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By Christine Kersey | Comments: ( 742 ) | Date: ( Feb 25, 2020 )

What if everything you knew was suddenly gone Sixteen year old Morgan Campbell runs away from home and when she returns the next day her world is turned upside down Not only is her family missing, but another family is living in her house and claims to have lived there for weeks As Morgan desperately works to figure out what has happened, she finds society has become obsWhat if everything you knew was suddenly gone Sixteen year old Morgan Campbell runs away from home and when she returns the next day her world is turned upside down Not only is her family missing, but another family is living in her house and claims to have lived there for weeks As Morgan desperately works to figure out what has happened, she finds society has become obsessed with weight in a way she has never seen before The she searches for answers, the she begins to wonder if she has somehow ended up in another world a world she doesn t want to be a part of Can she survive in this world until she can get home Gone does not contain any profanity or sexual content and is appropriate for all ages.

  • Title: Gone
  • Author: Christine Kersey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Christine Kersey

Christine loves to read, but also loves to write suspenseful stories She enjoys camping and hiking with her family and watching movies Check out her website ChristineKersey

Comments Gone

  • Amelia


  • Melissa Levine

    I didn't like this story. If you'd like to know why, then read below:So Morgan decides to run away, not surprising, she's young and obviously not that intelligent. I say this because she grabs 3 granola bars, her wallet and water bottle. Could she be missing anything else that she might need? Say some extra clothes for example? Bad stereotypeShe sees a German Shepard and is automatically scared that it will attack her? Really? Obviously if the owner is walking with the dog WITHOUT a leash, then [...]

  • Shell

    Bad. Just, not good. I care nothing for the main character. She's a 16year old with the mentality of a 6 year old. The plot holes are large enough to shoot hoops through, and the editing is seriously lacking.

  • Jennifer

    This book isn't very good. But within the plot there is a book that could be very good. A severe post-apocalyptic world where FAT (Federally assisted thinning) is a very real thing, and everyone's weight is monitored by the government, and you can get sent away to FAT-camp (on your dime, goodbye job, house and life). We see some news articles on the cusp of that anyway, with some employers charging more for health insurance for employee's that are overweight. Or the one health foods store that g [...]

  • Rhonda

    I received this book free from Bookbubs.The premise of the story is 16 year old Morgan runs away from home to an abandoned cabin during winter. The next morning she is over her mad spell and decides to return home only to find that someone one is living in her house- all the furniture ect has been changed and no one has heard of her.I made it less than 1/3 of the book before I called it quits. After reading others' reviews, I realized that the storyline had something to do with obesity or childh [...]

  • Alice

    Gone was the most STUPIDEST book I have EVER read in my life!!!!!!! I found this book and it sounded interesting, so I gave Gone a try. I started reading the book (thinking: why the heck did she run away cuz she could not get a freakin phone? What the hell is wrong with her? This is soooooo stupid!!!!!!! I hope it gets better then this.). Well obviously my wish did not come true. I kept waiting and waiting and waiting and. Then I could not take it anymore. I closed the book and said, "I'm never [...]

  • E. C. McRoy

    **Also published on my YA Book Blog**This was free on .So, this book was pretty terrible. It's not the worst thing I've read, but it was pretty bad. Start with the opening paragraph where Morgan TELLS US IMMEDIATELY what is going to happen, then head on to Morgan being an insufferable brat even while the adults ARE DOING THE SAME THING. Then we can move on to how the parallel world in which being overweight is illegal is COMPLETELY ridiculous (not necessarily in premise, but definitely in execut [...]

  • Marisol

    so most people say this book was awful and that they hated it and it was a waste of time, but I thought it was cute. Her maturity level may have been a little low for her age, but that is by definition of today's society where kids are acting like they are grown by the tender age of 12-14. So I would like to say that I thought this book was a pleasent surprise because she doesn't act like she is grown and knows it all. all she knows is she wanted that phone and would do what she thought would ge [...]

  • Nicole

    Morgan seems to think she's 16, but I'm pretty sure she's actually 10. She is one of the most annoying and stupid characters I have ever come across. Not to mention there are to many plot holes to count. How did she even end up in a parallel world? What happened to the other Morgan? This book was an extremely painful read, and I wish I never had.

  • Hannah

    I read this book and instantly bought the second. Such a thrill to consider how you would react if you were put in an alternate world. How do you go about finding your way home? Is it even possible?

  • Cat

    Teens who love dystopian fiction will enjoy this. It's a bit of a stretch, but a fun beginning to a new series. Maybe it gets better?!In the interest of transparency, I won a copy of this book on and have given it a fair review.

  • Kandi

    I have read some amazing books with a teenage heroine thrown into complex and foreign situations and adapting. This is not one of those books. The possibility was there in the idea of a teenage girl running away from home and the next morning returning home in a parallel world. But there were too many things that didn't make sense. Spoiler alert here. The main character, Morgan, walks through a mysterious tunnel to find some other family in her home. She sets out to find her family and in the pr [...]

  • Michael Thal

    According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention close to 36% of all American adults ages 20 years and over are obese. Adolescents age 12-19 have obesity levels hovering around 18% while 12% of children 2-5 are way over healthy weight limits. It’s not only a problem in the U.S but a worldwide issue.So what can be done?Christine Kersey may have the solution in Gone (Parallel Series: Book 1). Morgan Campbell, age 16, runs away from home because her mother won’t buy her a n [...]

