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London, 1968 The body of a teenage girl is found just steps away from the Beatles Abbey Road recording studio.The police are called to a residential street in St John s Wood where an unidentified young woman has been strangled Detective Sergeant Cathal Breen believes she may be one of the many Beatles fans who regularly camp outside Abbey Road Studios With his reputatiLondon, 1968 The body of a teenage girl is found just steps away from the Beatles Abbey Road recording studio.The police are called to a residential street in St John s Wood where an unidentified young woman has been strangled Detective Sergeant Cathal Breen believes she may be one of the many Beatles fans who regularly camp outside Abbey Road Studios With his reputation tarnished by an inexplicable act of cowardice, this is Breen s last chance to prove he s up to the job.Breen is of the generation for whom reaching adulthood meant turning into one s parents and accepting one s place in the world But the world around him is changing beyond recognition Nothing illustrates the shift than Helen Tozer, a brazen and rambunctious young policewoman assisting him with the case Together they navigate a world on edge, where conservative tradition gives way to frightening new freedoms and troubling new crimes.

  • Title: She's Leaving Home
  • Author: WilliamShaw
  • ISBN: 9780316246842
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:


I m a crime writer and write the Breen Tozer series set in London in 1968 9 and the Alex Cupidi series set in Dungeness, Kent In 2016, I published a standalone called The Birdwatcher That comes out in the US in 2017 After that, I m picking up the Breen and Tozer series again with a new one called Sympathy for the DevilThe non fiction books I wrote include Westsiders, an account of several young would be rappers struggling to establish themselves against a backdrop of poverty and violence in South Central Los Angeles, Superhero For Hire, a compilation and of the Small Ads columns I wrote for the Observer Magazine, and Spying In Guru Land, in which I joined several British religious cults to write about them.A Song From Dead Lips was the first in a trilogy of books set in London in 1968, featuring DS Cathal Breen and WPC Helen Tozer It was followed by A House of Knives and A Book of Scars.I live in Brighton and play music with Brighton Ceilidh Collective.

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Comments She's Leaving Home

  • Christine

    A Song From Dead Lips is the start of a brand new series set in London’s Swinging Sixties. It is very promising, indeed. It introduces Sargeant Cathal Breen and Temporary Detective Constable Helen Tozer and sets them up for further adventures.The story starts with a disgruntled Nanny plus children discovering a body dumped in St John’s Wood. This becomes a case for Breen, a man who doesn’t quite fit into the CID. He sticks out like a sore thumb. Breen is very much representative of the 195 [...]

  • Terri Jacobson

    A bit above average for a mystery/thriller. The story is set in and around London, 1968, and the period details are what kept me interested. The blatant sexism against women may seem exaggerated to the young, but it was very real. (In the story the female detective is not allowed to drive by policy, and she is always expected to get the tea.) Parts of the story revolve around the Beatles and their Abbey Road studios, at a time of rampant Beatlemania. Things like that improved a somewhat average [...]

  • Raven

    Prepare to be transported back to the heyday of the swinging Sixties in this thoroughly enjoyable debut by William Shaw. Drawing on the sights and sounds of this iconic era, with a musical soundtrack resonating with references to the age of Beatlemania and the hugely influential Abbey Road studios, Shaw has conjured up a gripping crime thriller infused with period detail. I think to simply draw comparisons with Life On Mars vis-a-vis the police element is fair to an extent- the novel is peppered [...]

  • Book Addict Shaun

    I've read crime fiction constantly since I was entering my teenage years and so I often look for books which are a bit different to what else is out there. Luckily crime fiction is a huge genre and alongside all the repetitive stuff are a few little gems, one such gem was this book. I read the blurb on Net Galley and requested it immediately. It stood out as something unique and different and for me I couldn't wait to get started with it. I've read it on and off the past few days and enjoyed it [...]

  • Bill Kupersmith

    The year 1968 seems surely the most tumultuous & memorable in my adult lifetime & I had the good fortune to spend some of it in England. So I probably can comment fairly on how well A Kiss from Dead Lips recreated the period. (The American edition is called She’s Leaving Home.) The loutish behaviour & remarks of the detectives Prosser & Carmichael towards the Woman Police Constable (as they were then designated) Tozer & DS Breen fit the era (I’d put women detectives right [...]

  • Susan

    This excellent (or should that be 'fab'?) detective novel is set in 1968 Swinging London. The first novel to feature Detective Sergeant Cathal Breen and WPC Helen Tozer - on probation with CID when women are considered unable to even drive police cars, although always called upon to put the kettle on Breen is an interesting character, not greatly liked by most of his fellow officers and having created a distance from them by moving out of police accomodation to care for his elderly father, who h [...]

