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By Ian Fleming | Comments: ( 208 ) | Date: ( May 27, 2020 )

Tiffany Case is the sort of beautiful, devil may care blonde who could get a man into deep trouble if he wanted She stands between James Bond and the leaders of a diamond smuggling ring that stretches from Africa via London to the States Bond uses her to infiltrate this gang, but once in America the hunter becomes the hunted.

  • Title: Diamonds are Forever
  • Author: Ian Fleming
  • ISBN: 9780141187532
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Ian Fleming

Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name Ian Lancaster Fleming was a British author, journalist and Second World War Navy Commander He was a grandson of the Scottish financier Robert Fleming, who founded the Scottish American Investment Trust and the merchant bank Robert Fleming Co.Fleming is best remembered for creating the character of James Bond and chronicling his adventures in twelve novels and nine short stories Additionally, Fleming wrote the children s story Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and two non fiction books.

Comments Diamonds are Forever

  • Robert

    If I were a woman, I might conduct a séance, and then throttle the spirit of Ian Fleming. He’s not a bad guy, mind you, but just once, I’d like to see a female character give James Bond a run for his money. So far I’m still waiting for a return on my initial investment. And I know this is one investment that probably won’t pan out, but I can still hold onto a faint glimmer of false hope.Vesper Lynd did come close, but she ultimately failed when paired next to Bond’s wit and charm. Tif [...]

  • Jason Koivu

    Bond slips into the diamond smuggling market and the American mafia. Not a bad installment in the Bond series. I don't recall ever seeing the movie version, so I can't say if they parallel much or at all, but I can say that Diamonds Are Forever makes for a fine little read.It's not exactly the most exciting spy thriller ever. In fact, there were a number of spots through out the book that had me ho-humming. It seems like Fleming wanted to flex his prose muscles a bit with this one. There are som [...]

  • Carmen

    James Bond vs. the American Mafia. James Bond's beloved M gives him the assignment to destroy a diamond pipeline. In going after the diamond smugglers, Bond travels to America and is paired up with a woman working for the diamond smugglers - one Tiffany Case. He travels to New York City, Saratoga Springs, and then to Las Vegas.The book, as so many Bond books do, focuses heavily on gambling. We have copious amounts of, not only card playing, but horse racing in this novel. If this bores you, I su [...]

  • Parastoo Ashtian

    پس این بخشی از یک رویا نیست و من روی صندلی عقب استادیلاک نشسته‌ام. این دامن تیفانی است که زیر سرم است آن فیلکس است و ما داریم به سرعت به سوی جایی امن می‌تازیم، جایی که دکتر، حمام، کمی غذا و نوشیدنی داشته باشد و بشود ساعت‌های بی‌پایان خوابید. باند تکان خورد. دست تیفانی را توی مو [...]

  • Richard Derus

    Rating: 3.5* of fiveAgain a reminder that these reviews are for the movies by these titles, NOT Fleming's books. I wasn't at all drawn to the book I read, and I've since sampled a few others, and to me they're repellently dated.So this 1971 outing is based on the 1956 novel, and marks the last *canonical* film Connery made. Never Say Never Again wasn't a Broccoli-produced film, and made use of a story not ever precisely made into a novel, soJill St. John spends a good deal of time scantily cloth [...]

  • BrokenTune

    "Slowly the sting slid home into its sheath and the nerves on the poison sac at its base relaxed. The scorpion had decided. Greed had won over fear."I won't copy all of the opening scene of Diamonds Are Forever, but this is one of the reasons why I keep reading this series - Fleming's ability to write nature scenes is phenomenal. They even make up for his writing about what passes for romance in these Bond novels. But I'll get to that later.In Diamonds Are Forever, James Bond is tasked to invest [...]

  • El

    So because George Lazenby couldn't make it as James Bond in the previous movie, Sean Connery was back for Diamonds Are Forever, which the trailer (behind the link) points out a whole lot. "Hey guys, we made a mistake with that other guy, but look! Connery! COME BACK!"Also making a come back with this movie was Shirley Bassey singing the theme song, as she did for Goldfinger. (The theme songs are nearly as important to me as the films themselves.) For those of us who pay attention (or at least re [...]

