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  • Title: அறம் [Aram]
  • Author: Jeyamohan
  • ISBN: 9789380545424
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:


B Jeyamohan also credited as Jayamohan is one of the most influential contemporary, Tamil and Malayalam writer and literary critic from Nagercoil in Kanyakumari District in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu.He entered the world of Tamil literature in the 1990s, Jeyamohan has had impacted the Tamil literary landscape as it emerged from the post modern phase His best known and critically acclaimed work is Vishnupuram, a deeply layered fantasy set as a quest through various schools of Indian philosophy and mythology His other well known novels include Rubber, Pin Thodarum Nizhalin Kural, Kanyakumari, Kaadu, Pani Manithan, Eazhaam Ulagam, and Kotravai His writing is heavily influenced by the works of humanitarian thinkers Leo Tolstoy and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Drawing on the strength of his life experiences and extensive travel around India, Jeyamohan is able to re examine and interpret the essence of India s rich literary and classical traditions , , 1984 , 1984

Comments அறம் [Aram]

  • Hari

    இன்று ஜெயமோகநின் அறம் (சிறுகதைகள்) புத்தகத்தை படித்து முடித்தேன். நான் என்ன பெரிய புடிங்கிய என்று என்னை கேட்கவைத்த நவல் இது. ஒவொரு சிறுகதையும் ஏன் உள்ளதையும் அன்மவயும் வருடியதேன்றே சொல [...]

  • Balaji Santhanam

    The Below 5 short Stories are really Awesome and rest of the them are ok.1. சோற்றுக்கணக்கு2. யானை டாக்டர் 3. நூறு நாற்காலிகள்4. ஓலைச்சிலுவை 5. உலகம் யாவையும்

  • AnithaSoundararajan

    அறம் - ஒரு புத்தகத்தால் அதை வாசிப்பவரை என்ன செய்து விட முடியும் என்ற கேள்விக்கு உச்சி மண்டைல ஒரு கொட்டு வைக்குற மாதிரி ஒரு பதில். இந்த புத்தகத்தில் மொத்தம் 13 கதைகள். ஒவ்வொன்றும் ஒவ்வொரு ம [...]

  • Arun Radhakrishnan

    அப்பாவின் வருமானத்தில் ஆறுவேளைகள் உண்டு கொளுத்திருந்தபோது "உயிரின் மானம் பெரிதென" படித்து தெரிந்துகொண்டது. வேலைதேடி தலைநகர தெருக்களில் அலைந்தபோது "மானத்தின் வயிறு பெரியது"யென பட்டு உ [...]

  • Milinta

    இனம், பால், நாகரிகம், சூழல், மொழி போன்ற கூடுகள் யாவற்றையும் ஒருசிறிய வெங்காயத்தின் தொலியைப்போல, ஒன்றன்பின் ஒன்றாக உரித்தெடுத்தப்பின் எஞ்சிநிற்கும் ஒரு மனித உருவத்தை மனதிருத்திப் பாரு [...]

  • Avinash Sankar

    அறம் மனிதர்களின் பதிவு என்று சொல்லலாம். நாம் பாராட்டவேண்டிய சில மனிதர்கள், நாம் பின்பற்றவேண்டிய சில மனிதர்கள், என நம் மறந்தும் பார்க்காத சில மனிதர்களைப் பற்றிய நாவல். நாவலில் பல இடங்கள [...]

  • Arvind Srinivasan

    In a book if one story becomes a lesson I would generally rate it high, if most of the characters in each story shows a lesson I dont know how to rate it and how to review it. This book is not collection of life stories but collection of great life lessons.A story that took half an hour to read took me 2 - 3 hours to digest. Already have spent some sleepless hours at night because of this book. I am sure I am going to have much more.I take great praide having read this book.Even in case u cant b [...]

  • Bhavani

    Read the stories online , of which "Nooru narkaligal" made me sleepless for weeks.enjoyed reading "ulagam yavaiyum" . "Peruvali" is a class story with all the metaphors.Waiting to own the book and re-read it!

  • Kannan Sv

    *"True joy blossoms only due to virtue;all else cause unhappiness and disrepute."- Thiruvalluvar. Title of book this "Aram which means "Virtue". A collection of 12 short stories based on the people who lived truthful life on their own way. All the stories concentrate on the core point "Virtue or Righteousness", the meaning of human life. It simply shatters the soul, penetrates through the thoughts there by changing the perspective of looking human life. The indestructible impact of this book and [...]

  • Balakrishnan

    9 of 10 voracious tamil readers have recommended Aram to me before I took this wonderful piece on hand these are not fancies, fantasies, not nail bitting ones either- but the stories that we live in everyday. Stories that we cross by but tend to forget as it goes and easily ignore. This doesn't take any sides - but would eventually leave the reader think through it pretty well. Aram, in my view, is much an educating stuff that deserves a case study on our high school.Ps- I'm not initially able t [...]

  • Hema Kushi

    Yaanai Doctor !!! It made me to think a lot about the human life as well as wild lifeHow creatures are created with enormous amount of pain tolerating skillsNow a days I started to feel the pain of street dogs with woundsReally a man is a Vain insect .

