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By J.A. Konrath | Comments: ( 974 ) | Date: ( Feb 18, 2020 )

J.A Konrath has self published his first six Jack Daniels thriller ebooks with new covers, introductions, and formatting.Jacqueline Jack Daniels of the Chicago Police Department is back, and once again she s up to her Armani in murder Someone is sending Jack snuff videos The victims are people she knows, and they share a common trait all were involved in one of JacJ.A Konrath has self published his first six Jack Daniels thriller ebooks with new covers, introductions, and formatting.Jacqueline Jack Daniels of the Chicago Police Department is back, and once again she s up to her Armani in murder Someone is sending Jack snuff videos The victims are people she knows, and they share a common trait all were involved in one of Jack s previous cases With her stalwart partner hospitalized and unable to help, Jack follows a trail of death throughout the Midwest, on a collision course with the smartest and deadliest adversary she s ever known.During the chase, Jack jeopardizes her career, her love life, and her closest friends She also comes to a startling realization serial killers have families, and blood runs thick.Rusty Nail features of the laugh out loud humor and crazy characters that saturated Whiskey Sour and Bloody Mary, without sacrificing the nail biting thrills.This is Jack Daniels third, and most exciting, adventure yet

  • Title: Rusty Nail
  • Author: J.A. Konrath
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

J.A. Konrath

JA Konrath writes the occasionally amusing and often frightening Lt Jacqueline Jack Daniels thrillers, available in hardcover and paperback from Hyperion and as a spoken word from Brilliance Audio.The books are a mixture of the humor of Janet Evanovich, Carl Hiaasen, Christopher Moore, but with the scares of James Patterson, Thomas Harris, Patricia Cornwell.Basically, JA rips off everybody.In order, they are WHISKEY SOURBLOODY MARYRUSTY NAILDIRTY MARTINIFUZZY NAVELCHERRY BOMBSHAKENSTIRREDRUM RUNNERLAST CALLHe writes the blog A NEWBIES GUIDE TO PUBLISHING Joe edited the hitman anthology THESE GUNS FOR HIRE.He writes horror novels under the name Jack Kilborn Titles include AFRAIDTRAPPEDENDURANCEHAUNTED HOUSEWEBCAMWith Ann Voss Peterson he writes the Codename Chandler series HITEXPOSEDNAUGHTYFLEESPREETHREEFIXRESCUEAlso with Ann he writes laugh out loud erotica under the name Melinda DuChamp.

Comments Rusty Nail

  • Mary Beth

    I love this series! This is the third book in the Jack Daniels Mystery series. The heroine of this series is Lieutenant Jacqueline ‘Jack’ Daniels, second generation Chicago homicide cop, age 46, looks younger, dresses nice by shopping smart, and has a self confessed smart mouth. Her life isn’t looking all that good either. Her mother, the first generation homicide cop, is in a hospice facility in a coma Jack blames herself for. Her partner, Herb Benedict, her strong right had and friend is [...]

  • Luffy

    When people have the need to experience something funny, the lucky ones would simply talk to their boyfriends or girlfriends or spouses. Some others, if they aren't feeling creative, would sit back and watch reruns of Friends or Seinfeld. The bookish ladies, maybe, would take out their favorite or unread copies of Stephanie Plum. I myself, being let down somewhat by what youtube has to offer on the promise(Louis CK standup, Honest Trailers, Stsanders etc), opted weirdly for the third book of the [...]

  • Kirsten

    Another engaging "Jack" Daniels thriller! I really enjoyed this one even though it was quite a bit more gruesome than the others. The author is very good at interspersing humor and tension, at times at the same time. However, I wish he'd give up trying to interject romance in there. Not that I don't mind romance in my books, I quite like it as a matter of fact. However, if you're no good at creating chemistry between your romantic couple, you should probably stop. And, as just an aside, Mr Frisk [...]

  • Vicki Willis

    This is the third book in the series about Jack Daniels. It was another fast paced, excellent read. Jack makes me laugh and there were lots of reoccurring characters this time, like Herb, Phin, Latham, her mother and of course Mr. Drinkers. I am even starting to love Harry Harry McGlade. The mystery in this one was suspenseful and brutal. I had an idea of what was going on, but it didn't detract from the story telling. This one is my favorite in the series so far.

  • Alazzar

    First thing’s first: Joe Konrath is a very engaging writer. He knows how to keep your attention. He knows how to keep things flowing quickly.Unfortunately, I’m finding that he also knows how to piss me off.It was almost a year ago that I read Bloody Mary, the previous book in the Jack Daniels series. I seem to recall liking it quite a bit.I liked Rusty Nail as well, for similar reasons: Konrath kept me very interested in the plot, and he kept things movin’. But the book also annoyed me bec [...]

