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By Rowan McBride | Comments: ( 102 ) | Date: ( May 27, 2020 )

Author s Note The ebook edition of Want Me the one with the purple cover is the second edition of the story and has been revised for Loose Id In addition to tightening up the prose, etc, it contains a new chapter and a bonus alternate ending.Joel Beckett is blessed He s popular with the ladies, a star on the football field, and worshiped by everyone on campus IncluAuthor s Note The ebook edition of Want Me the one with the purple cover is the second edition of the story and has been revised for Loose Id In addition to tightening up the prose, etc, it contains a new chapter and a bonus alternate ending.Joel Beckett is blessed He s popular with the ladies, a star on the football field, and worshiped by everyone on campus Including Walker Cain.Only Walker s worship has crossed the line, driving him to invoke ancient magic that binds them together in an inescapable downward spiral Now reality is shifting, and with each new life Joel is forced to watch Walker steal away another of the blessings he d always taken for granted.It s never enough Cursed blood runs hot, and with every turn of the spiral, Walker breathes the seductive words that Joel can t resist The words that could drag them both into hell Want me.

  • Title: Want Me
  • Author: Rowan McBride
  • ISBN: 9781623002596
  • Page: 308
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Rowan McBride

Born an Air Force dependent, Rowan McBride traveled the world and totally missed the 80 s as most Americans know it In exchange, xe s gotten to walk in clogs, break an arm at Mt Fuji, and say prayers at a Korean Buddhist temple So far it seems like a fair trade Although xe graduated from high school in Hawaii, xe didn t learn to hula and make leis until going to college in Iowa After leaving the Midwest, xe moved to Washington, DC and very nearly got xemself a Juris Doctor degree Now xe s chilling out in Texas, diabolically planning road trips that could span years.People say xyr life is random, and that s probably true Rowan comforts xemself with the working theory that a random life makes for good stories When that doesn t work, there s Pocky Lots and lots of Pocky.

Comments Want Me

  • Loederkoningin

    "It's veryunique." There seems to be some consensus among those who have read Want Me. And I wholeheartedly agree. This book IS unique. It's also crazily weird, hilarious, creepy, and, as the story unfolds, an intense psychological experiment that may bring tears to your eyes.So what on earth should you expect?Firstly, meet jock "I am God" Joel. You know the type. He's the star of the football team. He indulges in his own muscle-mass and his height alone is his free ticket into the pants of all [...]

  • Emma Sea

    Lisa already covered much of what I'd say. I want to give this story a 5 just for being interesting and putting an original spin on m/m, but it's not there yet. (Also, not in itself completely original: McBride pays homage to some classic 1950s and 1960s science fiction/horror fiction stories.) At the same time I thought the author lost hold of the story about halfway through, and it started to lose focus. I think that's because there's a disconnect between where the story should have gone, and [...]

  • Kynthos-the-Archer (Kyn)

    This one is going on my dog-eared-fav/reread shelf. My very own personal hall of fame. *laughs* Yes, this one is a straight 5 stars for me because it's the best book I've ever read todate for 2013.This book has surpassed all my expectations and I was pleasantly surprised by its depth and substance too. I have never thought there would be a day that I would label an erotic romance novel as profound.Many may have just deduced this book as one of those mainstream everyday fantasy erotica books with [...]

  • Lisa Henry

    3.75 starsThe first word that comes to mind: creepy.So, Joel is a jock. He's big, really big -- the size thing actually confused me enough to think about getting out a tape measure so I could translate all those feet and inches to centimetres -- and the star of the football team. He shares a room with Walker, who is a scrawny, short, unpopular nerd. Turns out he's also magic, but we'll get to that. Joel isn't a typical asshole jock. He's actually nice to Walker, and likes him. Turns out that's a [...]

  • Smith Barney

    Something about a heterosexed rock-hard-python-packing football-jock brought to his kneesing to be pounded. mighty f'ing sexy A strong glorious specimen of alpha-virility brought to heel. his flushing, helpless mortification. his lust overrides all reason and sensibility. (view spoiler)[“You want me, don’t you?”Dark swirls of plea­sure coiled around my dick, spun into my body. My head fell back against the door­jamb as I groaned. That spell­bind­ing, all-con­sum­ing pat­tern bound u [...]

  • Nina

    It seems like in the last few days I've kept sending people who read my reviews to other people's reviews - it looks like I'm about to do it one more time. I'm very sorry! I'm going through a bit of a weird time: I'm with family back in Romania; a grandfather who I've only seen once a year for all my life died a few months ago; consequently my grandmother is depressed and the whole clan is pretty much going crazy. So basically I'm exhausted and exasperated and this afternoon I just up and decide [...]

