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By Kem Nunn | Comments: ( 384 ) | Date: ( Jun 04, 2020 )

If you aren t already familiar with Kem Nunn s 1984 novel Tapping the Source, or if the idea of a classic surfing novel makes you either chuckle or shudder, be prepared to realign your literary biases This is not a story of gilded surfers and sun bleached blonds, of insouciant days and moonlit nights on the beach instead, Nunn has crafted a darkly pensive meditation onIf you aren t already familiar with Kem Nunn s 1984 novel Tapping the Source, or if the idea of a classic surfing novel makes you either chuckle or shudder, be prepared to realign your literary biases This is not a story of gilded surfers and sun bleached blonds, of insouciant days and moonlit nights on the beach instead, Nunn has crafted a darkly pensive meditation on solitude and desire Ike Tucker is the quintessential loner, trapped by both circumstance and inclination in a California desert town, abandoned first by his mother and then by his sister, Ellen, who fled, in turn, toward the promise of the coast His awareness of his own alienation, rendered in prose that is always elegant and often poignant, is haunting As he listened the train sounds grew faint and disappeared and someone shut off the music so there was just the silence, that special kind of silence that comes to the desert, and he knew that if he waited there would come a time, stars fading, slim band of light creeping on the horizon, when the silence would grow until it was unbearable, until it was as if the land itself were about to break it, to give up some secret of its own The secret, though, comes not from the desert but from the sea Propelled by a mysterious rumor of his sister s murder, Ike enters the surfing mecca of Huntington Beach, whose bright fa ade conceals shadowy violence and joyless violation Wistfully intent on understanding the men who might have killed his sister, Ike abandons himself to the hypnotic allure of the ocean The tide was low and the waves turned crisp black faces toward the shore while trails of mist rose from their feathering lips in the golden sun Nunn s language effortlessly reflects Ike s desires and fears the novel spirals gracefully into the young man s eventual immersion in the surfing culture and riffs on the terrifying ease with which that immersion becomes overwhelming Although a murder may lie at the heart of the narrative, the novel is far an exploration of character than of suspect and motive and that exploration is infinitely rewarding Kelly Flynn

  • Title: Tapping the Source
  • Author: Kem Nunn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Kem Nunn

Kem Nunn born 1948 is an American fiction novelist, surfer, magazine and television writer from California His novels have been described as surf noir for their dark themes, political overtones and surf settings He is the author of five novels, including his seminal surf novel Tapping the Source He received an MFA in Creative Writing from UC Irvine.He has collaborated with producer David Milch on the HBO Western drama series Deadwood Milch and Nunn co created the HBO series John from Cincinnati, a surfing series set in Imperial Beach, California which premiered on June 10, 2007 He has also written for season 5 of Sons of Anarchy.

Comments Tapping the Source

  • Delee

    In my youth I used to listen to The Beach Boys and Jan and Dean sing about Southern California- the beautiful girls and boys, the surf, the sandn sun sunfun fun fun. Everyone was smilingeveryone was friendly one had a care in the world. This novel is NOT The Beach Boys or Jan and Dean's version of The Huntington Beach surf culturefar from it. While they were STILL singing Surfin' Safari and Surf City -during the 70s and 80s- serial killers and rapists were using the beaches as hunting grounds, s [...]

  • Ivonne Rovira

    Skinny sad sack Ike Tucker, not yet 19 years old, takes the Greyhound bus nearly eight hours to Huntington Beach, Calif to search for his wild runaway sister Ellen, who ran away a year ago. All he has is a crumpled piece of paper with three names and a garbled account of a trip his sister took with those three men to Mexico. Thus, a young man who has lived nowhere but a tiny desert town discovers inner strength and a working knowledge of the ways of the world — including the underworld and the [...]

  • Lisa

    First of all, I just want to say I have the world's greatest, loveliest friends. They are smart and classy ladies with great taste in books who respect differing opinions with grace. These gals loved this book and gave it five stars and glowing reviews. Those are the reviews you should probably be reading. This one is from a tired stay-at-home mama who has admittedly odd taste in literature. Anyway, here's my review:I didn't like this. I couldn't get myself to care about these characters and th [...]

  • Kandice

    Well, I didn't see that coming!!!! 2.5 stars Eighteen year old, Ike Tucker is on a mission to find out what happened to his sister, Ellen, who up and left their desert home. After being tipped off, he heads to Huntington Beach, CA. with nothing more than a few hundred bucks and the names of 3 men who were intimately connected with Ellen. Ike is cautious and befriends some local surfers, keeping his motives at bay. Over time, he begins putting pieces of the puzzle together or so he thinks… I re [...]

