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Danny is young, gay, and homeless He lives in the park, preferring to avoid attention, but when thugs confront a stranger, Danny rushes to his rescue He and the would be victim, Harry, form a cautious friendship that deepens months later, when Harry persuades Danny to visit his home Daring to believe he has found happiness, Danny finds his world turned upside down yet aDanny is young, gay, and homeless He lives in the park, preferring to avoid attention, but when thugs confront a stranger, Danny rushes to his rescue He and the would be victim, Harry, form a cautious friendship that deepens months later, when Harry persuades Danny to visit his home Daring to believe he has found happiness, Danny finds his world turned upside down yet again when tragedy strikes Until he runs out of options, Danny won t trust anyone Finally he has to accept the offer of a home, and Danny becomes David, but adjusting to a new life isn t easy When he meets the mysterious Jack, it stirs up feelings he thought were long gone Can David dare to allow himself to love Or will the truth bring his new world tumbling down around him

  • Title: The Sky Is Dead
  • Author: SueBrown
  • ISBN: 9781623806088
  • Page: 442
  • Format: ebook

About Author:


Cranky middle aged author with an addiction for coffee, and a passion for romancing two guys.

Comments The Sky Is Dead

  • Nancy

    Reviewed for Hearts on Fire Reviews16-year-old Danny’s troubles start when he gets caught kissing his boyfriend, Steve, on New Year’s Eve. His father beats the crap out of him and his parents promptly throw him out of their house, forcing him to stay with Steve. Steve’s parents don’t let him stay long and off he goes to a halfway house, where he has his possessions stolen by his homophobic roommate. Danny still runs into Steve in school, but now he has a girlfriend. His heart broken, and [...]

  • Bev

    Millennium Night 2000 was a landmark occasion for lots of people.Danny Gibson included. It was the night his dad saw him kiss his boyfriendd the night his way of life changed forever The book opens with two guys David and Jack arguing about their life, where it's going from that point ond the secrets that one of them has, but won't share willingly with the other. You may think 'WTF?'.but please read on, these two guys are very relevant to the story.This is an unbelievably good bookI was so angry [...]

  • Susan

    When I really, really like a book, I can overlook a lot. I can overlook plot holes. I can suspend reality. I can justify lame twists in the story. I can even forgive bad editing. I wanted very much to put “The Sky is Dead” into the category of “books I really, really like enough to forgive the rest”. But, I just can’tA tragic and heartbreaking story told often in LGBT YA books, Danny is thrown out by his parents when they discover he’s gay. He has nowhere to turn and eventually ends [...]

  • ☆ Todd

    Loved, loved, loved this book.The only thing I wish is that we would have gotten a bit more of the story that were avoided due to Danny/David's desire to forget, so even we, the readers, were left out of the loop on details that could have made the story line even more deeply compelling.Also, the story line is a teeny bit of a reach that you'd be in love with someone, then not recognize them only a year later when they'd cut off their dreadlocks and shaved. And for Harry/Jack to have been 'Stanf [...]

  • LiveYourLife BuyTheBook

    5 Stars - KAPOW!Right from the first sentence The Sky Is Dead had my full attention. The prologue sees us meeting David at the age of twenty-nine with his lover, Jack. When Jack asks him why, even with over eight years as a couple, he’s never mentioned his parents to Jack, we embark on an all too possible story of David’s past.“I survived, and I can show him that. I’m not a victim and the sky isn’t dead.”Ten years ago, David is still Danny. Sixteen, gay and homeless, having been viol [...]

  • Debra

    4.5 stars This was a beautiful, heart wrenching and emotional story about Danny, who is living on the streets at 16 after being thrown out of his house by his parents when they find out he is gay. The book begins 10 years later, as Danny, now David, is telling his boyfriend about his life before they met. While Danny is reluctant to accept help, and does what he has to in order to survive, he forges a relationship with Harry, a boy he saves from being bullied in the park.This book would have bee [...]

  • Candice

    This book pissed me off so much. Not at the characters, but at the world. People. Adults who are supposed to love you unconditionally. I wanted to cry so much while reading, but instead I was so mad I couldn't form the tears.A boy, Danny, kissed his boyfriend, Steve, on at Midnight on NYE. Danny's dad caught them and kicked them out, but not before roughing him up a little. They went to Steve's, but Steve's parents said "nope, he cant stay here". Nobody in Danny's family wanted "a homo" to live [...]