  • ❂ Endless

    This was one of the worst kinds of violation and stockholm syndromes I have ever read.Pile of BS #1 - "Because your world revolves around me, and since you've raped me so many times and I've gotten off, soI'll fall for you too"Pile of BS #2 - "Because I felt like an uncomfortable yet proud giant at 6'6'', I don't mind being a skinny 5'4'' geeky tiny little guy"Pile of BS #3 - "I'd rather give up my one true passion of football and write beautiful poems, than be a star football player"[What's wro [...]

  • Vivian

    Interesting premise with some heavy Old Testament theology.The beginning was very dark magicky and then swerves heavily towards theology which works out well enough. But, honestly, the last shift in the story never quite gets the problem tidied up, or rather it takes a leap of faith I don't have. Leap of faith--yeah, may be intentional or not, but I thought the ending was a bit convenient.

  • Elisa Rolle

    Rowan McBride has a series of stories about the "growing muscle" event: one or both main characters change their looks to suit the taste of their beloved.Joel is the perfect guy: six foot six of football player, he is not the usual jock, he has also a thinking brain. But he is too used to be adored by everyone, he can have all the girls he wants and all the friends he likes. At 19 yd he is the raising star of his college.But everyone around him continue to warn him against his college roommate, [...]

  • Anna(Bananas!)

    Wonderfully unique, never boring, plus believable and touching character development - this book is worth your time.*SPOILERS*I'd have liked a slightly different ending. A true sacrifice would have had more impact and possibly taken this to five stars. To see how far Joel would go for Walker, that would be more affecting. As it is, I like the ending. I like the epilogues. They're not necessary but they don't detract from the story, and if it had ended before the epilogues I would have felt frust [...]

  • Ayanna

    A very interesting read. The ideas McBride invokes here are intriguing and I rather liked the way she delved into the darker sides of human nature. The way she handled the development of the characters was rather good.The ending - especially the prologue - was just a little corny for my tastes, though (hence, the 4 stars), but other than that, it's a good read.(ETA: Now that I've sat and thought of it more, it's not that bad. I'm still a little disturbed by this whole "It's GREAT!" thing because [...]

  • Yblees

    Side note: There's a free fic by this author on Smashwords called "Chains". Smutty but nice.On to the review:Yes, this is good. One of those rare books that is so amazingly written, when you get to the end, you'll want to read it again, just to make sure.I'm writing this review after my 2nd read, and it definitely still deserves those 5 stars. Brilliantly written, with great emotional depth and a subtly complex plot. All packed into a tightly wound structure which mirrors the major theme of the [...]

  • Silkeeeeee

    Every review I read about this book seemed like the reader was, oh, I don't know, confused maybe? I decided I would read it for myself. It is a very different read. This is my opinion so don't write it in stone but I think it's dark erotica with a HFN ending and then an added HEA epilogue. It's unlike anything I have read. A bit of the paranormal, a bit of the fluff of someone SO in love, a lot of depression as the character, Joel, works through the problems and finally acceptance and forgivenes [...]

  • Steelwhisper

    This read like an m/m version of a certain Stephen King novella: so good!

  • Serena Yates

    This is a totally amazing book. Creepy, scary and weird describe it just as much as thought-provoking and sweet. I spent about the first third of the book trying to figure out what was going on - and deciding whether I liked the idea behind this book. I must admit that some of the non-consensual aspects repulsed me to the point where I WANTED to put it down - only I couldn't. It was as if the writing wove a spell around me which forced me to watch the train wreck happen.The concept, as much as t [...]

  • Makhda

    I re-read the good partsYikes. There's a good part in this beautiful horror novel?Of course, there isDefinitely my de-stressing book.********************************************************************So creepy. Yet so beautiful.Never thought gonna say thisWarning : Dub/con, Non/con

  • Nene

    First thing I gotta say is that this book is CREEPY! I'm talking serious heebie jeebies here! Like whoa! There's just something about the way this author writes that just draws you in though, and even if you've got a major case of the wiggins, you still have to keep reading because the world is so fascinating that you must find out what happens and how it all works out. Joel wants and thinks about all the wrong things. Walker only thinks of one thingJoel. Walker's plan to make Joel want him is s [...]

  • Heather

    I don't know. This book caught me by surprise! It's a total dub-con/non-con with an almost Stockholm syndrome HFN or HEA ending. I loved that this book had TWO epilogues! How cool was that. That alone was brilliant. You could choose which path you wanted them to take. So. I was kind of doing the whole 'what the heck is going on!' Thing. But I had to keep reading. I had to know how far it was going to go! I was captivated by this darkly twisted and creepy ass book. I was amazed at how seamlessly [...]

