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By Janis Hallowell | Comments: ( 859 ) | Date: ( Jan 22, 2020 )

Told from the viewpoint of four unforgettable characters, this is the story of an ordinary girl, thought to be a modern day Holy Virgin An awkward and shy teenager, Francesca is elevated to the rank of the divine by a visionary homeless man, Chester Anne is Francesca s no nonsense mother, and Sid is her troubled friend with than a few secrets of his own In The AnnuTold from the viewpoint of four unforgettable characters, this is the story of an ordinary girl, thought to be a modern day Holy Virgin An awkward and shy teenager, Francesca is elevated to the rank of the divine by a visionary homeless man, Chester Anne is Francesca s no nonsense mother, and Sid is her troubled friend with than a few secrets of his own In The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn, these stories intersect and bring to light the need to believe, and the volatile relationship between divinity and madness.

  • Title: The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn
  • Author: Janis Hallowell
  • ISBN: 9781565118638
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Audio CD

About Author:

Janis Hallowell

Janis Hallowell is a MacDowell Fellow, and her short fiction has been published in Plowshares She lives in Colorado with her husband and daughter.

Comments The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn

  • Christine Keleny

    Stats: Published in 2004, discs - I think there were 8, print is 336 pages. The audio book was narrated by 4 different people: Tyler Bunch, Dristen Kilian, Beth MacDonald and Mia Pitasi.Blurb: (from ) Told from the viewpoints of four unforgettable characters, The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn is the story of an ordinary girl who is believed to be a modern-day Holy Virgin. At the heart of the story is Francesca: a shy and moody teenager hungry for her absent father's love, she is frightened and [...]

  • Bethany

    After an intriguing storyline, and interesting charactersis book's ending completely disappointed me. The first three quarters of the book is filled with mystical experiences and strange happenings, and people full of belief and hope. The reader waits expectantly to see which characters are truthful, and to find out how the unusual situation will resolve. Sadly, the ending is a vague deus ex machina that leaves the reader still wondering what really happened. Are some characters' lives changed b [...]

  • Marisa

    a quick read that requires some suspension of disbelief to get through. certainly an interesting premise (homeless guy sees 14 year old girl in a vision, she gets wrapped up in widespread belief/adoration of her healing powers), though the plot lacked some important connections and the end-of-story wrap-up was incomplete and unsatisfying. nevertheless, the multiple narrators kept my attention, and i wanted to know how it all would come together in the end.

  • Frances

    This was an intriguing story of a 14 year old girl who is believed to be the Virgin. A homeless man sees a "vision" which leads him to this belief. I wasn't sure how this would play out or if it would be sort of preposterous. I found it to be a very engaging story with real characters and a satisfying ending.

  • Lara

    I really wanted to like this book, but I just didn't! To me, the most interesting possibilities in the book surrounded the priest and Francesca's mom. I wasn't feeling very sympathetic to Francesca and I just found myself annoyed reading this book.

  • Christina Cuanalo

    It took a long time and patience to get through this book.

  • Kristin Little

    I guess I can't be too disappointed in this book, as I did get it out of the bargain bin, but it did not live up to the promise of the premise. It just all around fell short of expectations.

  • Amy Bobbitt

    I read the first half of this book in one day. It was so intriguing and held my interest and curiosity through its entirety. Then I read the ending. I felt closure on several aspects of the story line but ultimately it was disappointing. I was left wondering and confused. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book but the ending just wasn't there.

  • Ceecee

    "I thought of all the holy people throughout history, all the mystics and martyrs, artists and visionaries, and what the world would have been like if they'd all been given medication to make them ordinary. There would have been less suffering, no doubt about it, but I couldn't imagine a world without saints and madmen. Someone had to walk the outer edges. Someone had to stir things up."- ChesterI have always been fascinated by divinity and madness. My interests had often been "other". Now it lo [...]

