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The 2015 World Cup champion and double Olympic gold medalist shares her story in her own words, for soccer fans of all ages In this young readers edition of Hope Solo s exciting life story, adapted from Solo A Memoir of Hope, the starting goalkeeper for the U.S women s national soccer team gives readers behind the scenes details of her life on and off the field Solo ofThe 2015 World Cup champion and double Olympic gold medalist shares her story in her own words, for soccer fans of all ages In this young readers edition of Hope Solo s exciting life story, adapted from Solo A Memoir of Hope, the starting goalkeeper for the U.S women s national soccer team gives readers behind the scenes details of her life on and off the field Solo offers a fearless female role model for the next generation, driven to succeed on her own terms Young fans will truly be inspired by Hope s repeated triumphs over adversity Her relentless spirit has molded her into the person she is today one of the most charismatic athletes in America.Includes an exclusive QA with Hope

  • Title: Hope Solo: My Story Young Readers' Edition
  • Author: Hope Solo
  • ISBN: 9780062220660
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Paperback

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Hope Solo

Hope Solo Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hope Solo: My Story Young Readers' Edition book, this is one of the most wanted Hope Solo author readers around the world.

Comments Hope Solo: My Story Young Readers' Edition

  • Emily Akelaitis

    As i neared the end of this book I thought to myself: Wow. This girl plays a lot of soccer. I have never been a fan of the sport, but she taught me more about it. I've come to understand it a lot better. After hearing how much she struggled in her early years, and how she persevered, I feel inspired just like she did. I also appreciate how she was willing to publish this book, revealing all her thoughts and emotions she had to the world. That made me think of her as a human being rather than som [...]

  • Teri

    I am a new fan to soccer. Up until a couple of months ago, I had no idea who Hope Solo even was. My ten year old daughter asked me to buy this book for her. She saw Hope play against Canada this summer in Salt Lake. She loved the game and though Hope Solo was amazing. She read the book in just over a day, and I couldn't help but join in her enthusiasm. It was amazing to read all of Hope's hardships that she's experienced and know that she's still an amazing soccer player. This book shows how fai [...]

  • Ida

    This is by far one of my favorite books. Im not really into biography but just since i like soccer and follow soccer I think this was an amazing book and the things that she talked about that happened in her life were really unexpected.

  • Anna

    This book was a very sad and inspiring story. It is about Hope Solo (the professional soccer player) and how she got to were she is now. It is very sad, for instance, when she found out her father homeless. That is why I liked this book so much.

  • Sofia T

    Hope Solo My Story by Hope Solo is about Hope Solo an olympic gold medalist that is the starting goalkeeper for the US Woman’s National Soccer Team. The story is being told by Hope who describes how she grew up in Richland Washington. Hope discusses how her family life was and how she ended up becoming a goalkeeper. In the beginning of the book Hope talks about her earliest memories that are filled with happiness. As you read further into the book Hope starts to discuss when her parents got di [...]

  • Shelby

    Hope Solo is one of my idols so reading this book was of great interest to me, and it was well worth reading. Hope has come from a rough childhood and finally finds an escape. Soccer is her escape she really enjoys it. Throughout the story we learn of Hopes struggle and rise as the athlete she is today. I give this book 5 stars for its great detail and impact on my life. It made me realize soccer isn't just a game its more to me than that. Hope did a real nice job at an auto biography and I am g [...]

  • Natalia S.

    I think this book was very inspiring, I was very interested in this book because I look up to her as s role model because, I play soccer just like her and she has gone through many tough times and still managed to be amazing at soccer. My goal in life is to become a star soccer player just like hope solo. I recommend this book for people interested in women's soccers,and if your looking for a great role model.

  • Stella☢FAYZ☢ Chen


  • Ashley Chen


  • Luke Granholm

    It was a biography, however it does explain some of the decisions she made.