  • Ayanna

    1/2/15(I can't say for anything else cuz I haven't reread it, but re: the gypsy thing in the original vs new edition)sooo apparently, regardless of the vagueness and noncommittal or mixed responses from general internet searches, there are many Rromani/Romani people on tumblr who majorly are against the use of the term "gypsy." (Look at that! Years passed, awareness is raised, looking back on past folly is painful because ugh look at that ignorant child. But idk, this is an issue that I don't fe [...]

  • Dreamer

    Read this in one sitting, an enjoyable original piece of m/m para romance. A compelling story where an irreversible spell compels one character (Walker Cain) to leech the substance from the other (Joel Beckett) each time they make love, drawing them into a parallel life to their present one. We are given an alternate ending, I preferred the first one however.'My cell phone rang. I pulled it out of my pocket and flipped it open. "Hello?""Want me."Hot, carnal desire spun through my body. Every tra [...]

  • Ely

    Seriously, this book made me so uncomfortable, throughout I kept shouting 'WHAT AM I READING?? And, WHY?' But I absolutely loved it. Besides the creep factor and almost sociopathic characters, you find yourself so enthralled with the entire story that you WANT to know the outcome. At first, neither character is likable. Joel is narcassitic to the extreme and gets off on how much other people admire him. Walker is this shy quiet guy who everyone finds creepy ( and seriously what he caused still g [...]

  • Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews

    5 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpressJoel is the king of campus, everyone loves him and wants to be with him and he loves every second of it, but when he catches the attention of his roommate Walker he discovers that being the one that everyone wants just might be a curse. Walker has cursed blood running through his veins and he wants Joel to want him, invoking ancient magic he plunges himself and Joel into a spiral of shifting realities and bit by bit takes [...]

  • Elizabetta

    2.75 starsThis is another story from the author that revolves around size difference between its two MC’s (see One Shot). It seems to be a thing. But there's a really interesting concept in this one… a clever twist on the Narcissus myth. Falling in love with an image of yourself. When, with the help of magic, the two guys in this story change places— literally, the smaller/enamored, Walker, swaps bodies with the larger/super jock, Joel— we get a morality play on giving in to obsession (t [...]

  • Lori

    This was the oldest book on my To-Read shelf. I added it in February 2009. Five years ago. I'm not sure why it took me that long to read it. I think like a lot of other people who have let it sit and flounder for so long, I wasn't sure what to expect and thought it would be too creepy. I've read, and enjoyed, a lot of VERY creepy, dark stuff in the last few years so this book was not nearly as angst inducing as I thought it might be. It's very well written and takes us on a journey that is diffi [...]

  • Betryal

    This story was odd, but quite interesting. Long but worth it. In its own way I was reminded of the flick Freaky Friday, but so different. Imagine if you will you have the shy boy and the football jock sharing a room with this young man. You man infatuates with the body of the jock and places a spell so the jock reacts every time the words 'Want Me' are spoken. Each time the young shy man has an orgasm their bodies are altered where eventually the roles are reversed. Curse? Obsession? Jealousy? D [...]

  • Ozlem

    I couldn't decide whether I should rate this 1 star or 5 stars. The beginning of the book was so disturbing, I hated Cain. I don't think it was even dubious consent, there was no doubt. Although it deeply disturbs me to know that Joel is taken against his free will, Rowan McBride has such a way with words, I couldn't stop reading. Even now, I cannot believe the story has ended. I would like to read more about them. What happens after everything goes back to normal? I was kind of expecting both o [...]

  • Rachel

    This book was much darker than I expected. I liked it, but I was surprised by it.

  • Barb ~rede-2-read~

    “Want me”, he whispered, and Joel’s life spiraled out of control. This is an incredibly complex and challenging story to read. It’s the story of Joel, a narcissistic jock and his small-stature roommate Walker Cain, a direct descendent of Adam and Eve’s son Cain. Walker is obsessed with wanting Joel – as more than just his roommate. His family curse makes him predestined to go to Hell, so he doesn’t have any inkling of right and wrong since it really doesn’t matter to him. He uses [...]

  • Rebecca ♥ Ash, Kishan, Magnus ♥

    This was an incredibly unique story. I found the writing a bit stiff, causing it to take a bit longer for me to get into. But eventually I did and I was surprised how much I really felt for the characters. I wasn't really sure if this was the type of book that would get an HEA. Was it a romance? Was it headed in that direction at all? I found that I hoped it did.As wrong as Walker's action may have been, I really felt sorry for him. He seemed so innocent and clueless about the world. About right [...]

  • Arushi

    Each book has something that forms its core. The one thing that everything else revolves around - and here it is somehow, the development of the two main characters. The story works, and it is good, but Walker and Joel, and to an extent April, bring the book alive. Walker wants Joel. Wants him so much that he uses a spell, to make Joel Want Him, to not be able to leave, to be his. He wants him with a passion that is insane, and it is not just the physical attraction, but even the simple fact of [...]

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    308 Rowan McBride
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