bit bogged down sometimes in the genealogical explanations and the chapter on idol worship (which was necessary background for explaining Nimrod and the Tower of Babel.

  • Marcy

    Turning the Bible into fiction is pretty weird. This tried way too hard to explain discrepancies between the Bible and science. Even my 7yo who was the one really assigned to read it was picking it apart. I liked some of the themes, like how the world before the flood was so much more beautiful and colorful and no one today even has the capacity to imagine what it was like. If the author had concentrated on things like that it would have been a more enjoyable read.

  • Angie Libert

    I have read Ruth Beechick's homeschooling pamphlets and found them refreshingly simple and practical, so I thought I would try reading this fiction to the kids. Well, it was rather dry and we will not likely finish reading it. Although I do give the author props for writing a very well researched book, but I think she is a better non-fiction writer. :)

  • Leah Norton

    Did not like all the made up stuff. Didn't want my kids thinking it was as true as the Bible since it took such liberty in telling a lot more and interpreting motives and such.

  • Betsy Kimes

    I like what a reviewer wrote: "a liberty in storytelling." It did make me think and read the account of Genesis a bit more thoroughly.

  • Christina

    Intriguing; astronomy lovers would especially appreciate this lady's research into ancient astronomy and how signs in the heavens lined up with a couple Biblical events in Genesis 1-11.

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  • [PDF] Download ¶ Adam and His Kin: The Lost History of Their Lives and Times | by ↠ Ruth Beechick Michael Denman
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