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By Lisa Lillien | Comments: ( 494 ) | Date: ( Jun 07, 2020 )

The 1 New York Times bestselling author of the Hungry Girl cookbooks now delivers the first ever meal plan based on the concepts that have satisfied millions The Hungry Girl Diet Lisa Lillien has taken her famous super sizing techniques, diet philosophies, and delicious recipes, and she s put them into a foolproof four week jump start plan to help you lose weight effortThe 1 New York Times bestselling author of the Hungry Girl cookbooks now delivers the first ever meal plan based on the concepts that have satisfied millions The Hungry Girl Diet Lisa Lillien has taken her famous super sizing techniques, diet philosophies, and delicious recipes, and she s put them into a foolproof four week jump start plan to help you lose weight effortlessly Approved by a registered dietitian, this program is not only completely satisfying but also entirely effective The Hungry Girl Diet has A detailed four week program to help you jump start your weight loss the Hungry Girl way Over 50 easy recipes for delicious super sized meals and snacks, including HG classics like growing oatmeal bowls, oversized egg mugs, ginormous salads, and foil packs Magical food ideas that help keep you feeling full all day Tips tricks for avoiding diet derailment, including Lisa s personal strategies for weight management Helpful hints how tos for grocery shopping and dining out Foods that give you the biggest bang for your calorie buck Smart swaps for fattening foods you crave Easy meals that anyone can make And SO much With an emphasis on lean protein, low fat dairy, fresh fruits n veggies, and GIGANTIC portions, this diet gives you everything you love about Hungry Girl in one nutritious and delicious weight loss plan

  • Title: The Hungry Girl Diet: Big Portions. Big Results. Drop 10 Pounds in 4 Weeks
  • Author: Lisa Lillien
  • ISBN: 9780312676797
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Lisa Lillien

The creator of HungryGirl shares her best tips, recipes, and advice to live a healthy and full life Lisa Lillien is not a nutritionist, she s just hungry She s the founder of Hungry Girl, the website and daily email service providing approximately one million fans with guilt free recipes, food and product reviews, dieting news, shockers and She also writes weekly columns for WeightWatchers and Yahoo , and regularly contributes to Redbook magazine She has appeared on TV shows like Rachel Ray and Extra, and now has her own show on the Cooking Channel Her Hungry Girl cookbooks are New York Times bestsellers She lives in Los Angeles, Californiacmillan author lisali

hungry girl Healthy Recipes, Low Calorie Hungry Girl is your go to resource for guilt free eating Here you ll find diet friendly recipes easy and delicious ones , tips tricks, supermarket finds, and survival guides for real world eat Hungry Girl, Inc. Welcome to HungryGirl click text above to enter HungryGirl web site This page is sponsored by Educational Video Network, Inc. Hungry Girl Food Network Lisa Lillien is not a nutritionist She s just a Hungry Girl whose email newsletter reaches million subscribers Watch clips and get recipes on Food Network. Hungry Girl Hungry Girl is a free daily e mail subscription service about healthy eating that launched in May Approximately one million people receive HG s daily emails Approximately one million people receive HG s daily emails. The Hungry Girl Diet YouTube Being on a diet makes you think of starving and having to give up your favorite foods, but Lisa Lillien, author of The Hungry Girl Diet, wasn t having any of that She stops by The Couch to Hungry Girl Home Facebook Hungry Girl .M likes Sign up for healthy recipes, tips tricks, smart food finds at hungry girl This Facebook page features recipe Sign up for healthy recipes, tips tricks, smart food finds at hungry girl. Hungry Girl Recipes Hungry Girl Food Network Find the best of Hungry Girl from Food Network Easy Diet Friendly Recipes hungry girl Looking for easy low calorie recipes We ve got thousands of delicious recipes for healthy meals, snacks, desserts The Hungry Runner Girl It s rude to count Last week I was feeling overcooked and drained and this week I am feeling excited than ever We just have to stick with it when we hit those valleys in our training because before you know it, your emotions will change all over again I m sure hormones have something to do with it for me too haha. TheHungryJPEG Premium Graphic Design The Hungry JPEG offer users thousand of premium graphic design resources available for instant download Access our amazing graphic design bundles today.

Comments The Hungry Girl Diet: Big Portions. Big Results. Drop 10 Pounds in 4 Weeks

  • A.

    The diet portion of this book is closer to 5 stars, but the book is a bit cheesy and cliched for my preferences, so overall it lands at a solid 4 stars.Lillien's book persona is over-the-top cheerleader "DO IT!" "Try It!" "I'm obsessed!" "Amazing!" about a lot of things. Also, she likes fake sugar a lot more than I'm personally comfortable with (i.e a lot of her recipes include 1 to 2 packets of no-calorie sweetener, like Stevia or Splenda), BUT a lot of her recipes are sans-fake sugar and/or ca [...]