  • Betsy Ellis

    This is about a fourteen-yr-old girl who comes to believe that she has healing powers and is carrying the Savior in her womb, the homeless man who first sees her in a vision and sets out to protect her, her busy professional mother who must wake up to her daughter's life, and her best friend who is dealing with serious issues of her own. Great characters,great story, and easy to read because it is told in alternating chapters by the four main characters. In fact, I was a little sorry to see it e [...]

  • Heather Camigliano

    In Janis Hallowell’s well crafted first novel, The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn, the word “Annunciation” should maybe not be capitalized. As, “annunciation” here seems to focus more on the formal or archaic meaning of the word, simply, “the announcement of something.” Hallowell, who is also a potter, captures the mystery of the artist as an instrument of the divine. The story centers around 14-year-old Francesca Dunn, a seemingly normal teenager with a talent for playing the cell [...]

  • treehugger

    This book was pretty good - I really wanted to know what happened at the end - enough so that, when the cassettes I had borrowed from the library got me only through to the last chapter before my ancient tape player ate them, I went today and got the CD version to listen to the rest (I didn't realize it was so little, or I would just have ferreted out a printed copy).I think the author raised some good questions about mental health, religious belief, dogma, etc. But I intensely disliked, well, m [...]

  • Marvin

    This is a well-paced, thoroughly engaging story, somewhat reminiscent of Jodi Picoult's novels, minus the moral complexities. The story is told in short chapters from the alternating perspectives of 4 characters: Francesca, the 14-year-old title character; her mother; her best friend; and the homeless man who first identifies her as the Holy Virgin Mother and then appoints himself to protect her from potential harm (he's by far the most appealing, empathetic character in the novel). All of the p [...]

  • Sara Pauff

    I liked this novel -- it was solid and clearly written -- but I don't know if I'd ever give it a second read. The story is told from the viewpoint of four different characters: Chester, a homeless man who first believes that Francesca is the holy Virgin; Sid, who uses her friend's new found "divinity" to make a profit; Francesca's mother, Anne, who doesn't believe in any kind of religion; and Francesca, who slowly begins to believe that she is divine. As word of Francesca's holiness spreads, she [...]

  • Julene Bair

    Janis Hallowell’s The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn takes a surprisingly convincing leap of imagination into the lives of saints, or ordinary people who might be construed as such. I found myself wanting Francesca to be holy, a miracle, just as much as the book’s many needy of heart and/or body did. This wise book, by causing me to recognize that wish in myself, expanded my understanding of the religious impulse. It is not a mindless drive toward mass hypnosis, as I’ve sometimes suspected [...]

  • Jan

    This is a fascinating story about a teen who encounters the homeless while working in a cafe. One of the homeless customers, cursed with an ability to identify people by their smells, notices that she has a "presence" and the smell of roses. She then "heals" another homeless man. The story of this "miracle" spreads like wildfire and before she can realize what is happening, people are hailing Francesca as an incarnation of the Virgin Mary. Francesca is caught up in the excitement and discovers t [...]

  • Angela

    I did, I liked this book. It had interesting characters, a solid and unpredictable plot, and great, realistic, unexpected details. Hallowell is a good author and does a great writing job. It was a particularly good Book Club book because it took us down all sorts of interesting conversational paths. I also appreciate her handling of varying approaches to faith - that was well done. I actually have a hard time pinning down what I didn't like about the book. If this makes any sense: it was too muc [...]

  • Gail Storey

    From the first chapter, I was immersed--like homeless Chester waist-deep in the water and spellbound by the Virgin--in the lovely, strange world of The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn. Janis Hallowell is a writer with a unique sensibility, a magical realist rooted in the luscious sensory lives of her characters: fourteen-year-old Francesca surprised by her own mysterious power, her troubled friend Sid, big-hearted Ronnie, four-year-old Jonah, even the aggravating Rae, and especially Chester, tran [...]

  • Stephanie

    It's a light, simple read. The story itself has to do with faith, and the belief in miracles, God, and human nature. Its told from four different view points and I like that because it really helped to understand the different characters. It moves along at a steady pace, nothing really crazy happens and it isn't full of twists and turns, but it still held my interest. I think mostly because I just liked the characters and wanted to know what happens to them by the end. After I finished it, it fe [...]

