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By Angel Steel | Comments: ( 545 ) | Date: ( May 25, 2020 )

Skylar Montague has learned that nothing good comes from trusting others especially men After escaping an abusive relationship she attempts to start a new life in a new city Living close to her childhood friend Chantal, she s finally starting to feel at home Men are the last thing on her mind, that is until she meets her smoldering bad boy neighbor Nathaniel JacksonSkylar Montague has learned that nothing good comes from trusting others especially men After escaping an abusive relationship she attempts to start a new life in a new city Living close to her childhood friend Chantal, she s finally starting to feel at home Men are the last thing on her mind, that is until she meets her smoldering bad boy neighbor Nathaniel Jackson Her hesitation is huge, but the attraction is even greater Nathaniel doesn t do relationships, just can t see himself as being a one woman man His instant attraction to Skylar makes him think that he could change Their connection is explosive Nothing has ever felt this good Being together with Nate, Skylar feels like she can finally trust a man That is until they are presented with an unexpected surprise Exes reemerge and with them a falling out neither saw coming With all their past troubles and demons ready to emerge, can they escape the undeniable pull they have to each other, or will the dark past they both possess prove to be too difficult and keep them apart

  • Title: Sweet Temptation
  • Author: Angel Steel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 383
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Angel Steel

ABOUT ANGEL Born and bred in Australia She has lived here all her life with her wonderful family Angel loves reading any kind of books and loves to write ANGEL S BOOKS Sweet Temptation Sweet, 1 Sweet Surrender Sweet, 2 and NEW RELEASE Harper s Little Spitfire Harper s Series Wreaking Havoc Havoc series 1 GENRE Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Erotica.

Comments Sweet Temptation

  • ♠ Becka & Cerys ♠ | Spitfire Reviews

    *UPDATE* It iscompletely beyond my realm of comprehension how ANYONE gave this book 4 or 5 stars.--------I must ask What the fuck just happened? Uhm, I am majorly confused as to the goings on in this book He is a self absorbed, nasty little bitch.Seriously, for probably 80% of the book, he completely disrespected her, theres "Alpha males" which is what she thought he was, but in reality, he was just a fucking jerk.Throughout the book, as a couple they have many issues, during which negative poin [...]

  • Alisa

    Wow. I RARELY give out 1 stars, but this just damn. Look, I can handle cheating, drama, rape, angsty shit whatever. But shit. I just could not stand this book. I had SO many problems with it. SO MANY FUCKING PROBLEMS. I wanted to shank myself just to get out of finishing it. My problems with it? These are all spoilers though, so beware. It's basically the whole plot broken down lmao.(view spoiler)[1/ The relationship between her BFF's and her. She ORDERS them around. I just found that odd. I don [...]

  • Sheryl

    I alternated between LOVING this story and ABSOLUTELY F***ING HATING IT. there was just SO MUCH DRAMA going on that it ALMOST felt too much for me to take BOTH Nate and Sky CONSTANTLY kept blowing hot and cold, which PISSED ME OFF to no end, because just as i started to like them, they would go and do something which would make me scream in frustration!!!The starting was awesome the middle REALLY dragged; lots of drama that in my opinion, wasn't really needed and the end was great and totally sh [...]

  • SammiesBookBlog

    I just finished reading this amazing story. So right off the bat you cannot help to fall in love with Nate and Skylar. He is the perfect gentlemen and a sweetheart and oh so sexy. From the get go both characters really tick me off and frustrate me. I can understand both have their reasons and etc. But you should be honest and open in a relationship, especially after what Skylar has gone through. May I add she has some pretty amazing friends! Alex, Craig, Dom, Chantal. All these chracters are AMA [...]

  • Shannon

    Why can I not do lower than a starDNF for meWho passed this book through, and how did ANYONE give this book 5 stars. Here is my thing, I am an avid reader. I read 3-4 books in a week. I love it It's my favorite hobbyI always feel bad when I have to give a book low rating, because I couldn't get into it. This book was HORRIBLE It's a DNF "She's this" "he's that"OMG I couldn't handle the amount of "She's and He's" on a single page The writer should have done it from first person, because it does n [...]

  • Bobbie

    I don’t know what to say about this book. I read it in one day and I so wanted to like it, but it just confused me. There were just too many situations in the storyline that were hard to follow. I will give this book a rating of 2.5-3 Skylar and Nate are the main characters but there are so many secondary characters that at times I couldn’t keep them straight. Skylar and Nate are neighbors who obviously are in lust. Nate is basically a manwhore but we are supposed to get the sense that he re [...]