  • Shek

    This is touted as the best ever surfing novel, or a pre-eminent example of "surf noir", and I'm pretty sure it's the only novel I've read that fits easily into either category. They don't tell you this, but it's also a great example of a novel that's running along fine and then suddenly plunges off a cliff. I mean, what the hell was that with the [spoiler]? And the [major spoiler]? That didn't even make any sense! A poorly explained tangent into the realm of [spoiler] aside, it's a fine, well-pu [...]

  • Jenna

    I hate using the word "gritty" in relation to books, particularly in this case where it seems to be the default reviewers' adjective, along with "noir" and "sun-bleached." But gritty she be. This is a gritty, dirty, greasy novel. If it were an object poem it would be cigarette butts, surf wax, warm Mountain Dew, hot sand and lubricated engine parts. Mmm. Lots of drugs, fistfights, yucky sex, culty violence, male bonding, formative mystical experiences, lost youth. It didn't leave me feeling good [...]

  • Johnny

    I had heard about this book for quite some time. Now I know why.A great read, it works as a surfing novel, a crime novel and a coming-of-age story. The three come together to create not only an original world, but a story that is both gripping and never predictable.It allows all the characters to find both the dark and light sides of their humanity. The relationships between characters are immediately complex and real.I highly recommend TAPPING THE SOURCE. Well-written, insightful, and a blast.

  • Lance Charnes

    Surf noir has been around about as long as surfing has been in the popular mind -- for one, Ross Macdonald dipped a toe in it in 1962 -- and its current strongest practitioner is Don Winslow, whose works I've reviewed in the past. But Kem Nunn was working this wave before Winslow paddled in, and Tapping the Source is the first of his six widely-spaced novels. It exhibits many of the characteristics of a debut: uniqueness, passion, but also issues with pacing and plot resolution.A wayward mother [...]

  • Kirk

    Interesting contrast to Don Winslow's The Dawn Patrol in the small world of surf noir. Winslow's book is a little too cartoonish, with characters that could have come out of a USA Network series c. 1994 (Hey, remember Pacific Blue?). This one seems a little ponderous. That's probably a reflection of style. Thirty years ago you could have your characters self-interrogate themselves as a way of mapping for the reader the development in both character and plot. But now it seems sorta silly for char [...]

  • Adam

    Nunn’s coming of age novel which transcends the limitation of that genre with an unusually likeable protagonist, an interesting mystery, and a setting in a decaying milieu of bikers, surfers, drugs, orgies, punk rock, orgies, porn, ritual murder, and a sense of palpable evil. Each character brings its own set of quirks and contradictions and you never stop guessing what is going on until the very end. An incredible debut and even if you don’t care about surfing(though Nunn very much does and [...]

  • AGamble

    I like Kem's imagery and how he immerses the reader into a place, but I disliked the lack of strong female voices in this book.

  • Will Johnson

    With the exception of a small snippet of a dialogue at the very end that is still rattling around in my brain in regards to the 'whodunnit' (which I am still a little confused about), this book is pretty flawless.To start, it utilizes world building like the best in the business, creating a tense, dangerous yet real world location and inhabiting it with well drawn, conflicted characters who all have their high and low points.Inside this well built universe is an evolution of the main character, [...]

  • Thomas

    Kem Nunn wrote a pretty decent unconventional detective story here. Set in the ever mystical backdrop of Huntington Beach California, a troubled young man from the desert leaves his home and goes seeking answers after being told that his runaway sister had probably been murdered. What drew me to this novel was that it served as the "inspiration" for one of my favorite junk action movies from the 1990's "Point Break" Inspiration is by far the most appropriate term to use. This isn't a story about [...]

  • Katie

    What a fun book! I keep seeing it categorized as "surf noir" ---which is probably true but it seems like kind of an absurd category (how can something be noir when it's so sunny out?), but all of the over-the-top dramatic lines are very in the theme of noir! The book reminded me of when I went to the U.S. Open a few years ago---all of the sponsor representatives were passing out lots of flyers and stickers and junk on the pier, and they were handing out this big sticker that had the "Top 10 Best [...]

  • Ben Loory

    when robert stone blurbs a book, i listen. "the all-time great surfing novel," okay i'm in. turns out those fuckers who made point break were all over this book. which is neither here nor there i suppose. anyway, this is a good, well-written book with a crappy ending (which involves (perhaps feigned) satanism), but not really very much about surfing. more about life in huntington beach, infiltrating a drug gang, etc. coming of age, yadda yadda yaddaill though, made me want to surf. still.