  • Richard

    5/10Probably the weakest Bond novel in the series to this point which was somewhat surprising to me as the film is a fond favourite (who would have thought that the screen and page could differ?!). This more felt like Bond visits various locations with a little bit of spying on the side. The setup is no different to any other, Bond meets M and gets his mission (I do enjoy the relationship these two have), Bond sets off on mission and finds a lady to admire and try to woo (book Bond is not as sua [...]

  • Cyndi

    How do I find myself with feelings of sadness for James and his life of international duplicity? Still, after 4 Bond novels, the end of the adventure leaves me with soft feelings for the often misogynist 007. Who knew???This was a well crafted piece. Good story, somewhat more assertive female foil and nice continuity. Now to #5.

  • Paul Alkazraji

    Connery. No rough diamond. To discover just who is filching British diamonds from an African mine, James Bond is sent undercover along a smuggling pipeline to follow it to the end. With Fleming you always get well-researched background detail rendered with a journalist’s eye, but for me the sojourn in the racing world of Saratoga slowed the story down a furlong or two in less interesting territory. That said, the pace soon picks up as Bond flees through the desert near Las Vegas with gangster [...]

  • Matt

    'Diamonds Are Forever,' although the weakest of Ian Fleming's James Bond series to this point, is the second consecutive Bond novel to be far superior to the later film version. 'Diamonds' suffers from a sub par plot and a nearly non-existent and overwhelmingly boring villain.Where the novel does have a redeeming quality, however, is in Tiffany Case, the Bond girl. Case is a stone cold fox straight out of a Depression era noir, and by far the most interesting and capable Bond girl of the series [...]

  • Jesse A

    The blandest Bond volume I've read. Normal amounts of sexism, imperialism, and racism. Rather dull.

  • Brian Poole

    Diamonds Are Forever is a spy classic that brought James Bond back to the U.S.On the trail of a diamond smuggling pipeline, originating in Africa and moving through London on its way to New York and Las Vegas, Bond goes undercover as a diamond mule. He works with the beautiful but damaged Tiffany Case, hoping to use her connections to infiltrate the vicious Spangled Mob. Old pal Felix Leiter, a former CIA operative who’s moved on to Pinkertons, helps out along the way. Bond has a misadventure [...]

  • F.R.

    One of the strengths of Fleming - which I'm discovering on re-reading these books - is his descriptions of locations. Mid-way through Diamonds Are Forever, Bond goes to Vegas. The portrayal of the desert town with sand blowing over the strip is incredibly well done and really places the reader there. I suppose it isn't just his sense of location, he is also good at capturing the time in which he is writing, really bringing the fifties to live. As oppossed to say a Mike Hammer novel (a character [...]

  • Mike

    Diamonds are being smuggled from Africa through to the American Mafia. Who do you call in to smash this nefarious ring? James Bond, naturally.Yes, somehow James Bond is called upon to do what the FBI and the CIA are apparently unwilling (or unable) to do. Of course, in this modern age of witnessing just how little the federal government can accomplish (and accomplish well), it is really no surprise the James Bond can, singlehandedly, do more than any agency of the American government can do. Ian [...]

  • Bill

    Another entertaining Bond adventure which finds 007 on the trail of an American diamond smuggling ring. It takes him from London to New York and ultimately to Las Vegas. On the way he encounters old CIA pal, Felix Leiter who now works for Pinkertons and makes the acquaintance of lovely Tiffany Case. As always there is lots of action, but many nice moments with Miss Case. Entertaining and an exciting read. It's been fun working through the Bond series again.

  • Arnis


  • Dave

    Sometimes I feel guilty about reading the James Bond novels, since Bond and Fleming are racist misogynistic snobs. But sometimes the action pulls you in and you overlook things like ridiculous personality flaws among all the protagonists. With this book, I have no reason to feel guilty, except that I finished it. This is a terrible book with tons of padding and travelogue in between the brief action sequences; it reads like a novella that Fleming's editors told him to triple in size. The final a [...]

  • Andre

    Another excellent instalment in the James Bond series. I have probably read these about three times now.

  • Quentin Wallace

    Bond investigates a diamond smuggling ring in an adventure that brings him back to the states for another meeting with his good friend Felix Leiter. Felix is sporting a hook for a hand and presumably and artificial leg due to the shark attack from Live and Let Die, so that's a pretty major continuity change when compared to the movies.Actually the books have been very different than the movies so far, in most cases only the title and some of the character names being directly related to the nove [...]