  • Lauren

    Rusty Nail3.5 StarsIn her latest case, Detective Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels begins receiving snuff videos documenting the horrific deaths of several people involved in The Gingerbread Man investigation. As she and her partner follow the clues, Jack soon realizes that they are in pursuit, not of the average psychotic copycat, but a clever and determined killer out for revenge. ***Warning***: The books contains numerous graphic and brutal descriptions of violence and death. As someone who is not at [...]

  • Delitealex

    I loved the action. The suspense of figuring out who the killer was kept my interest. Overall a good book but Jack seemed off a little less confident in herself. I liked the first two books a little better than this one.

  • Tonya Smith

    chapter 40: This is the best one so far yet of the series. Very fast pace and a real page turner.

  • Leise Chadwick

    Just curious… is anyone aware of a scientific study having been conducted to determine the number of calories burned by reading Rusty Nail, A Jack Daniels Mystery? I am convinced that the calories in the Oreo cookies I consumed during the final pages were immediately obliterated. I think I’m on to something here: The Jack Daniels Diet!OMGosh! No one is left unscathed in this novel, not even the rat that ran off with… you’ll have to read the novel yourself to find the answer. There are so [...]

  • Alexandra Engellmann

    THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERSActually, it's one big spoiler.I rated the first book in the series 5 stars even though there were things that didn't seem realistic/logical. But in this one they hit the whole new level, so even though I'm a fan of Mr. Konrath's style and I instantly fell in love with the characters in the first book, I just can't give this one 5 stars. The mystery was too obvious, the characters were a caricature, and I began to dislike Jack.The worst thing, most of the time I was [...]

  • Margaret

    I liked the character well enough & the writing but for me the light-hearted approach clashed horribly with the slasher serial killer motif and the trail of millions of corpses. OK the body count is not quite into 7 digits but it is ridiculously high and the cops are just not all that bothered. I won't be reading any more (unless I forget of course with my spectacularly poor aged memory!) because I don't much like gruesome serial killer stuff. I prefer my detective novels baddies to produce [...]

  • Krissy

    Loving this series so far!

  • Steve Vernon

    Detective Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels has a problem. It isn’t just that her boss wants her fired. It isn’t just that her overweight partner Herb might be facing colonic cancer. It isn’t that the actress her ex-boyfriend cast to play her in the television he produces is about a baker’s dozen too many dress sizes large for the role. It isn’t that her mother is in a coma and her mother’s cat, Mr. Friskers, is determined to hamstring Jack in both of her ankles. It isn’t any of things [...]

  • Joyce

    Lots of violence but also a story about a female Chicago Police Lieutenant dealing with serial murders performed by torturing the victims. It is complex and exhausting novel, but one a fan of the genre will appreciate.

  • Patricia

    Rusty NailJ. A. KonrathHyperion, 2006, 292 ppsBN 1-4013-0088-XRusty Nail as described by the author is 1 oz Scotch and 1 oz Drambuie that should go down pretty smooth. Most people think of a rusty nail as something to be avoided since stepping on one can cause a lot of pain as well as infection. Rusty nails are used in this book but not in a manner that any sane person could imagine.Lt. Jack Daniels is back and her life is already like 40 miles of bad road. Her mother is in a coma and has been s [...]

  • David

    About halfway through Rusty Nail, our heroine, Jack Daniels, has the duh moment. You know --the moment when a character says aloud what you the reader are thinking. You know-- that moment towards the end of Die Hard 2 when John McLane's wife asks John, "Why Does this keep happening to us?" Konrath addresses this very cleverly when Daniels wonders to herself if they hand out her address and other vital information in seriel killer school. This is a result as the third novel in this series it seem [...]

  • Hannah

    Truly awesome stuff; don't let the cheerful-looking cover fool you into thinking that this'll be yet another novel featuring a fashionable, sassy P.I. that is more about her personal love life than an actual mystery. "Rusty Nail" will satisfy even the most jaded fan of the crime genre, and it definitely satisfied this first time reader of J. A. Konrath's books.One look at the cover and I thought I was going to be reading something along the lines of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series, but I [...]

  • Susan Anderson

    Horror that stuns, humor that delights, action that surprisesA brilliantly contrived horror-thriller. Craft is outstanding. This January 2013 kindle edition of RUSTY NAILS is a perfect read on a cold and rainy, the usual Chicago spring day.Blood and gore is over the top. Humor is great. Characters are unique--totally grinned at Lorna and Bud. Action is furious and I loved the ending.But it's a Jack Daniels, so what's not to like? For all its over-the-top action thriller-chiller gore, Jack Daniel [...]

