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By Corinne Hofmann | Comments: ( 175 ) | Date: ( May 28, 2020 )

La masai blanca combina aventura y la b squeda de la pasi n en una historia de dos amantes predestinados pero con un pasado y unos or genes completamente distintos Mombasa, 1987 Corinne, una empresaria europea, conoce a Lketinga, un guerrero de la tribu de los samburu, en unas vacaciones en Mombasa, en la costa m s glamurosa de Kenia A pesar de las barreras ling sticasLa masai blanca combina aventura y la b squeda de la pasi n en una historia de dos amantes predestinados pero con un pasado y unos or genes completamente distintos Mombasa, 1987 Corinne, una empresaria europea, conoce a Lketinga, un guerrero de la tribu de los samburu, en unas vacaciones en Mombasa, en la costa m s glamurosa de Kenia A pesar de las barreras ling sticas y culturales, se embarcar n en una historia de amor tan fascinante como imposible Corinne abandona su Suiza natal y se traslada a frica, al frica de los masai.Sin dejarse intimidar por los animales salvajes, el hambre y la lucha contra las enfermedades tropicales, Corinne trata de forjar una vida con Lketinga, aprendiendo a vivir como una mujer samburu Pero cuando ya no pueda ignorar la brecha existente entre dos culturas tan opuestas, los sue os poco a poco comenzar n a desmoronarse.La masai blanca surge de nuestra creencia universal en el poder del amor Una historia de aventuras apasionante y de pasi n sin fin Un viaje maravilloso y una experiencia excepcional que se lee compulsivamente.

  • Title: La Masai Blanca
  • Author: Corinne Hofmann
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 475
  • Format: None

About Author:

Corinne Hofmann

AKA Russian , Corinne Hofmannov Czech , Korin Hofman Serbian.

Comments La Masai Blanca

  • Petra X

    Swiss woman falls in love with a stunningly beautiful Masai man. Sometimes they sell souvenirs to tourists and eat in cafes in the city. Sometimes they live in his mother's dark round mud, cow shit and straw hut and eat raw meat and drink blood drained from a living cow. In the hut, away from the town, she finds out that sexual manners for Masai are that she lies there absolutely still and shows no passion just as if she had her clitoris cut off and labia sewn up like the real Masai women. Perha [...]

  • Katherine Howell

    Now - before I started and indeed after reading the first few chapters, this book is making me angry. Angry is maybe not the right word. I just think that she's an ignorant dufus. Who makes a decision to change your life so dramatically (and invade someone else's home) based on deciding you've fallen in love with someone you've just glimpsed?? This happens while she's on holiday, she goes home for 6 months and then comes back to find him (which she does - don't worry, this is all very early on, [...]

  • Badly Drawn Girl

    I struggled with this book. The beginning is so unbelievable that I was left feeling uncomfortable by how shallow this woman was. I find it ironic that she has said in an interview that a lot of people are uncomfortable with the fact that she married and had a baby with a black man. As a mother of two biracial sons, I can guarantee that is not what made me uncomfortable. What made me uncomfortable was her complete lack of regard for the culture she barged her way into. She didn't know the first [...]

  • Anne Goldschrift

    Diese Frau das beste Beispiel für selbstverschuldetes Elend

  • Leslie

    Now ladies, what have we learned here? When on vacation in a foreign country, don't fall in lust with the noble savage ( right in front of, and in spite of, your current boyfriend). Don't do it. It's not only vulgar but also dangerous. No man is worth dysentary, diptheria and yellow fever. And let's be honest dearie, I doubt even Martha Stewart herself could do much with a cow dung hut. And why have your baby out in the hellish bush with lions and snakes and God-knows-what lurking about when you [...]

  • Oana

  • Iset

    I’m not quite sure how I feel about this book. I initially picked it up due to my interest in the subject matter; I having a passing interest in anthropology and enjoy reading about other cultures, and have read a couple of books before about the tribes of this region of Africa. This seemed like just the thing; someone with knowledge of both western and Masai culture telling the ultimate tale of becoming immersed in another culture for life. Except it wasn’t.I became concerned early on when [...]

  • Kavita

    The story of a Swiss woman who goes to Kenya, falls in love with a Masai warrior, and moves there to live with him, The White Masai is also a story of love, cross-culture marriage, life in an African village, and domestic abuse.I started off with disliking the author a little. She was extremely mean to her Swiss boyfriend and dumps him unceremoniously for a Masai man. It is also a little weird how she gets obsessed with a man she knows nothing about. Call her silly and obsessive, or naive and in [...]