  • Lenny Husen

    The best coming of age novel I've ever read. Gritty, extremely well read, themes of murder, corruption, cheap sex, drugs, a boy loses the one person he has ever loved, his sister, and embarks on a quest to find her. Beautifully written, unforgettable. Every teenager and young adult in the USA should read this book.

  • Cyanemi

    I love the surf noir genre. I don't know how many books are in the genre but I wish there were more. The show, John From Cincinatti got me started on Kem Nunn because the show was a surf noir show and I think Kem Nunn was involved with the production. Sun surf blonds and lots of sordidness.

  • Sarah

    I would give it a 2.5 if I could. To say there is twist in this plot is an understatement. Towards the end, the plot line jumps off a cliff and into a very dark, seedy and bizarre underworld, then lands in a puddle. Not deep enough for the ocean.

  • Chazzi

    I picked this up for the simple reason that it was set in Huntington Beach, CA. I've lived in HB for 40 years and skimming it took me back to about the time I moved here.Ike Tucker was raised in San Arco by his grandmother and uncle. His father had abandoned him and his older sister Ellen, and later his mother ran off with another man. Two years back Ellen had left with a guy too. San Arco was a dry, dusty desert town with nothing to give anyone reason to go there or stay there.Things changed fo [...]

  • St Fu

    After watching the TV series Chance and finding it somewhat out of the ordinary, I was curious what kind of books the author (and the show's executive producer) wrote. Tapping the Source is mostly pretty ordinary though for the most part quite engaging. In a culture that has lost its values, the one value that prevails is loyalty to one's friends and lovers and the courage to live up to the resultant responsibilities. Ike needs to pay his debt to Ellen, Preston eventually pays his debt to Ike, a [...]

  • Dave N

    This book doesn't throw too many memorable lines or thought-provoking ideas at you, but what it lacks in innovation it makes up for (to a certain extent) with its steady pace and fairly well written characters. There aren't too many things to praise, to be honest, but there also aren't too many things to criticize. I enjoyed reading it, is what it boils down to, even if I never felt particularly challenged by it. It honestly would have been 4 stars except that the ending turned me off by falling [...]

  • Jeannette M. Hartman

    Ike Tucker leaves the deadend town in the desert where he grew up for Huntington Beach, hoping to find out what happened to his sister Ellen, missing for two years. He begins his search with three names and a story told by a young man appears at his uncle's gas station. The young man, who claims to have known Ellen, tells Ike that she went to Mexico with three men who returned without her: Hound Adams, Terry Jacobs and Frank Baker.Naive and inexperienced, Ike arrives in Huntington Beach without [...]

  • Scott Mcconnell

    I love books about the beach, SoCal, and/or surfing. I love mysteries. This book (nominally) has all those elements. While the writing is lyrical and strong -- it was a finalist for the National Book Award -- but I found the story somewhat over-complicated, sometimes not well developed or integrated, and frankly a little too bleak. "Redemption," but only by improving from a horrible circumstance to a less horrible one. In the end, the dark tones of the book were, for me, too dominant.

  • Tim Armstrong

    Long time since I read this. But my memories are all fond ones.This was the first crime novel I'd read where it was centred around the surfing world. And Lynn clearly knew a thing or three about surfing.But the one thing I remember the most about this book was how well it was written. It was firstly surprisingly clever, in style and substance. But it was also well structured and a compelling read. If you are into surfing then don't miss it - there aren't many surfing thrillers after all.

  • Brian Murphy

    Great read with an interesting voice. I love the gritty look at the underside of a subculture. This is a page turner that takes you down a dark, dark road.The story is compelling and drives you forward, making it difficult to put down. Those readers who are fans of noir are going to really love this book. I like stories with surfing as a backdrop and this is definitely one of the best out there.

  • Rachel

    Wow! I could not put this book down! Reads like a good movie and the end threw me for a loop. You don't have to know jack about surfing to get into this book, which my preconceived notions expected. Have to thank my old neighborhood, Park Slope, yet again, for an awesome read that I never would have found on my own. Terrific!!!

  • Eloise

    I read this book because one of my sons has surfed his whole life and holds a waterman's reverence for the ocean. The descriptions of the ocean and the surfing are absolutely gorgeous. The book, however, is also filled with danger, hooligans, nut cases, and more. It is not a warm and cuddly read, but I respect the author's amazing talent and am glad I read it.

  • Terence

    Apparently this is the novel on which the Patrick Schwazy/Keanu Reeves film Point Break was based. The book is much darker. Wonderful descriptions of the sea, the coastline and surfing, and a vivid depiction of Southern California.

  • Sam Mauro

    91/100This book. Rocks. So Hard. So. Hard.

  • Leon Hermanson

    Fun story in an exciting surf environment.

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