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By SueBrown | Comments: ( 583 ) | Date: ( Jun 01, 2020 )

Bob, a beagle with attitude, has a very bad attitude He eats through every lead purchased by his despairing owner, Will Duffy One moment he is walking to heel, the next he is a free dog, triumphantly tearing down the road with Will chasing after him.It s a great game for Bob until the day he breaks through lead number ten and is hit by Lawrence Taylor s car as he runs acBob, a beagle with attitude, has a very bad attitude He eats through every lead purchased by his despairing owner, Will Duffy One moment he is walking to heel, the next he is a free dog, triumphantly tearing down the road with Will chasing after him.It s a great game for Bob until the day he breaks through lead number ten and is hit by Lawrence Taylor s car as he runs across the road, leaving Bob unconscious and his back leg broken Will has to ask Lawrence for a lift to the vets, and endure the man s scolding all the way there Even worse, Will discovers Lawrence is a dog trainer Bob ends up in a cast and is forced to wear the cone of shame Of course, Lawrence thinks all Bob and Will need are dog training classes, except Bob hasn t met a trainer yet he couldn t break Is Lawrence man enough for the job

  • Title: Bob the Destroyer of Leads
  • Author: SueBrown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Kindle

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Cranky middle aged author with an addiction for coffee, and a passion for romancing two guys.

Comments Bob the Destroyer of Leads

  • V

    Oh dear this character Will, let everyone walked over him. He suffers from depression, to be honest I know a little about this kind of illness, but I'm not sure if you let people to manipulate you and run your life as they please. If that is not part of the symptoms from this illness, then Will needed to grow a pair of balls urgently.Very annoying sequel.

  • Didi

    2.5 starsRushy romance aside, this story was gloomier than the first installment. Still cute, but I like the previous story better.

  • Calila

    Lawrence was a pushy overbearing jerk and everytime I thought Will was actually going to stand up for himself and make Lawrence change his behavior it petered out and never happened. If this were real I'd warn Will to run before Lawrence starts beating him. So many red flags.

  • Anita Bianchi

    bianchianita1971/2Avete presente quei romanzi che lasciano una bella sensazione dentro? Ecco, questo libro è proprio uno di quelli!Will ha adottato Bob per un motivo molto importante (che però non vi svelo!) e tra i due si è formato un legame fortissimo; il problema è che Bob non accetta autorità e comandi. Purtroppo a causa di questo rimane vittima di un brutto incidente ma questa tragedia sfiorata farà entrare Lawrence (un addestratore di cani) come un turbine nelle vite dei due.Non sar [...]

  • Popcorn

    I really loved the last one of these but this one was so annoying. Will was just a doormat and let everyone walk over him. Lawerence was a complete arsehole and I wanted to punch him in the face most of the time!I will keep reading this author because I do really like her stuff(generally). This one was just not for me, nothing at all wrong with the writing I just did not like the MC's.

  • Otterpuss

    This is kinda cute and kinda all over the place. Lawrence is a bossy arse who needs to wind his neck in and Will needs to grow a pair. It was sweet in places but I mostly felt annoyed.There are some really irritating editing issues as well.

  • Jamie's Sassenach

    Voto: 4.Assolutamente adorabile.

  • Blue Bayou .

    Lawrence was an ass and I am not sure why Will even liked him. Actually don't think Will ever said out loud or internal monologue why he liked Lawrence except for one statement that he was good looking. I just couldn't get past Lawrence being pushy and bossy.

  • Michelle

    I liked the story and the characters. A few too many typos though.

  • Lindsay

    Will has a dog Bob who he loves but finds untrainable and he's learned that's fine until Lawrence a dog trainer runs Bob over by mistake.Peter and Evan are involved again and a great read all round with young Will trying to deal with survivors guilt after losing his parents as a teen.

  • Lena Grey

    I've heard of some interesting ways of getting together, but meeting someone because they just hit your dog with their car has to be one of the most drastic ever. In 'Bob Destroyer of Leads' by Sue Brown, this is precisely how Will Duffy meets Lawrence Taylor; not a good way to start by any means, but somehow, because of Bob's bad behavior, the two men learn that even out of an accident can come a silver lining.To say that Will's people skills are not up to par is an understatement, but he has a [...]

