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  • Title: My Little Pony: Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare
  • Author: G.M. Berrow
  • ISBN: 9780316247986
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

G.M. Berrow

G.M Berrow is a writer and television industry professional living in Brooklyn, New York When she was little, she aspired to become either a princess or a magical pony Things seem to be right on schedule.

Comments My Little Pony: Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare

  • Melissa

    I'm 28 years old, read pony books, and I'm proud! Course i could finish the book in one day, but i spread it over two. Rainbow Dash ties in with Rarity for my 3rd favorite character from the "My Little Pony: FriendShip is Magic" series. I may have some continuity problems with this books, but i have to say G.M.Berrow did a pretty good job of capturing Dashies personality for it. Rainbow Dash acted exactly as she did in the series.Now regarding the continuity of the series it's hard to tell exact [...]

  • Kyky

    I picked this one out at the library because I really like the My Little Pony show. It was fun to read but also at the end people can learn a valuable lesson. In the story they have a special holiday and there is a new book that is coming out and Rainbow Dash is the first one done with it and later in the story everybody is done reading it so they have a giant meeting to just talk about the new book. Then she says that she wants to be just like the hero in the book so she says that anything they [...]

  • Krissy

    My daughter wanted to rate it 5 stars so 5 stars it is.

  • Lanie

    This is the best of the my little pony chapter books in the series so far. The author got Rainbow Dash down to a T. her actions, thoughts, and dialog was perfectly in tune with the show. And, thank the god of books, they finally got a decent climatic scene. it would have been pretty bad if they couldn't make a fight scene with Rainbow exciting. At least by children's books standards anyway. I especially love the first few chapters were Rainbow Dash is stoked to get her hooves on the latest Darin [...]

  • Jesse

    I know the MLP world includes more adults than one would think, but when reading this one to a small child, lost in the lesson that sometimes it's okay to get by with a little help from your friends, is that Rainbow dares the world to dare her to do things and she promises to no matter how dangerous and this is consistently rewarded. Some dares are dangerous, but she never gets hurt. There a few close calls, but nothing resembling a lasting consequence for her recklessness and danger-seeking. I' [...]

  • Mimi Sumi

    The paperback edition of this book also came bundled with a Rainbow Dash stuffed toy which was the main reason for purchase but I read the book too. Even though I'm a full grown adult, and this book was designed for 5 year olds, I still enjoyed it thoroughly.The plot is about a book called 'Daring Do and the Volcano' which excites all the ponies who are eager to get their hands on it and read it. Rainbow Dash soon becomes jealous of the fictional character Daring Do and starts to show off which [...]

  • Jenny

    Every book I read out loud with my kid is amazing. I mean, I wouldn't read this myself, but she absolutely loved it.

  • Libby Greenhill

    This is a fun book for My Little Pony fans. There was an entertaining surprise at the end.

  • Samantha

    Just like the previous two books, I greatly enjoyed this one. I love all of the little details that let's you know the author is just as big of a fan of the MLP show as you are.This book takes place after Rainbow Dash has met Daring Do, and it's great to see just how much Rainbow is still obsessed with the books and how her knowing about the author's life affects her interactions with the rest of the fans.I will say, this book did feel like a little bit of a retread of said episode with Daring D [...]

  • Edward Wessels

    Excellent but confusingAs an older fan of the franchise, I am able to pick up on things younger readers couldn't. It's enjoyable to see each character as their typical selves. however, the story is a bit exaggerated. Predictable story elements, obvious plot, obvious beloved character in disguise. The first part of the book isn't necessary as the book club in the climax of the story could discuss any of the other books and still have the same valid arguments. If further readings unveils the ident [...]

  • Flashlightmlp

    Great book I love it

  • Sylvester Kuo

    The new Daring Do book was released and Rainbow started a book club to discussed the book, which turned into a dare for Rainbow to carry out any feat in real life. But when Zecora arrives with a terrible news, it's up to mane 6 to save the day.I really enjoyed this entry featuring Rainbow Dash, she is normally my least favourite mane but this really redeemed herself with her element of harmony- Loyalty. There were a few flaws but overall it was fun and all the side characters were able to shine [...]

  • Melissa Giraldo

    I think this book is great for upper elementary students to read. I find that girls would be more interested in reading it and the rest of the series than boys. This series is one that children can relate to because it is on TV and is more relevant than say Amber Brown books. It's a very quick read that children may read through fairly quick. It had interesting story that could be a supplement the TV show

  • jacky

    I am really enjoying how each of these books focuses on one of the mane six ponies. I felt that this one did not give as much insight into Rainbow Dashes character as Pinkie and Rarity's books, but I still enjoyed it. All of the Harry Potter parallel's were fun, though I was a bit disappointed that the real AK Yearling / Daring Do wasn't featured.

  • Amy

    I read this with my daughter. She loved it. The author uses some advanced vocabulary and I like that because it encouraged my daughter to learn some new words. This book taught the value of friendship and loyalty. A good read for a per teen girl and well written with some use of excellent vocabulary.

  • Amy "the book-bat"

    This book felt like reading an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It was kind of fun. Rainbow Dash was her usual boastful self, setting out to prove that she is the fastest and bravest pegasus in Equestria. The usual moral about friendship shows up here as well. I did like that the book talks about the importance of reading.

  • orangerful

    This was SO MUCH FUN to read. Again, Berrow did a great job of capturing the feel of the My Little Pony tv series and characters. And I think you'll be hard-pressed to find a series reader who hasn't experienced the frustration of not being able to talk to their friends about the latest book a in a series. Perfect book for MLP fans of any age.

  • Stephanie

    Great book for fans of My Little Pony. Characters are just like they are on the show. Well-written and funny book with a good message. I didn't expect much when my daughter wanted to read this with me, but I was pleasantly surprised. I look forward to reading other My Little Pony books in the near future.

  • Michael Snowden

    As an original adventure it was pretty decent, but since it was written for children (obviously), it was kind of predictable for an adult. All the characters' personalities were accurately depicted, especially pinkie pie's perpetual insanity.

  • Lydia

    This is the best book in the series. It is so much fun to read this book. The book is full of action and adventure. It is my favorite book in the series because it is about my favorite character in my little pony.

  • Juliana Lisser

    Love love love this author and super pumped they will be writing an episode for season 5!! (It's all about pinkie too!) Characterization and writing style was flawless. Totally fun read for me, and heck I'm 25! /)(\

  • Egg Head

    The story is really good its fits the show perfectly so if you like Friendship is magic then you would love this. The story starts out with Rainbow Dash trying to prove that that daring do isn't made up by taking anyponies dares. All the characters were spot on to so it's like reading a episode.

  • Lisa Singleterry

    This book was just ok for me. I always feel like these My Little Pony books take so long to get to the action and then kind of end too quickly. But this one is the best of the series that I've read so far, and my 6 year old daughter loves them.

  • Steve Story jr.

    Fun book to read with my daughter

  • Jessica

    The best one in this series yet. Full of adventure, friendship and magic. It even introduces a new villain into the world and show Rainbow Dash at her best.

  • Amanda

    Story lines are very shallow.

  • Dionne

    My Son likes MLP and was at first excited to have this book. He lost interest because he said it didn't feel like the author knee the ponies very well and it wasn't written for him.

  • Rebekah

    Reads just like an MLP episode.

  • Ariyanna Williams

    I thought the book was amazing. I liked the part when rainbow dash did those dares.

  • Laura Ketcher

    From K: She tries to save Ponyville. But she gets caught in quicksand! An adventurous book. Made me laugh!

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  • Free Read [Music Book] ☆ My Little Pony: Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare - by G.M. Berrow ã
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