  • Courtnie

    The first book in my journey to live healthier, cleaner, and stronger - hopefully with the added benefit of losing 35 pounds.I was drawn to this book first because of the sentiment that I wouldn't be hungry. There is nothing like sitting around at night with a growling stomach, dreaming about a fresh bag of Doritos.I'm just being real here. Typing the word Doritos is somewhat difficult. And they're so badbut it tastes so good to be bad.So, yes, healthier, cleaner, stronger meant re-training myse [...]

  • Monty Circus

    I did this 4 week diet, followed it religiously (with much help from my sister, thanks Ky!) and lost a little over 7 pounds. Not 10, but not too shabby! (I could have done better with exercise). I'm a man but I stuck to the 1,300 calories a day anyway. I enjoyed the big portions which help to fill your belly, maxing out volume and minimizing calories, but by the end got really sick of the broccoli slaw (which is a large part of many recipes), as well as the jicama (which was mostly in the many s [...]

  • Judi

    SOMEONE FINALLY WROTE A DIET BOOK WITH RECIPES FOR ONE PERSON!!!!!! Although, as the title implies, very generous portions (of good-for-you foods). I first got this from the library, then got my own copy at a used-book store; I have already used it to the point that I need to take it to a copy shop and have the binding removed and add a spiral binding. (I've done this to a couple of my cookbooks; it is amazingly cheap to do.) I've been on this diet for over a month; it really has changed my eati [...]

  • Laura

    Not as good as her other books. Basically, if you limit your calories by eating 'hungry girl' meals, you'll lose weight. Which, if you've read her other books, you know that most of her recipes are very low fat. In this diet, she tries to make the recipes more nutritionally sound, by limiting their sodium and amping up the protein.The diet is pretty low in calories, so it probably works. While she does include more whole foods than in her previous books, there's not as much cooking as ingredient [...]

  • Filipa

    I haven't read this book to lose weight or to embark on a new diet. I read it because I saw the book featured on Dr.Oz show and the author's ideas struck a cord. Also, I could not resist the title. I am an hungry girl, I am ALWAYS eating and when I'm not - I'm talking about food. I wasn't always this way but, for some years now I find myself eating every two and a half hours. I'm also a conscious eater - that is to say I want to eat healthy so I am always looking for good recipes and new tips. T [...]

  • Bessie Sullivan

    Again, not a fan of diet books and this one demonstrated all the reasons I don't like them. It recommends foods that one would not enjoy eating like swapping broccoli slaw for pasta and using artificial sweetener. It also recommended a diet that was far too low in calories. All the while the author kept telling us how yummy things were and how much she likes to eat. Hard to believe when you actually read the recipes.

  • Cheryl

    It was clear and a good plan for 4 weeks of meals. Good recipes and great ideas for many low calorie snacks. Basics are keep at 1300 calories a day, low meat, high veg and fruit, very low carb and sugar. And exercise when you can. What we all know already, but the recipes are what make this book good I think. Varied and doable without a lot of odd ingredients.

  • Erin

    This diet has changed my life. I lost 15 pound with the jumpstart and now I am using her MAX cookbook. I can't wait to read more!!

  • Nikki Penda

    Really just a collection of her recipes with tips from her newsletter organized and called a diet. Not so much but love her and her recipes so if you are unfamiliar with her, worth a gander.

  • Vannessa Anderson

    I borrowed The Hungry Girl Diet from the library to learn if it was worth recommending to friends who are constantly complaining about their weight and their inability to lose weight or to keep off the pounds they managed to lose.From the Book1) You won’t be hungry on this plan.2) There are a number of factors that influence individual weight loss: starting weight, activity level, personal metabolism.If a dieter can’t lose weight following The Hungry Girl Diet then that dieter isn’t seriou [...]

  • Kyla Hookey

    After dealing with a weight-loss slump, yo-yo-ing back and forth within 8 lbs for the last several months (on a different weight loss plan), I figured enough was enough, it was time to take on some new eating routines to shed these last few pounds and keep them off once and for all!I was already acquainted with Hungry Girl, as I own a few of her books and receive her free daily emails on diet tips, tricks, nutrition news nuggets and tasty recipes, however since this was the first time she'd actu [...]

  • Noémy

    It probably isn't fair of me to rate this book considering I haven't even tried this diet yet and therefore don't know whether or not it would work on me. But I was hoping to read a more thorough account of her diet plan and how it came to be than just a collection of recipes -which are actually very repetitive. There isn't a whole lot of options unlike what is stated at the very beginning of THGD. Lisa Lillien basically advises us to eat lots of fruits, veggies and egg whites in as big and as m [...]