  • Cristina Boncea

    Da, prima reacție firească e "de ce ar face o femeie atâtea pentru un bărbat primitiv?". Unu la mână, e mai mult decât evident că autoarea e perfect conștientă de toate comentariile posibile pe această tema and she doesn't give a flying fuck și doi la mână, nu e doar vorba de masaiul ei, Lketinga, ci și de întreaga cultură kenyană. Deși ne este rezumată cam toată cartea pe cele două coperte exterioare, povestea stă cam așa: Corinne lucra în Elveția la un magazin de hain [...]

  • Agreenhouse

    I found this book while perusing the non-fiction shelf at the East Windsor Branch of the Queens Public Library. I first noticed the word Masai, and thought back to some comments my friend Penny had made after her trip to Kenya where she visited a Masai village. She was shocked at the poor treatment of women. I opened the inside cover and read that the book was an autobiography about a Swiss woman who fell instantly in love with a Masai man and gave up her life in Switzerland to live with the man [...]

  • Nancy Schober

    A Swiss woman is on holiday in Kenya and falls truly, madly deeply in love with a Masai warrior. She goes home sells her business and all her possessions, returns to Kenya to set up housekeeping with the Masai.I'm sorry but this relationship had no chance. The power difference between the two was so great. Maybe she felt she was in love, and she certainly was. But not with the man but her idealized idea of him. If she had truly loved him she would have never pursued him. Because even an idiot co [...]

  • Melissa

    A Swiss woman travels to Africa with her boyfriend for vacation. While there she meets a Masai warrior, decides she’s in love, breaks up with said boyfriend, and pursues a relationship with a man with whom she doesn’t even speak the same language.I read this for my book club. I only mention that because if it hadn't been for book club then there's no way I would have finished this. The writing is pretty awful, the actual events are infuriating and the end result is not surprising.I don’t t [...]

  • Marcia

    Oh I loved this book. Especially because it's a true story. This book made me more aware of all the luxury that we have here in The Netherlands. Made me appreciate all the little things that are so "normal" to me, like drinking water from our faucet, a warm bed every night, clothes to ware, healthy food every dayEverybody should read this book!

  • Alina Cătărău

    Despre cartea Îndrăgostită de un masai (Die weiße Massai), scrisă de Corinne Hofmann, am auzit numai aprecieri din partea prietenelor mele şi cunoştinţelor de gen feminin. Astfel, mi-am propus să o citesc pentru a-mi satisface curiozitatea. Acest roman este primul dintr-o tetralogie autobiografică, prin care parcurgem pas cu pas evenimentele neobişnuite din viaţa autoarei, de la călătoria ei în Kenya, viaţa pe care o duce acolo, stigmatul ei ca femeie albă într-o ţară cu popu [...]

  • César Lasso

    This is not great literature – just a woman’s memoir of her African experience.Nevertheless, that experience caught my interest. On the one hand, I am very interested in Africa myself, and have a penchant for narratives of intercultural exchange. On the other hand, I admired the author. I really think Corinne Hofmann made a very big mistake. She fell head over hills in love at first sight with a Samburu warrior. She was 26 at the time. The last time I fell in love at first sight was at 15. A [...]

  • Susie Fox

    Hated it. Only finished it to see if the author grew a brain, but she didn't. You can't own another person, but she continually refers to her husband as 'my Masai'. If you want to endanger your own life by getting malaria and leaving it untreated, that's your own silly fault, but don't bring a baby into the world if you don't even have basic food and sanitation to care for her.The whole idea of falling instantly in love with anyone is just silly, and completely ludicrous if that person can't spe [...]

  • Edie

    With all the negative reviews for this book, I felt the need to comment on my thoughts on the book. I found the reviews were mainly based on people's feelings of the author herself as opposed to the actual book. While I also didn't agree with everything (if anything?) that the author did, that really has nothing to do with the story itself. I think it's fair to remember, English is not her first language and I am assuming she wrote it in German and it was then translated? - So there are a few sa [...]

  • Jolanta25

    This book is often described as an ultimate love story between a White woman and her Masai. As a love story it had very little to offer, but what I found most fascinating about it, is its Cultural context. It was one of the most engaging anthropological journals I've ever read. From the very first page I just couldn't put it down. It described in details the everyday life of Samburu people occupying the dry lands of Kenya; their odd beliefs, daily struggles for food and water as well as the sign [...]