  • Emma

    This was good, free ebook, and I found it on one of the lists for free kindle books worth your time.I surprisingly made it through the whole thing!I think the main character needs some COMMON SENSE or some INSTINCTS of some sort.The beginning of the book starts with her having a teenager tantrum and yelling and screaming and being totally unfair to her mom, and then she runs away.Eventually, she realizes how stupid she was being, because it is winter, and she was not prepared. She only has a ja [...]

  • Nicki

    DNF 150 pages in. I have read this author before, so I knew what I was in for with the writing style (not the best, but easy to read). However, Morgan was a brat. I could not buy her as 16 years old. Thinking of myself at 16, I definitely wasn't mature, but to run away into the woods because my mother wouldn't let me buy a phone? Lol. I think not. I had a full time job at 16. If my mother bugged me that much, I would have put up with it, but started saving for the day I could move out (which kin [...]

  • Roo I MacLeod

    This is a charming read. The lead, narrator, Morgan is her name, is a sweet child who runs away from home and gets lost in the woods. And I liked the beginning because that can lead you anywhere. Bad things happen in the woods, but for Morgan she takes shelter in a hut which is flattened in a storm and her only exit is the underground cellar. A big long tunnel takes her into a parallel universe, where society has outlawed being fat.And guess what? Morgan is just a tad overweight.Now this is book [...]

  • Kim

    At first I wasn't sure, the main character made me wanna bash my head against the wall and scream WHYYYYYYYYYYY. she was 16 (i think? forgot) with the most immature mentality. I mean, who runs away at 16? seriously? I did that crap when i was 10-13. by 16 i had a job and more maturity and stability that when mom and I fought, I just hid in my room with hearphones and a cd player, or a bookI had a car, and more freedom. But the plot was cool, I felt the fat thing was just annoying, but at the sam [...]

  • Ellie

    Gone is is just a pointless book. It teaches no message and says nothing.Morgan is a terrible character. She's dumb, clueless, stupid, lying, stealing, emotionally insensitive, but mostly IMPULSIVE (the word the author uses to excuse Morgan making terrible decisions to move the plot).The story is weird. Being fat is a crime? Most dystopian novels are made to show a flawed yet plausible future that teaches the reader about what he or she can do to better themselves and society. This society's mes [...]

  • Kim Paulus

    This book kept me reading until the endwell to the end of book one! Must grab the second and third book to really know how this young girl survives her adventures. Morgan is a 16 year old teenager girl, unhappy at her home, she hatches an idea that things out on the road will be better so she runs away. Upon waking up the next morning feeling remorseful, decides to return home only to find everthing is changed(hense this is where the adventure begins). This book is clean without cursing or sex. [...]

  • Roxane

    Great book!this book was such a good book to sit down and get lost in. It puts u in this weird trance and carries u away. the story itself is wonderful and apt. it's amazing and I can't wait to read the second one.

  • Beatrice Rivers

    This book was good and I loved thinking about what the other Morgan was doing in the normal universe was she marvelling in hamburgers and pizza or was she keeping up her diet?!I Recommend this book to parallel universe lovers!

  • Kira

    This was a fun read. I'm not sure I really liked it. I enjoyed Morgan and I'm curious to see whet it goes from here. I'm still undecided on the overall story.

  • Mmouse

    I really enjoyed this book (until the ending), even though there were a bunch of things that bothered me about it. The protagonist acted a lot younger then she was and did some pretty unrealistic things. Some of the stupid things Morgan did, I couldn't believe a 16 year old would actually do. It didn't make sense why she decided to run away in the first place over something so small. It also didn't make sense that when she did run away she never planned where she was going to go, and didn't pack [...]

  • Britt

    Reasons why this book was meh:1. The plot had some decent potential, but was executed poorly and the writing wasn't that great. Pretty boring, honestly.2. The main character, Morgan, pissed me off for really no reason. I just didn't like her3. wait, no, I thought of a few reasons. She acted like a child and threw temper tantrums over the littlest things—like not getting a cell phone4. If I hear 'I'll be leaving in a few weeks' one more time, I will punch somebody in the throat5. She was only a [...]

  • Ellen White

    GONE by Christine Kersey book 1 in Paralle series. Morgan wanting a new cell phone, crossed the line, when she told her Mother, that she didn't tell them how to spend their money. She earned money why couldn't she spend it, like she wanted. New town, new school, no friends, now being grounded. Why stay, if I run away, I could make my own decision. A bottle of water, a backpack,she's gone. Home, life would never be the same, with the Enforcers in her life .Book 2 continues IMPRISONED.

  • Þórey Jónsdóttir

    Good lord, where to start?!The protagonist is probably the most stupid and horrible teenager that's ever been invented. Seriously, I can't stand her - and that's a first for me. I found myself wishing for bad things to happen to her because she is such a bit*h that she deserves it. Horrible read, won't read the next one.

  • Mimi Davis Hopkins

    What's Your Obsession?Nicely written story revealing the levels society are apt to go The storyline flows smoothly and the characters are well defined. The plot is somewhat unusual, but interesting.

  • Katie Sullivan

    Easy read, but fulfilling in the adventure of a fictional world!

  • Ashley Barr

    I liked the book. Hated the ending though.

  • Ann

    The premise was a little far-fetched and the main character was not particularly appealing. Too many trivial details. Sorry, not my cup of tea.

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