  • Karen

    I won this advanced readers copy from Mulholland Books. I really enjoyed it! I like the way the book started and how the story started to slowly unfold. I enjoyed the characters: Breen, Tozar & Carmichael. Helen Tozar was my favorite being a young, spunky, police officer in a field dominated by men. I loved the chemistry between her and Breen. I also loved her healthy appetite and how food played a big part in this book. A huge part for poor Carmichael. LOL! I enjoyed how the book not only f [...]

  • Mark Stevens

    First, this bit of Beatles trivia. When the Fab Four recorded “She’s Leaving Home,” it was the first time a female musician was used on any Beatles track. Her name was Sheila Bromberg and she played the harp.So there.The book, "She’s Leaving Home," will take you back to the Beatles era of London but it should be noted that the band is mostly in the background, little bits here and there including a court appearance for one John Lennon, busted for drug possession. Toward the end, the song [...]

  • Jaclyn

    I’ve been on a bit of a mystery kick lately (Louise Penny, you are a master!) and I came across William Shaw’s British mystery, She’s Leaving Home. Set in London in 1968 and the first of a trilogy, disgraced Detective Sergeant Cathal Breen investigates the apparent murder of a young woman. What initially seems to be an open-and-shut case soon becomes something much more complicated. Politics, race relations, music, and the changing shape of modern day London all force Breen to look deeper [...]

  • Rebecca Foster

    Police thrillers are not my typical fare, but I’m glad I took the chance on this one. The 1968 London and countryside settings are well realized, the pop culture references (mostly to the Beatles, whose Abbey Road studio and fans feature heavily) are good fun, and the sophisticated plot treats serious subjects like war (the Biafran conflict in Nigeria), casual racism and xenophobia (the Irish main character, Cathal Breen, is, almost without exception, referred to as “Paddy”), and changing [...]

  • Jennifer Ochoa

    Second read: It's rare to read a crime mystery a second time and enjoy it as much or more as the first time. Love the characters and themes that almost make you forget about the poor dead girl. Highly recommended. Will be starting the second book in the series next week!Original review:An enjoyable murder mystery set in 1968's London, near the Beatles recording studio on Abbey Road. I felt that Shaw really captured the colorful and turbulent time: issues of feminism and racism, the sadness under [...]

  • Joanne

    Thanks go to bookaddictshaun for his review and recommendation. Atmospheric read throwed out loads of images I was a fly on the wall. I enjoyed every page I didn't want to put it down!

  • Frederick

    The US edition has the title which lured me in: SHE'S LEAVING HOME.As I passed it on the library shelf I said to myself, "This will have a Beatles theme." I was correct. The SGT. PEPPER track "She's Leaving Home" is the right one to clue a reader into the nature of this book. The year is 1968. The body of a teen runaway is found a block or so away from EMI's Abbey Road Studios, where the Apple Scruffs (Beatle fans) hang out each day hoping for a glimpse of the Beatles as they go in and out of th [...]

  • Damaskcat

    I was growing up during the 1960s and consequently I don't really have a clear view of the era, but this crime novel really does bring that decade to life. DS Cathal Breen is something of an outsider and when he apparently leaves a colleague to be attacked by a knife wielding burglar he becomes even more of an outsider. Then he is joined by DC Helen Tozer - who never seems to stop talking.When a body is discovered in an alley in well to do St John's Wood, the neighbours have their own preferred [...]

  • Mike Sumner

    Don't they say if you remember the 60s you weren't there? Well, I do and I was. And William Shaw's A Song From Dead Lips is a perfect evocation of this period. Brought back so many memories for me: Abbey Road, The Beatles, St. John's Wood, Biafra (remember that - the bitter civil war in Nigeria?) and so much more. Social turmoil, class conflict, pop culture (remember Afghan coats?) - I had one, much to my parents dismayWe meet DS Cathal Breen and WPC Helen Tozer - an odd combination; a somewhat [...]

  • Christopher Williams

    I really enjoyed this book. First by this author I have read and very impressed. Set in London in 1968 and the themes are immigration/police corruption/popular music/casual racism and Biafra. I thought initially that maybe the pacing was a little slow but on reflection think it was about right. Good story carefully told which unfolded towards an ending I had not foreseen.

  • Diane

    For this reader, She's Leaving Home was a not yet ready for primetime thriller. And my rating is actually more of a two star minus grade than a full two stars. The book's title and marketing led this reader to believe this book would capture the singularity of the late sixties, the hook of the Beatles and demonstrate a new vigor in this genre. It does none of these things. I'm pretty certain Shaw did not live through this time because its punch, sizzle and joy elude him. And I would not invoke T [...]