  • Denise

    I am a bit conflicted about this book. It does not get four stars because I think the prose is beautiful or profound. This book is essentially the memoir of a Swiss woman who is on holiday in Kenya and 'falls in love' (I'd call it lust) with a Kenyan Masai warrior. The book takes place over approximately 3 years of the author's life, in which she breaks up with her Swiss boyfriend, sells everything she owns (car, apartment, dress shop) in Switzerland to live a very difficult life in Kenya. Her ' [...]

  • Marilyn Maya

    Don't think I can finish this. The woman is tres out of touch with reality.I brought this book by mistake to a long appointment and am so angry today. If I have to say one good thing about it to give it one star, the writing isn't bad, but I don't know if that is the translating but I will give it one star for that, Now to the anger part. The woman is so self centered, so stubborn and so man centered and shallow it made me sick. She falls in love with a man for his looks alone. If you read the w [...]

  • Jo

    This book was interesting. I certainly wouldn't call it a love story, more like a story about a chick who had the hots for a Masai Warrior.I never got the impression anyone was actually in love. It felt like he let her hang around because she was a novelty and had a seemingly endless bank account. Corrine just appeared to find him extremely attractive. The most positive things she has to say about her warrior are all in regards to his appearance - especially when he's decked out in his tradition [...]

  • Janet

    I almost gave up on this book - I didn't find the writing all that good, and the premise of lifelong love at first sight (literally!) seemed a little silly. But the adventure part caught me up - and her travels in the Land Rover were especially interesting. Living in Hawaii, with its many ethnicities, I could relate to the misunderstandings and the frustrations of dealing with another culture.While I am still suspect of the whole romance angle (love or just lust?), the adventure story was worth [...]

  • Vivone Os

    Prvo, žena apsolutno ne zna pisati! A drugo, i ono još važnije, treba ju biti sramota! Došla je u Afriku, pristala otići živjeti s Massai ratnikom, došla u njihovo selo i onda ih cijelo vrijeme pokušavala promijeniti, nametnula im je svoj način života, nije držala do njihove tradicije već je stalno silila da se oni prilagode njoj. Pa draga moja, što onda nisi ostala u svojoj Europi, u komforu i civiliziranom društvu, uštedjela bi svima (uključujući i meni!) puno muke.

  • Louise

    She "responded to her inner child." She "made herself vulnerable" and all the other talk show guru advice. You have to hand it to her she did it. She married a warrior who couldn't count (numbers, money, etc.) and tried to make it work. She almost died in the process, but kept at it.I can't get over her spunk! She had ran 3 different businesses in Kenya. There was a ton of red tape, translation problems, unreliable transportation, and her own malaria and difficult pregnancy. Despite these consid [...]

  • Alayne

    I found this book incredibly annoying! The author not once used her brains to think through situations and consequences, instead always acting on feelings and impulses. After awhile, as situations occurred which could have been foreseen had a little thought gone into them, I just started to feel depressed. I read it because it had such hype a few years back, and because I love Africa with a passion. It was educational to me as well, because I never would have believed that someone could make lif [...]

  • Iryna Khomchuk

    Мені здається, що європейців можна, грубо кажучи, поділити на категорії щодо їх захоплення чимось далеким та екзотичним: є люди, яким мила Африка, є ті, котрим близький Схід, а хтось шаленіє від Латинської Америки. Я однозначно належу до перших, тому книги про цей континент, к [...]

  • Stephanie

    I won't speak to the personality, character, or -perhaps- mental health of the author in this review. I believe memoirs should be rated based on how they engage the reader and how well they are written.On both counts, I think this book is a solid four.

  • Liralen

    In a way I think this book's strength and its weakness are one and the same: there's no analysis. It's all in the present tense, written as though she had not had ten years between her time in Kenya and the book's publication in which to reflect and draw new conclusions. It's a strength because the reader is able to experience things (sort of) as she did, without outside clutter; it's a weakness because, well, there's a lot that could have used further explanation.To some degree I admire the aut [...]

  • Nikki

    This book was recommended by a friend who recently spent two weeks in Tanzania with the Masai people. It is the true account of a Swiss tourist who, while traveling in Kenya, falls in love with a Masai warrior. She gives up everything and moves to Kenya where she marries him and has a child.Reading this book was extremely frustrating's like the car wreck that you know is going to happen and you wish you could close the book but you just keep readingof course it doesn't end well--it would be impo [...]

  • Alexandra

    One of the very few books in my life I didn't finish reading. Every time something went wrong, and believe me about everything turns out to go wrong sooner or later in this story, I started to get annoyed more and more with the author, her overly romantic yet totally unrealistic expectations into one of the most extreme relationship scenarios one can imagine and into which nobody besides herself had pushed her. After managing about half of the book, I gave it to a friend who saw it at my house a [...]

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