  • Rob Thompson

    Death is forever. But so are diamondsAnd so my project to read all of the original series of James Bond novels in 2015 continues! Diamonds Are Forever is the fourth book by Ian Fleming and was initially published back in 1956. In the book Bond smashes a diamond smuggling operation, the pipeline of which originates in the mines of Sierra Leone and ends in Las Vegas. Along the way Bond meets and falls in love with one of the members of the criminal gang, Tiffany Case.It was interesting to compare [...]

  • Ariel

    By far, my favorite Ian Fleming novel yet! Bravo!My journey with James Bond has started at the beginning with Casino Royale and has gone in order of publication (according to Ianfleming). So out of the four I've listened to in this audiobook journey, this story is by far the best and most interesting of them all.Just a reminder to the Social Justice Warriors out there that will be offended by derogatory, misogynistic, racist, xenophobic language: Ian Fleming is not for you. James Bond is not for [...]

  • Aaron

    Either Fleming is stuck in a rut or I am. The fourth novel in the 007 series follows the formula that the third (Moonraker) avoided. Bond scouts out his mission, flashes back to Bond's interview with M, infiltrates the villain's organization, meets the girl, etc. As with Live & Let Die, the job is a treasure hunt (diamond smugglers) rather than actual espionage. But because it involves the Mafia, the spy element feels slightly more authentic than it has in previous novels.Or it would if Flem [...]

  • Jerome

    Not much can be said about the literary merits of "Diamonds are Forever". You read it because it's the original conception of an iconic fictional character. You read it for a quaint romp through 50s America as imagined by an Englishman. You read it to draw comparisons with the movie. Yet be warned, Bond doesn't really do much. The reader gets more details on Bond's eating, drinking, showering and napping habits than anything else. The "mystery" is on par with, say, a "Rockford Files" episode, co [...]

  • Matt

    Review: Diamonds Are ForeverMaybe you can strike a blow for Freedom, Home and Beauty with that rusty old equalizer of yours. Is it still the Beretta? -Felix Leiter to James Bond, Diamonds are ForeverWith diamonds as the catalyst for action and adventure in Ian Fleming’s fourth James Bond novel, Diamonds are Forever features Bond investigating the diamond smuggling pipeline between Africa, the United States and Britain. When the British government realizes that over two million pounds worth of [...]

  • Greg

    Given the massive selection of homoerotic spy thrillers of the mid-fifties, it's hard to select the best. But "Diamonds are Forever" is the weirdest by far. Toward the end of "Diamonds" Tiffany Case questions Bond about marriage. His reply is, "Matter of fact I'm almost married already. To a man. Name begins with M. I'd have to divorce him before I tried marrying a woman." Concerning the "lavender boys", a driver says "the only irons they can handle are in their pockets," then later Bond says, " [...]

  • Gerald

    As I may have pointed out before on these pages, I have been venturing back into the Bond novels with the idea that the contrasts with 'Sixties sexual mores and concepts of maleness may be enlightening or amusing or both.Ian Fleming was masterful in his descriptions when the setting was in Britain. And I thought he did a nice job of describing Istanbul, not that I would know from the couple of times I've been there for visits of only a few days.But sally onto American soil, and, I'm sorry, the v [...]

  • Morgan

    Let me tell you the plot of every James Bond book. It may seem like cheating, to extrapolate the entire set from only 3.5 samples, but I feel justified in doing so given James' particular predictability:M gives James an assignment, warning him to be careful. James thinks himself above such caution. He meets the female -- she is unattainable and therefore interesting. He meets the antagonist (individual or group). He gains an ally. He gets captured, beat up, and survives great pain and duress. Th [...]

  • Dave Russell

    This was much better than Live and Let Die. The sadism was more sadistic, the suspense more suspenseful, and there's a kick ass chase scene involving a fricking train. Although the main bad guy (actually bad guys--twins) weren't as interesting as Mr. Big from LALD, the two henchmen--Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd (gay hitmen!)--more than made up for it.


    James bond! Women loving, ass kicking super spy!! Well, not so much in this book. It was readable but a bit dull with the odd smattering of action. Oh and the movie that shares it's name was nothing like this book, in fact it's a rare occasion where the movie is better than the book :)

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