  • Tailtiu


  • Elyxyz

    Non sai mai quando il Destino ti mette sulla strada la tua ‘persona speciale’ per prepararti al fatidico incontro, anche se qui è stato più che altro uno scontro.I nostri due protagonisti, infatti, si conoscono nel peggiore dei modi, cioè quando Lawrence Taylor investe accidentalmente quella tenera canaglia di Bob, il cagnolino di Will Duffy, mentre attraversa la strada inseguendo un gatto.L’inizio non è esattamente dei più rosei, come si può ben immaginare… e dopo un grande spaven [...]

  • multitaskingmomma

    A story about a beagle and his two humans. Heartwarming, but a warning for all of those who are thinking of getting a beagle. Regardless of fact that they are one hyper dog. Loved the mystery of how he destroyed his leads.Bob, a beagle with attitude, has a very bad attitude. He eats through every lead purchased by his despairing owner, Will Duffy. One moment he is walking to heel, the next he is a free dog, triumphantly tearing down the road with Will chasing after him.It's a great game for Bob [...]

  • Karen

    In the end Bob was the star of this bookBob as you've probably guessed is the cute little beagle pictured on the cover. Only Bob is an extremely energetic beagle and chews through his leashes over and over and over again and isn't about to let anyone tell him what to do.I liked Bob, but I like dogs so it's not a stretch. What I wasn't sure about was whether or not it was possible to like Will, Bob's owner, or Lawrence, Bob's love interest. Will has issues lots and lots of issues and part of me f [...]

  • Penumbra

    Bob the Destroyer of Leads is the second book in the ‘Lyon Road Vets’ series. This book centers around Bob a disobedient Beagle, his owner Will Duffy, and Lawrence Taylor, a dog trainer. The story is told through Will’s pov.2.5 Stars (view spoiler)[This book started out fun with Bob and Will, but started to go downhill after Lawrence came into the picture. Bob is a very disobedient dog that somehow always gets hold of his leash and is able to chew it to the point where it breaks when he pu [...]

  • Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan Girls

    Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan GirlsSarò di parte, ma adoro il modo di scrivere di Sue Brown. I suoi personaggi hanno una dolcezza disarmante e, anche nelle situazioni più cupe, conservano un’innocenza che fa sorridere. In questo caso troviamo Will, ventiduenne solitario che ha solo Bob, il suo cane, come amico. Il suo isolarsi è dovuto alla drammatica perdita dei genitori a diciassette anni che l’ha portato anche una forte depressione. Il suo meccanismo di difesa di allontanare tut [...]

  • Aurora Corsini

    Secondo volume della serie “Lyon Road Vets”, questo romanzo ci presenta una nuova coppia di protagonisti: Will, un ragazzo solitario e depresso dopo un incidente che l’ha lasciato solo al mondo, e Lawrence, un addestratore di cani che invece ha un piglio deciso in ogni aspetto della vita. Il loro incontro è più che altro uno scontro, causato da Bob, l’indisciplinato beagle di Will, che rompe l’ennesimo guinzaglio e finisce per essere investito dall’auto di Lawrence: dopo un avvio p [...]

  • Eli Easton

    I loved the first book in this series, "Hairy Harry's Car Seat". I didn't like this one *as* much, but it's still a 5 star read for me. I'm a sucker for m/m romances involving pets and this one is very cute.Will owns Bob, a beagle. Bob is a high-energy dog who resists training and chews up his leads. One day he escapes on a walk and is hit by a car. The guy who hit Bob is a dog trainer. He forces his way into Will and Bob's life no matter how much resistance Will puts up (he's determined to 'be [...]

  • Shelby P

    I was so impressed with Hairy Harry's Car Seat but this book was a disappointment. It's hard to believe that it's from the same author. Lawrence came on too strong and never let up the entire book. He bulldozed his way into Will's life. I never felt any kind of chemistry between the two. I love dogs but never connected with Bob either. He felt more like a prop, a means to an end to get Will and Lawrence together.I wanted to read this because I figured we'd get more of Peter and Evan. Well I find [...]