  • Anna Marie

    Well both! I loved and hated this book. The story is fabulous and consuming. Sky and Nate are great together, actually they are pretty HOT together. As you can expect like most people they too have some issues. Their story is full of emotion and intrigue. I am anxious for the next book in the series.

  • J

    I don't even know where to start Lets start with the WhoMeet sexy Nate and gorgeous Skylar. Sky has just moved in next door to Nate. One look at the new neighbour has Nate racing over to meet the sexy woman.Nate and Skylar both are instantly attracted to each other. After a brush off that leaves Nate craving for more and Skylar trying to cool her senses, they cross paths again. Only to find out their friends know each other.Skylar is running from a past that has her on edge, an unable to trust m [...]

  • Jessica

    I was given an ARC from the author for an honest review. I read this in two sittings, I so wanted to fall in love with this book, but I had a hard time getting through it, there is just too much everything, too many side characters, too much tragic drama and abuse. It was really hard to follow in some spots, and some things were so out of left field I was flabberghasted. I will say if you just read for the erotic scenes, grab it up, there were plenty steamy parts, just the stuff between the stea [...]

  • Terry Trahan

    Amazing erotic read!!! Warning! This book leaves you hanging! BUT the good news is THERE IS A SEQUEL!!! With that being said, I will get onto my review. Skylar and Nate met and fire was ignited! These two could be happy moment and fighting like cats and dogs the next. One would think that you would get tired of their relationship going back and forth And I must admit at times I wanted to reach through the screen and wring both of their necks. But this is also what kept me turning page after page [...]

  • Jodie Squelch

    I was lucky enough to read the arc of this book and you sure wont be disappointed with this book :)This story takes you on a rollercoaster ride from the start, covering many issues such as romance, abuse, friendship and of course sex!Within a few pages you realise the characters of skylar and nate have deep rooted problems, which just makes you fall in love with them both, and hoping for them to have a happy fairy tale ending.Throughout the whole book I wanted to scream with frustration at skyla [...]

  • Kara

    My review soon to be posted on: bookcrushbookreviews//?s=s3.5 starsSkylar and Nate are hot, hot, hot!! It was a nice change of pace to have immediate POV changes to get in the minds of Skylar and Nate's thoughts regarding their actions. I was frustrated that they waited soooooooo long to open their communication with one another. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat as the worse keeps getting handed to this couple. Skylar and Nate's connection is smooth then events blow up in their f [...]

  • Danielle

    This book was so annoying. First of all the male character, Nate such a f*ck up and Sky, the female keeps giving him more and more chances. This book was such a waste of my time. I was so disappointed in the direction of this book. Nate's character made me so angry and Sky was such an idiot and so whiney. Enough already.

  • Lori

    This book was HOT! I can't wait for the next book! Thank you for the spicy read!

  • EndlessReading

    This was a 3.5 - 4 stars!This book is definitely a LOVE/HATE read!In this book we meet a 30 something woman named Skylar, in the beginning we don't learn of the past she has come from, all we do know is that it was F****d up. Her previous boyfriend really did a number on Skylar, so much she has lost all respect and trust in the male species.Skylar decides to pack her bags and move closer to her best friend Chantal and her sister which is only half an hour drive away.I like Chantal's character an [...]

  • Fab Fun & Tantalizing Reads

    The attraction and sexual chemistry that erupts from this book is off the charts insane.I mean like you need alone time and pronto. It's palpable. The sex factor is beyond hot!Nate and Skylar are new neighbors and neither can keep a clear head in regard to the other.Skylar has an ugly past. No trust in regards to men. Although could Nate be different?Will Skylar ever be able to get over her past? Can she truly be in relationship? At first it seems like she is playing games. I wanted to strangle [...]

  • Kellie Maddox-Ward

    Ok, as a bookwhore I fell in love with the cover. Then I read the blurb and went mmmm he sounds hot. Then I started reading this book thinking hmm this has potential. Then it did not.So I am writing an honest review based on my opinion. I know I am the minority here as a lot of people have 4-5 starred this book. But for me it just wasn't. I will say that although I wanted to DNF it I continued on as I wanted to know what would happen.Well let's just say that EVERYTHING did. and I didn't like it. [...]

  • Megan Johnston

    PROCEED WITH CAUTION: SPOILERSTalk about messed the fuck up. I have no idea what I just read. It was like watching a train wreck, I couldn't look away. The writing itself wasn't bad, but the plot was crazy.Let's start with things that I liked about the book. For starters, the plot was so intriguing that I was hooked and interested the entire time. Also, there were plenty of sweet male characters that go out of their way to take care of Skylar. However, this still could make up for how big of an [...]