  • Guida Brown

    I had a hard time reading this book. It never captured my attention, and the more I got into it, the more offended I got. There are undercurrents of preachiness about those who are right-to-life advocates, and, for some reason, only the priest was referred to by only his last name. Everyone else in the book was respectfully called by first name -- even every homeless person, and there were a lot of them. Just the priest didn't deserve the respect of a first name or a courtesy title. Finally, I c [...]

  • Kate

    A homeless man has a vision that a teen girl at a local restaurant is actually an incarnation of the Virgin Mary. He spreads his message, the media becomes involved - and then she begins to perform miracles. And then what? This novel shows the affects of these extraordinary events on the girl and the people around her. It's a very interesting concept, and Hallowell executes it well. The narration, which alternates between several main characters, has an ethereal quality that helps hide the liter [...]

  • Christy

    The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn: A Novel by Janis Hallowell. This book had me engrossed from the very beginning. The main character Francesca is an 8th grade girl who often times finds herself feeling completely alone. Her parents are divorced. Her dad and his girl friend have moved to Italy and her Mom is always away for work. She spends a lot of time at her neighbor, Ronnie's, cafe with her best friend Sid.So when a homeless man who frequents the cafe, Chester, has an epiphany and decides b [...]

  • Gail

    The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn is a novel that should appeal to both adults and teens. Francesca, who some people come to believe is a reincarnation of the Virgin Mary, is a well-written character. In a novel where four voices tell the story and one of them is Francesca's, she still comes off as a character who's not exactly crazy yet not exactly divine, which is an interesting mix and an expert bit of storytelling.I enjoyed this much more than I expected to. I would definitely recommend it. [...]

  • Tia Bach

    The book had me from the beginning, and my only reasoning behind 4 stars vs. more was I wanted more. I felt that author started with a great concept, pulled me into caring and then rushed the ending. I loved reading the different points of view through Chester, Sid & Anna, but sadly the author denied me the one first person point of view I wanted Francesca's. I'd love to pick the author's brain as to why she withheld what I thought the most important piece of the puzzle. If possible, I would [...]

  • Antonia

    This book was an interesting look at the divine, and the followers of miracles. I found myself getting frustrated with the actions of the characters, hoping for someone to wake up! One thing I did appreciate was the validation and growth of the homeless man, the original devotee. I thought the different perspectives used to narrate the story were an effective way to do so, although going from first to third person was also frustrating at times (although that seemed to be the point, as we can nev [...]

  • Amy Travis

    I loved this book! I loved how it explored questions of what makes something holy, what acts really are holy, what people on the edges of society bring to the world, and mental health versus the richness of experience that someone who is not healthy can have. The main characters in this book all grow from Francesca's experience. And holiness is not just about a miraculous ability to heal people, it's also about helping people who are not well off, and caring for your child, or even just another [...]

  • Rebecca

    Once again, picked a book from the library, brought it home and curled up on the couch with it, only to discover that several pages in, the story was starting to sound vaguely familiar. Another title to add to my list of "books I've already read but didn't remember that I've read it".This is an interesting story, definitely worth reading. Good for a book club, many characters to dissect and discuss.

  • Sonya

    Strong plot, but ultimately unsatisfying. I did not ever connect with any of the characters. I found some of the narrative sections too short, and particularly, the character Anne was there solely to provide a counterpoint to the religious aspect of the book. She was a skeptic with a capital S. The main character, Francesca, was enigmatic. I guess like Mary. Hmmm. All in all, I was interested enough to keep going, but I never was "inside" the book at all.

  • Joanie

    In this book a homeless man has a vision that a fourteen year old girl is the Virgin Mary and manages to convince quite a few people, including the girl herself, that this is true. Interesting story about the difference between strong religious beliefs and madness and just how powerful the mind can be.

  • Mindy

    This was a neat parallel to the Virgin Mary, set in current times. It was told from 4 point of views, which tends to confuse me and not get a good feel for any of them, just because its hard to remember who thought what. It had a good message, which can be taken many different way, based on the reader his/herself.

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