  • Dreamer

    4.5 stars. The touching story of gay 18 year old Danny, a down and out who lives in a London park. He defends 16 year old schoolboy Harry from a knife attack and they are drawn together from then on. Would have loved to award 5 stars but not quite there, lacks a certain realism somehow. The more m/m I read the more pernickity I get'I look at the two bags and it suddenly hits me my parents are serious. They really don't want me home. The start of the new millennium and I am homeless. I make a cho [...]

  • Tami (synchro from BL)

    3,5 stars.So, this was good. Better actually than I exptected.It had some sweetness, without being too sappy. What helped here was that the story was told without too much drama - some tragic events of the past were only hinted at, not taken into the main focus. And it worked here!It helped also that both main characters were boys rather than men. Their drama and ardor was believable for teenagers.It was a really enjoyable read with an interesting (if a bit unprobable) plot. This review is also [...]

  • Brandon Shire

    There is more truth here than anyone who has not worked with homeless youth will ever understand. For that alone it was 5 stars, but it is a great story as well.

  • Kade Boehme

    This book took my fucking breath away.

  • agirlwithoutwings

    This was a very moving and eye-opening story. About the parts of the plot I couldn't really make myself believe, I didn't become so picky actually. Well, that's what suspension of disbelief is for. Despite all these, it was a nice story and I liked it.

  • Aniko

    Right from the first sentence The Sky Is Dead had my full attention. The prologue sees us meeting David at the age of twenty-nine with his lover, Jack. When Jack asks him why, even with over eight years as a couple, he’s never mentioned his parents to Jack, we embark on an all too possible story of David’s past.While I'm not much of a fan of present tense, it suits this story. It's gives the words and pacing a gravity that is in keeping with the subject matter. And the words are both unwaste [...]

  • Brian

    I’ve always prided myself on the fact that 9.9 times out of 10, I can accurately pick out the plot line of a story early into the book. Sue Brown has accomplished the near impossible by sending me in an entirely different direction with “The Sky is Dead.” That is a huge achievement.This is truly a remarkable story that left me staggering with so many emotions as the story played out. Yes, it was hard reading about the suffering and hardships of a young homeless man, but that is nothing as [...]

  • Aeren

    Tres porque era un J2 y cuando lo leí me los bebia, aún entonces había muchos agujeros en la trama que esperaba que en la novela estuviesen solucionados porque la autora no lo hace mal, sin embargo y por desgracia no es así. Una pena porque si te va lo fluffy tenía posibilidades. Para fans de la autora y de los jotas.

  • Nadine

    4.5 starsWow,this was good. LikeREALLY good!The story of Danny/David is incredibly touching. Especially since it's just so real and something that happens all the time (at least the part about LGBT youth being thrown out by their parents,dunno about the rest. I suppose some kids aren't even as lucky as Danny is in the end). The good thing is though that from the prologue you already know that there is a happy end,that despite everything David goes through,he ends up being happy eventually. I'm n [...]

  • Eli Easton

    I always enjoy Sue Brown's books. This was a well-written, as usual, and I enjoyed (if that's the right word) living in the shoes of a homeless kid for the length of these pages. It wasn't too angsty and dire, but real and moving and something I've really not spent much time thinking about. Danny/David's lack of ability to trust was sad but understandable. I also liked the romance a lot and Harry's stubbornness. Like some other readers, I had a bit of difficulty swallowing the central conceit in [...]

  • Cindi

    A very emotional story about a young man forced out of his home and what he must endure in order to survive. This is the story of how he survives and ultimately finds love.A very good book.Full review can be found at On Top Down Under Book Reviews. This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for a fair and honest review.

  • Theo Fenraven

    Danny's life on the street is heartbreaking, but to Danny, it's just the way he lives. He's accepted it. He expects nothing more. And then he meets Harry and both their lives begin to change.A beautiful story written simply, cleanly, that I found hard to put down. In fact, I flew through it, anxious to reach the end to find out what happens. The author doesn't dwell on emotions, which makes what the characters feel even stronger. No spoilers! Read it and be delighted.

  • Lissa

    Wow. Read it all in one sitting, staying up way past bedtime.