  • Kaitlyn

    The book that I read was called Hope Solo: My Story. I had already read this book so it was more interesting and I paid more attention to the details. In my opinion it was a good book and there was also some room for improvements. I liked this book because there was lots of problems and situations that were hard for Hope Solo to understand and eventually she would overcome and solve these problems. My favorite part was when she explained how her grandparents had a sign on the door that said, “ [...]

  • Emma

    Hope Solo: My Story by Hope Solo is an autobiography about the adventures of Hope's journeys to the US Women's National Team. It is told from a first person point of view with a narrator of Hope Solo herself. The book is all about Hope Solo's childhood, her adventures with soccer, and her struggles in and out of her soccer lifestyle. This book was structured very weirdly as it had many times where in her professional career she made references to when she was younger. But past that the book’s [...]

  • Mackenzie

    The book, "Hope Solo: my story", by Hope Solo, was such an amazing book. In this book, Hope talks about life, her soccer career, and her family life. The major characters in this book are Hope Solo, her family(dad, mom, grandparents, brother), and her soccer teammates(Bri, Carli, Abby, Lil, Aly, Cat, Marci, Kate, Shannon, Christie, etc.). The plot in this book is when her coach and captains decide to put Briana Scurry as goalie, which is her position, and her team ends up losing the semifinals o [...]

  • Maddie

    In the book, Hope Solo: My Story, Hope Solo walks her readers through the obstacles she overcame to become the soccer superstar that she is today. When Hope was little, she dealt with a dad that was rarely ever present in her life. In later years, she experienced a major shoulder injury and bounced back from a harsh comment said to the press. However, as Hope expresses the relationship she had with her dad and the amount of work and commitment put into soccer, she never fails to speak what is ex [...]

  • Sboysen

    I thought this was incredibly boring but my fifth graders stayed captivated. She's a soccer superstar but I didn't find her story incredibly inspiring.

  • Aubrey

    Hope Solo, My StoryAuthor: Hope SoloAutobiography246 pagesIn the book Hope Solo it told about Hope Solo’s life on and off the soccer field. The book started by telling about her life and family when she was a child. Hope grew up in a tract house on Marshall Street in Richland, Washington. She tells about her small red house with a big wooden fence that had a smiley face painted on it. Hope says in the book that the smiley face wasn’t about happiness but a protest against their neighbors for [...]

  • Wilenin16

    Like any other athlete, Hope Solo has a story behind her success, one that includes both times of triumph and defeat. In the young reader’s autobiography, “Hope Solo, my story”, proves that with perseverance, motivation and faith, anything is possible. The Gold Medalist’s story began in an ordinary red tract house in Richland, Washington with a mom, dad and older brother. Her happiest memories are shared with her dad Gerry, her older brother Marcus, half brother David and half sister Ter [...]

  • Kenzie Senffner

    I thought that the book was very interesting because I like soccer, and Hope Solo is a famous soccer goalie. It was interesting because you can learn about her past, and it's crazy how she got to where she is when he family was very poor. You also get to learn about how many up and downs she had through out her whole career. I would recommend this book to someone who likes to play soccer and read about soccer.

  • Sonya Edwards

    Hope SoloSoccer is a word wide phenomenon and recently women’s soccer has been gaining more and more popularity. Hope Solo is considered to be the world’s greatest female goalie. As readers discover in Hope Solo: My Story, Young Readers Edition, Hope can also be the most unpredictable. Hope lays out her long road to becoming the starting goalie for the US Women’s National Team in her 2012 autobiography. It is not always a pretty road, and Hope is forthright and honest about her own faults [...]

  • Landon

    This book taught me that you can get anywhere you want in life with somethings you regret and somethings that you are known for but your past is your past and what your parents did doesn't mean will and doesn't control you.

  • Ellie Scianc

    Have you ever had push through hard times? In the book My Story by Hope Solo, Hope has to stay strong and believe within herself in order to keep on going and achieve success. Hope is a strong individual. She went through a lot of rough experiences as a child who made her the strong and hard working women she is today. Hope needed to stay strong no matter what happened because if she had strength as well as faith within herself she would not have been able to keep her starting position as the W [...]