  • Sadonna

    Cute story about another dog who brings together Lawrence and Will. Lawrence accidentally hits Bob, Will's high-spirited beagle and mayhem ensues. Will has had a rough go and Bob is the one thing that keeps him going. When Bob is hurt and Lawrence is berating him, it's all he can do not to punch the guy. While Lawrence is completely overbearing, he does mean well. Due to Bob's injury, Will meets Evan and it turns out that Will works at Peter's firm as well. Will is definitely a damaged character [...]

  • Katyna

    I absolutely love The Isle of Where. It's such a sweet, fun, lovely book. So I've tried several other of Sue Brown's books.Bob the Destroyer of Leads is dull. That's about the best thing I can say. I also read Hairy Harry's Car Seat and that one was dull too. I keep thinking that I'm going to get some of that magic that I discovered in the The Isle of Where (which by the way, has a wretched title), but it just hasn't happened yet. I'm on my sixth Sue Brown book and I think I am done. I can't get [...]

  • Sunne

    I try to review all the books I've read in the last few months. This is one of them:Oh wellis second book of the series included a beagle - my dog is a beagle, too but lucky mewell trained ;)- and hot guys. So what's not to like. This series is the kind of "enjoy, you don't have to worry someone will rip your heart out"-type, so it was a relaxing read. One scene was a bitrange for me, but hot, too. Not that I'm in general against stuff like this but Peter is Will's boss. But okay, this is not a [...]

  • Becky Condit

    I love, love, loved Hairy Harry’s Car Seat so I looked forward to the next book in Sue Brown’s series, Bob The Destroyer of Leads, and I was not disappointed. You can tell that Ms Brown had an abiding love for dogs and their owners. As the former owner of a beloved beagle, Miss Sugar, this book had the added quality of featuring my favorite breed.Becky's complete 4 1/2 sweet pea review appears at mrsconditreadsbooks/index. on June 4, 2013

  • Katy Beth Mckee

    So Will and Lawrence meet in the worst possible way with Bob getting hit by the car. But we see these two men connect and Lawrence is kind enough and strong enough to keep fighting for what he hopes to be a great future for both of them. I love the fact that not only does Will end up with a wonderful new relationship but he also learns to expand his world and make new friends. And best of all Bob will go on to destroy more leads and I suspect Lawrence's patiences as well.

  • Shaz

    I love the style of this series. Although they are shortish, there is still a story there. And the MC's are all hot. The added bonus of the cute and cuddly puppies does no harm either lol.I love Will! He's such a sweetheart and I would love to be able to play "mum" for him. If anyone deserves a family and a HEA it's him. Lawrencewell, he took some getting use to, but in the end grew on me as well.On to the next one!

  • Wax

    An exasperating read about the relationship that develops between Will, a lonely pet owner, and Lawrence, a dog trainer who runs over Bob, Will's unruly beagle. Lawrence was too pushy for me, and I honestly wasn't sure where the relationship came from. I'm rounding up since I love pet stories and Bob was the highlight for me.

  • Tj

    Bob a beagle brought Will and Lawrence together. Bob has flunked out of doggie training several times. Lawrence is a dog trainer with a great reputation. Even he can't seem to get Bob with the program. All is good because Will & Lawrence love each other. Bob is the little bit of mischief that completes this little family.

  • Lisa

    2.5* starsThis was a bit hit and missbut the beagle was cuteWill, owner of Bob the beagle, is a reclusive due to anxiety attacks, meets Lawrence - when he hits Bob with his snot-green car.Will takes on the guise of a doormat as Lawrence steam rollers his way into life - at times being an annoying arse.It was nice to catch up with Peter and Evan.Ends on a HFN.

  • Suze

    Fairly quick easy read.Nothing drastic and Evan and Peter from book 1 have quite a lot of page time.All nice, Will perhaps too weak and Lawrence too bossy - more depth on them would be interesting, especially given Lawrence's job!!

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