  • Rob Kitchin

    Set in London at the tail-end of the swinging sixties, A Song from Dead Lips captures not only the changes taking place at the time, but also the rump of old conservatism and everyday racism and sexism, the influence of class, and the pervasiveness of corruption within institutions. Along with context, the key ingredients of the book are its two lead characters and their somewhat awkward relationship. Detective Sergeant Breen is a principled outsider, the son of an Irish immigrant builder, who i [...]

  • B.A. Morton

    It's a while since I've read a book so quickly, but what a cracking read! I simply couldn’t put it down. Set against a background of 60's Beatle-mania, immigration concerns, and an emerging youth culture, the beleaguered Detective Breen investigates the murder of a young girl, with the assistance of the newly promoted female Detective Constable Tozer, and the hindrance of his un-PC fellow officers who view him as a liability. Great writing, evoked the culture and belief structure of the sixtie [...]

  • Always Pink

    Fast, funny and more or less flawless: Wonderful characters, fantastic background, memorable voices, hooky lines, lovely soundtrack

  • Audiothing

    AUDIBLE EDITIONWritten by: William ShawNarrated by: Cameron StewartLength: 13 hrsUnabridged AudiobookRelease Date:01/08/2013Publisher: Audible StudiosAvailable from AudibleAmerican edition: She's Leaving HomePublishers SummaryLondon, October 1968. As Beatles fans encamp outside Abbey Road Studios up the road, the Marylebone CID is as much an old boys' club as it ever was: comfortably sexist, racially prejudiced and crawling with corruption.Detective Sergeant Cathal Breen is the pariah of the off [...]

  • Barbara Nutting

    This is also titled A Song from Dead Lips. Understated and slow moving, but a great start to a new detective series. Low-key characters that move at a natural pace - no Superman type heroics, just a good story. Learned more trivia facts about civil war in Africa and the Beatle references were fun. Will continue on reading the sequels. Funny though, this time he got sea gull wrong!!

  • Sara

    This is a fun read partly because it takes place in London during the Beatles years. A young woman's body is found near Abbey Road and it appears she was a fan. The policeman in charge of the investigation although fairly young seems to have no real knowledge of anything to do with the Beatles but is educated by a policewoman.

  • Alston Antony

    Pretty decent book, Actually learned few things about history of UK. As for the story it was quite good and had few good moments but it actually failed to grab my full attention.Ending of the story was also bit plain and boring for my taste.

  • Sofia Brito

    Good historical thriller that takes place in the 60s. A vivid account of the Beatlemania, Biafra war and Irish immigration. Believable characters and fast action. Really enjoyed this book.

  • Beverly Payne

    Really enjoyed this first story with Breen and Tozer will probably read no 2

  • Kristin(MyBookishWays Reviews)

    mybookishways/2014/03/It’s 1968 London, and a young girl’s naked body has been found by a Nanny in a trash heap, not far away from EMI Studios (Abbey Road Studios), home of The Beatles, and it’s up to DS Cathal “Paddy” Breen to find the killer. Unfortunately, after an incident in which he left the scene during the attack on a fellow cop, he’s not exactly a favorite at headquarters, but he’s trying his best to keep his head down and work the case. He’s also been partnered with Tem [...]

  • Andrew Hudson

    A Song from Dead Lips chronicles the investigation into the sad, grotty end of a young woman's life in late-60s London, where the music of The Beatles is ever-present and social unrest bubbles beneath the surface of a culture still clinging to more repressive times. Step up Detective Sergeant Cathal Breen and WPC Helen Tozer, the first woman assigned to the murder squad and whose coming struggles are hardly helped by being championed by an officer who has recently ruined his own reputation among [...]

  • Mike Gabor

    The police are called to a residential street in St John's Wood where an unidentified young woman has been strangled. Detective Sergeant Cathal Breen believes she may be one of the many Beatles fans who regularly camp outside Abbey Road Studios. With his reputation tarnished by an inexplicable act of cowardice, this is Breen's last chance to prove he's up to the job.Breen is of the generation for whom reaching adulthood meant turning into one's parents and accepting one's place in the world. But [...]

  • Pamela

    Guys, I really liked this!The intense, period Britishness of the novel is a hurdle at the outset, but once you've cleared the thing, you can appreciate how rich, colorful and located the writing is, both in place and time. Shaw is so good, with the character of Cathal Breen, at evoking the feeling of straddling two times, of the ground moving beneath one's feet. In that respect, She's Leaving Home reminds me of Mad Men. And in another respect, it reads like The Cuckoo's Calling. And yes, I write [...]

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