  • Jayla Patrick

    The book I read was a Non-fiction story called, "Hope Solo, My Story", by Hope Solo. The story was all about the life of Hope Solo, from childhood to adult as she went through the hard times and good times. It talks about how she had a nice loving family until one day her dad left her and she didn't know the reasoning. She lived with her mom but hated it because her stepdad was strict and mean. She would usually stay at her grandma and grandpa's house as she was always welcome there. For a littl [...]

  • Cassa M.

    Hope Solo my StoryBy: Hope SoloNon-Fictionautobiography246 pages Hope Solo my story is an autobiography by Hope Solo the famous goal keeper for USA woman's soccer team. In this book Hope writes about her whole life up to the 2012 London Olympics. She shows that she is a strong women and that she went through a lot in her life like her parents getting divorced and her mom remarrying a man who is very mean to Hope and her dad dying when hope was in her twenties. Hopes story talks about her life on [...]

  • Gabby B.

    Hope Soloby: Hope Solo214 pagesFiction The book Hope Solo is about a gold medalist and starting goalkeeper for the U.S. women's national soccer team. Hope’s biggest inspiration was her father, he had soon  disappeared for many years. When she reconnects with him, Hope finds out that he is homeless. After awhile of their reconnection they have a very supportive, strong and great relationship. Also Hope as a little girl grew up in a small house with brothers and a mom that took care of the hous [...]

  • BAYA Librarian

    Hope Solo, one of the best goal keepers in the world tells her story from when she was very young until the present. Solo’s story is compelling and one that is not typical of most professional woman’s soccer players. In order to compete on a professional level you need to have money, money to participate and money to fund your personal travel from game to game during the season. With a homeless father, a mother who struggled to find regular work and grandparents of very modest means Solo’s [...]

  • Kelly J.

    Hope Solo My StoryHope Solobiography 246 pages Hope Solo My Story is about Hope Solo and how she became a professional soccer player. This book is explains Hopes life from when she was born until now. When Hope was a child her dad left her family and was homeless but Hope didn't know he was homeless and she saw a man come out of the woods during one of her soccer games and thats when she found out he was homeless. Also when Hope was a child she played basketball and soccer and played basketball [...]

  • Madison Castagnola

    Oylimpic gold medalist and starting goalkeeper for the U.S. women's national soccer team, Hope Solo, shares her journey to becoming a star. You may not know what happened behind the scences with Hope. Hope Solo lived a stuggling life. Her father became homeless and her family seemed to be falling apart. Hope copes with the people around her to deal with many deaths, team issues, and physical pain.The book "Hope Solo: My Story" is about Hope going through life starting from when she was a little [...]

  • Coltin Quagliano

    I really did enjoy this book because she had fought through several tough times and made the most out of it. Hope had grew up with her mom and dad for awhile and then they soon had became divorced. So when the dad had moved out he couldn't afford anything because he hadn't had any money. Hope through several years had been working on what she loved most playing soccer. Hope wanted to prove to everybody that she could go pro. She also wanted her dad to be happy about what she could accomplish. So [...]

  • Brianna

    "Hope Solo: My Story" by Hope Solo is about Hope Solo and how she faces challenges in her life and soccer career. She also talks about almost every game that she has been in since she has played. This book is ok, I did not like how she worded some paragraphs or that you don't understand it if you don't play soccer. She used terms that I did not know, or even my tablemates that play soccer didn't know. She talked to much about one topic and it got boring. Hope is not descriptive and has may error [...]

  • Alli Pennington

    The book I read was called Hope Solo: My Story. This book was about a famous soccer player named Hope Solo. This book goes through Solo's life and basically explains everything that happens in her life. From living with her parents and being a young soccer player to being on her own traveling becoming the worlds best goalkeeper. Hope Solo goes through a lot in her life. I recommend reading to find out more about her and her life.This book was very inspiring. I have always been a huge fan if Hope [...]

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