  • Glenda

    This four-week diet plan emphasizes eating more protein, fruits, and vegetables, lowering starchy carbs, and moderate consumption of healthy fats. I didn't actually try it, but it should work because the three meal, three snack plan totals about 1,300 calories daily. This diet has big portions and it's easy to follow. Each week is basically planned out for you and the recipes are included--although many of them are more just putting food together than actual recipes. There are some recipes I am [...]

  • Sojourner

    Lisa Lillien, who achieved much fame and success with her Hungry Girl cookbooks and columns, has invented a weight loss plan that actually makes dieting taste delicious. In a remarkable new cookbook, she has detailed how one can lose weight while following a stringent complete diet plan. The Hungry Girl Diet: Big Portions. Big Results. Drop 10 Pounds in 4 Weeks by Lisa Lillien is the result of many requests that she received for weight loss help. In The Hungry Girl Diet, Lisa lays down her plan [...]

  • Newport Librarians

    This is a really great resource. Anyone that has ever lost a significant amount of weight knows most of the tricks, but the set up is really nice. She has a 4-week meal plan (which I will never follow, but the suggestions are nice) along with tips for every day of the week. USEFUL tips. REALISTIC tips. There is also a great dietary resource section with lists (who doesn't love lists?) of different foods that are the best to eat (most filling, best fruit, best protein, etc.) and a great one for c [...]

  • Nicole Hackley

    I honestly did not stick to the whole 4 weeks but had I, I felt I would have seen the results the book claims. I did however find some REALLY great recipes that I have kept in my food rotation! I have always loved HG! I have tons of their recipe books that I comb through each week, I receive their daily emails and utilize the website often. Not everything is a hit, but as a single female looking to make healthy food choices Lisa Lillien and the folks at HG got it right! I will be a fan for life! [...]

  • Michelle

    The diet book has some great tips and it is helpful. CON: I found the first week very limiting as far as choices to eat. I am not as big as a fan of the soy Shiritaki noodles as the author is. I am sure that had a lot to do with me feeling limited the first week. I got tired of the broccoli slaw (soy noodle replacement) very quickly.Not a family friendly cookbook. It was frustrating that the recipes were for 1 serving. This caused me to have to cook 2 meals every night. Too many artificial sweet [...]

  • jj

    Basically this is a recipe book - along with Lisa's suggestions of how to follow as a diet. I am not doing her diet-don't know if I could do it But did try several recipes which I will keep using such as kale chips, tuna with mayo & Dijon, eggmugs. Be careful with her directions though - I made the fish wrapped in foil-it came out raw as did the chicken breast wrapped in foil. I know it's not my oven as I've made things wrapped in foil before. Always looking for new recipes- so will use the [...]

  • Joylin Spicer

    I found a whole bunch of things I want to try from this book, but won't be trying the "4 week diet" plan. I know what works for me and this is just WAY more food than I'll eat. I can't even eat half the growing oatmeal bowl! She also implements a lot of fat free dairy *gags*, which I won't do. Low fat, yes, fat free, yuck. Her swaps are great and the whole diet has a Weight Watchers feel to it, which is workable for me.

  • Lesley

    well I haven't done all the recipes to tell if you really lose 10 in 4 weeks, but I have tried enough. I mostly wanted this book because I need a cookbook that shows the fat content of the recipes. I like the portions sizes, don't feel deprived. a little much on her cheerleading approach throughout book, but again, just wanted the recipes.

  • Angelita

    This book is pretty self-explanatory. I has a lot of great recipes that also taste good, but it also great with snack ideas, both prepackaged and fruits and veggies. I have not check out the companion app, but it might be worth it. It definitely helped me keep on track with eating healthy.

  • Kim Ellsworth-evans

    interesting book but poorly laid outIn this day and age of electronics there is no excuse for a poorly organized book. With a kindle version I should just be able to see the recipe immediately. Beyond that, the concept is pretty basic.

  • Rena

    This looks amazing! The weeks are broken down and the food looks edible! I got this from the library, but think I'm going to have to buy this. It looks simple to do. And who doesn't want to lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks?

  • Donna Kilmurray

    There is NO NEED to buy this book if you are already familiar with the Hungry Girl style and ethos. It's just all the same old stuff reorganized. It's a good place to start for a HG newbie. I've been following Lisa for years and feel ripped off.

  • April

    Nothing new here. Interesting and tasty recipes, but my problem is that they are single serving. I have a family of seven, and what I cook for one, I cook for all. If it were just me, I'd probably rate it higher.

  • Cherish

    I lost 8 pounds after 2 weeks on this diet. I am still using some of the recipes today. Great plan and one I will try again to take a couple more pounds off! Brilliant!

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