  • Mylene

    BEST FEMALE VILLAIN EVER!!!Loved this third installment of the Daniels' books. Konrath once again brings back all our favorite supporting characters. Looking forward to see if Alex somehow escapes and takes on Jack again in a later installment. My only complaint is that Jack should drop the wimpy Latham and pick up with Phineas. Starting the 4th installment immediately.

  • Kristen

    This series just keeps getting gorier. I want to keep reading it, because it's very good, I'm just not sure if I will be able to without losing my lunch.

  • Kathy Davie

    Makes me want to try a Rusty Naild proves that your past can come back and bite you on the a#@.

  • Mort

    This has to be my favorite Jack Daniels story so far, even though Mr. Konrath gave away a small detail early in the book which made me figure out the twist - you'll only pick it up if you pay very close attention, but I'm not going to spoil it for anybody.Jack is on a case which has ties to The Gingerbread Man, the killer in the first book.As usual, her personal life is still a mess, with her mother in a coma, the cat that hates her, the television show which portrays her as an idiot, a partner [...]

  • Judie

    Police Lieutenant Jack (Jacqueline) Daniels is back on the trail of a sociopathic mass murderer with connections to the gingerbread man from WHISKEY SOUR. She isn’t sure if it is the same person or a copycat. She does know that the victims are primarily people she knew, people connected to the previous case. The plot has many twists and turns as well as more gory details than I am willing to read. (I skipped those segments.) It also has suspense and humor and kept my interest. One funny scene [...]

  • Mike (the Paladin)

    Well, I've been through 3 of these now and I came closer to dropping the rating on this one than any of the others. Don't worry, I'll say why later. I have a record of saying I like books pretty well and then doing several paragraphs on what I don't like. Still what I do like and the reason I'm saying with somewhat mediocre 3 star rating is I like the character. Konrath has in his books several things that drive me up the wall, annoy me, and even do what my mom would have called "putting me off" [...]

  • Ade

    German title: Die Psychopathen. This is my first book from this series and it was a genuine page-turner. It was not the perfect thriller and the twist was predictable from a million miles away, but Konrath counterbalanced with funny characters and an entertaining plot. Not only once I found myself laughing when I should have been scared or worried for the characters. For the first time in the history of thriller and crime fiction, the detective actually called for backup before entering the hous [...]

  • Angela

    Three books in, and yeah, a bit on the typical side for a Daniels' mystery (annoyances with Harry, another psycho going after Daniels personally), but still fun and enjoyable.Liked how the emotional angst was toned down from the last book. There was some, but not so much it was distracting. When the job needed her, Daniels was focussed on it, and in her down time was when she thought about personal matters. Herbwow, that poor guy can't catch a break. Maybe he'll start genuinely trying to eat bet [...]

  • Randee Baty

    GRAPHIC VIOLENCE WARNING. Ok, you have been warned. I was warned by the author (thanks Mr. Konrath, I really do appreciate it!) that this book has the most graphic violence in the series. Having been warned, I was able to blip over sections where that violence occurred. It was pretty easy to see them coming. So why would I even read a book with stuff I don’t like in it? Well, I really wanted to know what happens to Jack. I was starting to get fairly invested in her after the first two books, a [...]

  • Jennifer

    Another enjoyable mystery in the Jack Daniels series. I have been listening to these in the car and while I walk and knit on the treadmill and it really makes my dull comute and my dull treadmill dare I say fun?!? Naw. I can't go that far. But it does improve it a few degrees. In this one Jack faces a case that seems to be linked to her early case of the psycho killer "The Gingerbread Man". The case takes a lot of strange and gruesome twists on the road to "who done it". Meanwhile Jack grapples [...]

  • Kimberly Hicks

    Woooooow! The Jack Daniels series never disappoints! The question is what didn't poor Jack have to endure in this third installment of the series?One thing she learned, just when she thought an old case was closed, it rears its ugly head again to live and breath life. Lieut. Daniels closed the Gingerbread Man case, right? Well, if you thought the psychotic killer was dead, new videotaped murders began popping up on Jack's desk faster than she was able to draw her firearm. People who were instrum [...]

  • David

    What a book! I had heard about the Jack Whiskey series and believe this is the second (forgive me if I'm wrong on this) in the series. This is a very chilling and gory sleuth story and we follow Jacqueline Daniels as she tries to unravel a series of very brutal murders similar to ones perpetuated by the Gingerbread Man - a character from a previous episode in the series. Even though this book was part of a series, I enjoyed it for what it was and didn't feel I missed much by not reading earlier [...]

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  • [PDF] ↠ Unlimited ↠ Rusty Nail : by J.A. Konrath ✓
    294 J.A. Konrath
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