  • Rajesh Balasubramanian

    Excellent collection of short stories. Many of the stories in are really touching. I liked the following அறம், சோற்றுக்கணக்கு, வணங்கான்தாயார் பாதம், யானை டாக்டர், நூறு நாற்காலிகள், ஓலைச்சிலுவைமெல்லிய நூல், பெருவலி, உலகம் யாவையும். Awesome work by Jeyamohan sir.

  • Ramesh Kandasamy

    இலட்சியவாதம் பற்றிய ஒரு உன்னதமான புத்தகம். படிக்க படிக்க நம்முள் ஒரு மாபெரும் தாக்கத்தை ஏற்ப்படுத்தும் உண்மை மனிதர்களின் கதை.

  • Jeevankumar

    இப்படிப்பட்ட இலட்சியவாதிகள் வாழ்ந்த நாட்டில நாம் வாழ்கிறோம் என சிலிர்க்க வாய்த்த சில உண்மை கதைகள், அதிலும் "சோற்றுக்கணக்கு, யானைடாக்டர், ஒலைச்சிலுவை, கோட்டி, உலகம் யாவையும்" சிறந்த கதை [...]

  • Dhandabani Duraisamy

    தமிழில் ஒரு அருமையான சிறு கதைகளின் தொகுப்பு.

  • Anbarasi

    Collection of stories of people who built their lives around their own personal idealogies and stood for them. It's very moving and knowing that they're real life stories has increased my respect for the people in the stories. Each short story has a different colloquial language style in Tamil, based on where the narrative's set and the background of the characters themselves. Opens up new perspectives and for me, it was the various levels of poverty there exist and the understanding of privileg [...]

  • Aravinthan Manoharan

    One of the best short story book I have read. All the stories are heart touching and few stories(சோற்று கணக்கு, நூறு நாற்காலிகள், யானை டாக்டர) were made to cry at few places. Every one have to read this book.

  • Parithi Saravanan

    This is being like my spiritual book when ever i need to find answers for my problems i read these stories everyday again and again. Jeymohan is a legend he must be from some other planet. He is Tolstóy of tamil.

  • Jagan K

    one of the best short story collections in Tamil.

  • Dinesh Devarajan

    Yaanai Doctor, Sottrukanaku are the best. Nellai slang is bit difficult to read in initial but later it will be enjoyable to read in that slang.

  • Poojya Ravishankar

    A Must read

  • Sathish Rajamohan

    Never a fiction work had such a profound effect on me as this. There are 12 short stories in this book. It talks about people who are deeply idealistic. Nothing to be surprised here because Jeyamohan himself is an admirer of MK Gandhi. The stories give a powerful experience not because of the deeds which the protagonists perform. But the way the deeds are performed. To the characters in these stories, performing virtue is what they breath. It is nothing extra-ordinary to them. The stories which [...]


    In this very fast competitive world, many times i used to feel like there is no meaning in life and morals are nothing but false beliefs that weak people propagate to subconsciously controlling strong people with their mind itself. I started moving towards Frederick Nietsche but after reading 'Aram' book, i see that humanity and morality are the greatest assets that this human kind possesses. In your life, school, college or workplace will change you completely. This book on large extent transfo [...]

  • Ram

    Wonderful book, this is the first book I have read by this author. The people in the short stories are very real. The one that greatly impressed me was the Elephant Doctor - Dr. V. Krishnamoorthy. I was totally unaware about this great person, I was ashamed that I did not know about this great man who belongs to the same country, same State I live, while I was aware of Lawrence Anthony - The Elephant Whisperer. Lawrence Anthony is also a legend but the point is that I was ignorant about Dr. K. L [...]

  • Prasanna Anbu

    Arama book which shows that still this earth have few good people around. Every reader should take some time to read this book. I would appreciate if you reread each topic slowly. One of my best in the entire book is yaanai doctor. As said by someone this Dr.k made me sleepless.his character was so well imaged by the writer jeyamohan.Please read this book and also gift this book to the younger generation

  • Prashanth Sampath kumar

    Excellent collection of short stories. These stories dwell on what 'Aram' (Righteousness) is. One of the first books that introduced me to Jayamohan, who definitely ranks among the best tamil contemporary writers. Good read for any one who is crestfallen with one's mundane existence. Yannai Doctor is a must-read.

  • ickman

    மிக அருமையான ஒரு தொகுப்பு. உண்மை மனிதர்களை பற்றியும் அவர்கள் வாழ்வில் நடந்த கற்பனைக்கு அப்பாற்பட்ட நிகழ்வுகளையும் தன் அழகிய தமிழ் நடையால் மிக பிரமாண்டமான ஒரு தொகுப்பாய் விருந்து அளித [...]

  • Dineshguru

    சோற்றுக்கணக்கு,யானை டாக்டர், நூறு நாற்காலிகள், பெருவலி are one of the finest stories. The character of a mother in நூறு நாற்காலிகள் and chef in சோற்றுக்கணக்கு are real people and they do exist . Their characters will have an impact in the readers and its well justified.

  • Karthik

    Few of the short stories were really amazing. Specially Yanai doctor was really good. Some of the stories are really slow to read and hope up with language. How ever it was a pleasant experience to review ourself.

  • Manikandan Chellamuthu

    Some of the stories are good to read.

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