  • Bex 'n' Books

    What can I say about these two books, Sweet Surrender and Sweet Temptation? Well, for one, they REALLY kept me hooked; I mean for 23 hours my kindle never left my hand. I even fell asleep with it in my hand. They are hot, steamy and actually quite accurate which makes me wonder if our author is a submissive??? Also, how much does this story frustrate me beyond belief? How much upset can these characters have, but I love the books soooo much more because it isn't all happily ever after. These are [...]

  • Karen Stone

    OMGI love the idea of this book. I liked how there are more then one story going on with this group of friends.e story is great, the angst is amazing, the sex scenes are hot& steamy why 4 starse Skylar drove me crazy!!! She was so all over the place with her feelings it felt like she was a teenager. I know she went thru some truly awful things but seriously she seemed so immature. Now Nateokay. total hottie, alpha, sexy man and I felt bad for him thru most of the bookat is until Christmas ( [...]

  • Gail

    Too much drama! Who really would involve SOOOOO many friends in so much drama, I mean come on now. Everyone has a bit of drama, and confusion. But this girl cannot just say stay away, and mean it. She is mentally strong after what she was put through but really???? I would have walked after one time, two at the most. He treated her badly. PERIOD. They did not spend enough regular time (what I mean by that is NOT in bed) to fall in love. I can't even say I felt sorry for her, she kept coming back [...]

  • Lauren

    What a ride? This book really kept you on a rollercoaster, they were up and down, on and off, happy then sad; it was all a bit of a bi-polar read actually. But that being said,it was a wonderful story full of characters you really connected to, and emotions that you couldn't help but feel. The whole time I was reading this the phrase "glutton for punishment" kept running through my head. I must say, that I hated the ending - there is no HEA, but I can't say that I really believe these characters [...]

  • Lee

    I've never given a book 1 star before. Even when I didn't care for the characters or story line, I still usually find something that makes the book more worthy than a 1. Not. This. Book. The book COULD HAVE BEEN really good. Sadly it was not. And the ending.let's just say the main characters in this book don't have an ending. The epilogue isn't their story and book 2 isn't about them. So not only did I waste a day reading this, I don't even know what happens with them. Not sure I even care at th [...]

  • Lisa Carta-gates

    This book was not nearly so good as the blurb I read. There was not much plot except for Sky continuing to get hurt, both physically and emotionally and Nate being a complete caveman including lack of an ability to talk. I was continuously appalled at Nate's reactive and explosive behavior as well as with Sky's spinelessness and neediness. I am disappointed in spending money for this book and I will not be reading the rest of the series. If you want to read sex scene after sex scene without a pl [...]

  • Jessa Worthe

    really should have trusted those bad reviews. its really sad because once again this author has given a fantastic blurb and good story line and failed to deliver. however I am intrigued by the second book in this series. I just cannot trust it and will not spend $4 to find out :(the main characters anoyed the shit out of me. seriously like stab myself bad. but the secondary characters were great. wish I had a better experience. I tried another book from this author but I dont think I will go ano [...]

  • MaRanda

    I don't know what to say I purchased this after seeing a review about how wonderful it was. I finished 19 chapters. I won't read the rest, I feel truly sorry to say that. There's some really unbelievable drama, POV changes in the middle of paragraphs I'm sorry, I hate to not say wonderful things, but this book just isn't for me

  • Kimberley

    I have mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand I could not put it down but on the other I found it very annoying! Nate seriously needs his head seeing too! However, saying this I did love the story between Nate and Skylar and I will be reading the second in the series to find out what happens next.

  • Amanda Johnston

    Awesome!! I love this book. I love Sky! I love Chantal! I love Dom(sometimes I want to shake him, but I still love him), and I love Nate. I've had my moments where I would like nothing better than to slap the heck out of Nate, and shake Sky, but this book has it all. I am totally wrapped up into the lives of these characters. Angel sure knows how to write them!

  • book junkie

    Wow this is my first book from this author !!! I did not want to put it down. The sex scenes are holy shit hot and the men are drool worthy I did find it a little long and to much back and forth and Nate did a lot of unforgivable things to sky which kinda made me not want them together !!! I can't wait to read the next one and see what happens !!

  • Wendi Hulsey

    Loved this book from the start, as soon as I finished I had to buy book 2. Emotional, sexy, and well written At times you dont know whether to love or hate some of the characters but either way you want to keep readingd the sex scenesOMG HOT!!! Look forward to so much more from this author.

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    383 Angel Steel
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