  • Karen

    I don't know why I am so drawn to books that feature a character who is, or has been, homeless. I guess because I like to think that people can pull themselves up from such a low place, or to believe in the goodness of those who help them do so. I have a feeling that the reality is not nearly as rosy, but I'm one of those people that donates money, or clothes, but not my time to the homeless. I think it takes a great deal of courage and compassion to do so. So that is one of the main reasons I e [...]

  • GayListBookReviews

    I love this book. It made one boy’s story real for me. While I hate that there are so many homeless LGBT youth, kicked out of their homes because of family rejection, I love that Sue Brown wrote about it and that we are talking about it. It needs to be talked, written, sung, cried and mourned about and railed against until we stop letting it happen.The writing is strong and while it moves back in time it was seamless and began and ended in current time. I was shocked to realize that there are [...]

  • Andrea

    The thought of parents disowning, abusing, or leaving their own kid homeless because of sexual orientation is vile to me. Some days it feels like every other book I pick up has one of these as part of the story line. It scares me to see something so incredibly devastating to a child become commonplace in romance, because, as much as I hate it, I feel myself becoming desensitized after reading the glossed over versions so many times. It’s because of this that I have so much respect for a book w [...]

  • T.M. Smith

    The story starts off in present time, with David facing his fears of telling his long time partner the truth about his past. Having been thrown out by his parents at the startling age of 16 for being gay, life has been a hard road for David. Homeless, he was forced to subject himself to damaging abuse at the hands of other men, he was stabbed and his poor body has rattled with sickness brought on by his surroundings. Everyone he’s ever loved has left him. First his parents, then Steve and now [...]

  • Penny Wilder

    This is a beautifully written story that tackles some tough material. Sue Brown also manages to write a beautiful love story. I highly recommend you read it. Digest it. I think you'll love it too, but to be honest, I have an ulterior motive.I hope this book gets you thinking about the homeless youth who survive on the streets near where you live.What happens to Danny in this story, happens to kids everyday. Not in some far abstract corner of the world, but near you. Find out what you can do to s [...]

  • HR readsNstuff

    I shed a heap of tears for Danny and Harry, it was a really wrenching story. The way the rug kept getting pulled out from under Danny's feet was harrowing.However there were a few things i needed cleared up or it to have earnt more stars for instance who was the mystery woman who called the shelter asking for Danny, was it Mary, Harry's mother, his own mother? who??!?!!?But the really big one for me is was Harry's transformation to Jack, at first i thought he must be in witness protection or som [...]

  • ~RMG

    I enjoyed this story a great deal, despite the sadness and hardship depicted in it. Danny/David was a great character, and even though his life was a harsh and at times cruel one, it was inspiring to see how he didn't allow the horrors of his life to defeat him. He had a wonderful support system that also helped him climb back up from the bottom, and these characters were wonderful to get to know. Jack, aka Harry, was a wonderful teen who grew up to be someone David could entrust his heart to. A [...]

  • Ken Murphy

    Alrighty then. First, I seldom give out five stars. Not because I didn't enjoy the book, but because it is rare that I LOVE a story enough to rate it that highly. The Sky Is Dead is such a story. It is an easy read, and the characters are very likeable. The story starts out with David and Jack having a disagreement about David never talking about his parents. Seems a bit odd that it suddenly becomes an issue thirteen years into the relationship, but just go with it. I promise you, it won't be an [...]

  • Sunne

    Okay, okay, I was once or twice a bit more than sceptical about the course of events.(view spoiler)[like really, I can't imagine a 16y old falling for a 18y old homeless guy because seriously, despite his efforts Danny must have beenwellelly ;) and not very attractive with a scruffy beard and shaggy, unkempt hair.And the fact that after only 18 months he wasn't able to recognize the "his first love" just because he had shaved, cut his hair and cleaned up? A lot of other traits like like speech, [...]

  • Tame

    This book was poignant, gripping; it caused me to laugh out loud on one page, and become tearful and sensitive one the next page. When I finished, I made sure I hugged & kissed my 10 year old daughter all the more. Why? Because this book reinforced my responsibility & my mission in my daughter's life---to love HER, ALL of who she is, regardless of anything or anyone, no matter what or who she loves. I support here represents the best of me and the uniqueness of her in one body. I would N [...]

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